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Partnership Centre

- network with other PMs or arrange mass-partners with known PMs
- help with server building and technical assistance
- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras: such as Pokécord, Global Chat, Userphone & Bender RPG
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
130+ Servers available for mass partnership!
Just ask in the main chat!

↳ Looking for partner managers!
↣ 🇫🇷 L'île Publicitaire | 100% PUB un gros serveur publicitaire français ! 🍺

Tu désires faire ta publicité sur un serveur fonctionnel où le succès est au rendez-vous ? ✅
Serveur discord, YouTube, Bot, Réseaux, Twitch et autres thèmes.

🚀 Un système de référencement visible dans les salons de publicités.
🎁 Des coucous réguliers avec des lots à gagner.
🚩 Un serveur à l'écoute de ses membres.
🎄 Le serveur change de thème en fonction des mois de l’année.
🤝 Un robot créé spécialement pour gérer notre serveur.

🍹 Rejoins-nous :
Welcome to Global Advertiser or GA for short. The server that lets you Advertise you server links in many channels. But whatever you do in the server must follow all rules as well as discord rules itself. Global Advertiser was made on the 10th of December and we are associated with Discord but we do have our own TOS! We are also a growing Discord advertising server. Make sure to join/advertiser and grow!

What We Provide ...
Advertise your servers.
Advertise your bots.
Advertise your social media.
🔴 Happy's Discord 🔴
We're a community server, of active users, looking for new members. We are welcoming and you can make yourself at home. We welcome all sexualities, and device users from around the globe!

- Custom join image
- Self roles with 600+ reactions
- Self-advertising
- Many bots (Dank memer, MEE6, Dyno, etc.)
- Charity work
- Fun weekly mini polls/would you rathers
- Friendly and active staff
- NSFW channel
- Member plus/exclusive membership
- Meme server

So come on down and our small but friendly community will greet you! Make new social connections with the members around you!
Csgo skins free
Public chat and you CAN SPAM !!YOUR DISCORD!! server
Fornite skins free
Snapchat Accounts
Free minecraft and csgo altings!!
Public chat and you CAN SPAM YOUR DISCORD server
And free fortnite skins
What we offer here at The....Gaming Discord
🎮 Gaming Channels 🎮
🕹Discord bot games🕹
🎵 Music Channels 🎵
😂 Memes 😂
🎁 Giveaways 🎁
🗣 Advertisement 🗣
This is a server that has gaming channels to talk to the people that are interested in games That you also like. We also have memes, music, games and many more things. We are at the moment in search of a helper for the server if you would like to be a helper just ask!!!! The owner is doing a giveaway when the server reaches 50 members for $25 dollar gift card of what you want it to be so join now!!!!
Boost Snapchat score or add likes, followers, views and subscribers and more to your favorite social platform such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, SoundCloud and more!
Super Chill Relax Advertising server with only 4 rules!
Your more then welcome to join our Gaming/Youtuber/Streamer/ Discord server!!!
Including CSGO Stats bot and Fortnite Stats/Shop Bot

:star_and_crescent:Open Partnerships!
:star_and_crescent:Gaming Stats!
:star_and_crescent:Looking For Active Staff
:star_and_crescent:Laid back community!
:star_and_crescent:Self promotion channel!
:star_and_crescent:Fun bots!

Server Link:
Welcome to iPromote! 👋
You can freely promote or advertise stuff here as long as it does not violate the rules, we have many different advertising categories to choose from so you can freely choose any categories you want that fits your server. We are not just focused on free advertising for your discord server or anything, we are also focused to make a great, friendly and a non-toxic community for everyone! 😊
Our server includes:
🎉 Giveaways
🏃 Events
😹 Memes
😃 Friendly members
😇 Friendly staffs
🔑 Custom roles
📢 Free Advertising
📢 Premium Advertising
📸 Advertise your Social Medias
💎 Premium with cool perks
Hope you will join our server! 😃
ᴀᴅᴠᴇʀᴛɪsɪɴɢ ᴍᴀʏʜᴇᴍ

Advertising Mayhem is a fresh new Discord server dedicated to solely advertise your Discord servers, YouTube and Twitch channels, social media accounts, services, and whatever else you can possibly think of. Our top priority at the Advertising Mayhem is to help grow popularity in what you're advertising for absolutely free. However there are paid promotions.

Our Discord server includes:

📰 Countless channels to advertise 📰
👮 24/7 friendly moderation 👮
🎉 Weekly events & giveaways 🎉
⛄Music, economy and other fun bots ⛄
🎨 Self-assignable roles 🎨
💬 Meme discussion channel 💬

💰Would you like to receive impressive results in what you’re advertising? Try paid advertising at the Advertising Mayhem; ONLY $3 / FOR ONE MONTH + AN @/everyone TAG! 💰

Come and advertise with us!

