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Love Horror? Join PITCHBL4CK a horror themed discord server! Share anything horror related and get spooked, meet new people who like horror like you!

Keep up with the newest hottest horror movies

Different roles can be given

It's Halloween year around here!!👻
Welcome to East Siders:)

This server is mainly discuss about gaming, arts, anime, culture, entertainment, sports news and memes.
Magicosm is a new innovative original fantasy-RP game consisting of dozens of unique sandbox elements, with everything from player-owned houses, pregnancies, marriages, and custom characterization to careers, quests and unique lore with plenty more features to discover in-game. Players are highly encouraged to immerse themselves into this new, unique and growing world as they come to grips with not only the unique races and realms but also the vast amount of gratifying in-game content.

[━━━━Team Blink Is Looking For YOU!━━━━━]
━━ Team Blink Is Recruiting Don't Miss out ━━

Team Blink is an continuously growing eSports Team.
We are looking for players for game Such as Fortnite, R6 And Overwatch
Join now! don't miss out this opportunity! We're waiting.

━What We Offer━
➭ Highly Experienced Staff Team.
➭ Players With Top 100 Placements In All Games.
➭ A Great Social Media Community Including Instagram.
➭ A 5% In Our 4 Current Sponsorships (only esports players).
➭ Active Discord With Custom Channels And Voice Channels.
➭ Tournaments To Win In Game Currency And Money.

━What We're Looking For━
➭ Management Team (Game Hosts, Helpers Etc).
➭ Team Blink Members For All Games (Fortnite, Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch).
➭ Studio Leaders And Member (GFX/VFX)
➭ Active Discord Members.
➭ Competitive And Cracked Players.


If You're Interested Please Join The Server Using The Invite Link Below.
More To Come Once You Are In The Server. <3
😈 Hot Server 🔥 Read below 👇🏻

Join ✅ Girls 💅🏻 And Boys 👻

Nitro Giveaway ❤️ Looking for mods

Brand new active server where everyone is welcome. ACTIVE members will be given higher roles. Also looking for moderators. Be fast because server’s growing quickly 😜

-good if you’re bored
-NSFW section
-chill admins

Your interests don’t matter, just join :)
Ein noch kleiner Discord Server der nach ein paar Usern sucht um den Server belebter erscheinen zu lassen. Und wer weiß, vielleicht findet ihr ja den ein oder anderen neuen Kontakt!
𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 ~ ƈɧıƖ ʑơŋɛ~𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍 𑁍
.         °         ·      · .           •                °

.                ⋆      ˚   ✧         *               .

.     ˚               ✧        *    .   °       .          .

.           .              °          .                  .

⑅· ˚ ༘ ♡

★ Looking for a place to chill and meet new people? Well, you're just a link away from it! Server is both SFW and NSFW (with restriction on nsfw), for everyone to enjoy it. Freshly made server with growing community asking for some support, everyone is welcome! ★

༆ toxic-free community
༆ variety of topics 🖼
༆ self-assignable roles with colours
༆ voice and music channels ♫
༆ channels for everyone's needs ✔
༆ channels to express your artistic needs (drawings, photography, aesthetics and poetry channels) ᯾
༆ LGBT supportive
༆ xp leveling with MEE6 bot
༆ several bots including waifu and pokecord bot
༆ sever boost on level two
༆ server boosters get exclusive perks!
༆ up for partnerships

ꨄ Take your seats and enjoy the atmosphere ꨄ

✰ Server link:
Looking for a server to RP as and with your favorite Mario characters but are stuck with mediocrely-managed servers? Not strictly a fan of the RPG games? Do you want a sense of quality in your RP? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our server is for YOU!

What we offer:
- A nice and friendly community of fellow Mario enthusiasts who enjoy roleplaying!
- Categories upon categories of many different locations from a variety of Mario (and other related franchises) games!
- An approval system, so that nobody plays a character they don’t deserve!
- Plenty of discussion channels and fun server events!
- A loving community willing to welcome anybody with open arms!
- More!

Our server is based around all audiences. It features no NSFW channels because that just isn’t what Mario is about!

We hope to see you on the server!
Welcome to Arcadia! The official community server of Da532.

We're an open, welcoming community for those who want to socialise, play games, talk tech, or just vibe.

We're very new and are looking for new people to come chill with us.

