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International server based on discovery & sharing.
Put away your Megadeth, Sabaton & Arch Enemy & come deepen your knowledge with us.
We do not hold any grudge against those bands but we aim to find rarer releases.
If you want to know more about metal music, it's time to seize the opportunity of joining an active community which will be glad to open the doors of its wonders.
Hey everyone, here's my music server. Mainly for people who're into rock, metal, punk, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, etc. We're a very welcoming community and have listening parties + other events often, so come check us out!
Your favourite genres were always shat on by annoying neckbeard gatekeepers with copious amounts of body hair in all the wrong places. No longer will you be berated for listening to good music and labelled a poser, cause those things are what we embrace in the Fake Metal server. Be it Nu-Metal, literally any of the Core genres, Alternative metal, or some sort of ancient throat music found in an underwater cave, we allow it.
Welcome to: The Voiceless.

We are all fans of Rock, Metal, Rap, and even some electronic music!

We offer...

Multiple music categories, sorted by general, rock or rap.

Multiple channels and music bots!

Many self given roles, and more on the way!

Will you join The Voiceless?
An active music discussion server with a tie-in! Join us to talk all things music on a friendly server full of music fans and scrobblers. Discord regularly tops 20,000 human messages per day, often topping 25,000 or 30,000, and has many active users from around the world. It's an open genre server, so you'll find people that share your passion for your favourite sounds, be it alternative, pop, metal, hip-hop, rock, classical, EDM, indie, shoegaze, experimental, or something else entirely!

We have multiple bots, including our own server-exclusive bot, which can pull statistics from your account, generate charts, compare your taste with other users, and much more. Our roles are based on your scrobble total, and we've also got a user leaderboard, a quote board, and genre, off-topic, developer and meme channels.

We also have an exclusive version of the popular (and highly addictive) crowns game, where you earn crowns for having more scrobbles of an artist than anyone else, plus an artist name guessing game.

We run regular server events, including a weekly collaborative playlist and listen along, frequent "flash playlists" curated by the community, daily discussions based on prompts submitted by users, and listening parties to albums.

The server is active throughout the day, and there's a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We don't allow shitposting, edgelording and offensive behaviour, and it's active enough to keep the conversation flowing, but not so big you'll be lost in the crowd!

The server is not affiliated officially with, but has staff and moderators present. Obviously we recommend you have a account, but it isn't required, and you can join without one. Some server members also use other music sites, such as RateYourMusic (RYM).

We currently have the following dedicated genre channels, all of which are active daily:

* Alternative and Indie
* Electronic
* Experimental
* Folk and Country
* Hip-hop and R&B
* Jazz
* Metal
* Pop: Asian (for K-Pop, J-Pop, etc)
* Pop: Western (for pop other than Asian pop)
* Rock and Punk
* Scores, Classical and VGM

We look forward to meeting you!
Nedir İntihar Odası?

Kendisini bu dünyadan dışlanmış ve soyutlanmış hisseden, melankolik ve depresif ruh haline bürünmüş herkesin uğraması gereken bir yer intihar odası.

Sylvia Plath, Kurt Cobain, Vincent van Gogh gibi önemli isimleri yad ediyor, sosyokültürel anlamda içerikler paylaşılıp, yorumluyoruz.

Bizimle birilikte gece geç saatlere kadar:
- Sohbet et
- Film izle
- Çeşitli oyunlar oyna
- Müzik, şiir ve sesli kitap dinle

Sunucumuza Özel:
- Discord Nitro Çekilişleri
- Spotify Havuzu
- Netflix ve daha fazlası..

Kayıt işlemi sesli teyit ile gerçekleşmektedir. (+18 Yaş Sınırı)

"Şimdiden Aramıza Hoş Geldin"

#rocknroll #metalhead
#intiharodası #spotify
We are a Rolling Stones oriented server, for old and young fans, obsessed and causal fans, we welcome everyone. Join if you love discussing the stones and their music, off topic discussion is also welcome!
Vous êtes passionné(e) par le rock ? Vous souhaitez partager vos écoutes ? Découvrir de nouvelles choses ?

Ce serveur est fait pour vous, venez passer du temps sur cette communauté pour apprendre et faire découvrir vos goûts. Le rock nous aimons ça et nous devons le partager !

Des concours avec des lots sont organisés chaque mois ! Une récompense réelle est attribuée au gagnant !

On vous attend !
𖤐 ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴋɪɴᴅ 𖤐

Crawl out of your dens, come down into the (sic)ness with us. Join us and explore the many channels we offer about slipknot!
Not a fan of slipknot perhaps? Not a problem! We also offer other channels for other bands if any Metal or rock. Here's what else the server has to offer~

° A warm welcoming community when you join.

° Many channels to chat in within the community.

° Two whole categories for Slipknot, and few other channels for other Alternatives.

° Fun activities, including myuu, QOTD and magic 8 ball.

° There would also be upcoming events!

