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Ipinapakita ang 1 - 24 ng 4051 mga server
I made this server who people with musically talented skills can join in, hang out, share their songs, learn how to make songs, and overall become more experienced at what they can do. If you're not really big on music, that's fine by me, you can still come to hang out and make friends with other people in the server.
-DJ DeMon
This server is about a company that has been thinking about designs for a video game. We have several envisions for this game, and if you're interested in supporting in any way, please join us. If you want to come to simply hang out with us, that's totally cool; just don't expect much. The server also welcomes music-makers and anybody with programming, artistic, or 3D modeling skill. Make yourself welcome!
⛧ Experience Dante's Inferno!
⛧ 9 Circles full of SIN!
⛧ Lewds for 18+!
**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**

**This is the best HELL server on Discord!**

*Based on Dante's Inferno, the theme is more legit than any!*

*The server has auto-reddits for all types and every bot you could want!*

*The development ideas are the fruits of the labor put into my other 10+ creations!*

▼**Join us Here!**▼

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**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here


▷Mature Community!
▷Variety of Nudes!
▷Dating Advice!
▷Lots of Porn!

**Game Bots! Music! Memes!**



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彡ღ▼**Join us Here!**▼ღ彡

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__**We are in HIGH demand for staff!**__
**P A R T N E R S H I P M A N A G E R S**
*Pleases apply using the following link:*

**Tag(s):** @Partnership Pings @everyone @here

Lots of freedoms for users here. Weebs, memes, Anime, spirituality, science, tech, nature, health, fitness, voice chat, Tatsumaki bot and more! We feature lots of channel topics to discover and be involved in and the community is very friendly and welcoming. We own and operate a 24/7 live stream as well. If you are a musician, small or big and want to have your music added to the 24/7 live stream on YouTube, just let us know and we will screen your SoundCloud for some tracks to add.
We are an 18+ (SFW) friendly, chill and active social media, creative community (Digital & Traditional Art / Singer-songwriter / Music Producer / Writers / Photographers / 3D Art / Cosplay). A guild of artists where you can chill and make friends with the others who have the same interest as you! Our goal is to create a supportive and positive environment for all members with different interests/hobbies and to make friends. We throw random game sessions/karaoke sessions/art challenges and google hangout sessions.
A talent based community, designed around the love of music. We have huge names in the industry within the server, for you to talk to.

Simply Melody isn't just aimed for those with talent as we go for a wider target audience.

In Simply Melody, there are experienced and talented users to talk and learn to. Furthermore, the server includes known figures to show our legitimacy as well as our dedication
This server is for video games and memes. Use voice channels to talk and play games with people. You can use bots for fun little games and memes. It is a more relaxed server with basic moderation but we are trying to build a server of people that care about the server and hate strict moderation EX: you can post political memes and there is a NSFW channel where you can put ANYTHING, unlike a lot of servers. Post your own memes and suggest emojis for the server. There is also a bot that lets you create memes. Why would you NOT join this server? (The NSFW channel can only be viewed if you get the NSFW role).
A fun, simple, and chill discord server to chat with others about anything!


- Main
- Non English
- Furry
- Anime

Custom Commands!
- 8ball (gives you a random reply! (yes,no,maybe))
- membercount (displays how many people joined the server!)

1k members strong & growing

A growing community of
Writers, Artists, Musicians, Vocalists, and those who love to check out the work of creative minds.

Uniquely designed as a spaceship, well organized, properly maintained & moderated for the benefit of its members. We encourage the creativity and originality of our members, but whether you create or simply like to enjoy our different fields of endeavor, we hope you will enjoy joining us.

Need feedback? Post / let others help you.
Want to give feedback? You can do that too.
Don't have the ability?
Then at least let others know when they are on the right path
with a 'reaction' to their work.

Special Feature

Writing - Art - Music / Vocals

Faerie Oracle Card Reader Available w/bot driven card drawing system.

Commissions Corridor
Place to put ad to request or take commissions
Must remain a member to keep ad up.

•• Age 17+ preferred ••
•• Age 16- Accepted ••
if they behave and follow our rules.
It's about maturity level more than age.