🔗 Discord: ‭
💼Server Banner:
we make it simply just join and advertise away trust me it will help we also have rewards that will be amazing for you channel just invite someone and trust me it will help your social media!
We Have:
:star: Advertisements Community offers anything you need to grow your server.
:helmet_with_cross: An amazing staff team to answer all your questions.
:yellow_heart: Different channels for different server categories.
:iphone: Channels to advertise your social media.
:handshake: Open for partnerships. (partner ranks; No member requirements)
:mag: A channel to find other partners for your server.
:tada: Weekly Giveaways.
:arrow_up: Leveling roles from level 1-50.
:trident: Nitro boosted (Many different perks.)
:bust_in_silhouette: Self Roles and much more!
⭐Welcome to YouTube Community⭐

Do you want to grow your youtube channel or discord server fast and free? Well you have just found the right server for it! In advertising community we offer:

- ✌ great community!

- 🔷 a lot of bots

- 📡 shoutouts

- 📁thumbnail share and videos

- 💲advertising

- 🔰Competitions with prizes

- 🎁giveaways

We hope you join and enjoy there!
A server that endorses fun! Simple Rules, art, Games, selling, Music, we welcome it, with friendly admins and (like 5) Active people! Join our 25+ People and help us grow!
**Content Advertising** is a place where you can freely advertise your
server and services for people to enjoy! Our goal is to provide
our advertising and growth services **free of charge** which means that
everyone receives the same quality service from us leaving our members
💠 Dedicated advertising channels
💠 Looking for partners!
💠 Personal advertisers to hire to advertise your content on other servers
💠 Various Teams Like Growth Team & Translation Team to help you with your server
💠 Events hosted based on community's opinion
💠 Constantly looking for staff and other positions
💠 Interactive Staff Application System
💠 Entertainment with bots for those here for fun
💠 Active community for those who want to chat
💠 Earn Ad Bucks to gain perks throughout CA
💠 Fast growing community
💠 Simple yet effective
💠 **100% free of charge**

**So what are you waiting for? Join the server!**
vIf you like memes then I have no idea why you aren't in this server, if you are looking for a server with: DanK MeMeS A Dank Memer Subreddits A suggestions box for suggesting your ideas A place for posting your OC memes And more Then why the *heck* aren't you in this server?????
🌠Advertise more than a 1000 human users🌠
Do you have a server? Do you want more members? You're almost guaranteed to gain a few members! We also offer social channels for the people who want to talk, advertise literally anything!

🌠Discord server advertising
🎁Giveaway month, tons of giveaways this month!
🌠Social-Media advertising (Fiverr, YouTube, Ebay, Amazon, Websites)
🌠A ton of Nitro emojis!
🌠Bot advertising
🌠A ton of bots
🌠J4J channels
🌠Social media advertising
🌠YouTube advertising
🌠Looking-for style channels
🌠Need staff channels
🌠Ebay, Fiverr & amazon
🌠Much more to come!
🌠We accept partnerships (400+)

how to get many discord members?
how to grow discord server?
discord server
Gabi's House is still growing and active community server with:

🎉 | Daily and Weekly giveaways, we are giving away bot currency money and also Steam Keys

📣 | Free Advertising corner, where you can promote your server

🎭 | Roleplay system with 30 roles to buy via our currency bot; just chat and join to giveaways to get credits!

🔓 | More giveaways you can unlock for Unbelivea's money

🙃 | Set of Blob Emotes are waiting for nitro users!

🔰 | SEASONS with exclusive rewards just for leveling up with mee6! Participate and win steam games over 10$!


❗We are looking for partners, PMs and staff members! DM Owner if you are interested

We provide

🤓 All kinds of people

😆 Very Active Staff

🤪 Many Fun Bots Like Dank Memer and Pokécord

🎨 Meme, Art, and Advertising Channels

👍 Two Owners with Lots of Experience in BIG Servers

😀 Self Roles, Polls, and MUCH MUCH MORE

Join Now!
Adult Server Specialists:
✧ Growth server focused entirely on 18+ servers and media
✧ Server ads regulated by 6h cooldown role
✧ All NSFW server categories fanned out
✧ Optional intelligent reminder system
✧ Well automated to prevent shitposts
✧ Ads deleted upon posting a new one
✧ Ads deleted when they're 7d old
✧ Top-notch security, no spambots
✧ No pings unless it's important update info
✧ Uncensored NSFW banners allowed
✧ Zero tolerance policy on ad/server plagiarism
✧ Publicly shared underage user ID# list
Ideal Invite is a server constantly adapting to what you want to advertise. You can advertise Social media here, and of course; discord servers.
Exotic Advertising!


We Include:


Amazing Community!
Staff Applications Always Open!
25+ Advertising Channels!
Self Roles!
Professional Staff!
Always Looking For Staff!
Fun Events!
Discord Advertising!
Social Media Advertising!
Much More!!!