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Friendly server with awesome people. Memes, voice chats daily, chilling, ranting, random shit.
Hey, this is our server for "Totally Not League" (it totally is :0).
If you wanna join, you'd be extremely welcome!. We try not to bash people, but if we do say something, it's all fun and jokes :D.

So come and Join us!
welcome to our cafe!

this is a cafe-themed server for anyone who writes, or reads fanfiction!

here’s what we offer:
- a safe and welcoming community
- writing feedback and critiques
- fanfic recommendations
- plural kit
- self-assignable roles
- mee6 levels
- color-chan
- a locked nsfw channel
Teen Vibes

! We offer a very chill community
! We have active VCs going on most of the day, feel free to join us and have a chat with members of the community
! We sometimes debate and offer help if needed.
! Most of the community was based in a different server so don't feel weird or out of place if you do not understand sometimes.
! We have a mostly active and laxxed staff team
! We have the homies, the stoopits, the Group
Masturbation(which is a joke, unless you don't want it to be😳)
the urn, and the Bible Study group. Have fun and enjoy your stay
at Teens Vibe!
! And we offer Yot, he is free on Saturdays, he leads the Bible
Study on Sundays, and on week-days he is 20$ an hour.
To the person reading this, I hope you can join our server!
Our server provides everything you would want, with fun bots, commands, and people.
Even though the server is not as large is quite active.
Hangout, have fun, and use fun commands in the server!
Make new friends and vibe in the VC, or if you're a gamer Stream your game!
The server is currently hiring staff members, so be sure to apply!
Hope you join.
(level 1 boost on the server)
(눈‸눈) Amaluria (눈‸눈)
-join our family! (눈‸눈)
-nice comunity,socialize (눈‸눈)
-mini-games:voice-chat:role-play:anime-quiz (눈‸눈)
-make new friends:participate in events!! (눈‸눈)
-#anime and manga (눈‸눈)
Thank You and we hope you will join us !!
Welcome to Serene City, a friendly, non-toxic environment for hanging out!


✤What we've got✤
✩ Interest areas, including anime, gaming, sports, and more! ✩
✩ Friendly staff who are willing to help ✩
✩ Optional NSFW channels, swearing is okay, just not every message ✩
✩ Chat and game bots
✩ A suggestions channel for new bots, roles, or anything else ✩
✩ Self-assigned roles and server rank roles ✩


✤ Come relax and have fun with us! We're still a new server, but we're open to suggestions! ✤
Welcome to Pokéventures Capital! We are a growing Gaming, Pokemon, Chill Server! Here’s what we offer:
->Our own Genning Shop, Roleplay areas
-> Gain Custom Roles, server participation rewards!
->Friendly staff and chill people to chat with
->Pokemon League Challenge, VGC, Pokemon Showdown Tourneys
->Entire Bot Staff for interactive fun
-> Many Events with rewards for everyone
->Daily Giveaways, Duplications for Pokemon
->Competitive fun, Tons of Rewards to Earn!
-> Level Up System to gain many roles!
->Listen for feedback, suggestions to always improve the server for everyone!

We hope you stop by! Always looking for active partners and partnerships! Join Today and be a part of our growing community!
Hi! This is a server dedicated to and for fans of Talkshow Boy (AKA Adrian), a alternative artist.
Join and chat with our lovely members about other underground myspace-era artists and clown around !! <3
•¨•.¸¸☆・゚Happiness is our Duty゚・☆¸¸.•¨•

∘☆༻A wonderful server that is welcoming and respecting every gender and sexuality tied up with friendly talk and having lots of fun together༺☆∘

。・゚♡゚・。。・゚♡What we offer。・゚♡゚・。。・゚♡゚・。

☙-A splitted server that is one part private and one part public
☙-Friendly moderation
☙-Active staffs
☙-Self assignable roles and colors
☙-Lots of cute emotes
☙-Level 1 Boost server
☙-Fun bots with a playground
☙-Happy vibes

╔═══❖•ೋ°Server Link°ೋ•❖═══╗
*~ ♤ Welcome to the AfterLife ♤ ~*

“Life’s not too bad.”

This server offers
- Roles
- Leveling up (Due to the lovely Mee6)
- Art channels
- Music channels
- Writer channels
- Therapy
- Light rules
- Loads more!

Please come by and atleast say Hi!
We are the history corner! We are a great place to hang out, talk, debate, and share all things history! We have very customizable roles and channel selections, tailored for all tastes, even genealogy. All are welcome, from buffs to learners!
Hi, if you're looking for a nice and chill server to talk in without judgement, Home Sweet Home is your place! We pride ourselves in being a welcoming environment for everyone where every single member matters, and hey, we won't @ you every second like some servers so that's a plus.

A new server dedicated to Mabel- ah, its members.
We offer a series of things that vary from
⚬ memes
⚬ gaming
⚬ anime
⚬ mabel worshiping
⚬ socially awkward mods

Any injuries will not be taken control of by mods, since by joining this server
you accept the will of mabel, our dark lord.

Back on track, if you're looking for a laid-back server with close members,
then this is a good place for you.
Of course, if you are looking for fellow dirt eaters, we welcome you too.
join now or mabel will consume your soul at 3 AM. related game called with amazing community and staff members. Giveaways, tournaments, partnerships and lots of fun on the server/ingame. Join us now! :D

Family. Loyalty. Respect. Three crucial aspects which make up our legion. We, the 168th, are an ever growing BF2 Milsim based on all platforms. Ranging from ARCs, to Aerials or Basic Marines for a chill experience, starships to an armoured division there are a variety of roles suited to each and every individual who joins us. We pride ourselves on being a place where people come together to share our love for the Star Wars universe. We hope to welcome you to our family.
A humble SFW 30+ server for people who just want to talk, find new friends or just hang out. Come join us for Movie Nights, Games, Music, Karaoke or just chill out in our Chillax lounge, we have something for everyone :) We are a safe place for all, with members over 30+ and 40+ who enjoy a good conversation and have a good laugh. We look forward to welcoming you!
.˚✩ welcome to chillcord!

chillcord is a place for all communities! and just in general a great place to chill and meet new people :)
yeah lol we got like an nsfw chat and we just kinda listen to music and play minecraft lmao
come get to know me ha
Hi there,Welcome to our server
So this is a tech server mostly about smartphones,discussing the hottest tech,controversies and problems.
We also do talk about PCs.
We also like to chill,hang out and just relax.
Do join if you have issues on deciding on what to buy/help with your tech in general:)
*New we are opening partnerships do join us if you want to partner us*
welcome to 513 !

we are a small, aesthetic server that is meant for making friends and gaming ! we are looking for staff and we are all pretty laid back <3

if you choose to join, come say hi ! :)
Welcome To Antrostig!

Are you into anime and memes? are you a musician or artist who would love to showcase his/her work to everyone? Do you want to watch streams? Or do you just want to socialize on people with the same interests? Then why won't join our server!

Our community is, right now, getting bigger and we want you there to mingle with us. We would love you guys to be a part of our family!

Our server is composed of artist, musicians and streamers who would like to meet and know people with multitude of interests and talents. We want the server to become a bigger and friendlier community so that we could be recognized as a legitimate community where people can hang around and talk to.