Owner: @Sinbad ᵀʰᵉ ˢᵉᵉᵏᵉʳ Alexandros#5831
♡ Fun, inviting Community. ♡
•Everyone is Welcomed!
•We're a small community who is slowly growing.
•Friendly Environment
•Gaming , Literature ,Role-playing , Venting and Etc.
•Self Assigned Roles and Colors
🏯 Hey! Have you heard of Fairy Tail and are looking for a server to share your experiences, or just need a place to hang out? Well, look no further! The Fairy Tail Guild is the place for you. 🏯
What We Offer:
❁༺ Interactive Bots! (Fun, Music, + MORE)
❁༺ Fun Events!
❁༺ Giveaways!
❁༺ Emotes!
❁༺ Dedicated Staff!
❁༺ Level system!
❁༺ Self-assignable roles!
+ MORE! :hibiscus:
The Fairy Tail Guild; Family Forever.
❁ --> Owner: `Yukki#0719`
A freshly made kpop server, mostly BTS. But everyone are more than welcomed to join. We have a lot of different channels. Many people are into gamings too. Come and join and let's have a great time together. 💜
The server just started, And it's growing more and more. The people who join early will be granted a special role you won't be able to get later in time.
So feel free to join. And let's make great memories together. 💜

Wee Lads is a growing community for oddball personalities to share their memes, messages, thoughts and much, much more! If you wanna help us grow it would be greatly appreciated!
Open community tryna build it's way to a large and pleasant group! We seek members to reinforce our team with great knowledge as well as activity and effort! Simple join and ask for an owner!
GVM3 welcomes everyone. We are a fun bunch who enjoy a chat as well as sharing things such as memes, art, games, music, and more! The channels are few and organised, not messy and annoying. There's something for everyone and new friends to be made, so join us!
A brief history

After joining discord back in 2015 I have scoured the servers looking for a home, you name it I have been there and most likely been banned. Never managing to find the perfect server I have decided to work on making my perfect server for everyone to enjoy! This community is all the best bits from all the greatest servers put together to give you the greatest and most enjoyable experience on discord. Want toxicity? You got it; anything goes around here, from name calling to posting memes of people if you don't like it then simply fuck off. Want "E-girls" or want to "E-date" then feel free; although you'll be judged you can do as you please as anything goes :wink: For any suggestions please contact me directly I'd be happy to help by improving and ensuring to make this community the most enjoyable for @everyone .


Do as you wish, anything goes just enjoy your time here and for any suggestions contact me directly I'd be happy to help.
Welcome to Allies For Atlas a server made out of pure arrogance but here it is anyways it’s survived so far, why shouldn’t you join this burning pile of trash that has music bots game bots etc
Safe Space is a new server for LGBT people to relax and find friends! We have a music bot, active staff, and are planning to host events someday once we hit 50 members! If you are an LGBT person who is in the closet, an out LGBT person, an ally, or just looking for some fun, Safe Space is the place for you!
a relaxed hangout server for the cool kids,
discuss interests and meet new people here.
We are a multipurpose server and are also a small one. Our server is Very friendly to users and new users of discord and would love for you to join! We'll do our best to ensure that you have a wonderful, enjoyable stay!
🌈 Welcome to【Pride】!! 🌈
Pride is an LGBTQ+ safe server to make friends and share memes in. It is centering itself around those who are LGBTQ+ or even straight. I gaurentee we have at least one thing you would be interested in. If we don't, feel free to suggest it!

This includes:
- Plenty of bots
- Memes
- Venting
- Weekly games
- Tons of roles! (Including Colors)
- Zodiac stuff if you're into that ;)

≣❖≣ Gaming Talk
≣❖≣ Art Sharing
≣❖≣ Writing Sharing
≣❖≣ Music Sharing
≣❖≣ Fun bots
≣❖≣ Use nitro emotes without needing nitro!
≣❖≣ Economy
≣❖≣ Giveaways [Still under development]
≣❖≣ Earn roles for activity/level/money and general interaction with community
≣❖≣ Server Events [Require more members!]

And more with your help!
a new fun place to hangout and have a good time