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馃挋 LEWD ENTRUDE 馃挋蕶岽囜礇岽 is a newly made server that has roleplay and erp! Join us in some fun~
We're a social gaming community which welcomes everyone!
We have:
馃敇 Great Emojis and Giveaways!
馃敇 Christmas Art Contest!
馃敇 Level up to Legend!
馃敇 Exclusive content creator perks!
馃敇 24/7 radio & meme channels!
馃敇 Anime Friendly!
馃敇 Pokemon Bots!
馃敇 Role Menu and Elite Roles!
馃敇 Looking for Content Creators!
馃敇 Looking for Staff!
Kosmos Psychon (World of Souls) Is a roleplaying server that is aiming to achieve great success. The world and the storyline is made by me, a friendly guy who Writes stories in his free time. I have worked on this server for almost two months and I just opened it to public. So far everyone liked it and I'm hoping so will you. The server is about Spiritual creatures appearing on a medieval world. (There's a whole storyline on the server) These Spiritual beings are called "Psychi". In the storyline A godlike creature punishes the psychi's and curses them cause of how much damage they do to the mortal world. So they are forced to bond with a human in order to live. Kosmos Psychon has a very detailed class selecting system with lots of subclasses! Five sides to choose (more to come)! We do not support ERP!
Come join a new, fun server! We have a multitude of channels for all your needs! Including:
And much more!

The community is small, but it鈥檒l grow and flourish over time. We promise to have this server drama and toxic free. We also promise to have it LGBTQ+ Safe and will not tolerate any sort of racism or bullying from others. The staff is full of fun, easy going people who are just looking to have some fun!

I hope to see you there!~
Join the Loser's Lounge! We have active staff at all times, and we are a close community. We have Musician and Youtuber spotlights as well as member spotlights. Oh and, a supply of memes. So what are you waiting for? Join the fellow losers!
If you're interested in cross-dressing boys. This place is meant for you. A heaven of traps. If you don't want to do that, we also provide fun bots and a friendly community of people to talk to, who knows, you may very well be talking to a trap 炉\_(銉)_/炉 So come join the fun, meet new friends, and masturbate to traps!
t's basically a chat group for people who like anime, pokemon, conspiracy theories, creepy shit and it's free for anything dark or offensive and freedom speech, in the correct pleases of cause. there is self roles music and random chats ^-^ everyone is welcome and swearing is aloud pls join I'm desperate lmao
Welcome to the Anime and Hugs, a small but very friendly community! You can talk about everything with us, from Anime to Music and game stuff! Are you ready for new friends, fun and hugs? Then join our server!
Hello, welcome to the osu! dungeon. This is a server primarily based around the rhythm game osu! (but not gamemode specific). However, even if you don't play the game, or know what it is, you are welcome here. This is aimed to be a nice community. If you do not know what the game is, and wish to join, we can teach you about the game. But, again, playing it is completely optional. Feel free to join us and start chatting.
銆 The Yaoi Zone 銆

We share Yaoi, Yuri, Hentai and more! | NSFW channels | Roleplay | Anime & Manga channels| Lewdy Stuff | Gaming & Music channels and much more stuff to see!

Assignable Roles | Meet friends and hangout!

Everyone is welcome, although we also have NSFW sections for 18+ users.

If you like yaoi, yuri or anime feel free to join us! Everyone is welcome!
Place to talk about one of the greatest yaoi games ever c'mon over~!
This is the Persona Roleplay Club, and well, we roleplay as characters from the Persona series, of course. This not only includes Personas 3, 4, and 5, but 1 and 2 also! That's right, they exist! We can do all sorts of RPs like ships, battling, we even allow persona characters from different games to meet. If you enjoy roleplaying these characters, then we would love it if you joined!
Relaxed server for the weeb community! Many channels for a wide variety of topics. Movie/anime nights! New and small community looking to grow! Enjoy your stay!
A server where literally anyone can join to talk about fandoms, post their art, shitpost some memes or just hang out and have fun. *13+ only
We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server.
This is a server for girls 13-19 (boys too).
Join us to make new friends. We are a growing community. we have a very active pokecord with 2 legendary spawn perday.
Looking for partners! DM MNGO#0001 To learn more

Welcome to the Neko Caf茅!馃惥
~A place for all to enjoy~

鈥 200+ Friendly members
鈥 Giveaways & Games 馃師
鈥 Custom Bots 馃
鈥 Colour Roles 馃彸锔忊嶐煂
鈥 LGBT+ Friendly 馃彸锔忊嶐煂
鈥 Events 鉂勶笍
鈥 Currency and Shop System 馃挵
鈥 Detailed ranking systems 馃馃馃

We are currently looking into more partner opportunities!

Not looking for staff actively but we are scouting ;)
After the Kishin were defeated and Death had fallen, DWMA realized that there was an outburst of new villain activity. The new Principal of DWMA, Kidd, took over and created a new addition to the school. Can these new meisters handle the new villains?

What to expect:
--partner missions
--recurring NPCs
--friendly interaction
Need people to talk to come join us and have some fun
Maybe you'll find new friends here
This is a small server atm but company is welcomed
An awesome community channel where you can make many friends and chat to other people. Ask for help in any topic and play games with others.
A growing community, built around the aspect of socialising and gaming with tonnes of games & topics supported,
with welcoming staff and an active community to socialise with.
-Regular updates to the server daily
OOF(E) is a great way to make new friends and meet new people, who knows, you might even find someone you want to be with.. The server is currently a work in progress, and it would be greatly appreciated if new members could help out~! Despite needing little organization, this is the perfect server to find good and lasting friendships.
Hi welcome to the SafeZone!
This a very brand new server.
This is a friendly community i want to make as non toxic as possible.
hop in enjoy some company for all your gaming or whatever needs you may have! you wont regret it!
This is a new 18+ Server that primarily focuses on Ero-Cosplay. However, we have a variety of different channels, such as games, anime, cosplay, manga, food, hentai, art, memes, nsfw content, and much more. We're trying to grow as a bigger community, so please feel free to drop by and say hello!
We at Rosefall Empire, are a community of anime fans, furs馃樈, and LGBT people! we house plenty channels to discuss hobbies or share media! We have channels for all kinds of needs such as anime, photography馃摲, music lovers馃帶, NSFW and more! We also have weekly movie nights to all get together and enjoy~ (250+ people!)

We hope to welcome you soon to Rosefall Hotel!鉂勶笍