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homer base. Epic . Get in here bro!!! HOMER BASE!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!
You'll find out once u read the rules in the server cause it's to long asf
This server is the official chatroom for the HRP YouTube channel.
Partnered Discord Server for gamers seeking their new online family - We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour and bizarre personalities! Welcome!
This is the official server for Troll Hidden Cave @YouTube
theres much to discover and do on this server. 🐸👌
Looking for somewhere to play games, post memes and chat with others? Well, you must be lucky, cause this server is just right!
Please join we are having fun and watching kung fu panda every wednesdays aayayayayaya to many tacOs
We are a non politically correct server, we are very new and are looking for staff to help recruit and build up this server, some could call us edgy, and to be honest sometimes we are, but one thing we aren't is intolerant, I personally(the owner) do not get offended easily, try to live by the philosophy of words are words, and if you join, you may even find the one that's right for you
Shithole is a discord server for real ass gamers, you can find people to play with, find content creators to watch or collab with and promote your own content! We don't have many rules and you get freedom of speech so you can say what you want, but don't be unfunny about it.

We have:
-Music Bots
-Self Promotion Channel
-NSFW Chat
Its just a server for the Youtube group, TheOnlyMemeTeam and their fans. Join if you wanna become a part of the fanbase
This is a discord ran by be and my kind of Canadian friend we are both gamers at heart playing games for most of our life and because of our love for games have made this discord so people from all around the world can come hang out with us and chat about the world's greatest past time video games we try not to discriminate or be offensive in any way but if you ever feel offended or if someone is doing something in an attempt to hurt you or bully you then message one of the dear leaders anyway hope you enjoy our server it's quite small at the moment but hopefully it'll grow
We are a nice community on discord that like to play Rainbow Six siege and socialize. We play a few other games as well, so don't be shy to join if you don't enjoy R6. Everyone is welcome.
Welcome to the Discord Quote Book! The goal of this server is to find the funniest, most disturbing, most regrettable quotes from Discord and YouTube, and record them so they never fade from the annals of history.
Welcome To Blank Face! Are YOU Going To Amaze Everyone With Your Talent?
Villians in the Shadows is a huge gacha movie project held by xCatverse. You can also chill out too! I hope to see you there. Byee!
Welcome to Hell,
✧・゚This server allows you to chill and hang with your friends
✧・゚There is drama, and crazy people here
✧・゚You migth even make new friends!
✧・゚There's gaming, singing, art, you can tell stories, or even catch up on anime, there is also nfsw [/0v0\]
✧・゚seem interested? You're welcome to join anytime! Just make sure u follow the rules and have a great time (/^-^)/
✧・゚We also so partner so if you need any boost we're here to help and partner with you anytime!
Hello, and welcome to the jokingly chaotic Discord. We have very little rules, as long as you're being legal and a decent human being, you're all set for this discord!
Find and Talk to new people!! everyone's welcome here uwu.
This server is for people who are doing stand-up comedy or any other kind of joke-writers.
Here you can participate in writing-tournaments and other exercises to become a better joke writer.
Lets have fun togehter!
This server is for people to get to know each other and its full of comedy, entertainment and fun. Suitable for 15+