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Looking for a roleplay server? Want to advertise your roleplay server? Guess what? We are made just for that!

~No social channels to clog up the server
~Specific channels for specific roleplays. Find exactly what you are looking for.
~Simple rules.
~No pings (Unless it is important, of course. Talking life or death here.)
~Voting to keep the channels relevant

Sound good? Come on in and see if it is what you are looking for!
We are not only a Join4Join and advertise Server,

we have:
🆙 Join4Join
🆗 Sub4Sub
🔴 1.2k+ Users that are doing j4j
💬 Large Community
👍 Advertising
📢 Sometimes invite rewards
✂️ support for languages: English, Turkish
✔️ active & friendly staff
The Bazaar is a roleplay hub that focuses on dividing rps by genre to allow both players and server owners a better chance of finding their interests. We also provide a space for advertising forum rps and rp communities on video games.
At Open Advertisements you can advertise any discord server or find cool servers for you.
Using our Selfroles-Feature, you can enable and disable access to most of our channels. This helps you to get the best experience out of our server. If you want to partner with us, feel free to DM our Support bot. Partnered servers get special advantages and can advertise in higher channels.
We hope to see you soon!
Free minecraft and csgo altings!!
Public chat and you CAN SPAM YOUR DISCORD server
And free fortnite cheats
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord server for people looking for ways to earn money online. At its core, our community is based on a friendly and patient atmosphere that allows even the most novice people the opportunity to make money online. The server includes passive income methods, blackhatworld, free money, cryptocurrency, money online, make money online discord, beermoney, money from home, discord make money, online jobs, make money discord, cryptocurrency trading, advertising and more. We will teach you how to make money fast!
.•°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°𝒞𝓇𝒶𝒸𝓀𝒽𝑒𝒶𝒹 𝒞𝓊𝓁𝓉𝓊𝓇𝑒 °¤*(¯´★`¯)*¤°•.
:clown: New server hoping to expand :clown:
Crackheads unite and let your 1 brain cell flourish in a server for people will a poor sense of humour and lots of memes.

We have many things to offer and we hope to offer more as we expand
:clown: Over 50 roles for personalisation
:clown: A levelling system with perks for being an active community member
:clown: Fun bots such as pokecord and mantaro
:clown: Music bots such as groovy and spotify
:clown: The ability to go live in voice chats
:clown: Channels dedicated to both server promotion and self promotion
:clown: A channel dedicated to giving support and feedback to the server
:clown: Channels dedicated to different peoples interests

Come down to Crackhead Culture and show us your quality memes and hopefully have a good time in the process
4200 members
🖇 Promotion free, simple and visible
🤝 Collaborations & partnerships
🎉 Nitro code to win all 500 members
🌐 Dozens of advertising fairs to promote your projects
🔍 Research of staff, partners & other services through our specific lounges
👑 Make your project known & that of others
💬 A community present to discuss
🏠 A team listening & active
🚀 The 1st French ad server !

Do you have any servers you will like to advertise or you want to explore other servers? Come on down to the The Best Advertising server around. We accept the advertisement of a wide variety of server if you dont see your server section we will add it in
Dirt Development

-- -- -- -- -- -- --
• A friendly, open-minded and active bot development server where my team and I showcase our bots. Doubles as a support server •

(+) Our very own website

- (+) Beta test and receive cool bots

- (+) Advertising channels

(+) Bot support

(+) Place to share ideas and communicate with other developers

[+] More to be added and we listen to your suggestions

[+] computer no experience of coding needed

[+] we can help you make your own discord bot and help with JavaScript or python!

[N] Nitro Boosted

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Join if you want. It'll be nice if you do.
**S o v i e t c o r d** (Страна Советов, **Republic of Sovietcord**)

• **Vodka** • **Hardbass** • **Adidas** • **Communism** •

🌘 **Welcome** to the most *communist* server on Discord (and earth), comrade, **we're** a chill republic, all here to get drunk with our vodkas, play hardbass with our adidas shoes on, Rush 🅱 to chernobyl, and crush capitalism.
(Disclaimer: please do not take us srsly, we are just here for the memes blyat)

