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Welcome to Sleepy Cuties! We are a SFW community made for anime and for people to have a nice time, our server has non-toxic members/staff. Ever feeling down? We even have venting channels. So we promise you an exciting and nice time here!
Come join our small social/dating server. Get to meet some cool new people. We have VC's all the time and the staff are active. Hope to see you there!
((Sorry if the pfp looks weird but it is a gif so... yeah. Please keep reading.))

₊ ୨୧ :: ⇢ . ︵ ︵ ︵ ︵ ︵ ︵ ₊˚ ๑
┊ ⊹ ┊ ° ┊ ° °
✯ ⋆ ┊ ˚. ˚ .• ⊹ · ✧
. *     ✦ .  ⁺   .

"... Bєϲαυѕє ι нαd нορєd τнατ ѕοмєdαγ ѕοмєοиє ωουℓd ℓοοκ ατ мє ωιτн τнοѕє ℓονιиg єγєѕ."
- Kawaii-Chan ; My Street Season 5

✧ :・゚➽ Hello and Welcome to Kawaii Bubble Tea, A café suitable to all people-!

¤¸¸.•´¯•¸¸.•..>> ✿ <<..•.¸¸•´¯•.¸¸¤

Are you seeking a place where you can find friends with the same interests? Or are you just bored and needs someone to talk to? Well we got it all here at Kawaii Bubble Tea, an Aesthetic Aphmau (well mostly Kawaii chan) THEMED server. All topics that you are looking for are in here whether you are an Aphmau fan, a shipper, a gamer, an Otaku or a Kpopper-!

¤¸¸.•´¯•¸¸.•..>> ✦ <<..•.¸¸•´¯•.¸¸¤

We have:

⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🥞 ꒱ 。soft aesthetic server ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍩 ꒱ 。cute layout and banners ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ ☕ ꒱ 。Moving server pfp
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍭 ꒱ 。ROLEPLAY CHANNELS ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍰 ꒱ 。support LGBTQ+ ༉ ₊˚⊹

⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍪 ꒱ 。self roles and colors ༉ ₊˚⊹
(We also have purchasable custom roles, level roles and more-!)

⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🎂 ꒱ 。adorable emotes ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍫 ꒱ 。SFW environment. no toxicity ! ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍑 ꒱ 。DAILY GIVEAWAYS ༉ ₊˚⊹
⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍮 ꒱ 。sweetest members and staff ༉ ₊˚⊹

⋆ ˚₊꒰ 🍨 ꒱ 。easy and fast PARTNERSHIPS ༉ ₊˚⊹


¤¸¸.•¯•¸¸.•..>> ✦ <<..•.¸¸•¯•.¸¸¤

So what are you waiting for? Join the Kawaii Bubble Tea today and become a Kawaii Milktea .

* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚

Server link:
* .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * * .:。✧*゚ ゚・ ✧.。. * . *.:。✧ *゚ ゚
Roleplay server based off the anime The Blue Exorcist anime series. We also have a meme community and Rhythm bot with other things for people just wanting to discuss The Blue Exorcist and other animes. All are welcome!! :) :D
We are a small server trying to grow out into the community of anime! Join us today for Anime and Sauce!
Welcome to Natsukashii

💗 Join if you aren't a uwu bitch & are active or for a big fat moist kiss

💗 We’re a chill 16+ server

💗 Fun people - kinda toxic but not really

💗 Cool server Perks + Amazing emotes

💗 Upcoming events so join to stay tuned in

This is a server mainly for jokes so if you’re offended easily, this might not be for you.

· · · · ┈┈━━━━ ❁ ━━━━┈┈ · · · ·
🌺 Fast-growing anime/manga community with 650+ members.
🌺 Lots of bots.
🌺 Friendly staff.
🌺 Roleplay area for RP fans!

❛ •🌻• ❜ ❛ •🌻• ❜❛ •🌻• ❜❛ •🌻• ❜❛ •🌻• ❜

🐝 O servidor HoneyMoon é um servidor que preza em ser um ambiente harmônico e tranquilo para todos os seus usuários;

🔸 Possuímos cargos temáticos;
🔸 Possuímos eventos mensais e relâmpagos;
🔸 Possuímos chats bem organizados;
🔸 Possuímos uma equipe bem estruturada de mods e adms;
🔸 Chat Whatsapp do servidor.

🐝 Venha junto com as nossas mascotes Honey e a Ba-Bee, se divertir nos chats de voz, de textos e de jogos com seus amigos!

Esperamos todos vocês! 🐝🌻
Hello! You like anime and make new friends? Well we got a server for you.

Welcome to weebs hideout This is a place where weebs are!

Why you should join Weebs hideout?
We have

[🌸] Friendly Staff
[🐸] Memes
[🌿] No Nsfw
[💁🏻] Mudae Bot
[💞] Lots of Animes
[💝] Partnerships
[:rainbow_flag:] LGTB+ community
[🦑] Safe server
[🦋] Games
[🍙] Free anime profile pics and wallpaper
[🙂] And so much more!

So please join. Also to remind that we are a small server! Much appreciated if you joined!
Server for anyone who plays Animal Crossing New Horizons. Includes trading channels, an anime channel, an artwork channel, general chat channels, and more!
Welcome to Avatar: Inner Destiny! A brand new server dedicated to honoring the iconic television series. Here you will find a progressional, faction, and giveaway system. Your progression (belts) serve as a means to gain xp from server activity. Your faction is selected at the beginning, so chose your preference in #faction-selection. Finally the most reoccurring Community Event we will have is the bending giveaways. We are currently looking for leadership positions i.e. (Avatars) so if you’re interesting in helping lead this server, master the 4 elements as soon as you can.
Hey! Welcome to haikyuu ♡

We're a small-ish Haikyuu community that just wants to make friends and talk about this amazing series :) There are channels for art, writing, edits, and more, along with standard chatting and VCs. We also have a channel for manga-readers, if you'd like to pick up the role for that!

