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A fun community for the small youtuber Taering!

Whether you're in the Taering community or not, you can join for some fun discussions! Gaming, movies, comics, politics, just about everything!

A drama-free place with a nice and welcoming community!
18+ Hentai sharing paradise. You can find or share anything hentai as long as it falls within the rules of Discord's TOU. Come get lost in the abyss.
Are you a YouTuber looking for a community of YouTubers that supports each other? Or just a YouTuber or fan looking for new, original content to watch? Well then, Content Crew (formerly known as Youtube Squad) is the place for you! Here you can chat with other YouTubers, request feedback on your videos, give other YouTubers constructive feedback and even advertise your content in #adverts-videos. We currently have over 3000 members, so come pop in and say hi :)
AV is the ultimate server for adult entertainment. If you love to watch, share and discuss high quality porn, this is the best place to be. We're a mature and highly active community with a large variety of content including:

✅ Unlimited HD Videos and Gifs
✅ Full HD scenes from Brazzers, Reality Kings and Tushy
✅ Fetish Channels
✅ Nudes
✅ Hentai

Dozens of new videos are being added every single day, don't miss out! join AV.
YouTube Family

A lovely community where people stream and create videos. You can collaborate with others, gain tips and wisdom, and help support one another.

It's a heart warming community!
A fun server with memes and people that are frenquently online. All video games are welcome. Also has a music bot and a JJBA bot
Football Center is a server where you can chat with other people, football news, and videos.
This is a server where you can have fun,talk and even voice chat!
We make Kid friendly videos for you guys to enjoy, Join if you want to!
Hi, I am Rouault Recording and this is my new server for my subscribers to talk to me and each other. We will be sharing tips and helping each other improve our content.
A server for people that want to promote their youtube, twitch or what you are using.
A fun place for you to share Youtube videos and twitch streams,
EVERYONE is welcome, even if you don't make content
"Roleplay + Chat" is a multi-purpose server, It started based off of a game in Roblox called "Anime High School" and has so far expanded into further communities.

We have,
[] Two separate gender channels
[] Roleplaying
[] An NSFW Channel Section
[] Custom Channels
[] Spam Channels
[] Voting
[] Other hosted events

Join if you want <3 !
come to the Furry Fun House you can post all kinds of things you can talk to friend and make new friends.
i make youtube videos and would love you to join the community! we love hiphop and rap and gaming.
We have several roles/giveaways and we are just some nerds that love dnd and RPG games thanks for joining and enjoy the time here. We have anime bots and games for the server ever week and support for people who needs it. Feel free to join us :D
Hi, I'm Kiela, thanks for your time. I want to tell you about something new and revolutionary. What is it I'm going on about you ask?
Why none other that the World Of Valaria.
(Want a place to feel welcome? We got it!
Want a place to be the you that you always imagined you should be?
We got it 👍
-shop keeper? Check
Bartender? Check
Adventurer? Check
Pioneer? Check
Theif? Check
Trader perhaps? Check
Hero you ask? Check
Or maybe just a humble knight in shining armor to serve the Kingdom? Check
Kings councilors you ask? Check
Nobile Lord will there own castle? Check
Blacksmith? Check
Or a simple life of a citizen for an easy relaxed feel? Check
Fisher? Ok, farmer? Ok, miner, bounty Hunter, or bandits? Check check and check
Come to Valaria a land of new beginnings, find your place, meet your dreams made real, find your destiny's and explore a few world of adventure, mystery, journeys and fellowship.)
🌠Join The World Of Valaria 🌠
Hello and welcome to the official Epiphany discord server! This is a place where you can interact with fellow Epiphany fans as well as the creators! Our server provides lots of fun ways to interact and even give suggestions on what you would like to see next!


She was born March 20, 1984. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Sisters: Jenna Ezarik and Breanne Ezarik

iJustine is an American YouTube personality, host and actress. She is best known as iJustine, with over a billion views across her YouTube channels since 2006. She gained attention as a lifecaster who communicated directly with her millions of viewers on her channel, She currently posts videos on her main channel iJustine. She make videos about tech, travel, gaming and some interesting attempts at baking.

iJustine became known for her "300-page iPhone bill", which followed the first month of service after the introduction of the first iPhone in 2007. The viral video of her review earned her international attention.

She has ranked among the top 1000 Twitter users in the world with over 1.9 million followers.

iJustine has over 1.5 million Instagram followers.

She has over 1,700 Videos on here YouTube Channel.
This is to help youtubers grow talk about bugs on youtube and more
A server for smash videos, in game and regular! We have channels for general, script, recording, and editing help. We also work on big projects, one of which will be what we will show to our members when they join and our logo! Join please, this is small.
She was born 27. august 1989. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
Sisters, Justine Ezarik and Breanne Ezarik

Jenna Ezarik loves hanging out with her sisters, Justine and Breanne. She is an avid fan of video games. Jenna is steadily making a name for herself in the YouTube community and is sure to reach a million subscribers soon!

Jenna Ezarik is an American YouTube star known for posting content that showcases her personality, her love for animals, her travels, and events that occur in her day to day life.

Formerly known on YouTube as Jenna Jenna Ezarik is extremely passionate about vlogging. She loves the idea of sharing her personal life stories with the world and connecting with people all across the globe. Beautiful and hot, the young YouTube personality is also well educated.

The most interesting video on her channel is the 'iPhone X Underwater Face ID Test The video, has over 6 million views.