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Welcome to The Future Lounge
Hey, today you get the chance to join The Future Lounge!
The Future Lounge is a fun server where you can feel free to be yourself and meet new people!
We have lots of activities and channels for different topics.

➼ Chill atmosphere
➼ Friendly staff and Members
➼ Self-Assignable reaction roles
➼ Fair Rules
➼ And much more!
Welcome to Nitronix!

Nitronix is a brand new Discord bot made by Rienknr1 just to make automatization on Discord easy!

With over 300 commands, we are sort of the biggest bot which provides a very cool and easy-to-use system.

Join our Discord Server or visit our website to find out more about Nitronix.
A discord bot to spicy up your d&d excperience!
Currently under development and open to partners!
Morphobot Lounge is home to the WIP bot by the same name, which serves as a support guild, headquarters of operations, and a friendly community.
I make Discord bots, and I own a Minecraft server. I enjoy gaming and I've built up quite a little community of gamers alike. Join our corner of the internet!
JuluzChan Support ist unser Support Discord für unseren Anime und Manga Discord-Bot "JuluzChan". Wenn ihr mal einen neuen und Kreativen Bot braucht könnt ihr zu uns kommen.
Wir haben Kekse und sowas ^^.

- Bot Discord
- Support
- Programmieren (Sich unterstützen)
- Viele Coole und eigene Commands
- Die coolsten Bot-Ideen