The server is about 3-4 months old, and well-established. We host rewatch parties, play video games together, and there's almost always someone jamming out with Rythm bot. It's a great place to make friends with the same interests!

We hope to see you there *‧.₊˚*੭*ˊᵕˋ੭.*
Welcome to the Loft! The Loft is a server that's focused on creating a community of fellow nerds and weebs where we can simply talk about our favorite media, be it anime, manga, games or what have you. If you have a manga you're dying to share or looking for a partner for your favorite two-player game, c'mon into the Loft. Grab a drink, kick your feet and meet some new friends.
Welcome To Anime 'n Chill! an anime themed server!! (however non anime fans are always welcome)

We are a fun community, Good place to chill and have some fun. We welcome everyone and try to make everyone feel like home. We also have a nice amount of bots.

—————— We offer ——————
◈ Active Chat

◈ Friendly and trustable community

◈ Self assignable roles

◈ Anime nerds

◈ Fun bots

◈ Anything you want we can try to implement :)

Check in!
˚₊ ♡Welcome to Camp Birdsong!˚₊ ♡

This is the first ever camp made specifically for Ultimates! Here, we have a river, a lake, spots for fishing, canoes, clearings, cherry blossoms, and an arts and crafts center!

And the best part is...!

Y̴͆̑o̴͛̒ú̷͌ ̴̤̐c̵̋̀a̶̔͗n̷̋̃ ̷̀͘n̵͗̽e̵̳̅v̵̓̕e̶͌ͅr̵̛͘ ̴̜̂l̵̲̉ẻ̸͘ă̶̔v̶̾̽e̷͑̾


16 ultimate are invited to go to Camp Birdsong, but they pass out upon arrival. When they wake up, they are told by a 3-foot-tall, sentient wolf plush that they have to kill each other to survive...

Welcome to Camp Thriller


•Semi-Lit +
•Mostly active staff
•Pregame channels
•Friendly people
•And more!


I really hope you guys join! Due date for applications is August 14th! Mastermind and Traitor applications have also been closed.
A friendly hentai server with a lean toward futa obviously, but hope to have something for everyone. If you interested we’d be glad to see ya
Talk about anime music and yeah and if u a drainer join immediately‼️
We're a Bleach community that is awaiting the return of the Bleach Anime. How best to do that than to interact, commune and know each other as bleach fans. The server is really warm and active. It's got everything and whatever it doesnt have, suggestions are completely welcomed. We also have Bleach Brave Souls players in the server! So come join us Bleach Fans. If you make anime art, come join us and share it while conversing!
Welcome to Vocal Percussion! We’re a server boasting around 700 members and an active, welcoming community! A engaging server for anime and jojo fans of all types, whatever you’re looking for, there’s no doubt we got it!

We have:
- An active, friendly community and staff
- All sorts of fun bots for you to enjoy
- Contests and other server-wide events (including game nights and art competitions!)
- A sister server dedicated to Smash Ultimate
- Custom roles for you to choose from

....and much more, all for you to come and discover!

Sister Server (Link in server):
Like smashing? Want some friends to smash with? Over 13, a gamer, and ready to give it your all? Come to the VP SSBU server where any and all things smash related are welcome! We’ve got:
- plenty of dedicated and active smash fans
- regular server wide tournaments
- fun and exciting prizes and rewards for being the smash champion of the server!
Hello Anime Cuties! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Let's keep it short and neat. I am looking for members who are vigorous about anime, memes, music, games, and community. We are a growing channel and we are welcoming members from around the world with an open heart.

~ About Paradise Café ~

We strive to be the best and to give joy for others as we soar through the never ending anime universe. Our goal is to bring you much happiness and never ending entertainment throughout the anime community!

What I can offer you when joining are:

•🌸• Active Community
•🌸• Memes
•🌸• Arts
•🌸• Friendly
•🌸• Bots 10+
•🌸• Games Chat
•🌸• And more activities!

So what are you waiting for? Join our server to be one of our revolutionizing anime community in discord!
Heya! We are the Futaba Fan Club! We are a friendly community dedicated to Persona and our favorite girl, Futaba Sakura. Even then anyone's welcome to join. Hope you enjoy our place!
Hii there, The Alternative Realm is a server where you can just socialize, have a good time, be yourself, show off your creations, game together etc. Join us and make some nice friends :)
╔══════════════════ ∘◦ 🎪 ◦∘ ═══════════════════╗

**༻✧ Welcome to The Artsy Circus, Where All The Fun-loving Artists Gather! ✧༺**

Are you an artist? Do you relate greatly to the clown emoji? 🤡
Then this server is for you!

The Artsy Circus is an easy-going SFW server for artists of any kind of style and media to hang out, talk about art stuff, and make life-long friendships. We pride ourselves as a zero pressure zone where you can improve your art at your own pace, and with the support of fellow artists alongside you!

・ 。 .* :☆゚🎈 Fun Circus Theme!
・ 。 .* :☽゚ 🎈 Strict No-Bigotry Policy (LGBT+ Friendly)
・ 。 .* :☆゚🎈 Over 40+ Self-Assignable Roles
・ 。 .* :☽゚ 🎈 Over 30+ Fully Organized Channels
・ 。 .* :☆゚🎈 Entertaining Art Bots!!
・ 。 .* :☽゚ 🎈 Server Art Contests

╚══════════════════ ∘◦ 🎪 ◦∘ ═══════════════════╝

Invite Link: