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Server looking for more new friends to join in on the fun! We are a chill server, just enjoying good talks and good friends. You can really do anything, just not the things in the rules (which isn't a lot) , other than that; hope you join in on the fun! i really don't know what else to say my dude
Good Times is a server based on the cliche "Here for a good time, not a long time". It aims to provide a variety of activities for the members to get involved in and have a good time!

Activities offered in Good Times include:
➵ Designated text and voice chats for gaming
➵ Multiple music bots to listen to as much music as you'd like, plus designated channels for lyrics, and song suggestions
➵ Self-assignable roles, as well as special roles ♥
➵ We love and encourage memes with an entire channel dedicated to the sharing of memes
➵ Various chatting channels which cater to a variety of topics, including languages other than english, gaming, art, animals and more!
➵ There are also private channels for roleplay and support if it's needed!
➵ It is a fairly active and still growing server with friendly members, many who are happy to chat ♥
➵ We also have a NSFW section for those 18 and over
"A friendly startup server, get your socializing on!!The point of this is to create a warm, inviting and xyz(anything)-friendly server. There'll be a corner for every person, and if there isn't? Then we'll make room, but if the community says otherwise? You'll have to find out." - Kar

This server's owner, Kar, is hiring staff! DM me, don't be shy.

Here we offer a few unique things most servers don't have, and we will show you that our staff are the best. What we offer is as follows:
1. A safe, secure way of verification and of personal content.

2. Meme corners for those who want it, those who want to view it, and a meme-free entrance once you join(For those who just don't want to be notified of memes all the time)!

3. We've got fun things to do, although a very unique and unpolished diamond, we compensate for it with a few things. Those being chess, debating, roleplaying, chatting, fanfic writing material, bot commands, --phone (you'll know this), music and music discussions, or just random things to watch!

4. We are a 16+ server, if you are under the age of said common age of consent, we advise that you come back at another time. Lying about your age will result in a consultation, and a ban if necessary.

5. Anti-raid and anti-spam! We also have DM options for members!

6. Some of the other channels are still WIP, but we also offer fun people to talk to during your stay!

We have active and supportive higher-up management staff! Any queries can be directed to them or the owner himself. Rules have been updated.

For convenience purposes, we advise to choose at least one role as stated in (x) channel.

Enjoy and welcome to the server~!
A multiple purpose server with a space aesthetic that includes
Daily Questions/Actives
Art/Writing Sharing (very big in the server) :paintbrush:
Talk to people
Listen to music
Mess with bots
Participate in events
NSFW Category
Advertise !
Venting and overall positivity
Self assigned roles
Overall a chill, loving server.
((Warning: The daily questions (which don't even happen /everyday/) include @ /everyone ))
Queer Planet is a brand new server exclusively for LGBT+ people to hang out and make friends. It's one of countless queer servers, but this community is still small and everyone has a chance to be heard and contribute to the conversation. Join us if you want a place to have fun and to be yourself!
This server aims to accommodate for as many people as possible, in a person-to-person (individual) basis. We don't use bots, and most of the content is user generated. We have channels for many topics and can also create new channels as they are needed. If you have an hobby or interest, it can most likely be found here.
a new and pretty rad discord server, looking for staff and members
This server is a pure anarchy server. In this server, there are absolutely NO rules to be followed, and everyone has admin rights. Enjoy your pure freedom!