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This is a random server but we're totally cool, so all the cool kids should totally join. And bring your friends cause we have userphone parties
↕--------NEMESIS-------- ↕
A perfect server for memes, meeting crazy people and more!
⇻ Many memes to share and watch!
⇻ An anime community for anime lovers!
⇻ Many unique roles to unlock
⇻ Lot of famous and cool emojis!
⇻ Active & friendly chat
We would love if you'll join.
Owner: Leobi#0001
A fun new server (level 1 boost) where we use the userphone function a lot and meet new people and grow the community.

We have a ton of different features with our close-knit community. We have several bots, and dedicated rooms for features such as userphone.

There are also a wide variety of channels to talk in! Tons of memes 2 lmao. We welcome you to join the community.
hello i made this new server to make some new friends i hope you guys can join me and we can have fun and play games together, i like playing terraria and DST (dont starve together) if u like those things and a couple people join we can all play together. no nsfw and 13-18 years old please. i dont want this server to get too big so im probably gonna maintain an under 100 members thing cuz im awkward
okay, our server was made by a group of friends and we are ACTIVE. we can be kinda inappropriate beware, but we have some really funny, relatable people to chat with. we can vc a lot if you want, find new people on userphone, shitposting, stream omegal, play minecraft together, crazy 8, (or just any game you want) and just a lot of fun :3
join, i dare you >:3
ay! wassup! This server is literally the definition of lit. Only the best people are allowed in! We’re all friendly, nice, and chill! Don’t worry about admin and mod abuse, It’s all handled and none will use their perms against you for no reason!

We ain’t some boring ass people, we got fun stuff!
-. only the best bots!
-. VC’s!
-. monthly giveaways!
-. memes!
-. lit emojis!
-. discover the rest!

just join and you’ll see what i mean!
Welcome to Internet Discord Userphones, a discord server filled with great people and fun concersation. Get the chance to talk to people from other servers by typing the command: --userphone and then it will allow you to chat to random strangers. Userphone is filled with people who have conversations, make friends and have a laugh. So join this discord server today!
💫Hey there! 🌟
𝓛𝓮 𝓟𝓵𝓪𝓬𝓮~ is a community server supporting those who need help and entertaining those who are bored. :D
We have bots like:
•Dank Memer
°.:・゚✧ °:・゚✧:・゚°✧ :・゚✧°.
We would love to see you check by.
-P.S. We all have autism
A very new and chill server that's welcoming to everyone so feel free to join if you'd like to help grow the server and maybe make some friends along the way
Hello everyone i just made a new server my other server was kinda dead so i made a new server for a new community i really hope you can enjoy you can do about anything in here we have gaming you can make new friends idc if you date it is really fine with me i really hope you join you wont regret it thank you!
We have lots of the best bots like Dank Memer and Userphone. We are hosting giveaways for Dank Memer currency. I am open to suggestions on any bots you would like added.
chill server with a variety of bots, come check it out
(if you're going to join just to rob, and then leave, don't bother joining at all)
Thanks for stopping by, This is a chill server, nothing specific though, but will give you good vibes. I started this server with friends just for fun but now its close 100 members :) This isn't much of an active server but has a lot of bots and can really chill here. It took a heck of work to build this server ngl. If you're active, you're welcome to join :>
Hello! We are the kawaii kult! Here we talk about games, anime and we make friends and just hang out here :D
so if that sounds good to you then join our community :>
This server is about having fun with friends and and using the userphone botz and also meeting new friends and adding new stuff to the server and if u need help just ping or have any qestions pls ping Niruson#5825 or the server owner 𝗨𝞈𝗨
#1274 or email [email protected]
꧁Private Ring Ring꧂ is my private collection server where I post my daily hentai. Next to that it's made to fight boredom through convos or simply using bots. It includes a bit of anything:

✘ Daily Hentai
✘ Userphone | Yggdrasil
✘ Interesting Conversations (if you make them)
✘ Gaming, Anime & Art

Feel free to join if you are interested.
Welcome to Alex's happy place, here we vibe and hangout together, We are non toxic and always love to have new members😁
Join and listen to music if you do not have spotify premium and your annoyed at ads! My server is dying please help ;-;
Join Our Server:smiling_imp:
Our Main Goal Is to create a place where you can chill and make new friends of different personalities.
We Also would like to offer a place that you can go to for advice etc if we find it possible.