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The official Server of the Good Christian Streamers! A group of small streamers who work hard and do their best to bring you dead memes and shit gameplay! Come along and join a close knit community of memelords and shitstains! Come in and enjoy the anime cancer!
Сервер для любителей поганять в любимые игры с друзьями или с новыми друзьями! найти людей по интересам или просто пофаниться! будем рады видеть всех)
Welcome to Bravo’s Command Post. Here we have daily streams with many games being streamed! We have custom emojis, bots, games, you name it. We have everything you could wish for in a server!
Wilkommen zur veggiarmy! wir suchen immer neue rekruten um unsere community zu erweitern!
am server wird weiterhin gearbeitet also bitte etwas geduld!
unsere army wird einiges bieten wie
-Voice channels
-video ausrufe falls ein video on kommt!
-und wir haben den offiziellen Veggibrot hier^^
jeder ist wilkommen!
Hello everyone this is a small server for people who are into streaming or who just want to talk about video games. Don’t be shy to promote yourself call or watch other streamers. We will be so happy to have you
We are a new server to talk and hang out, have new friends or meet irl :D and much more!
Hi. The name is Kombo, and I'm the owner of this server, as you can tell from the name. I only named it that because I stream on YouTube alot, and sometimes Twitch. We are a small community that is looking to grow a small bit bigger everyday. I'm also looking for some more small creators so we can grow together. If you like making memes with gifs, we gotchu. Sometimes, this server will probably have events at at least 20 minutes.
Community of over 300+ members we have bots game streamers an vc talks everyday❤️ Come along
Hello everybody! Do you happen to be a fan of Jacksepticeye or just generally want to chat and make a few new friends?
Well I’d like to invite you to the Jacksepticeye fandom ! We’re a growing server that will always welcome new people!

We have:
:green_heart:A lounge to chat casually in
:green_heart:A friendly community
:green_heart:Simple rules
:green_heart:And more to come!
I hope to see you all very soon LIKE A BOSS!! hi fives all around and punch that join button in the face!
Hey so this is my Discord server I use to get groups together for games, have bots and multiple text chat rooms for sharing different things (even NSFW) as well as some voice chats. (I stream and it’s announced in the discord as well)
welcome to marks twitch fan server theres anime gaming and most importantly my streams
Hello @everyone Our server is a Devil may cry based server but we are mainly a gaming server looking for active members and having fun soooo Join DMC WORLD today and meet cool and fun people

**we are looking for partner managers and Staff**

we have an active chat
some custom roles
gaming bots
ping for your streams
info about new games
updates on new gaming consoles
We're a friendly community of people just looking for fun. We have a ton of variety of people with many talents including streaming. We're also looking for more streamers that could partner with us, and just people, in general, to join and partner without server so we can grow while helping your server grow at the same time! We've also got a ton of music that you can pick from, and many types of music variety that you can explore.
A Fun server where you can come and watch movies with us! We like to watch whatevers out recently but we also feature an up-and-coming movie club where you can get together and talk about you like and dislike!
Join for fun, jk... this server is dead, help me revive it pls.
「 Welcome to the Nest n Chill server 」

     Here we talk about our problems, gaming, or even anything!!!

     We have a lot of fun and interesting bots, maybe you can find your favorite one;)

     Frequently, we host programs such as movie nights, gaming events, and suggested activities.

「 Roles 」

level: 100

level: 80

level: 60

level: 40

level: 20

level: 10

level: 1
The official server of TheFlyingSwede. Relatively new, but still growing!
Hangout Place for everyone | Looking for more people to join | Come Hangout | We have a EU server also
🎃𝐒𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐩𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐀𝐬𝐬𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐬 刺客🎃
We are a small, but growing GER/ENG gamer community. Our main targets are having fun, supporting cool streamers and other discord servers with partnerships! 👻
🔶 Roleselfpromotion!
🔶 50 Emojis!
🔶 Over 45 for everyone usable channels!
🔶 Shortcuts into all important or interesting channels!
🔶 Private channels for special roles!
🔶 Voicechannels with 96kbps bitrate!
🔶 Partnerships with other discord servers and twitch streamers!
🔶 Bots for every purpose!
🔶 Friendly members, helpful staff and support!
🔶 A own anime-list!
🔶 League of Legends and Overwatch Patchnotes!
🔶 A safe NSFW channel!
🔶 Decide with us about the future of the server!
🔶 Daily small server-updates!
🔶 A invitelink for everyone!
🔶 Language specific channels!
Join us now! 👻
Welcome one and all to the JTA Army
:shield: High Moderation & Filters
:crossed_swords: Friendly staff & community
:video_game: Gaming area
:kawaii: Anime Area
:HappyPepe: Memes Area
:underage: NSFW Area (Verification Required)
:european_castle: Roleplay Area
:money_with_wings: Patron/Customized Roles
:newspaper: Self Promotion Area
:YouTube: Youtubers & Streamers welcome!
:handshake: Partnerships

Enroll today in the JTA ARMY below!

We are a small community for the YouTube streamer Plebasaurus Rekt!!!
Hey guys this server is Active time to time everyday and We have a leveling system will be adding more ranks to that and we will be adding economy bots that have fun commands!
This is server running besides my YouTube and Twitch channels