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Saving the world one tiny wholesome step at a time.
Hi! We are a SFW server based around Community, Self care, and Media. We offer unique features via our custom bot, weekly events, active staff, and emojis. If you like being among other wholesome people - this is your new home.

Custom Bot || Emojis || LGBTQ+ Safe || Rank ups || Events || Currency || Custom Colours || Music Bots
Hello lovely we welcome you to our adorable server~

It's adorable, friendly, cat loving server. Don't worry other animals are welcome too

Come make friends, cuddle in the cuteness, talk to other people about anime and games. Roleplay with others in our roleplay channel. Participate in our events. And the most important thing is to have fun!

We have 🐾
🐾Active owners
🐾Custom color roles
🐾Leveling system (roles have cute names)
🐾Growing server
🐾Cute emojis 💜
🐾Fun bots (Tatsumaki, Mantaro, and more)
🐾Plus more~ (we be happy to read if you have any suggestions)

Come check it out don't be shy. You'll be welcome with open arms~
I wanted a chill / toxic free server where everyone feels welcome so here we are. It's a tad small at the moment so it would be greatly appreciated if you joined us~

we have a community that enjoys anime, gaming, drawing, and so much more!
🍰Welcome to Peep's & Treats! 🍰

🍓Here at this server everyone is very kind and super friendly! 🍓

🍒We also host karaoke night, movie night, and game nights!🍒

🍉Our server also provides many different self roles!🍉

🍊This server is slowly growing! We hope you join in all the fun, we would love to have you here in this sweet server🍊

❤️Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this~~❤️
Kawaii Kills is devoted to shining light on the positive aspects of the world. It is a family-friendly community of people who enjoy kawaii media, the arts, games, acts of kindness, and all of the things that strengthen the human connection. For those who are looking to appease their affinity for everything cute. official spotify, twitter, website
This is a server that I created for my YouTube, and its a great way for me to talk to all of you!!! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need any help, or have any questions, don't be afraid ask one of my @Kitty Lurkers or @Kitty Helpers! Also, make sure you read #♡》rules and then head on over to #♡》role-assign for some cool stuffs. This server is not yet finished and I will add more on to it, But most importantly, Have Fun!!
Welcome to Cassami! :grin:
We are all about the kawaii anime~!
Come hangout with some aweshome boys and girls and have a little chit chat while you're at it! :3
We also do roleplaying of course :slight_smile:

Everyone here is to help chu and make you happy and make chu feel welcome. :heart:

We will maybe do some interesting kawaii events in the future :wink:

We'll be very happy to see you appear on our welcome-mat! :wave:
♡100+♡ A nice and friendly community, active chat 24/7, Anime, Gaming, and much much more! We are fairly new but still active. Come join us! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°
Community server for all who love Nekos
• Frequent Events
• Custom Bots
• Colour Roles
• Currency & XP systems
• Games
• Roleplay*
and Much more!

We are not a Furry server (Just an FYI)

We are a brand new server so we will be looking for staff applications will be announced when the time is proper.
in the year 2019 a neurotoxin spread into the atmosphere, causing people in the area of 10 km of which it spread to get powers. Now, 60 years later, powers have changed, and new races have been formed whilst a school has opened up. Multiple, actually, but this is the finest school made to provide comfort, learning, and a secret few know, but the "students" are actually soldiers. Now, they had a choice and chose to fight, and are sent on missions to take down "villians". Now, to mention VILE, a evil organization is important. They have many roots and thousands of people. The people are mostly equipped with guns and few have powers. Those who do are especially to be watched out for. Nobody knows who the leader is.
Hello - !

At Trash Palace - We offer Movie Nights on every Saturday Night - And are fast developing a Gaming Night -
We are a welcoming group of anime and gaming lovers with lots of great emotes - !

We hope to see you soon ~
(ꈍ ꒳ ꈍ✿) welcome to Comfy Cave! we are a soft, wholesome & friendly server~
we have cute emotes, roles, levels + channels such as anime, giggles, daily compliments & much more! join us to be apart of it ~ ♡
Blossoms is a cute sfw server! We have emotes, plenty of roles, a huge variety of channels, and a lot more~! (。'▽'。)♡
uwu welcome to a kawaii server (we have over a 100 cuties now ^-^) with emotes, channels such as anime-club, manga-club, book-club, gaming, and more! , a ranking system, etc, looking for active members ; see you there <3
h-hello! Welcome to the Kawaii Café きっさてん! All of the staff that work here are super nice and serve amazing coffee/tea!

We provide the best service and are always nice to our customers! Here are some of the things we have here at the café!~ >w<)/

♡~ Lovely Waiters/Waitresses

♡~ Amazing Coffee And Tea

♡~ Karaoke Each Week

♡~ Lewd Room For Those Who Are Flirty >w<

♡~ Music/Talk Channels

♡~ Introduction For You To Introduce Yourself

♡~ Many AI Waiters/Waitresses

And much more!~
hello ♡ its a small server but everyone's very friendly and welcoming ^_^ we host events every now and then. feel free to join ♡
This is just a fun discord for anime and nsfw and you can be underaged to come here and have fun
Hello there, we are an aesthetic themed server. We have a variety of channels you can post your aesthetic stash in and much more! Come join us and be apart of our community.
Welcome to Sweetheart!

Sweetheart Is a 12+ server due to crude humor and language. This server is a friendly server focused on anime and friends! I really hope you enjoy it here<3

~Self roles/level ups
~Friendly Staff
~Nice Members
My server is for anyone, we accept anyone, we give advice, we help you with your problems, we have a lot of channels, including LGBTQ+, Advice channels, Music, Interests, match-making and much more!!
We're accepting people every day.
Just remember to read the rules!
🌸Astartinia is a Friendly and Welcoming Community, We plan to host giveaways monthly once the server grows. As soon as you join our server you'll become part of our family :3 🌸

🌸 Self Assignable Roles!
🌸 600+ Members
🌸 Active Chat
🌸 Active Staff
🌸 Levelling System!
🌸 Spicy Memes!
🌸 Growing Community!
🌸 NSFW Chat!
This is about Chatting and make New Freinds! This might be a gaming discord server too if you would like to play with others or including me and etc. so make sure you join this server, and make sure this server is not dead please. So join this please! <33