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Willkommen bei GamerTime,

unser Server ist vor allem für das Gaming ausgelegt und beinhaltet einige neue Features.
Die Channel Auswahl reicht von "games news" über TalkChannels bis hin zu eigenen Blogger-Textchannel für jedes Mitglied.
Es gibt die Möglichkeit sowohl Privat nur mit Freunden aber auch Öffentlich mit vielen neuen Leuten zu reden.
Außerdem gibt es einen Radio bot der 24/7 für euch in einem extra channel läuft.

Der Discord-Server wurde von Terko44 (Youtube) gegründet und Ursprünglich als Community Server verwendet.
Es gibt zuzeit folgende Ränge:
-Youtube / Twitch
-Zeitlich Beschränkte Ränge

Weitere spannende Informationen findest du im Info-Bereich auf unserem Discord.

Join einfach mal drauf :D
A public gaming server where you can talk about many different games in a vast active community with friendly staff members who try there very best to make this server the best it can be, you can now also learn any language. so **This makes us different to any other gaming server out there. please take the time to take a look :)**
We're a new server looking to grow, so join!
We are pretty laid back and not so strict about the rules and the people aren't toxic.
A server to make friends and to chat and play games with said friends. c:
This server has plenty of text and voice channels in which you will find at least one you enjoy.
These channels include: memes, art, drawing, photos, music, food, homework help, ect.
We are all super nice, please join! :)
[This Server is also linked to the Streamer]
💥Venoms Lair💥
A great place to meet fellow gamers and make new friends, if you want the latest updates for games such as fortnite, pubg and minecraft than this is the place for you, meet new people and form friendships with people in the server this is a great place to make friends and find people to play with so what are you waiting for? Join us today we are looking forward to meeting you
Join this server if your a gamersmirk

------💥What We Have💥-------
- Game Updates
- FN Item Shop, FN Weapons, FN Tips and FN Stats
- Fun BOTS
- Lots of voice channels for Duo's, Squad's and Music
- Memes
- Weather Updates
- Levels that you gain if are an active member in the server
- You can also become a staff member and help out with the server
- And Lots More
If you have decided to check us out here is some of the features we offer!

Variety of bots with fun commands.
Multitude of nsfw channels for 2D and 3D content!
Welcoming staff without an ounce of powerabuse.
Friendly members that are equally nice and welcoming.
Always open for betterment and suggestions.

A huge thanks for checking us out!
Hallo Leute,

in diesem Thread möchte ich euch kurz mein Forum vorstellen. Es
heißt MinecraftBoard und ist noch relativ neu. Der erste Beitrag in
unserer Community wurde im August geschrieben und ist damit noch sehr
jung. Trotzdem stellen wir Interesse an unserer Community fest, da wir
mittlerweile schon über 25 Mitglieder haben.

Das MinecraftBoard ist ein Forum rund um das Spiel Minecraft. Bei uns
kann sich über Minecraft ausgetauscht werden, es wird sich über Mods,
Maps,Redstone oder ankommende Updates unterhalten. Mit unserer FileBase,
die am 1.10.2018 Online geht erlauben wir euch Sogar eure Maps,
Skins,Plugins oder Mods hochzuladen.

beschränken sich die Gesprächsthemen aber nicht nur auf Minecraft
relevante Dinge, sondern es kann auch über Spiele geplaudert werden oder
über euren Alltag.

Die Aktivität in unserem Forum ist momentan noch nicht sehr hoch,
da wir wie eingangs erwähnt noch relativ jung sind. Wie man aber an der
stetig steigenden Mitgliederzahl bemerkt, ist in jedem Fall Interesse
an einer solchen Community vorhanden. Damit das Forum wachsen kann,
müssen sich möglichst viele Besucher dazu überwinden, sich trotzdem zu
registrieren und mit zu versuchen, die Aktivität zu steigern. Ich würde
mich freuen, wenn einige dieser neuen Benutzer ihr Leser dieses Threads

Falls ihr Fragen zu der Community habt, könnt ihr diese entweder
hier oder direkt bei uns stellen. Für Feedback sind wir natürlich auch
offen und benötigen dieses dringend, damit wir das Forum noch
attraktiver machen können.

