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Are you stuck in the world of Idol Hell? Well fear not! This discord was made to discuss about idol hell and to make new friends down there! It has scouting simulators and a news bot for sif and bandori!
• 30+ Server Boosts, Many Emotes

• A community with experience since 2017

• Variety of channels with much freedom

• A little bit of everything for everyone
-join and make friends :P
-talk abt anything and chill out
-this server is still new
-we need more ppl in this joint, we bored from quarantine just like you
-roles, fun bots, and few rules
-age range: 15 and up
-no weirdos allowed 👴🏿
🔥🔥🔥Um servidor de putaria com respeito, nuds de todos os tipo com musicas e um bate papo muito aleatório pessoas safadas sem falar do nosso pokécord sala de call muitos lokas cheia de putaria
¡Hola! somos Los Piedrosos Del Patio Trasero, un grupo de personas dispuestas a servir las ordenes de las piedras, ¡porque las piedras son lo máximo!
Ahora que estas aquí, ¿no te gustaría adorar a las preciosas piedras que hay en este maravilloso mundo? Si tu respuesta fue sí ¿qué esperas? Te estábamos buscando :D

En este servidor, donde adoramos a las piedras, claro, encontraras:

🔴 ¡Variedad de canales!; como canales de plática, dibujo, roleo y música.
🔴¡Personas con quien hablar! además de platicar de piedras con nosotros, claro.
🔴¡Más piedras!
🔴¡Y muchas, pero que muchas piedras!

¿Qué esperas? ¡Unete ahora mismo a esta comunidad de piedrosos! :D

Atentamente: El Dios todo poderoso de las piedras, M A N U.
Hushtok es una comunidad enfocada en el anime y los videojuegos en su abundancia, aquí buscamos instaurar una serie de relaciones sociales que giran en los gustos personales de la comunidad (anime, videojuegos y arte), a su vez aquí incentivamos a la publicación de diversas clases de talentos con sus respectivos canales. Puedes socializar con el resto en canales de tanto texto como de voz, nos agradaría que le dieras una oportunidad a esta comunidad.
Hey there! I’m Leafia! Come on in!
We have
-SFW channels
-nsfw channels!
-And roles!
Come on in and have fun!
Hello and welcome! I am the owner of CountryHuman central, and I would like to invite new people to my server to chat, make friends, "spill the tea", and have tonnes of fun! So please stop by, and stay for a while, if you'd like.
- A large and diverse roleplay area!
- Monthly roleplay events!
- Server-wide mini events!
Everyone please join this server for legit trades and stuff first 50 people to join get the OG role I also giveaway Nitro...
Forge your destiny in this alternate dragon ball universe RPG set 400 years after the start of Z. A FORUM BASED ROLEPLAY; We have original characters, a dice and stat based battle system, progression tied to how much you write, and numerous events running. Don't miss out: WORLD MARTIAL ARTS TOURNAMENT COMING SOON, Spring 2020.

Our website:

Welcome to eLeague
This is a discord server for the game League of Legends (LOL). We are server that is slowly growing, we are also mostly NA and some EUW. TBH just hang out, socialize, meet new people, and play lol.
☆ Partnerships
☆ Memes
☆ Introductions
☆ Emotes
☆ Fun Bots (coming soon)
This server was made to focus on debates and discussing DB as a whole. Feel free to make friends or enemies. Just don’t get out of hand. Everything here consists of Debates, Memes, Music, NSFW content, RP, Games, Art, Debate Ranks
We invite you to join our server.
This server is for all Kali Linux (or just Linux) users, people who are passionate in hacking (no matter what hat you are), or love programming (any language will do).
We are very fair and enjoy those who are passionate about learning.
If you want to join, just click the link below:
We hope you can have an enjoyable time there.
~Kali Community
We now Offer RDR2 Accounts and Recoveries!!!!!!!
Hello, and welcome to HD Sanctuary. We are a fast growing community with services for GTA 5! Down bellow you will be able to see what we do in our community!

:blue_circle: Strefa Spontanika zaprasza do wspólnej zabawy na naszym Discordzie!
:speech_balloon: Kanały głosowe oraz tekstowe
:no_entry: Doświadczoną Administrację
:loud_sound: BOTY Muzyczne
:blue_circle: Battle Freestyle
Jeśli chcesz wspólnie z nami spędzić czas a może się poznać to nic nie stoi Ci na przeszkodzie!
Join my discord server to quickly get information about my media and chat with others and much more.
And we are still looking for Partnerships.
This is a mainly Homestuck RP server, that offers room for OCs and other fandoms! In our sandbox channel, characters are allowed to run wild, and any character can be roleplayed! In our OOC channels, we offer memes and a safe place to chat with others!
A NSFW server, looking to expand to guys and gals, while gaming, chatting or whatever, it is female run. Share art, your nudes or just gaming
Welcome to (POHL) Professional Online Hockey League, we a growing league we are in our first season with 6 teams. If you would like to join and be part of a great league and have fun
We're all about jacking off to, sharing pics of, talking about and worshiping Muscle Men.

The Bigger the Better- The Beefier the Better.

What We're About:
- Always Horny
- Furry Muscle, Scalie Muscle, Human Muscle, IRL Muscle, Muscle Growth and Hyper Muscle
- Gushing about these men and their bodies is not only appreciated but encouraged. Be as horny as you like.

What we have:
- An 18+ verification system to verify the age of our users
- Roles to tell us exactly what kind of Muscle Men you like
- Horny Emojis
- Hunks of the Day channel- up to 20 pics/vids posted daily of the days themed Artist, Species, Fetish, Character or Actor
- Channels for Furry, Human and IRL Muscle
- Channels catering to muscle types- Lean Muscle, Bodybuilder Muscle, Huge Muscle and Hyper Muscle
- Channels catering to specific fetishes- Pecs, Orcs, Muscle Growth, Ass and more
- Channels for RPing, for talking while you jack off with others and for posting vids of you cumming to Muscle
🥰 Invite your friends on the server 🥰

• 5000+ members 😈
• Real giveaways 🎉
• NSFW section 💦
• Anti NSFW section 😜
• Sponsor ranks to get everything 🙂

💦 Girls & boys are both welcome ❤️

If you are bored or just wanna chat with someone then this server is for you. There’s a NSFW section and a normal section. ACTIVE members will be given higher roles. Also looking for moderators. Be fast because server’s growing quickly 😜