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Few things about Ratland:
-M E M E S.
-Self roles with just 1 click.
-Pokecord with a dedicated channel.
-Akinator with a dedicated channel.
-Basically no rules.
-Unlockable NSFW channel.
-Roles based on a level up system.
-Roles based on an invite system.
-Server is spam and raid protected.
-Accepting partnerships.
Do you like what you see? Join Ratland right now or die. >:V
-EDIT: A spam channel has also been added so join rn or die again.
Social / Entertainment

This community was made by Neviril who is searching out and looking for members who have unique personalities. This is a social group, accepting all members no matter what!

A place to game, socialize and meet new people. You assign yourself the roles you want.
- No Annoying @everyone tags
- Decent Memes
- Free Game Announcements
- Conversations You'll Never Forget
A fun server for furries to come meet other furries!

🍝 | Um paraíso para aspirantes ao mundo social...

🍹 ► Servidor Esquizofrénico!
👩🏻‍🏫 ► Formações de Desenho e Programação do Discord!
🌰 ► Servidor Organizado e Maravilhoso!
🛒 ► Sistema Económico e de Vendas!
💗 ► Sistema de !Rank e de Votos!

Poder Supremo: ❝ℳrZDobiℇ❞ 🧟#4359 e Nirschl#7852
This is most likely the weirdest server you'll ever find. We gather a bunch of people, and then play ROBLOX or Minecraft on a schedule to hunt down Gamer Girls. That's not a joke. That's what this server is. Enough said, there's also nsfw. Enjoi.
This server is a mash-up of multiple server subjects. Hence the reason I couldn't think of a name for the server. [Insert Creative Server Name Here] serves as a meme server (memes spawning atleast once each 10 seconds), nerd server, nsfw server, anime server, music server, gaming server, and more. Just try not to get killed.
Wrong Server

Looking for a community filled with entertainments? You've found the place you had been looking for.

We include:

⭐ Advertisement channels ⭐

🎮 Game discussions 🎮

😂 Memes 😂

🤖 Extraordinary Bots 🤖

🎉 Giveaways 🎉

🤝 Partnership 🤝

💰 A Marketplace to sell your stuff 💰

🎧 Music 🎧

✅ A Spam channel ✅

Our official link:
Welcome to NCT Café! In this server, you can just chat with other NCTzens and do other fun stuff.

Reminder: We are still setting the server up so you might have to wait until the server is done setting up. Thank you!
a server where you can talk and earn in-server currency, look and memes, listen to music, buy sell and trade items, count play akinator and look at sub Reddits, all this and much more! a join would be appreciated tysm o/
Join Rise To The Top! A server purely for fun (and a small dose of competition to keep it spicy) where the only way to progress, is to remain active 😀
We offer games, shops, unlockable content through currency, management recruitment and much more
Please join
A server that is for everyone! at Family House we are all part of a family and we we are all different, so we decided to make a server where all of us is here! gamers, artists, trollers, etc.
We have rules in the server, so don't worry!
and event will be happening at least once a month, let the fun begin!
The Quintessence Center (QC) is a server determined to form possible relationships with one another, love one another, discipline misbehaving people, help you with your real life problems, and treat you like a family member (No, seriously, we do)!

We hope to meet you in our lovely and SFW server! Be informed, there is a single channel related to NSFW though, but it's confidential. The fascinating bots there are truly entertaining. They're pretty rare to find. <3
«•e v e r y t h i n g•» is a small server where you can talk about many things like Music, Sports, Entertainment, and Video games!

Many events can happen such as game nights, trivia nights, and just hang outs in voice channels.

«•e v e r y t h i n g•» will always improve with the admins, mods, and I listening to the suggestions the members can give.

So, when you join: go to the bot-commands channel and give yourself the role of what type of topic you would like to talk about with other people. Have a good day <3
Welcome to The Yuri Café (°◡°♡).:。

This new server is a chill 16+ environment where people can talk about their many interests and... YURI! Or rather, girls' love in general (╯✧∇✧)╯

We have many cool features including:
✧ A variety of channels to talk in
✧ Welcoming and kind members
✧ Level-Up perks, using MEE6 (⌐▨_▨)
✧ Multiple Bots to mess and play with
✧ Various events, one we gain more members
✧ Making friends
✧ Cool Café Owners that'll treat you right (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡
✧ And many more!

We're just here to create a community where everyone has fun and good vibes are spread around! Hopefully, you take it easy and enjoy your time at The Yuri Café (°◡°♡).:。
Welcome to Outland Quest RolePlay! Stay long and enjoy!
Dragons and adventure is our thing!

Server made by CHASER#2396
[Looking to have a blast catching pokemon and leveling up?]
[Battle with freinds]
[And more?]
Than join PokeBattle!
We are a small server thats been created recently and we hope to grow!
==Server use PokéCord Bot along with other bots for fun and moderation!
--Level up through 16 regions! (One region from each of the Pokémon games I could find, If there are new regions added to the Pokémon series, Ill add it into the server!)
--Duel with anyone in the server!
--Be the very best!
--Pokémon Music! (ask a moderator to start playing it, When all users leave the Voice Channel it will automaticly stop the music)
--Currently is no prize if you Unlock all regions but maybe in the future!
--AND!... unlike some other servers, This one keeps its chats nice and clean! :D
==Please read the rules when you join and be nice!
==When you join you will need to verify yourself with the serverhound bot!
Hey . We have a fast growing Discord Community. Our Community name is TACO TWITCH TEAM!!! We Help and Support The New and Good twitch streamers by raiding their Channels and cheering them Up. Apart from that Our Server is related to All type of Gaming STuff. Looking forward to meet new People and make new friends!!!
Here is the link!
Gamer is an amazingly unique bot, it is so unique, other bots are jealous for Gamer! Gamer is specifically made for entertainment. This bot is good for them servers that have a lot of bots in for people to use whenever they want! There are not many bots like this out there, you came across one of the best!

Gamer has now finished it's main development, more features to come! :P
New server looking for people to help build it up! Be part of a family! We have a house dj role to assign, and we have a house pup that you can feed and receive special roles for! Don’t miss out! If anyone enjoys poetry or wicca or spiritual this is also a safe place for you! As this is an interest of the owner!! Everyone can feel comfortable here! But dont worry, we have a special text channel just for wicca to stop harassment!!! We dont condone negativity!! Share with your friends!
This is a server for everyone we accept all people and are laidback. We hope to be a safe place and welcome all people.
Welcome to Xylos Community official discord server , here you its all about chill , and gaining some new friends . We are the official Discord server for the music channel on our YouTube - We are making this into a company for EDM music lovers. We post Trap, Dubstep, Future Bass, Electro, Bounce, and more!

Have some fun and please enjoy your stay here in The Xylos Community Discord!