━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━
✦ 🗣 Blyatful **chats** to cater our community interactions*
✦ 🌈 **Self-assignable roles** to show commie pride and profile
✦ 🎉 **Events and giveaways** for everyone (for now..)
✦ ☭ **Wewes** for quality entertainment for everyone here
✦ 🎮 **QOTD, Akinator, Pokécord** and other games for Rush 🅱
✦ 🇷🇺 Inspirational **propagandas** and **staff members** to follow of
✦ 🤖 Fun **bots/spies** to protect, utilize, and entertain our republic
✦ 🎭 Dedicated channels for **art, culture, quotes, food**, and **more!**
✦ 🎵 A channel for **music** to play hardbass and soviet music!
✦ 🛒 An **advertising** channel to promote profiles and servers! (Level 5+, and this is just also for now blyat)
✦ ... And actually, there's **more**...
***...Come join us comrade, no regrets, or else gulag for you pig...***
━━━━━━ ◦ ❖ ◦ ━━━━━━
**DM** CyntaxPsycho#1830 for inquiries and info!
♡ Do you like writing? Need help getting ideas? Want to have a place to advertise your work for others to read? Look no further! LGBTQ+ Writers and Readers Server is the place to go! We welcome you with open minds and open books! ♡

☆This server is made to:

• Promote the books of authors!
• Give advice to struggling writers!
• Help readers find more books!
• Get the community well connected!
• Give people the opprotunity to advertise or promote their content!
• Give members the chance to advertise servers, media, and more!
• Make a welcoming space for LGBT people and allies alike!

◇ If you're looking for anything from this list or are just looking for a nice community for support in starting your own journey, feel free to join now! ◇
▶️Advertising hub is part of a larger network of Discord Servers. If you're looking for somewhere new to advertise? This is just the place for you. You can advertise once every two hours! We also have active and dedicated staff to help you along the journey of growing your server!

Here is what we offer:
⬆️ - Discord server Advertisements
📶 - Social media Advertisements
🔁 - Partnerships
⏺️ - Organized Server
🚻 - Active Staff
▶️ - Regular updates
⏫ - Growing
Introducing Snowfall Advertising. A new advertising server.

What services do we have
- 20 Free Advertising Channels
- Channels to Find Staff, Work & Partners.
- Advertise social media.
- Advertise every 2 hours & up to 4 different servers.

Come and join us at Snowfall Advertising!
Perm Invite Link:
We are a brand new community which began activities at 7/22/19. Our goal is to bring together a friendly, happy community. We also help you grow your own server social media, and we provide plenty of channels to assist you in the that process, from expert staff.

We provide you with:

🌀 A multitude of channels to advertise your server in (4 ads per day allowed).

🌀 Channels for advertising your social media, art videos, and more

🌀 Now features nearly unlimited advertising of servers & social media!

🌀 Channels for memes, art, photography, discussions, and more!.

🌀 Channels for growth advice, finding partners, finding staff, bot help, etc.

🌀 200 amazing, adorable, and funny emojis! (We are nitro boosted).

🌀 Server spotlights, giveaways, shoutouts, and other extras to help you grow.

So stop on by and join in on the fun! We know that we have a lot to offer you!

Ophidian Advertising is an Advertising Server. We want to help you by allowing you to advertise your server in ours, to get more members! You can partner your server with ours, and do many more! Ophidian Advertising is a great community, we hope you join!
we make it simply just join and advertise away trust me it will help we also have rewards that will be amazing for you channel just invite someone and trust me it will help your social media!
Phantom Advertising Community
I made this Discord with one purpose in mind, for creators on every platform to network and share content with each other. This discord is great for anyone looking for a welcoming community that will help them grow on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or any other platform as well as their Discords. Join and let us help you with that. :)
🔷 YouTube/Twitch Networking!
🔷 Free Advertising for anything!
🔷 Role-menu with many Roles to choose from!
🔷 We Shout-out one lucky Creator every week!
🔷 Great emotes!
🔷 Fun Community!
🔷 Helpful staff!
🔷 *Tons* more!
🔹Advertise to almost a 1000 human users🔸
Do you have a server? Do you want more members? You're almost guaranteed to gain a few members! We also offer social channels for the people who want to talk :)!

🔸Unlimited advertising channels
🔹100% Free promotion for anything!
🔹Discord server advertising
🔸Social media advertising
🔹YouTube advertising
🔸We allow NSFW
🔹Looking-for style channels
🔸Need staff channels
🔹Ebay, Fiverr & amazon
🔸 Much more to come!
🔹We accept partnerships (400+)

how to get more discord members?
get more members discord
increase member count discord
A social server with everything you could want. We have so much to offer!! Come by and see what we are about!!
CPROMOTE allows you to promote your Discord Server, your Social Media and even your Website! We offer partnerships and alliances, so you can even extend your growth potential.
⭐We are XHub Advertising⭐
What do we have to offer?

⭐15+ advertising channels

⭐10+ social media channels

⭐Featured servers

⭐Self assignable roles

⭐And so much more

Help us get more members and grow our server! If you want something we don't have, we have a suggestion channel!