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Welcome to GOLDEN KING GAMING Server. Here, u will enjoy Gaming Videos, Tech and Gaming News, Unboxing, Products Reviews and Much More...
Welcome to the Discord Quote Book! The goal of this server is to find the funniest, most disturbing, most regrettable quotes from Discord and YouTube, and record them so they never fade from the annals of history.
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
Its just a server for the Youtube group, TheOnlyMemeTeam and their fans. Join if you wanna become a part of the fanbase
You are going to enter the comedy area.

At The Comedy Area, we offer to you:
🏅A growing and welcoming community
🏅A helpful and caring mod team
🏅Plenty of fun emotes to utilize
🏅Several channels for you to express yourself in
🏅A wide selection of roles and colors to give to yourself
🏅Both Question of the Day and Question of the Week
🏅Over 15 for you to mess around with, such as Pokécord, NotSoBot, and Mudae
🏅Several game channels to group up with others in, including Smash Ultimate and Overwatch

We hope you enjoy your stay, but if you don't, we're always happy to take criticism and make improvements.
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
This is a chill server which is true to it's name, if you're looking for a chill fun and funny discord server which isn't very toxic, you should come here! We'd love to have you!
Welcome to SUSA A clan or group that encourages gaming to all, WE are glad to have you here and appreciate the join we dont force you to invite or anything thats up to you just have fun in our simple server. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::v::ok_hand:


1. GO Live

2. Music.

3. Good rules.

Hello! This is just a fun server for comedy and humor in any ways. We accept most humor, but try not to offended too many people while being here! Hope you enjoy it here.
Hey! Do you like James Marriott? Ya like his videos? Well, same. How about you join and we can talk over a virtual cup of coffee or tea, eh? (Omg, it's new don't come for my neck-)
We are a server of trolls and memers who are looking to have fun and a good time without mean and strict staff. Our goal is for our members to feel welcomed and appreciated and have a fun time! SO Hop on in and enjoy the cancer! And Have A FUN Time And Spread The Word!
A server for the Oscar and Snappy YouTube/Twitch channel. We play Toontown, look at Reddit, make music, and just have fun.
Whynotcomedy is an uncensored and unfiltered Server founded by “JeromeThugLoveJones” and Oso Empire! This server is focused on maintaining the comedy aspect without any barriers. Everyone needs a good laugh so come laugh with us!
We are a dating server to hangout, post memes, make friends and also maybe meet that special someone too

Chill staff
Fun people
Good moderation
Alot of bots to mess around
And more
Hello, and welcome to the jokingly chaotic Discord. We have very little rules, as long as you're being legal and a decent human being, you're all set for this discord!
Might.Be.Aldin from Tik Tok's discord server.
Super friendly bunch of people!
memes, gaming, music, and overall great vibes!
custom roles, color coded, age roles, etc.
active members
cool admins 😎
crackhead activity
fun bots w their own specific channels that you can play around with :DD
please don't be toxic/no spam/no raids
come join the real housewives of India!!
This server is whatever you want it to be and can be used for almost anything it should be used for
The Exiled is a server where you can meet new people, share your hobbies, and maybe even make some long-lasting friends! We are always looking to grow, and while we are still small, we hope that you will join and help us improve!
Welcome aboard The S.S. Soupy! I’m your Soup-erb Captain, Maridash. From me and all of the crew, we wish you a fun and enjoyable stay here! Our ship is the perfect place to make new friends and chat over a nice, hot bowl of your favorite soup.

While you're on board, we can provide you with many amenities.

- Self-Assignable Roles
- Venting/Support
- Anime/Gaming Chat
- Musical Theater Chat
- Karaoke
- and much more!

But...why soup of all things? Why are we so obsessed with soup?

Well, why not?

The crew and I hope that you'll consider riding on The S.S. Soupy soon! We promise: it'll be a soup-er fun experience.
Yo. Welcome to omg hi gang! oooo

We chat
We ask
We laugh
We sleep
We eat
We talk
We argue
We order food
We help homework
We talk about tech and leaks
But most importantly
We omg hi gang

join for no reason