We are related to the Da532 YouTube channel, so if you know you know..
Kgnar's epic server is a server based off gaming, fun, and her twitch/ YouTube channels. If you're looking for a server to find funny and entertaining content, friends, or to get to know other growing and supportive gamers in a non-toxic yet laid back server, Kgnar's server may be a good option!
Nashi est un un tout nouveau serveur géré par deux amateurs :sweat_smile:
Dans ce serveur, vous pourrez vous faire de nouvelles connaissances, parler avec nos membres ainsi que trouver le grand amour pour les plus chanceux !
De nombreux salons sont à votre disposition pour parler de plein de sujets variés en tout genre !
Plusieurs bots sont à votre disposition pour votre plus grand bonheur :grin:
Notre équipe est entièrement à votre écoute, nous acceptons volontiers les critiques constructives :wink:
En espérant vous voir très vite parmi nous ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Selamat datang di Family of『IND』&『IEv2』. Disini kalian bisa bersosialisasi, mencari teman atau pacar, buat yg masih jomblo 😄 dan bermain game PC atau game Mobile, serta membahas Anime, sharing seputar game, mendengarkan musik, Dan masih banyak lagi. 🤗

➣ Mobile Legends
➣ PUBG Mobile
➣ Dragon Nest Mobile
➣ Anime
➣ Manga
➣ Friendly Member

Kami juga menyediakan fasilitas Bot :
➣ Musik
➣ Tatsumaki
➣ Pokecord
➣ Mantaro
➣ OwO
➣ BoxBot
➣ Gambling

Family of『IND』&『IEv2』selalu menerima tamu siapapun yang ingin bergabung bersama kami, jangan merasa malu untuk chat dan jangan sombong sombong yaah 😉 have fun dan semoga betah. 😊🙏

HEY, 😃
Wir laden dich herzlich ein ein Teil unseres Servers zu sein, 😋
Wir haben derzeit 340+ Mitglieder (Ohne BOTS) 👱🏼‍♀️ 👱🏼

Wir spielen sehr viele Spiele hier ist eine liste 👇🏻 📋
💎 Rainbow six Siege
💎 Grand Theft Auto V
💎 Ring of Elysium
💎 Black Ops 4
💎 Black Ops 3
💎 Overwatch
💎 Modern Warfare
💎 Fortnite

Des weiteren ist unser Server auch Nitro-Boosted (Level 2), was für bessere Audioqualität von 256 Kbps, mehr Custom-Emoji-Slots (150 insg.), 50 Mb Upload-Limit und Go-Live Streams mit 1080p/60fps! (Wir überlegen über einen Level 3 boost)

🌐Wenn du aber Hier bist weil du 🎵 Musik hören willst oder mit Freunden 🌐 einfach 🤗 chillen willst, ist das kein Problem wir bieten sehr viele 🌐 Channels an wo du das kannst.

🌐 Du kannst auch gerne Werbung Für dein YouTube Kanal / Twitch Kanal 🌐 oder Discord Server schalten, Sollange es mit den Teammitgliedern Geklärt 🌐 ist.


- Free Discord Battle Pass
- Premium Discord Battle Pass
- Discordshop [Kein Echtgeld]
- Discordpremium shop [Kein Echtgeld]
- Animatet Server ICON
- Namen ein/ausblenden
- Rollenverteilung
- Game Updates
- Blackjack
- Slot Maschine

Ihn paar tagen verfügbar:
- Temporäre Channels erstellen
- Nick Befehl
- YouTuber Streammode
- YouTuber Livemode

🎈 Wir würden uns Freuen wenn DU ein Teil unseres Servers wirst. 🎈

Lg: Lama Community 🔖

Manuel Join:
We are a community based server that offers some variety.

In this server you can generate free accounts such as Minecraft, Steam and netflix. We also have random drops wich can be Spotify premium.

We love gaming in this server so if you love games, this is the right place, you might even find some new gaming friends.

We're also a community based server meaning that we'll moderate the server as best as we can to make the whole experience as nice as possible.
Willkommen in der Welt der Maids!

~ Hier kannst du viele Leute kennenlernen, welche ebenfalls an Gaming und Anime interessiert sind. Zudem bieten wir viele Selfroles, sowie ein Level- und Ranking-System.
Wir sind ein sehr offener Server und freuen uns über jedes neues Mitglied ~
🚪Welcome to the Rented Room🚪
Its a small server with a lot of good and friendly people. We're pretty quiet and chill, there's barely any drama in this server which is a good thing. A bunch of people here are really nice and they are also hella fun.

