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Welcome to Animess! Like the name implies this server mainly focusses on anime, but is also a place for everyone to share their interrests. And ofcourse to make new friends!

We have a variety of different channels including music,art,writing,etc. This way everyone can show what he/she is good at!.
🔴Art Vibes🔴
A server for artists and non-artists to hang out and have fun! Also a place to share your social media and your artwork!
🔺VC every Saturday
🔺Art channels
🔺meme channels
🔺NSFW channel ( 18+ only)
🔺music channels
Come join for a fun time!! 🥰
Hello! please stop by! :D <3
Do you like?
-being gay?
-some naughty stuff
-or just want to make friends?!

THEN come by! talk, chat, be cool, and have fun :D
This server welcomes everyone of all backgrounds and most of our admins are LGBT+ ! <3
Hello! This is a Art & Commission Community server! Here we share our artwork, help each other improve and we also sell our artwork through commissions! It's also great place to socialize and find new artist friends!
🐾UwU Crew is a small server for furries, by furries 🐾
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚
We have...
🎨 Artists!

🐺Self assignable roles (Species, sexuality, pronouns and role colors!)

🍆A selection of NSFW channels~

🤖 Fun bots!

And more...
*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚
Want to learn more about the community or just want to connect with other furs? Then what are you waiting for? Join us at UwU Crew!

(Non furries allowed and welcomed)
new edgy gaming meme server with eboys and egirls. join if ur depressed, desperate, or cool.
Come join us if at least one of the following is true
1) you're at least one flavor of queer
2) you like talking to strangers on the internet
3) you enjoy sharing pictures (of yourself, landscapes, pets, etc)

Do not join us if:
1) You don't want to be interviewed.
2) You are looking to slide into someone's DMs within minutes of joining the server
3) you can't read or follow simple rules
A quickly growing anime & art community! We host art contests and hold giveaways for all Twitch followers of KaptivateTV! Currently at 1135+ members!
Hey you! Join GhostArmy! This server is fun, addicting, and active. Joining would upgrade your time of fun and we are welcoming to all. When you join please read RULES and check out FAN ART WINNERS. We do events to give you a chance to win a high role if you can't buy one (check announcements for events). If u have any problems please talk to the mods and administrators first, if they don't help then talk to the owner.

A community for artistic, creative and imaginative peeps!

***Looking for active artistic/writer staff.***

For anyone who loves to create art and appreciate art in it's various forms--
Traditional - painting, drawing, doodles, etc
Digital - same as above but with digital tools
Writing - word
And much more!

Aspiring and experienced artists and writers, let's support and grow together. ^_^ b
This is an LGBT+ friendly Writing and Art server for Teens (ages 14-19) We exist to help each other grow in each other's writing and artistic ability! We accept all types of writing and art so come join if you wanna get some tips on how to improve or you just wanna make some new friends!

F e a t u r e s:
1) Friendly atmosphere
2) Custom Emojis
3) Music player
4) Custom Emojis
5) Great Custom Roles
Are you just bored out of your mind? Have nothing better to do?
Come and join The Land of Communism for occasional fun for any topic.
Hey- We're a chill community where peoples can chat together. We also host event nights where we game, sing, and have fun-
This is a friendly server for anyone to join. XD You can talk about art, anime, and etc. There are friendly staffs and member. Hope you can drop by and check it out and make some new friends. Xd
This is a small server, starting out as a small art community, with artists there to support each other and help each other grow.
Ohayo! We are an anime focused community for weebs, gamers and artists. Known as the most wholesome community on Discord! Dedicated to meeting others & making friendos! Exp/Levels/Music/Roles & more ^-^

♠ Add your own slice to the life at Kimochi!

♠ Assignable colors & roles

♠ Exp & Levels

♠ All things kawaii

♠ All things gaming

♠ 24/7 music

♠ Weekly Events
join us dumbos. we just chat. we're all friendly.
we have channels for memes, games, art, and anime.
we are a young server, but we will have more to come!
(no specific age range, but we're all in highschool so..)
𝔞 𝔯 𝔠 𝔞 𝔶 𝔢 is just your average hangout server, not much to it!
Feelin' bored? Feel free to join. (Not completely focused on mental health talk, but can talk about it seriously if you’re feeling the need to in our venting channels!)

Why you should join:
-LGBTQ friendly
-Art channel
-Meme channel
-Venting channels
-Self assignable roles
-Mental health support
-Because the owner is lonely as frick and needs socialization before they turn into a hermit.
Hello there! Welcome to the pillowfort of losers 💭
This server includes the following:
- Fun bots
- Music
- Kpop
- Memes
- Voice chats.
- Art.
Hope we see you in the pillow fort, and have a great day ✧➸☁✽⋆✩
We are a Discord server that offers creatives a way to learn, teach, get instant feedback and create contacts and a network! Come chat with our community of professionals, hobbyist and beginner artists, graphic designers, programmers, writers and much more!

In this server you will be able to:
- Learn from other creatives,
- Share your work and get instant feedback,
- Participate in daily challenges and occasional contests,
- And much more!

Join now and help us build a great creative community!
We're a pretty chill community where you can post art, memes, etc. and talk about whatever you like. We've got several emotes and are working on making some more!
An rp for people that is very fun and enjoyable. Join in and we welcome you to the rp. Open for partnerships.
Artsy♡ is a welcoming server that allows artists of all walks of life to gather and share their various artworks!
SFW only artworks
This server is a growing community mainly focused on such things as designing, painting, and chatting. We also have channels focused on other stuff such as the voice chats, the music channel, the meme channel and much more!