° A verified channel for selfies and discussion of innapropriate topics,but must be atleast 16+ to be verified.

This server may not be your cup of tea, but hey, we have kind people that are understanding and are willing to take time out of their day to help. Hope to see you soon!

𖤐 ᴡᴇ ᴀʀᴇ ɴᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴋɪɴᴅ 𖤐
Discord metal francophone axé sur la découverte et le partage.

Rangez vos Metallica, vos Sabaton et vos Arch Enemy et venez approfondir et partager vos connaissances. Nous n'avons rien contre ces groupes mais nous voulons en profiter ici pour découvrir des perles plus ou moins rares. Si vous voulez découvrir le genre, c'est aussi l'occasion pour vous de le faire autrement grâce à notre communauté active et ce qu'on peut considérer comme les archives du serveur.
hello everyone. i created this community not only as an indie/alternative/rock music server but also for the sake of making friends, having fine conversations at 2 am about which pink floyd album is the best, watching pulp fiction, playing scribbl or even sending shrek memes on the shitposting channel. enjoy :)))
Welcome, to Helter Skelter. We're starting a (classic) rock themed server with a welcoming community who love all sorts of music! We have channels to talk about certain bands, artists, instruments, actually anything music related. Feel free to join and have a nice conversation.
Welcome to **The Diamond Vinyl**, a rock/metal based server owned by @ Owlame#4366 and @ 🤘Sapph🤘#6191.
In this server we have:

<+> a **friendly** community who love metal and rock,
<+> **news** about bands you like,
<+> **self-roles** of your top10 metal or rock bands
<+> **partnership** and advertising channels
<+> many **events**
<+> **300+ members**
<+> **1.200 members** in a network from **5different servers** using HaileyBot (you can apply to join the network)

We are currently looking for some Mods, Partnership manager and nitro boosters (you'll get special benefits if you boost the server).
A server dedicated to the music from the 80s. Be it the popular genres like synthpop, post-punk, new wave, jangle pop, funk that dominated the era, and to niche genres that were heavily associated with. We welcome everyone who is interested in this era.
Hello There!
Welcome To Crüeheads!!!!
The one and only place for crüe fans alike to join together and celebrate their music.
Server dedicated to posting music, discussions about music, posting own material, of purchases relating to music, discussions of coming concerts.

🆂🆈🅽🅲🅷🆁🅾🅽🅸🅲🅸🆃🆈 🅸🅸🅸 is finally out... and it's a Discord server! Feel free to join our little community if you're a 🅿🅾🅻🅸🅲🅴 fan, or not.

𝕊𝕚𝕟𝕔𝕖 𝟙𝟡𝕥𝕙 ℕ𝕠𝕧𝕖𝕞𝕓𝕖𝕣, 𝟚𝟘𝟙𝟡!
Rock fan looking for fellow rock fans? Join Everything Rock! We're a rock-based community who are interested in many kinds of rock music. Some perks of the server include-

🔹 Rock-based events!
🔹 Various hilarious emotes!
🔹 Many bots AND a custom bot made for the server with many entertaining features!
🔹 Staff Radio, and various channels for discovering new music! Other music bots to listen to music are also present!
🔹 Friendly staff and members!

We hope to see you there!
Come to Rock Central! We're a friendly community interested in all kinds of rock, metal and punk music. As well as general conversation, some perks of our server include:

* 120+ self assignable genre
* 5 self assignable musician roles
* Groovy/Rythm/Tony to listen to music in voice chat with other people
* Active mod team
* Established friendly community
* Levels and level roles with AmariBot

Come in and say hello!
We're xranium, a community based around our shared interest in quality music! Whether you're a trve kvltist, a power metal wizard, a thrasher, an anarcho punk, or whatever else you may consider yourself, we'll gladly welcome you:))

So, feel free to join and meet new rad like-minded people, share the music that you love, spread your own music, talk about whatever's on your mind, and most importantly, have a good time and hopefully make some good friends! Here we like to make sure everything is kept safe, kind, and positive, so keep that in mind at all times!!
"It doesn't matter anymore
Keep all these things in my head
I can fuck, I can't go to bed"
— "Brightest", ルーシー LUCY

Hey hey, my name is Kaylon and welcome to 0. We are the lovely, non-toxic community of the band ルーシー LUCY. We accept everyone, and we don't care if you're LGBT or not. We have a good channel for someplace or someone to vent. A good channel to rec music. Come in and join the fun, and check out new music today!

- Kaylon
🎮 Hi! All gamers , anime , memes and rock music lovers can join here 🎮
Welcome to our server , here you can see:
- Free games for steam and anothers platforms
- Quality memes
- About games
- About animes
- Music share
- We have emojis
Languages: English & Română.
Welcome to the New Found Glory Discord server! Whether you're a fan of the band, or someone who wants to get into the band, you are more than welcome to join! We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere so feel free to join and talk about the band and other related topics. Hope to see you there!