Few things to know about this server:
📌 We tend to talk more in voice channels, so feel free to join in when there's one or more people!
📌 The server has a couple of anime fans and weebs so if you're a fellow weeb, then you've come to the right place!
📌 There's a feature suggestion channel so if you want to suggest some new things or remove some then let us know in that channel!
📌 Strict rules when it comes to drama so make sure to read the rules of the Landlord properly!
📌 Once in a while, there's a stream session going on in the vc so you can hop in to watch a fellow member playing a game!

Will Add:
📌 More events like playing or cah
📌 Other small events to get to know each other better
📌 Anime/Movie session

So come on down, rent a room and join in the small community!
Anime Vibes is a Server that is about Anime, Making New Friends, and just having fun. We are a small friendly Community looking for new Members to grow and make our Server better. We thrive to stay positive and talk about anything from Anime to Gaming.
Come here for fun, you can be toxic, do memes, game with people, chill, listen to music and what not just abide the rules and you're safe. Enjoy your stay :)
Flower Kingdom ☆*・。+

🍃 A server meant for making friends, socializing and more!
(Very much against offensive jokes, including racist ones.)

🌸 An extremely laid-back server
🍃 Accepts LGBTQ+ with open arms
🌸 Mature (yet immature) humor
🍃 Cutesy and aesthetic-y theme
🌸 Roleplay
🍃 NSFW channel
🌸 Many bots
🍃 Open to gamers
🌸 Plenty of roles to choose from
🍃 Many channels to explore


🍃 You need to be older than 13, younger than 25!
🌸 We look forward to seeing you there!
Salut à toi voyageur qui est sur le point de consulter le "Registre" !

Tu dois te demander : " Mais quel est ce serveur ?"
Eh bien tout simplement un serveur paisible sur lequel tu pourras converser tranquillement dans la zone " Repos de l'aventurier " avec tes compagnons.

Tu pourras tout aussi bien retrouver de fervents amateurs de jeux vidéos, que ce soit les jeux les plus pacifiques aux plus bourrins ( oui oui vous savez très bien de quels jeux je parle), et passer des heures avec tes amis à vous entre tuer ou vous entraider sur le "Champ de bataille" ( Système de Ranking intégré sur serveur )

Nous réservons aussi un espace pour les plus créatifs d'entre vous, oui je parle bien de vous les artistes, donnez libre cours à votre créativité et votre imagination !

Installez vous et détendez vous dans le respect et la bienveillance car ici c'est chez vous, c'est LA LOGE !

Heyu! Du hast Langeweile und du suchst einen ''Anime & Gaming'' Discord?

Dann bist du bei uns genau richtig, hier sind Sachen die wir anbieten:

📣 Mit den Leuten in verschiedenen Sprach-Kanälen reden.
📝 Mit Leuten in verschiedenen Text-Kanälen schreiben.
🤖 Verschiedenen Bots mit funktionsfähigen Commands.
📚 Eine benutzerdefinierte/automatische Rollen Vergabe.
🎶 Musik Bots die du verwenden kannst wie du möchtest.
👙 Sich den NSFW-Bereich zu nutze machen.
💼 Aktives Team die du sämtliches über den Server fragen kannst.
🎁 Angenehme Community Events.

Wir freuen uns auf dein erscheinen!
Euer Serverteam des Dreamer Discord-Server! 🍂
Join unserem Server ツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツツ
┍━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┑
Pizza & Pippin
┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙
We’re a new server that’s mainly 18+, but we do accept 15-17. We’ve got lots of self-assignable roles, cute emojis, NSFW section, and friendly people!
Just a chill place for people to hang out and chat. We have some cool bots and people in here with Karaoke Night, Movie Night, and Game Nights so come join and check it out.
Welcome to Weebs R us. Here you can make great friends, roleplay, and enter in giveaways! There are no limits!

What do we do here?

- Socialize and Talk about your Favorite Animes/Mangas
- Have fun with our bots
- A Suggestion channel where you can possibly add to the already expanded Server
- Make friends
- Nitro Giveaways once we get bigger