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Welcome dear customer!

OpenCafe is the best place for you to enjoy coffee, tea and sweets while socializing with people who are interested in:

『Manga and Anime
Movies and TV Series
Games (mobile, pc and console)
And Giveaways』

Join us and get overly caffeinated, because sleep is for the weak!

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We have dank memer but rob and heist is disabled
Our bots arrre
-Dank Memer
-OwO bot
And a frick ton more
We have 180+ members :)
Welcome to Gamers Haven! This is a community so gamers can talk and play mini games. We have many activities and you can even suggest some. We are always looking for ideas and improvement.We are always expanding on ideas, and can’t wait to see you here! Have fun and enjoy!

Some of the stuff we have to do here are listed below:

~Pokecord Dueling and trading
~leveling up
~Unique roles
~memes and anime

Hope to see you join the Gamers Haven!
We’re currently a growing community. We play games, and in all honesty
we’re open to just chilling in call with ya! take a look below to see what we
got in store for you…

✦ 1:1 Male to Female Ratio
✧ Music Bots!
✦ Custom Ranks!
✧ Selfies Channel!
✦ Partnerships!

We really hope you consider staying to grow, and learn about each other as
we progress into a bigger, comfier, place that we could call home.
Hello there! Welcome to the SURP Wiki, a roleplaying server dedicated to Steven Universe! We're a friendly, welcoming community, and we're always in search of new users!
A relatively new server for all to come and talk and communicate and make new friends. Grab a seat and lets share stories over a cup of coffee
Party Time is a party themed server with everything in entertainment!

We have:
~giveaways (nitro premium, and more)
~our own Minecraft server
~game nights (Cards Against Humanity, Uno, and more coming)
~active VC and texts
~over 1k members
~channels for photography, art, and more!
~friendly staff with an open to all community
~anti raid protection

Come join us here in Party Time! We are excited to meet you!
Politics, philosophy, and theology discussion server. We have a friendly community with a diverse spectrum of beliefs. Anyone looking to learn, contribute or just chat casually is free to join.
We are a laidback community server ! We have everything from games to memes. Wholesome content, photography, anime, gaming, and emotes.
- Game nights & other events
- Mod applications
- Happy to partner with other gaming, anime, or community servers
hey you there
Join my meme server because i want you too.
We have dank roles,dank channels,semi dank emojis and dank bots
These bots include slot bot,dank memer and pokecord
Constantly active channels
Our server is a Premium server in dank memer so you can use pls weekly here
We are looking for partners and we also have 5 advertising channels
We only have very specific rules so basically You can do whatever the fuck you want

Do You Like Dank Memer
Do you want the chance to get thousands of coins in giveaways
Then join this sinking ship to get your ass started
We dont much rules so you do things that you cant do in other servers
Rob and heist are disabled as well so you font have to fear losing potential tens of thousands to multiple dickheads
You can join Danke today and meet new people from around the world.
This is an entertainment server dedicated to young adults and includes:

-New memes and funny banter every day
-Guaranteed relaxed environment
-Easy self assignable roles
-Proven ability to make people laugh and cringe and cry all in one go
-An optional NSFW role so you can choose to not view content you don't want
This is a PokeCórd Based Server, We are a Friendly Community But may have Strict Rules to follow! All The Bots are Full Of Entertainment and Filled with Moderation and The Lead Is PokeCórd Basically. This Server is Just the Kind you Probably search in google like “Pokemon Servers.” Have A GoodDay and I recommend To Join and Explore!
| All Info |
-Gym Battles
-Clean Chat
-Strict Rules
We Have All you need for Pokemon!
🔷Welcome to Virtual Reformed community server.
We're a Anime and gaming community server..that just wanna bring something extraordinary on discord just for you.we include entertainment,movies discussion as well.🔷

What we currently have.. Quick sample
🔷All gaming community for y'all gamers
💎Anime discussion
💎Movies discussion
💎 Cool interesting bots
💎Custom moderation bot
💎Bot minigames
💎Game night
What are u waiting for? the join button and discover more & more
A server for meeting new friends, hanging with old ones, sharing memes, gaming with friends, and sharing artwork.
Welcome to Aggressive Turbo!
"Moving In Fierce Speed"

We are a multi-community Organization, looking to please the Gaming and Multimedia (GFX/VFX, etc.) communities.