Link zum Forum:
Our Community is multi-national. Purpose of our server is to bring people together, start new friendships and exciting adventures!!!
Talk about daily life and much more!!! Looking forward to meet new Members!
The Treasure Trove is a modest Discord server that's home to role controlled chats, by that I mean, we use Reaction Role to lock off certain categories so you aren't bothered by them and having to mute 50 odd channels when you join.
We have our main channels with general chat about anything, memes, and voice chat; we also have our social channels where you can talk about anything from art, anime, literature, science, and sports, all the way to politics and religion; we then have our gaming channels and D&D channels, each where you can look for games to play with other people; and of course we have our NSFW channels, and luckily due to having those separated behind a role, you don't have to worry about your more wholesome channels being tainted by notifications.
Are you looking for a new server to just chill in? Join now and meet some awesome new people and help build a brand new community! We discuss anime, games, tech and much more. An awesome leveling system and fun bots you can play with! We can't wait to meet you!
This is where you show yourself, no ones gonna stop you, you do what you like in here.
Furrily is a new server for furries of all ages from all over the world! Relax, talk, share, play and meet new furs! Focuses on keeping mature, civil & active members. Various channels for SFW, NSFW.
Hello everyone and welcome to Icarus. We're a growing community of gamers ranging from Counter Strike to League of Legends.

Everyone is here to play and have fun. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Server content:
• A cool new place to chill and hang out
• Karaoke, ASMR and Dank Memes
• e-Wife Opportunities
• Plenty of queue with (all skill levels)
• No toxicity
• Fast growing community
• Plenty of epic gamers to talk to
• Positive vibes only
this is a community discord server for chatting, gaming, making friends and having fun.

there is a ranking system and a couple of bot games.

you can advertise about any youtube or twitch streams/channels in the chat dedicated for that. we do also have a nsfw channel, but any nsfw is strictly only in there.
The After School Hentai Club is a chill server where you can talk about anything!

We're not a hentai-centered Discord server, unlike what our name says, but we are a server focused mainly on memes, anime/manga, and gaming!

We welcome all new members who want to chill, chat and talk about stuff. :)
Einvasion "Anime and Gaming Community"

- Friendly server, perfect for making friends, basically it's your second family.
- Active server with unique features.
- Fair rank system and well maintained server
- Daily dose of anime, gaming and daily memes to keep you alive.
- Custom game Shiritori, Gamble, OwO's pets battle
- Giveaways and Events
- Special corner for lewd souls

and many more, come join us!
Armin's Lounge

-=We are an upcoming Gaming / anime community. We are currently still in progress, you can give suggestions if you'd like!!
-=We have AWESOME Bots for you too use!
-=We have amazing staff!!
-= Fabulous giveaways and themed events.


-Chill and NON TOXIC people!!
-People to Play and talk with

We have A LOT OF NITRO & NORMAL emotes they are really cool and fun!!

We are getting more active each day,
are you looking for a chill server pretty much devoid of toxicity? Than this is the place for you!
Giveaways || Sarcasm || Gaming || Music || Art || NSFW || 1:1 Girls to Boys Ratio || Events || Active VC's Night and Day || Confessionals || Join Today!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Welcome to Dis-Knee Werld! 🏰✧・゚: *✧・゚:*

Essentially, this server is a chill, Disney-themed server for people looking to hangout and make new friends.

In this server, we have...
→ awesome and funny people to talk to and meet!
→ fun game bots
→ voice chats
→ a friendly and chill staff team
→ cool level reward roles
... and more!

Don't hesitate to join us if you're looking for cool people to chat with! :)

[Established December 3, 2018]

Server for the kids who love all of it in one place. ok just join stop acting like u give a fuck bout the descrip TWAT -.- . ISIS SQUAD WALLAH HABIBI
♦ We're an established community, meaning we are a tight-knit group of friends that hang out and play games together. We're always welcoming to like-minded and chill people who want to be a part of it. So if you're looking to make new friends, we're a pretty great place to start.

♦ Established April 2015 ♦
We're a small, but growing anime/gaming community who welcomes all members. Don't feel like you'd fit in anywhere else? You'd fit in great here! We stand out by being a laid back, welcoming community for new members, we're glad to have you!