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Welcome to Bengo's Chill Place!
We are a small, calm community with memes, mental health help, bot roles.
There is so much more we can add!
So, come join us!
(bongo cat approved)
Welcome to the House of Ill! We are always looking for new members~
Based on the name, you may think it is just for depressed or mentally sick people, but that is not true! We all have a weird side and here we like to show it! Be proud of who you are, and what you want! People are always here to help and with new active friends! We don't like people who mess with people's lives, but we do like a nice comedian! Come on and join is fro fun!
Here we:
~Make friends (Maybe something more)
~Mess around with bots
~Make others laugh
~Help depressed/bipolar people
~Have fun in general
Interested in dark themes? Nsfw humor? Furry, slimy, scaly, and or fleshy creatures? Give us a try!

In a world set in a dark parallel to Tokyo live as a monster or even (possibly) as an unfortunate human who happened to befall this alien world.
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
This is our community discord made for stoners/gamers/streamers/youtubers/etc.

This discord is built for EVERYONE!
You can build up your to be able to advertise your channels, you can find squads for games, you can have chats in either text or voice channels with other people whilst medicated or sober, etc.

We want the best from our community, so there are some rules, but not many :D

Enjoy and have fun!
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
A close, organised and fun gaming community which plays a variety of games online and does a bunch of cool events e.g karaoke.

We also have extremely original memes, perfect for everyone over the age of 12.
just a bunch of memes and shit,music,memes,roleplay everything,even a self promo section,just join
just a group of people, who are willing to have fun.
Absolute mess. HQ for shitposting and bantz. No tories and no crying.
🔹🔷Welcome to Clash of memes🔷🔹
🕯️Seeking a place to call hell? Then look no further!🕯️
☁️We are a new and developing community full of wonderful dweebs, every gamer is welcome!☁️
We Have:
🌦️〉A developing community of 10+ members!
💡 〉Channels about anime, music/bands, and video games!
💎〉Active and friendly members and staff!
🤖〉A selection of cool fun bots and music bots!
🎉〉Fun events
🔗〉An NSFW page!
🌈〉A very special Normie role for you all to cry over
💖〉Well setup server with a clean layout
📜〉Easy questions to answer to get access to the server (The only thing you see until you go further into the server!)
🎬〉Movie Nights!
⌛〉More coming soon! (Including partnerships!?!)
🌤️You are amazing! At Clash of memes, we wholeheartedly welcome amazing nerds like you!🌤️
If you are looking for a kind, thriving community full of hurtful memes and words where you can truly let loose then you’ve stumbled upon the right place!
🌥️Just join yah cunts...🌥️
🎀To me, and everyone who hates society and themselves, this is never the less than a home;
So we should ask you to come home sweetie. Eat dinner like a good boy will you?🎀
For anyone actually thinking of joining, this description isn't official and wasn't set up by staff. This might be changed in the future and it was only slightly changed from the original to fit what the server is reaching to achieve. Please note that we are truly just a hell hole trying to look for some nubs that like fortnite, memes, and whamming their heads against walls. Anyone who is willing to 5 second rule AND likes video games, is greatly encouraged to join.
I just realized, I ate a freaking cupcake off the bus floor today. xD Join the server you lads.
The purpose of this server is to be the place people can visit any time to practice improv. We want to lower the barrier to entry for people who want to try this out but aren't sure they can, and to provide an opportunity to get some extra practice time for people who are already good and want to get even better.

Do you want to be a funnier, more creative person? Get good at improv or just get better at speaking with people? Find some friendly people to be your improv buddies? This is exactly what this community is for!

If you don't have an opportunity to join a local improv group, don't have the time/energy to commit to seriously practicing it in a club, or just want to practice some improv games whenever you're free, you're welcome here!

You don't have to be good at this or know that much about improv, English doesn't have to be your first language, if you aren't sure you can do this - we encourage you to try, we're very beginner friendly!

Our only rule is: be kind, friendly, and supportive of other people. Mean jerks are not allowed.
This international server is created with the hopes of uniting every Brooklyn Nine Nine fans out there. Everyone who is watching the show is welcome in our community! Hang out, have fun, chill and talk to fellow fans and viewers.
Welcome to Open Mic Night: Comedy Club! On this server, fellow comedians can get together to discuss their favorite type of comedy, the fundamentals for a joke, and the guidelines for a comedian! Members can post their own acts and get feedback from other comedians! Join us today at Open Mic Night!
💥ATTENTION FELLOW VIRGINS💥 Come to this server for memes and to speak with the Grandmaster Virgin for guidance against thots!
A PG roleplay, chatroom server created by Draykudash, a animator and artist.
<>Gday lads<>
This, is Imperial Jebendia.
Here in Jebend (the capital city of the Jeblandic Empire) you will find alot of things ranging from:
🔰 A poor shitposter who is being blackmailed into creating daily shitpost
🔰Furries that are executed daily
🔰Shitpost galore (thanks to the slave and to the community)
🔰Offensive Jokes that even hardened discordians would take offense to
🔰 And much much more lads
A welcoming server who love late night hosts. We welcome all fans, whether you like all, only half or maybe just one of the hosts. There are roles, a friendly staff, and all sorts of fun to be had!
This is a group chat that allows everybody in. We will have all sorts of people in this group chat. Hopefully we are looking to rise up and basically this group chat is just everyone talking and having a nice time. There’s really no business or video games. You can talk about off topic things if you’d like. Like maybe about your life or it can be literally anything. Hope to see you at my new group chat❤️
This is a fan server for the 80's hit sitcom The Golden Girls. This server is specifically for sharing Golden Girls content and chatting with fellow fans. Hope to see you there, and stay Golden!
Looking for a group of friends who are new to D&D or just looking for a new place to make some friends. Note : This is meant as an NSFW server for those 16-18 and up. Bullying and other stuff of that nature will not be tolerated here.