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VestigeSG is a Minecraft server that hopes to bring back the glory days of Minecraft Survival Games. With custom maps, plugins and more, we have it all. We just need you! We welcome players of all skill levels, and hope to build an even stronger community.

Join today at:
A cool Minecraft server that lets you play Survival while also doing some Roleplay!

We offer features like private claims, homes, teleports, chat channels, and overall a modern experience!

Check us out now! (1.13.2 or higher)
Hello all just wanted to post here that we have done alot of work on our server the past week and we are looking for people ready to have some run!, we have survival up an running and we plan on having more gamemode. If you play minecraft and would like to give this server ago feel free to join. If you want too see a gamemode added then let us know as we grow into a massive server!

Everyone is welcome here at storm network. The staff are great and will help anyone out if you need help or just want to chat.

Server IP - Storm.Mine.TK

Come and join our discord server too if you want!
Want to be part of a big empire? Join Legeral's Empire Discord server now!

It has:

➤ 2600+ members
➤ 100+ custom emojis
➤ Memes
➤ Channels for advertising
➤ Fun channels
➤ Custom minigames
➤ Wholesume community
➤ Active staff
➤ Reaction roles
➤ No 18+ content
➤ Pokécord
➤ Dank Memer
➤ And much more!

So, what are you waiting for? Join now!
Hi there! Here are some of the things we offer;

1. A safe social community environment.
2. Channels that encourage self-expression such as; cosplaying, music, art, and sports.
3. Channels for watching anime, discussing sports, drawing, and playing music with one another.
4. Daily polls and QOTD's.
5. Self-added roles.
fun place to hang and find friends :) // english & german

we mostly play Minecraft on this server but every gamer is welcome! // wir spielen die meiste Zeit Minecraft aber andere Gamer sind natürlich auch herzlich willkommen!

You are welcome to join and bring your friends along, the more the better! :D // Ihr könnt gerne joinen und eure Freunde dazu holen, desto mehr desto besser! :D
Butuh tempat untuk menghabiskan waktu?
Sedang mencari teman ngobrol?

Server kami menyediakan tempat untuk kalian yang ingin mencari tempat untuk berteman, bersenda gurau, ataupun hanya untuk menghabiskam waktu!

Komunitas yang ramah dan asik pada waktunya!

Tekan tombol gabung dibawah, dan nantikan ucapan Selamat datang kami!
Hello this is a Minotaurs Community channel come to join
| |

This server is about my youtube channel called Minotaur59 (“ “).
It’s about video games like Call of Duty Modern warfare the most popular in our server, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Call of duty Mobile, PUBG, Roblox, Fortnite, GTA5 and Rust.
In our server there is a lot of fun!!!
Join us
We are a server that has a nice community that is always ready to play games and just talk. We have a levelling system that you can gain roles from. We also have a bunch of bots! We are an ex community of hypixel players, we still have a lot of people that play Minecraft however we are still expanding into other games (mainly Rainbow Six Siege, Minecraft anarchy and GTA) We will try to make you feel welcome no matter what game you have!
"Привет, блуждающий Дискорда!"
"У тебя имеется желание поиграть с адекватными и весёлыми игроками? Тогда тебе стоит познакомиться с нашим сервером :)"
"Наш сервер может предложить свободное общение участникам сервера с адекватной администрацией. Вы сможете также участвовать на наших ивентах - где все равны и играют в одинаковых условиях, если станешь победитилем ивента - получишь уважение сервера или даже какое-нибудь вознаграждение :slight_smile: Если тебе нравится ММО проекты, то ты сможешь создать и прокачивать своего персонажа прямо на нашем сервере! А также ещё куча возможностей :)"
"Заходи к нам на сервер и получи положительные эмоции. До связи, мы тебя ждём :)"
Bienvenue à tous sur POFACRAFT !

Voici quelques règles à respecter a fin de garder une bonne ambiance sur le serveur.

Les Règles sont :

• Respecte les autres et tu seras respecté à ton tour.
• Ne pas spam dans les salons textuels.
• Ne pas faire de pub dans les salons inadéquats.
• Et toutes autres règles de bon savoir-faire.
• Surtout Serveur PVP-FACTION
Want a Fun Experience on a Brand New up and coming Minecraft Server?

Well now, you're in luck! Introducing The Garter!

A New Minecraft Server that has Recently Opened and are looking for new Players to join! We offer a lot of fun games inside the server as well! Stuff such as,
And a Ton of Minigames as well!

We offer a ton of unique minigames and originals as well, such as Hunger Games, Skywars, and our game Cake Clash, just to name a few!

What are you waiting for? Come on down to The Garter!
Welcome to the Nintendo Switch discord!
A community of gamers who have interest for Nintendo Switch!
Exchange friend codes and more!
Hey, we are a small gaming community from Ireland with an anarchy Minecraft server. Our members like to play games, like Valorant, HOI4, CS:GO and minecraft, or just join to have a chill time.
Hey are you looking for a WHOLESOME discord server?
Well if you are, I have the PERFECT server for you!
I need to warn you, it is 100% GOOD VIBES in there.
If YOU think: OH, THAT'S SOMETHING FOR ME!, or if you aren't sure.
Just JOIN anyways! Why not, it’s FREE!
This is a fun server where you can play with the dank memer or listen to music or play games with others
Lugar de encuentro de jugadores de Minecraft Dungeon de Latinoamérica.
¡Todos los países son bienvenidos! Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, Uruguay y Venezuela. Lo importante es tener ganas de pasarlo bien.
-----------------hello random stranger, thank you for taking the time to read this brief description-----------------

Our server specialises in cross platform gaming for everyone to play. Main games we focus on Cod, Minecraft, rocket league and rainbow six seige but games of all games are welcome.
We have:
-friendly staff and members
-nice community (growing)
-first event at fifty members
-cool bots

WAIT! Don't scroll down lol join us!!! Jooooooinnnnn usssssssss

hello! we're a group of lowkey toxic people that
discuss games and anime most the time.
we have a selection of self roles (coming soon.)
and a waifu bot that is constantly rolling.
we also have a minecraft realm, you may have
to wait a little before having permission!