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Welcome to the EGCentre Official discord server! If you want any information, please @mention any of us (admins) or message us privately.

🔥You gain XP when you send a message!🔥

🌟We have a very cool economy system!🌟

💥Tons of bots to mess around with!💥

🌟You can level up to gain roles!🌟

🔥We are an active community!🔥

🌟Rewards and giveaways!🌟

💥Get your daily dose of memes!💥

🌟Helpful admins you can ask for help!🌟

🔥A NSFW channel for your inner evil >:)🔥

🌟Listen to sick beets with music bots!🌟

💥Lastly, crazy mini games you can play!💥
This is a fast growing server. This server used to be just for me and my friends but is now growing at a alarming rate. This server is built around gaming and conversations about gaming or real world stuff. This server is packed with bots to mess around with and mini games you can play in the discord chat. We welcome you with open arms.
Kink. A fast growing server with over 10k members. We have a thriving community who love to make new friends! Come join us to fulfill your deepest desires! 💕
Welcome to our humble community of Eri~ We're a server full of sweet and caring people with many unique interests. Our main pastimes include games, anime, and generally having a good time with the people around us. We hope you can stop by and share a cup of tea (or whatever beverage you prefer.) <3
➢ Unlimited Fun for the entire Family!

➢ Quick and Easy to get Roles!
➢ Fun Discord Bots and Music Bots!
➢ Creative and well made!
➢ PG-13 Friendly and No NSFW Content!
➢ Active Staff and Active Members!

➢ Might be brand new, but it is ready to grow!
Welcome to The Coffee House 🍻
This server includes the following❤️❤️
- Café themed roles and SELF ROLES!☕️
- art and photography 📷 🎨
- multilingual!! We accept French, Spanish, Icelandic, and Swedish
- LGBTQ+ 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨
- amazing music bot!!🎧
- rp and currency bots💸
- debates about political topics ⚙️
{ art-anime-music-roles-debate-chill-chat}
We have only a few rules and are trying to grow this discord so come and be part of the community! ❤️❤️
We are a female-only community designed for women seeking a place to enjoy socializing in a casual environment, cultivate their interests (e.g. artwork, gardening, and literary discussion), and share various experiences. We are a supportive and loving community dedicated to providing a truly special place on the Internet for girls of all walks of life!
We are a chill, new place for gamers to chat and chill... Here, we play tons of games, whether it’s on the ps4, Xbox, wii, pc, or even Nintendo, we play it! We have nice staff, a variety of vcs, nsfw, and so much more!
Stop by and chill!
Owned by: Fuchzzia
Member Count: 300
Member Goal: 350
The Royal Family ;

Come join this majestic family! Gamers unite, manga/anime fanatics, streamers, ((Roleplay)), Giveaways - We have it all! It doesn't hurt, come check us out!
New server where fashion lovers meet to discuss fashion design, designer's collections, models, fashion trends, celebrity fashion, cosmetics & shopping.
➣ Welcome to Summercrest! Delve into a blossoming medieval fantasy world and start
your adventure today. We have over fifty unique roleplay channels spread across different
kingdoms. Summercrest provides a perfect balance between roleplay and community.
This is a land where we share out love for roleplay, gaming, chatting, and much more; so
head on over and create a character, pick up a game, or meet some new friends today.

➣ A friendly and ever-growing community of roleplayers and gamers.
➣Detailed maps and lore of the land, along with a list of classes.
➣Over fifty self assignable character and personal roles to choose from.
➣Weekly quests, dungeons, and giveaways to participate in.
➣A support section with counselors for anyone having a rough time.
➣ A section of mini games and bot commanded games to play.
➣ An in character and out of character currency system.
A discord server that belongs to a starting up youtuber!
eii Is a community that’s base on all people are important
We offer self role options
A support room with staff that are helpful
A gaming room
Great voice channels
Also a music and art channel
The staff are friendly and courteous are goal is to build a server that helps all
☆ One, Two, Three, Four, Five... ☆

Ponys... jk no ponys... only potatoes.
Overwhelmingly positive reviews.
This server has jokes and stuff.
Active in vc and chat.
There are many roles. So many...
Owner needs a hobby.

☆ Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten...☆

KPOP, ANIME weebs, koreaboos
TEXT GAMES so many bruh
KARAOKE sing to your hearts content
COOL BOTS (idleRPG, pokecord, marriage...),
NO STRICT ADMINS chilly pilly
PARTNERSHIPS uuhuu partner
EVENTS (movienights, game nights, karaoke nights)
NSFW ....for pigs like you (and me)!
POTATOES cooked, baked, roasted, with a face

Age group: 13 - 36

Bearricade is a friendly community where you can get to know new people, and participate in fun and friendly events. We're looking for some fresh blood and new friendly members who stand out as individuals.
-⛧ Experienced Support Staff!
-⛧ Moderation keeps it clean!
-⛧ 10+ Interest Categories!
-⛧ NSFW of course!
-⛧ The Best Bots!

《 < > 》

**We are in HIGH demand for staff!**

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

《 <> 》

New server looking for friendly members :3
Island of Azera owner:
cancer tank 22#9952

The Island of Azera is an original roleplay idea devised by multiple people. It has grown rather quickly during the 3 months of it’s existence. Anyway, onto the details. We have a large, nice community with people who are always willing to be friends! The staff team is great and will not hesitate to listen to you! We have a large variation of channels to use with various purposes as memes, media, art, venting, video games, advertising, debates, anime discussion, etc. We also have many roleplaying locations to use for everyone to enjoy! When it comes to creating a character, there are no limits! All you need to do is follow the rules and you’re in! To summarize, if you like socializing, roleplaying, and having fun, this server is for you!

Don’t want to roleplay? That’s fine! You can do lots of other things such as share art, talk about games, share pictures, and more!

The Island of Azera is a developing server, and we can’t wait to see you there!
➭ A community server created for members to socialise, and have fun & earn rewards. We have over 140 members and are slowly finding our way up. We're not very active so we'd really appreciate if you joined, spread some light into the server and give us a chance!
Welcome to Full House. This is a small community server(trying to grow)where we talk about dumb shit. We are open to having everyone, a place to chill and hangout and share shitty memes. Feel free to make some friends while you're here :).

Welcome to Citrine!
This server is very overlooked although I think it's pretty decent. At Citrine, you will find:
- Tons of fun bots (Mantaro, Tatsumaki, Yggdrasil, etc.)
- New Daily Polls and Events
- *Mostly* Friendly Staff
- Strict rules to make sure problems are avoided
- Moderation
- Self-assignable roles
- Fun text channels and voice channels
Instead of leaving like everyone else does, you could stay and give me ideas on how to improve this server and make it more appealing to you.
Trust me, when the server is active, it's honestly really fun.
I hope you join and decide to stay!
Camp Half-Blood Remastered is a safe-haven for demigods of all styles, free from quirky mortals, disgusting monsters, and everything in between. From our mingle-worthy OOC channel, to our welcoming leadership staff, to PG (hopefully) Voice Chats, we have all the comforts one needs to call this rugged camp home.

- With a full array of cabins, and our extensive Lore channel, divining your demigod's fate (for better or worse) has never been easier!

- Embark on a quest with 3 or more friends and return with glorious spoils and, of course, bragging rights!

- Jump right into the action as we host game nights, combat exercises, tournaments, and even lectures covering healing methods and how not to approach an irritated Myrmeke, and much more!

- With Story-Arcs soon to come as well, no character is stuck out!

We're a growing server and, unlike the Gods, we don't throw shade (or greek fire) on our campers! Feel free to join up, and look for us on Twitter and Instagram!
1500+ growing members! We are an Asian (non-Asian too) 18+ community you can chill, have fun, and meet awesome people!
Our interests include: Kpop, Gaming, and Anime. We have text chats for mostly everything. Multiple bots (including flowers) for all your music and gaming needs. Come join and chat with the community.
A small community of autistic fucks who have nothing better to do. The server tends to be a bit quiet due to the small number of members, but soon enough it'll be active. It's a pretty chill place and if you ever need to get away from the faggots you call friends, come here.
We're a growing community of memers and lewd people alike. We love growing and making new friends so come along for the ride.