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United Rebels Empire is a growing social community with many discussion channels! We like to have random discussions & chat, share memes, talk about many topics, game, & more! We also have 10 topic categories such as gaming topic, meme topic, youtube topic, anime topic, roblox topic, 420 topic, & more that unlock depending on the roles you request in the react for role request channel! There is also advertising channels! Come join our chill growing community!
Partnership Centre

- channels to advertise your servers in
- find partners or staff
- find bots/help with setup for members new to creating Discord servers
- extras, such as Pokécord and Global Chat
- earn global Tatsumaki levels/EXP
- advertise your social media
- staff applications

We will help you find partners if you are having trouble growing your server!
Just ask in the main chat!

Coming Soon
- maybe a NSFW channel
The Purple Garden is calm server where you can have fun and talk to friends or meet new people. We try to be an all-areas community, supporting anime, gaming, and the like.
Welcome to AW Advertising server! This well protected and built server is all about advertising, and nothing else! You can share your discord servers, YouTube channels, your music, media, and much more! I wish you all good luck on your social medias, and hope that you all enjoy our built up server advertising system, cheers!
Empire is a place to socialize from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, vote polls, enjoy events, play games, win giveaways, make new friends, advertise and more!

We provide :

- Active, friendly and international community every hour of every day.
- Army level ranking and self assignable roles.
- All the fun, useful and music bots you need.
- Giveaways (everyweek).
- Games channels, play together, tips and deals.
- Media, Movies & Series, Technology channels and more.
- A non-english-talk channel (with auto-translate bot activable).
- A categorized News system linked to 100+ famous YouTube channels (music, games, movies, space, sports and more).
- Both funny and serious polls to answer to on every Sunday.
- Regular events such as game nights or movies sessions.
- FREE & Premium advertising.

Give it a try and join us, you may even like it there!
We offer you:

Various advertisements channel for your server/media.
Fun leveling system to give you something to work towards.
Events and Giveaways for you to participate.
Partnerships of different tiers based off your member count.
Over 50 self-assignable role for you choose from along with different color roles.
Features Fun bots like: Pokécord, GamesROB, DiscordRPG and more.
An anti-toxic community with friendly staff members.
Supports advertising nsfw servers under a nsfw section.
Dedicated VC's for music and chatting with friends.
Currently Looking for Server Staff, Partnership & Event Managers.
『You wandered into this server now, have you? Well, welcome! Here at Spectral, there are fewer rules to abide by meaning you can let loose with others...
Here at Advertise, you can advertise whatever you want! Come visit us!
A great advertising server that always is accepting staff!
Many channels to self promote in!
One of the only NON CORRUPT advertising servers!
Great staff!
Have fun and enjoy!
Staff applications always open!
In great need of staff!
Non-Abusive Staff!
Created 3/7/2019.
If you are sensitive pls do not join!!
We're a community created with one intention in mind, to bring everyone together through an amazing community!
I want to show you a server for marketing/advertisments and more !
A Discord server where you can advertise anything you desire 4 times every 24 hours.

Join now!
Head down to Duckie Realm Hangout to enjoy some NSFW 😉, gaming channels, economy games with bots, advertising channels, partnerships and so much more in this community!
We want to help people but if you advertise and leave it will be deleted
Promote Your Server!
Get More Members!
Or More Viewers!
Promote Whatever You Want!

DananaBanana's Self Promotion Place!
Hey there! We are Discord Servery.

We are a community to make your server the best it can be!
We offer:
📈 Better advertising
🤖 Discord bots
⛩ Server building
👻 Custom bot
🔎 Find staff/job/partners
😜 A fun community
💥 And more!
If you want your server members to have the best time ever, make sure to hop by ❤
We can ensure everyone has a place here!

active chat - chill community - emotes - memes - fun - gaming - giveaways - music - roleplay rp - social - friendly - technology - other
Our website:
Its a wonderful place to advertise your server and get a lot of people on it! Besides of that, we have a friendly community, so be sure to visit us!
**Have you got a server or you want new friends in your social networks? Well,join Thunder Advertising**

```•Advertise your servers
•Advertise your social network
•25+ channels to advertise
•Meet new people
•New Roles by leveling up
•Super cool staff

**We got a list of advertising websites. All for free!**

**Everyone is welcome. Feel free to invite your friends and start advertising!**

**Server Link**:
Do you like meeting new people and joining an always growing community of interesting people to talk with and play games with? Join our server
😆 good staff
❤️ always growing
🍭 and you can advertise your server here
Welcome to the Advertisement Plaza!

Advertisement Plaza is a Discord server dedicated to solely advertise your Discord servers, YouTube and Twitch channels, social media accounts, services, and whatever else you can possibly think of. Our top priority at the Advertisement Plaza is to help grow popularity in what you're advertising for absolutely free. @everyone

Our Discord server includes:

📰 Countless channels to advertise 📰
👮 24/7 friendly moderation 👮
🎉 Weekly events & giveaways 🎉
📈 90% of members received results 📈
🤖 Music, economy and other fun bots 🤖
🎨 Self-assignable roles 🎨
💬 Meme discussion channel 💬
💃 Over 1,200 members & growing! 💃

💰Would you like to receive impressive results in what you’re advertising? Try paid advertising at the Advertisement Plaza; ONLY $2 / 270 ROBUX FOR 24 HOURS + AN @everyone TAG! 💰

🔗 Discord: ‭‬
🔗 Twitter:
🔗 Website:
🔗 Marketplace:
- Promote whatever your boat can float! -

-- x -- + What is this? + -- x --
This is a platform where you can freely promote whatever your boat floats! :purple_heart:
With things to promote such as;

- Video Games
- Discord Servers
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Snapchat
- and more!
Not just promotions, but also;

- Text Channels
- Voice Channels
- Partner Ships
- Announcements
- Giveaways! (1 month discord nitro at 400 members!)
- and more to come!
A place to advertise your discord servers
Sections to advertise twitch stream, youtube twitter, instagram, professional services...and more!
Weekly Steam giveaways and other rewards!