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Hey there! Welcome to the Zoin Community Discord Server! We are a friendly community that is trying to grow and grow a YouTube channel. Join us for amazing experience! Thanks for reading this. ❤👍👌
CynderUndead's Discord Server for posting videos from YouTube and Livestreams from Twitch.
A wonderful community, where we support each others streamers and editors!

There's multiple areas to share your work, improve and talk to others; with plenty of collaborations opportunities.

We have:
Weekly contests
Showing off art
Tips and tricks
This server is for anyone who is a TikTok creator or likes to watch funny TikTok Videos. Also you can chat with creators and give them ideas or vise versa.
A place where gamers can join and connect to form an amazing force. Each mythic here contributes to videos across many channels. Join and see whats poppin!
The Social News Network is a place where news is given to the people that are glued to their screens and want it at the touch of a finger. We are a community of people hoping to grow, topical videos can be found about some stories in our YouTube Channel too.

Welcome my friend!
Welcome to my server! This server is all about music and my channel. The staff here are very nice and are not dicks.
This server is small but I just want a server I can be proud of, you can mess with all the bots in this server
-This is a server about youtube.
-Here you can share your videos with us.
-we help eachother if we need.
-Also you can share your server here.
-We do steam key giveaway and events join if you want to participate.
We have several roles/giveaways and we are just some nerds that love dnd and RPG games thanks for joining and enjoy the time here. We have anime bots and games for the server ever week and support for people who needs it. Feel free to join us :D
This is a server where you can have fun,talk and even voice chat!
We make Kid friendly videos for you guys to enjoy, Join if you want to!
She was born March 20, 1984. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Sisters: Jenna Ezarik and Breanne Ezarik

iJustine is an American YouTube personality, host and actress. She is best known as iJustine, with over a billion views across her YouTube channels since 2006. She gained attention as a lifecaster who communicated directly with her millions of viewers on her channel, She currently posts videos on her main channel iJustine. She make videos about tech, travel, gaming and some interesting attempts at baking.

iJustine became known for her "300-page iPhone bill", which followed the first month of service after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. The viral video of her review earned her international attention.

She has ranked among the top 1000 Twitter users in the world with over 1.9 million followers.

iJustine has over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She has over 1,700 Videos on here YouTube Channel.
Tuuni is a fusion of Youtube and Amino, completely revolving around people's series. This can be anything from animations, comic dubs, comics, movies, skits, and much more. It is completely customizable and fully supportive with the community and isn't full of problems that YouTube has like bad algorithms and copyright problems that may take channels down regardless of whether they are guilty or not. If you want to support our new platform, join and chat with many creators like you!
Community for those who want to chat with gamers and post some weird stuff, become a homie through 4 ranks through chatting.
A fun community for the small youtuber Taering!

Whether you're in the Taering community or not, you can join for some fun discussions! Gaming, movies, comics, politics, just about everything!

A drama-free place with a nice and welcoming community!
18+ Hentai sharing paradise. You can find or share anything hentai (And some real) as long as it falls within the rules of Discord's TOU. Come get lost in the abyss. Verified 18+ section for sharing personal lewds or hooking up.
Red Violet is a server for YouTube creators to advertise their channel and videos, set up collabs with and meet other creators, and show off their creativity!
This server is for all and has a forbidden part that is only for over 18 years I thank le and be welcome