Est. 2019 (July 14, 2019)

Founded by MxMANGA
【 Death Hideout Ads 】
Death Hideout Ads is the perfect server that's dedicated to advertisement, sharing and meeting new people each day! With good services that provide WONDERFUL results to the customers seeking them!

We provide our users, including YOU with:

【 👍 】 Organized channels and roles so it'd be easier to track down what you're in for!

【 🤖 】 Secure bot that keep our server IMPOSSIBLE to raid!

【 🔰 】Guides and tips to help beginners get their server ticking!

【 😄 】Outside of advertising, there are also channels that you can enjoy and chat with other members!

So if that sounds convincing, and something that's really worth getting at, then how about you take the chances and join us on the server! We'll be waiting with open arms!

We also have an extra server dedicated to community if you are interested!
Synergy while aiming to be an all rounder fun place for anyone to join in at will, the staff is obliged to do their best to make people feel themselves home.

- +16
# Meet new people. Make friends, if ya' will.
- All sorts of enthusiasts are welcome: gaming, anime, movies, books, music...
# LGBTQ+ friendly
- Noone cares? We do; group-support channel.
# Chill vibes
- Debates
# Display your skills
- Fun server activities and games
# No judging, no toxicity, no bs.
- Constantly updated, always open for suggestions.
# DM for partnership or to become a PM
This Discord server is made for music enthusiasts to share their favourite music, discuss about music related topics and listen along to music with others. Everyone in this server shows a passion for music and we hope you will enjoy your stay, discover some new great artists and maybe even make some new friends through this community!

•Need more discord server members?
•Finding it a challenge to grow your server?
•Want to meet new people and make new friends?
•Want your server to get hundreds of members?
•Do you want find more gamers?
•Do you wanna advertise your twitch or YouTube channel to get more followers or subscribers?
•Do you want to find more servers to partner with?
•Do you want more entertainment?

If so, here is the place to go!
We are still a growing community server hoping to change in as many possible ways which benefit our members
So far we have got:

•Awesome Bots like Discord RPG and Duckhunt
•Would you rather questions
•Available partnerships and staff applications
•Free Advertising channels for discord, twitch, youtube, facebook, websites and much more
•Gaming roles and channels
•Emoji, Spam and art channels
•Sparta, memes and anime
•Role requests and 100+ self assignable roles and over 70 role colors!
•Riddle channels
•Superhero, villain and monster 1v1 fights, chats and voting every two weeks!
•Venting channel
•And even a NO-rules channel!
And so much more to come!

My old server got nuked at around 400 members pls join as we are still rebuilding and need all the support and members. We got over 30 members within the first day of the second server, just DM me to partner. We currently have around 300 members. Our requirements are no NSFW based servers and your server must have at least 45 human members. We are also looking for partner managers, event managers and loyal staff members. We hope you have a great time there!
The Divide by Zero Community and advertising server Owner: @BEWARE DANGER
-We are currently hiring Partner Managers (PM)-
Do you like memes and advertising your own discord servers? Well look no further. We provide:
-Protection against raids and spammers
-Advertise your own discord server in the dedicated channel for promotions
-Open for partnerships of servers with at least 70+ human members
-We also got pokecord and akinator bot and NotSoBot

NOTE: This server is NOT for people that get easily offended. So if you're a butthurt kid, please refrain from joining this server. We don't need your drama and your cries in there.
Come and join my server to chill out and chat about our favorite classic Cartoon Network shows, such as: Dexter's Lab, Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Ed Edd n Eddy, Cow and Chicken, etc.

This is only exclusive for CCF fans (people that have watched this programming block on Cartoon Network).

🔊 As many Voice Chat as you want〘 Community & Gaming 〙

🍉 Food everyday〘 Burgers, Ramen, Fried chicken... 〙

🎵 Music {BOT} -〘 Lo-fi Beats, Chill Rap,... u choose 〙

☢️️ NSFW ✧➣ 〘 MUST BE 18+ 〙

🏅 Badges 〘... 〙

📌 Pings are annoying, we rarely do that

☕Heater in all shuttles & A/C are always ON in all rooms and is set at
21℃ or 69.8℉

Savagedom:tm is a server dedicated to teens and older. We offer vast forms of entertainment, we have good staff, and we look forward to meeting people of different races, cultures, and religions.

Original Merch, games, videos, music, and art!

A super fair owner, lmao.

Unique hood system!

We enjoy keeping the 21st century happy, so I really hope you understand this is a starting community and we need members. Enjoy your stay!