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As an archive-based, we aim to discover & promote underground metal bands.

Whether you are a neophyte or a connoisseur, Metalground-World welcomes you. We focus on underground bands & artists in order to promote them & give them the credit they deserve.
Speaking of promotion, we propose to our members, under the authorisation of our moderation team, to publicise their work. You can also follow us online & on YouTube (Metalground : Underground Source).
We're welcoming to fans of all genres/subgenres, we have channels for non-metal, posting band merch, logos, album art, live shows, and everything in between!
Hey everyone, here's my music server. Mainly for people who're into rock, metal, punk, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, etc. We're a very welcoming community and have listening parties + other events often, so come check us out!
Your favourite genres were always shat on by annoying neckbeard gatekeepers with copious amounts of body hair in all the wrong places. No longer will you be berated for listening to good music and labelled a poser, cause those things are what we embrace in the Fake Metal server. Be it Nu-Metal, literally any of the Core genres, Alternative metal, or some sort of ancient throat music found in an underwater cave, we allow it.
Come to Rock Central! We're a friendly community interested in all kinds of rock, metal and punk music. As well as general conversation, some perks of our server include:

* 120+ self assignable genre
* 5 self assignable musician roles
* Groovy/Rythm/Tony to listen to music in voice chat with other people
* Active mod team
* Established friendly community
* Levels and level roles with AmariBot

Come in and say hello!
Serwer dla wszystkich osób emo, satanistów i osób, które lubią muzykę rockową. Oferujemy radio 24/7 z metalem, informacje o nadchodzących koncertach, poznanie większej ilości utworów rockowych/metalowych i nie tylko oraz ludzi o podobnych zainteresowaniach.
Serwer przyjazny mangozjebom. Zapraszam.
Come join the (unofficial) asking Alexandria discord server and talk about the band with other fans!
Discord metal francophone axé sur la découverte et la promotion de l'underground.

Que vous soyez néophytes ou connaisseur du genre, Metalground vous est ouvert. Nous mettons l'accent sur l'underground dans l'objectif de valoriser tout ce pan de la scène metal qui mérite une oreille à qui le veut. Côté promotion, nous proposons à nos membres, sous autorisation de l'admin, de faire de la pub pour leurs projets. Nous sommes aussi présents sur les réseaux sociaux et sur YouTube, Metalground : Underground Source.
Welcome to Amberstock! One of the greatest metal servers around! With an active community and friendly staff our server brings together all metalheads alike! We accept fans of all genres, though we focus on Metal and Metal Subgeneres

Come promote your band, meet new friends, find music events, discuss, listen to music, and more at Amberstock!

•Level One Nitro
•Rewards for Nitro Boosters
•Staff Applications ALWAYS Open
•Friendly Community
•Active Staff
•And More
This server welcomes all skill levels of musicians. From complete beginner to experienced players this community is great for everyone!
Things this server has to offer:
- Friendly and active staff
- Specific channels for instruments etc
- Community events

And much more!
Thank you for taking your time to read about the server and we hope you will come join us!
We are Fish Groove, a tightly knit music server dedicated to the discussion of all music, particularly genres such as rock, jazz and electronica. We have channels dedicated to movies and gaming, as well as a weekly "album exchange" event. If you have a love for music and a positive attitude, come join us!
A highly-active music discussion server with a tie-in! Join us in the community you've been looking for, to talk all things music on a friendly Discord-partnered server full of music fans and scrobblers. Discord regularly reaches 30,000 human messages per day, with a large userbase from around the world. Fans of all genres are welcome, so you'll find people that share your passion for your favourite sounds, be it alternative, pop, metal, hip-hop, rock, classical, EDM, indie, shoegaze, experimental, or something else entirely!

We have multiple bots, including our own server-exclusive bot, which can pull statistics from your account, generate charts, compare your taste with other users, and much more. Our roles are based on your scrobble total, and we've also got a user leaderboard, a quote board, and genre, off-topic, developer and meme channels.

