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-Virtual Café with Art, Social Events, and Promotion at its Core!
-Offers Art discussion, feedback, and lessons
-Co-own and founded by both, DreadisDead and JuST_MoNK
-Support artists and give feedback and promote!
-Host Events!
-Promote creators content with both Self-promotion and Features!
-Anime Nights!
Community Weebs pick a anime and we watch it each week!
-Movie Nights!
Community Nerds pick a movie and we watch it on Friday!
-Art Contests!
Artists are given a prompt and category to use and enter in the contest! Prizes and more!
-VIP Raffles
Active members can receive the chance to enter and win a Video games or Art Supplies (Including Software[IS]) as a reward each raffle!
-Art Raffles
Artists who enter in the contest receive the chance to win a custom role, discord #tab of their liking, or Art Supplies (IS)!
-Festive Raffles
A random raffle that all members are entered in get the chance to win a special prize stated!
Welcome guys to our brand new Discord server. We are happy to bring you a server that has just about anything you can think of. You like anime well we got a whole section dedicated to it. Memes well we got the dankest section around that is update every day. Gaming? You can look for games and play with friend or discuss with about what you love and hate about your favorite. Are you really pissed about something, we have a ranting section just for that also. Are are looking for some NSFW we have that also. Do want to become popular on any social media or content creation sites well we have a section for self promotion and many many more. We are a basically just big community, with no limits and enjoying each others company. If there is a some way we didn't get a channel that you would enjoy then you can suggest it.

About our server
V.O.T.E (Virgins of The East) Is a all in one discord server a couple of kids from a small town made to grow a community and just to have fun!
- Friendly Cryptocurrency Related Community
- Daily News & Trading Signals
- Get free upvotes for Steemit and check price of our token with the new INSTANTBOT
- Lots of channels to chat and get information
- Share posts(steemit, reddit, discords etc.), idea's, music/art/games
- Find partners or collaborate
- Join Giveaways/Events
- Rank up and get rewards for being active talking/sharing and inviting
- Advertising Spots & More!

People can use our own INSTANTCOIN tokens already for some examples:
- Support this community to get bigger and better
- Accept it for your own products, giveaways and whatever you want to use it for!
- Exchange value in a second, decentralized and with minimum fee's
- Use INSTANTCOIN for payment fee's on the Waves Platform
​- Earn it with the giveaway or as a ranking bonus reward
- Use it to advertise on our discord unlock and the VIP only section with a special V.I.P. rank.

You can share/promote your own website, channel, designs and idea's we will for sure take a look at it. Find the "Promote" section to share your own Discord server.

[Invite Link]
[Visit Website]
- Promote whatever your boat can float! -

-- x -- + What is this? + -- x --
This is a platform where you can freely promote whatever your boat floats! :purple_heart:
With things to promote such as;

- Video Games
- Discord Servers
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Snapchat
- and more!
Not just promotions, but also;

- Text Channels
- Voice Channels
- Partner Ships
- Announcements
- Rules
- and more to come!
**Looking for a place to advertise your Discord server or social media accounts? **

*__The Hub can offer you the following:__*

~A lot of alphabetical server categories to choose from
~Daily repostings in 4 channels.
~Get help with Discord, bots, and server assistance.
~Events and weekly game giveaways
~Social media advertising
~Dedicated hoisted roles for owners and mods of servers so you guys can stand out with your servers.
~Self-assignable color and fun roles so you can get your coolness on!
~Different Partnerships depending on your server size.
~A steady way to grow your member count.
~Active and helpful staff and owner.
~NSFW content area
Sharing Is Caring! The server made by creators. For creators. A place to share your content and grow as a creator among many others who share the same passion as you! It is also an active server for meeting new people and having a good time with people who share the same interests as you! There's always room for new creators at "Sharing Is Caring"! :D
"why should i join this server?" i hear you ask.
well, don't i have a list for you! we have:
•plenty of discord bots!
•a japanese channel!
•reaction roles!
•promotion for discord servers, youtube, and twitch!
they are few of many reasons why you should come and stay.
This server is a kind and friendly server where people can come, make new friends and chill. There are various different chats for you guys to enjoy and many bots to use. You will definitely make new friends and will enjoy your time here .
Hey and welcome to Haze! We have a laid back, non toxic community based around multiple topics to suit everyone! This server also includes: ever expanding self roles; channels for music and art promotion and events every weekend!
Welcome to TEC-9
The Endorsement Center-9 is a place where you can advertise your servers for free, everything is free here in TEC-9, or you can just find the right server you are looking for.

Join before November 30 to gain the Alpha Members role!

TEC-9 includes:
- Over 20+ advertising channels
- The ability to advertise every 5 minutes with restrictions
- A role menu
- Moderation bots
- A music bot
- Events that'll be hosted every week
- Giveaways every time we reach a milestone or every month
- QOTD, to get your opinion```

Join TEC-9 today and start advertising, or look for the right server!
Hello! Welcome to the Blue Pixels! We are a Discord Server that is a community, investment, and promotion service! We like to make memes and have fun with great events. You can invest your money and/or time to the Blue Pixels Plus service! It starts at $1 and will increase in price and rarity over time and growth of the server. You can not just make money, but show off to your friends when/if the server grows. You can also join the Blue Pixels Partnership service! You can promote your Discord Server, Youtube Channel, Twitch Channel, and more with the partnership service! You let us promote our platform and we let you promote yours. We share our growth and will make both our communities grow! We hope you join our Discord Server! Thank you so much and have a great day!
Welcome to TITAN Esports! TITAN is a way to promote your Rocket League clan or team. You can make a casual or competitive team with ease! Join today and play like a pro!
The kitchen is where you can interact with some active cloud artists, as well as work with them or promote you own stuff. Feels free to join and learn and teach as much as you can to the community.
A server where you can listen to music talk about games and have fun. We have lots of games to play with people with. (Give us suggestions for more)
-self assigning chats-
~game chats~
~nsfw chat~
This server is for you to find new servers as well as promote your own!!!
Welcome to DAC (Discord Advertising City)

Advertise your server in over 30 ways!

Meet the nicest staff in the world.

Sign up for staff!

No requirements for partnership!

Up to 5 advertisements a day!

What are you waiting for... OH YEAH the invite
A Discord server where you can listen to Music, play games and find a team or teammates on 10+ games, check on memes, there is also a promotion / collab etc. section for anything really and would be a nice place to have a talk, as well as being a part of a community. For nsfw content access you will need to ask an Admin or the Server Creator!
Keep up to date with the latest Electronic Dance Music (Electro Swing, LoFi, Retrowave etc.), share music with each other and talk to people!

We are Eversince.
A temporary server promotion server, feel free to come and advertise your server!
Advertise or Promote Discord Servers, YouTube Channels or Twitch Streams in our Database! Everyone of all Server Sizes are Welcome!
| The Alderin Oasis |
Community Server looking for Staff and Advertisers!!! JOIN TO APPLY
A community server where you can also ADVERTISE your own server and other media like youtube a twitch. We provide you with the tools to do the following things below - making us mostly user-generated.
▫ Host gaming events and other event which members can participate in.
▫ Create topic of discussions: Hobbies and Fandoms.
▫ Host and access a range of rooms which can be hosted by Staff and other members. | This server also has:
|• A Channel on writing and Text Roleplaying.
|• A small group of anime lovers
|• A small group of Whovians.
Hello! Have you ever wanted a place to advertise anything? Well here at Advertisement Country you can advertise anything you want! All the way from YouTube to Discord! We have over 1000 members and we are growing rapidly with each and every day! I hope to see you soon! Heres our link: