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- Friendly Cryptocurrency Related Community
- Daily News & Trading Signals
- Get free upvotes for Steemit and check price of our token with the new INSTANTBOT
- Lots of channels to chat and get information
- Share posts(steemit, reddit, discords etc.), idea's, music/art/games
- Find partners or collaborate
- Join Giveaways/Events
- Rank up and get rewards for being active talking/sharing and inviting
- Advertising Spots & More!

People can use our own INSTANTCOIN tokens already for some examples:
- Support this community to get bigger and better
- Accept it for your own products, giveaways and whatever you want to use it for!
- Exchange value in a second, decentralized and with minimum fee's
​- Earn it with the giveaway or as a ranking bonus reward
- Use it to advertise on our discord unlock and the VIP only section with a special V.I.P. rank.

You can share/promote your own website, channel, designs and idea's we will for sure take a look at it.
Check the website frequently to stay updated and take a look at the new DISCORD Server! Find the "Promotion" section.

Yes, always! We are currently looking for people that want to join our staff/team and we are open for all idea's!

[Invite Link]
[Visit Website]
Looking for a spot to advertise your discord server? Or maybe, you want to advertise your twitch channel and social media? Come check us out and have a good time.

~Daily repostings in 4 channels
~Social media advertising
~Discord help section for bots,server and Discord help.
~Dedicated roles for server owners and mods
~Weekly Game giveaways and daily giveaways
~Different Partnerships depending on your server size.
~A steady way to grow your member count.
~Active and helpful staff and owner.
~Self assign fun & color roles
-self assigning chats-
~game chats~
~nsfw chat~
A Virtual Cafe themed Discord with Art and Gaming at its Core. Come join us and grab a cup of coffee or tea! 100+ and growing!
Artist? Gamer? Anime lover? Events every week and month!
(Art contests, Festive related, etc!)
This server is for you to find new servers as well as promote your own!!!
Welcome to DAC (Discord Advertising City)

Advertise your server in over 30 ways!

Meet the nicest staff in the world.

Sign up for staff!

No requirements for partnership!

Up to 5 advertisements a day!

What are you waiting for... OH YEAH the invite
A Discord server where you can listen to Music, play games and find a team or teammates on 10+ games, check on memes, there is also a promotion / collab etc. section for anything really and would be a nice place to have a talk, as well as being a part of a community. For nsfw content access you will need to ask an Admin or the Server Creator!
Keep up to date with the latest Electronic Dance Music (Electro Swing, LoFi, Retrowave etc.), share music with each other and talk to people!

We are Eversince.
A temporary server promotion server, feel free to come and advertise your server!
Advertise or Promote Discord Servers, YouTube Channels or Twitch Streams in our Database! Everyone of all Server Sizes are Welcome!
| The Alderin Oasis |
Community Server looking for Staff and Advertisers!!! JOIN TO APPLY
A community server where you can also ADVERTISE your own server and other media like youtube a twitch. We provide you with the tools to do the following things below - making us mostly user-generated.
▫ Host gaming events and other event which members can participate in.
▫ Create topic of discussions: Hobbies and Fandoms.
▫ Host and access a range of rooms which can be hosted by Staff and other members. | This server also has:
|• A Channel on writing and Text Roleplaying.
|• A small group of anime lovers
|• A small group of Whovians.
Hello! Have you ever wanted a place to advertise anything? Well here at Advertisement Country you can advertise anything you want! All the way from YouTube to Discord! We have over 1000 members and we are growing rapidly with each and every day! I hope to see you soon! Heres our link:
▇ Horizon Union ▇
📌 Welcome to the Horizon Union! We are a group of servers dedicated to helping each other and working together!

📌 Here's just some of the stuff that goes on:
👁 Give tips on server moderation/creation
👁 Help get each other's servers out there!
👁 Do giveaways of random stuff

The Perfect Place For Gamers, Streamers, Content Creators and for those who just want to chill and find some other gamers to chat with.

- Military Styled Ranking System (Unlock More Channels & Benefits As You Rank Up)
- Promotion Rooms (Promote Your Twitch & YouTube)
- Networking Rooms (Collab With Others, Giveaways & More)
- Designer Rooms
And Much Much More!
Join now thank us later!
- need extra income?
- ZERO $ investment
- earn while enjoying net surfing
- detailed tutorial how
- promote your link
- need discord member? we can help you
- chat support to guide you
- discover more
We at Discord Promotion Server advertise all sorts of links and help you promote your server. If you are Youtuber then this is the best place to spread your link to our Gamers. Get help for your Game, we provide graphic designers, programmers, coders, marketing and much more.
You're an artist? You want to promote your music? Or you just want to talk to people?
No problem. Join our server and get all this today!
Hello! Welcome to FREE PROMOTION

In here you can advertise your server for FREE, Or find one from countless categories!
We want to help YOU grow your community, Feel free to join!

What are you waiting for?
Start advertising here
-Talk about military and history
-Play games
-Self promotion


Do you like listening to good music?
Do you like to advance to higher levels?
Or maybe you like to get rank?

How do we invite you to do it
What is this discord?
This discord was created along with the radio on which we broadcast live music!
Badger Advertising is a newly created server that aims to get your voice heard. With channels for discuss themed servers and serif promotion for youtubers we hope to get your hobby or interest kick started. We hope you'll join us on our journey!
SNG is a hub where every size Discord server, size content creator, and size fan can have a place to promote themselves and get together. Now many servers already do this, what makes mine so special? Well, it's also a place where everything and anything that’s size related gets reported. From manga, anime, movies, live action, etc. If it has a size theme, scene, or character. It’ll be reported and shared so everybody can see it. If that concept sounds interesting to you then come on by!
We are a YouTube nation where we offer a community for all YouTubers to where they can all get together to get to know each other and collab or promtote their content with one another so join today!!?
This is a discord server for the community of Minecraft.
You can advertise your Minecraft servers on here and find new players to play with and just overall have a great time together.