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𝘈𝘤𝘤𝘦𝘱𝘵 𝘪𝘯𝘷𝘪𝘵𝘦?
⊳𝙮𝙚𝙨 𝐧𝐨

Inclusive video gaming server that bonds the LGBTQ+ community in one Discord. Opened to all! Active community and relatively small. Looking for new friends and people to talk to! Active voice chat.
Me and my friends started it just to meet new people and make more friends! Its a friendly environment welcoming to everyone at least 15 and up! It's LGBTQ+ Safe, we welcome fellow artists, hold some game nights, planning a D&D campaign, and we have our own minecraft realm server welcome to those who are in the server :)
Welcome to the BEST discord server of all time you can come here chill out play some fortnite or minecraft and relaxe there is nothing more you could want from this server we have great mods fantastic bots and even giveaways so why not come on down and check out our server I guarantee you will not be disappointed.
We are a community from all over the world, trying to rebuild.
We play a variety of games and we are generally friendly, looking for more people to play with :)

Minecraft porn/hentai, blocky boobs, square ass, whether you like it seriously or ironically you're welcome here, even if you're just curious about the server, if you're not even interested you can still join and become part of a nice little community, we've even got normal porn, and memes too
A Minecraft Server
This server is all about making friends and playing Minecraft in Servers, Worlds and Realms.
Make sure to stay active so that you don't miss the invites.😜
This server is different from all the other servers so join fast.😱

Please read the rules once you join the server.

Invite Link :
Join Dawn of Roleplay - A Medieval Fantasy Minecraft Roleplay Server

Create a Character with DoR's immersive and balanced lore, and interact with other players in a world to be enjoyed!

+-+ Magical creatures, spells, and beings +-+
+-+ Explore new lands and make a name for yourself +-+
+-+ Battle foes and take part in spectacular Roleplay Events +-+
Un serveur où tu peux enfin trouver des français de ton niveau qui jouent à CS:GO.
Tu peux choisir ton rank, et tes maps en peut-être tomber sur les personnes qui te correspondent !
Fini les croisements de doigts en lançant une game, priant de ne pas tomber sur des cancers.
Nous t'attendons afin d'étendre ce petit discord convivial avec un staff adorable et une communauté merveilleuse !
A Small Streamer Community on the rise! Playing a variety of different games, Minecraft, GTA, Titanfall, L4D, Arma, just to name a few. All welcome, friendly group of people gaming together.
BlockPalace is a new minecraft network that's releasing on 23/11/2019.
The server will start off as Hub + Skyblock and we'll look to add more gamemodes quickly after release (Such as BW/SW/Prison/Factions and some unique ones).
The network is built by people with previous experience in running servers and being high staff on very popular servers, we basically know how to please the community and make the place enjoyable for everyone.

We offer amazing features on our skyblock server, if you're interested in checking out what we'll have, we're publishing sneakpeaks on a daily basis before the release.
Join our friendly community and you won't regret it <3.

Gamers Unite!

An amazing server where you get to discuss all the games you want!

You can also play some games against members of the server!

If there is a game you want to be added, you let us know and it will be there shortly!

We are hoping this server will grow massively.

I would also like to thank my admins for making this server possible!

Join today!
About Craft Kings
Welcome to The Craft Kings Hub! Here you will find many Servers, Realms, and Private Worlds. All for Bedrock Edition owned by like minded players just like you! You will also find a lot of exclusive content like mods/addons, packs, and much more!


Everyone is welcome so be sure to invite your friends!


1.No Racism, Harassment, Religious Speech, Politics, Hate Speech, -Inappropriate Language, Posts, or Usernames-, Mental/Physical Health jokes
2.No spamming chat or direct messages.
3.No self-promoting or advertising unless approved by a Craft King/Queen.
4.No trading in game items for actual currency.
5.Posts must be made in the appropriate channel.
6.Do not back seat mod the server. If you aren't a mod then report it to someone who is.
7.Keep your personal information to yourself. It's personal for a reason!
8.Don't forget to have fun! Happy Mining everyone!

