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ModBotic Development is a server dedicated to the Multi purpose discord bot called MotBotic made by • ItzVOID™! Join the server and try out the bot!

More about ModBotic: ModBotic is a multi purpose bot with awesome features like Moderation, Fun, Utility and much more!
**__Notre pub__** 🤖

*Bonjour, Bonsoir
Je vous présente le serveur support du BOT LKO, qui fait de nombreuses choses ! On vous attends sur le serveur au plaisir de vous voir.*

**▬▬▬▬▬▬┇ Bot ┇▬▬▬▬▬▬



『🚨』Fun (Bientôt)


『🔨』Sécurité (Bientôt)

▬▬▬▬▬▬┇ Serveur ┇▬▬▬▬▬▬

『🚨』Support LKO BOT
『🔨』Serveur en développement
『🔊』 Vocaux chill

▬▬▬▬▬▬ ┇Nous recherchons ┇▬▬▬▬▬▬

『💼』Des staff
『👤』Des partenariats
Kamisama's is a place for Roblox Islands Players to Join! We have giveaways and fun bots to play with. We also have bump rewards etc available in wide ranges! Join us today!
MissModerator's Support server is mainly for MissModerator (Our Bot) but it is also a server for chilling and having fun!
Pastel Skies is an Anime and LGBTQ+ supportive server. Some things that are included in the server are...

❥ Lots of Bots and commands

❥ Moderation

❥ Self Roles

❥ Spam, art, and memes channels

❥ Anime

❥ Supportive and loving community

❥ Tickets for advice or if you need somebody to talk to

❥ Nice and Organized

❥ LGBTQ+ supportive

❥ Pretty active, (we are still growing)

❥ Lots of roles

❥ Leveling

If any of these sound like something you would be interested in, Please join us! We will be happy to have you in our community. Help our server grow! c:

(If you have any questions please friend STARSHHSHS#0017 or just dm, Thank you!)

We are literally the weirdest people you will ever meet- Just warning you c:
Добро пожаловать в официальный Discord сервер Kings Helper. Вас ждет:

1) Красивая настройка каналов/ролей
2) Информация о статусе бота: будьте первыми из тех, кто узнает о технических работах/проблемах в работе бота
3) Приятная техническая поддержка, которая ответит на все ваши вопросы и поможет в сложной ситуации
4) Каналы экономики,NSFW и общения, в которых можно пообщаться 24/7 на разные темы
5) Приватные каналы, которые настраиваются через команду, а также крутые значки!

Приятного времяпровождения!
🍄┇Welcome to shroomy's little den !

🌸┇This is a support server for shroomy.

🍄┇Shroomy is a simple cute moderation & utils public bot with a configurable prefix.

join now to check it out !
| KillerBot |

A multi-purpose bot with a variety of moderation, fun, and utility commands that provide a unique experience to its servers and users! ☑️
💰 Cool Economy system with a shop!

🛠️ Moderation and Self-role commands!

📥 Join-leave announcements!

🎮 Minigames and Fun commands!

⚙️ Utility useful commands!

🌟 Good support and frequent updates!
↪️ Add the bot:

ℹ️ Get help/support along with updates in the bot's support server:

🔗 Banner:
Made with love by Panda#8822
ADN Support est le serveur support du BOT ADN, qui fait système de niveaux avec paliers, commandes de modération, auto modération, système shop, tickets, et commandes de fun.
Heya peeps This server is just kinda Hangout and chill- We have a anime section, gaming section, memes, this server is sfw and not that many people. Come check it out c:
Welcome to Gemstone Advertising
Here you can advertise your server for free, nothing paid.
This is a server wanting to grow, you can make that happen.

Please join our server as it will mean loads to us, so our members have a choice to join more servers and advertise!

ce serveur et un serveur Fornite FR qui a une team avec des staff cool et tout les salons sont faits et sont avec des emojie
Liberate your server with a fully customizable Discord bot that features a simple and intuitive web dashboard. Server management just got a whole lot easier.
What is HaydenBot and what does it do?

HaydenBot is a friendly Discord bot that is meant for any Discord server. It can help you with moderation, play games with anyone in the server, and much more!

Why was HaydenBot Created?

HaydenBot was created by Hayden Davis when he realized that he needed a customizable bot with both fun commands to keep users entertained, and moderation functions to protect his quickly-growing Discord servers. He eventually figured out that he needed to create his own bot, and then HaydenBot was born!

Bot Commands

If you wish to view HaydenBot's commands, please click here:


If you need help, you can use h!help or ping HaydenBot and it will give you the help command. If you have a question that HaydenBot cannot answer, feel free to join our support server for help!

Invite Link:
Want to find new Friends? Then this is the Right place for you! You can chat here, find new Friends, listen to Music & Much More!
Diablo is a discord bot designed to prevent predators from joining discord servers.

Our Motto:
"Preventing the unexpected."

Our bot is designed to source data from the public to create a comprehensive database which can potentially later be used to create a network of bots that can be used to close off any entrances that predators might walk through. The more doors we close on predators, we progress towards deplatformation of certain groups such as pedophiles and zoophiles from ever spreading their abusive ideology across the internet and affecting vulnerable individuals.
𝘐𝘯𝘤𝘭𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘯𝘨 :
➳ hangout, date and chat
➳ Arts and animators
➳ Self - Role
➳ Daily questions
➳ Geometry Dash related topics, challenges, level request..etc
➳ Partnership
➳ Music
➳ Memes - reddit
➳ Game night
➳ Over 20 bot channels
➳ Advertising
➳ Animal lovers
Founder: @『Savage2277』#9621
What the bot has to offer
•Fun commands!
•economy command(soon)
And much more!
``looking for partners``
This server offers game nights, gaming hangout, regular hangout, and anime fans for life. We try not to allow anything NSFW because there may be some younger people there. (If we get to 100 people, the owner will do a face reveal tehe)
S.H.I.N.E., Is not only focused on Non-Toxicity. But also focusing on the most elite Wild West Roblox forces. We do giveaways during holidays, and use the best moderators we can find. (Required To Play Roblox To Join Clan)