This is an English majority discord server. (For Now) If you would like a section added for your region let us know!
Hallo und Herzlich Willkommen im
Fetzer's Gaming Club🙂

Was erwartet Dich hier:
👥Eine tolle Community
🎮Nintendo-Gaming und News
✉Text- & Voice-Chats
⭐Events und Tuniere
🎬Streams von Suschy Gaming & BanettaV
🤡Einen coolen Anime-Bereich
🔱VIP-Rang für die aktivsten Nutzer

Wir freuen uns, dass du ein Teil unserer Familie wirst.🤝🏻
With this server, you are able to generate FREE Minecraft Accounts. 100% legal and free. We are planning to add FREE Spotify, Netflix, Disney+ and many more if we get support from all of you. View our Terms of Service.
Welcome to Pot Noodle Community Here You Will Find:

🎮A Friendly Gaming Server✅

🎮Filled With Gamers Looking To Play✅

🎮A Nice Staff Team✅

🎮We Have A Selection Of Games And Roles To Help You Get In A Game As Quickly As Possible With A Team✅
Hello and welcome to our lovely server: Iron Towns~A *Java* 1.15.1 server! We are thrilled to have you be apart of this ever growing and friendly community ^w^ Respect and care for our members is something we aim for to give you the best experience, while making sure everyone feels right at home! :) And that's only just a few reasons why you should stick around and meet some amazing people within this server! X3 On our lovely minecraft server we offer a wide variety of gameplay to suit all players! We have a towny survival world with mcmmo, jobs, and more to come such as quests, minigames, and even SEASONS!! We update with new features to keep things lively! You will most definitely find a home here! Iron Towns is a no pvp, no griefing, and no raiding server. We hope you will enjoy your stay!


Iron Towns is a wonderful server to hang out, be yourself, and feel right at home in! We offer:

✧ Our very own active Minecraft Server!
✦ A very friendly and welcoming community and staff!
✧ Towny survival!
✦ Jobs for your own in game experience!
✦ A high resolution Dynmap!
✧ Quests (In Active development! Coming Soon!)
✦ Events and Updates!

And so much more!

So stop on by! You definitely won't be feeling lonely ^w^ we're all your friends here!

OUR IP: (currently on minecraft JAVA 1.15.1!)


Can't wait to see you there! Thank you! ♡
its lit
its fun
its hip
its awesome
its RedCord
...Welcome to Redcord!
A fun, loving, entertaining community!
We have some info to give before you join us!
We have great staff
Great people
PG 13+
Owner is a YouTuber
share art, memes, etc. partner up with us too!
Events, Giveaways and MORE!
What're you waiting for? Join today!
Youch.... feels bad to get pushed down a ravine by a machamp like that......
If only you had a couple of strong trainers with you to take it down....
Don't worry! We got you covered! Come inside our crypt, we have many ready to aid you!

So why would you join us?

-Semi-Active community of around 200 members, most of which will be more than happy to talk, train, or duel with you!
-Alongside pokecord we have many bots who will entertain you for the rest of your days!
-Friendly staff who will be happy to help you with any problems or concerns you have!
-Frequent giveaways with some huge payouts!
-Almost everyday events, with huge prizes you could win!

So come on down to our crypt today! (We could lend you some staraptors to take down that machamp if he bullies you again)
The Kensa Krew is a server made by a group of best friends looking for more people to hangout with and play several kinds of games with. We have many self assignable roles, like colors, timezones, etc. If you’re looking for online friends to play Nintendo related games with or just people to talk to, join this server!
Welcome to The Loft MC!

We are opening this Discord for our upcoming Minecraft network that will consist of a Survival, Factions, and Freeplay server.

We offer the following:
» A professional and active staff team
» 99.9% server uptime
» Lag-free servers
» Custom in-game features
» A friendly, close-knit community
» Plenty of memes

We look forward to your arrival and hope you enjoy!
If you love OP-Prison servers, then this is the place for you! Risen Cloud is a server revolving around our most popular server prison, however me have many other game modes such as: Skyblock, Creative and Factions!

We have Unique plugins and features, join may others in prison in their mission to rise through the prestiges, acensions and rebirths, , while enjoying hundreds of cosmetics extras in Prison, conquer bases and survive battles in Factions, and show your building brilliance and skill in Creative. Skyblock takes you back to basics, with its own twist.

**And we also have..**
.. An active community
.. Great staff
.. Lots of giveaways
.. A friendly community
.. Game tournaments

**So what're you waiting for? Join us today!**
**IP:** For more information see:
PeacefulSkies is a skyblock server with a $200 Island top payout, the server has 26 rankups, island upgrades such as size, crop rate, spawners and much more! if you're interested come join us!
🌼Welcome to the Garden🌼
-This server contains-
-Video Games
-Minecraft and more
if you enjoy anthing i put on this list plz join this server.