We also have an exclusive version of the popular and highly addictive crowns game, where you earn crowns for having more scrobbles of an artist than anyone else. Our version is notable for being both highly competitive and fair, as we exclude scrobble cheaters. We also have an artist name guessing names.

We run regular server events, including a weekly collaborative playlist and listenalong, frequent "flash playlists" curated by the community, daily discussions based on prompts submitted by users, listening parties to full albums, song contests, genre-specific activities and other special projects.

The server is active 24 hours a day, and there's a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We don't allow shitposting, edgelording and offensive behaviour, and it's active enough to keep the conversation flowing, but not so big you'll be lost in the crowd! Discord is not affiliated officially with, but has staff and moderators present. Obviously we recommend you have a account, but it isn't required, and you can join without one. Some server members also use other music sites, such as RateYourMusic (RYM).

We currently have the following dedicated genre and themed channels, all of which are active daily:

* Alternative and Indie
* Eighties (a themed channel for all things 1980s music)
* Electronic
* Experimental
* Folk and Country
* Hip-hop and R&B
* Jazz
* Metal
* Pop: Asian (for K-Pop, J-Pop, etc)
* Pop: Western (for pop other than Asian pop)
* Rock and Punk
* Scores, Classical and VGM
* Ska and Reggae

We look forward to meeting you!
Like Metal, Rock, Punk or Goth ? Tired of toxic and elitist filled music servers ? Join Planet Caravan and come share or discover new music without worrying about someone judging you. (We are also LGBT friendly!) You can also compete for crowns and earn them by having the most listens to a certain band over anyone else !

The Rest é basicamente um servidor de shitpost de rock para adolescentes desempregados.

Bom, fiquei cansado de só achar servidor de anime e acabei criando essa merda. Entre por sua conta e risco.
Aqui falamos de diversos assunto relacionado a rock, desde Prog até Britpop. Discutimos outros assuntos também, como livros, séries, filmes e jogos. Cultura pop em geral.

O servidor é um recém-nascido, use o link abaixo para convidar um amigo. Vamos espalhar a palavra para o mundo!!
Link permanente:

Representante: Wyll

Quê? Achou que tinha mais alguma descrição? Achou errado [email protected]!!
I’ve always had quite the “struggle” with finding people who have similar music taste to me, so I thought I’d try make a discord server and perhaps something good could come from it :) if you love the sex pistols, the clash, the smiths or any post punk / 60-90s alt rock etc then this is for you! We have various events including an album exchange and movie nights! Come join our friendly community!
{Please remember we are still under works and not quite finished)
Heya! So you've hit Rock Bottom and it's really not that bad down here! Seriously lemme show you!

We offer:
- Fun Bots
- Self assignable roles
- A small community
- Well rounded and kind staff

We do not tolerate:
- Bullying and Harassment
- Any forms of Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Racism
- Toxicity

Keep in mind:
You must be 13+
We don't support any forms of NSFW
We accept the LGBTQ+ community, you're accepted <3
If you're a Doors fan, this is a great place to share songs, pictures, videos and memes! It's not just limited to The Doors either, we are open to all sorts of rock bands! Join if you wanna chat about music or other related subjects! We're all strange here
Welcome to **The Diamond Vinyl**, a rock/metal based server owned by @ Owlame#4366 and @ 🤘Sapph🤘#6191.
In this server we have:

<+> a **friendly** community who love metal and rock,
<+> **news** about bands you like,
<+> **self-roles** of your top10 metal or rock bands
<+> **partnership** and advertising channels
<+> many **events**
<+> **300+ members**
<+> **1.200 members** in a network from **5different servers** using HaileyBot (you can apply to join the network)

We are currently looking for some Mods, Partnership manager and nitro boosters (you'll get special benefits if you boost the server).
˜”°•.˜”°• 𝙎𝙚𝙩 𝙄𝙩 𝙊𝙛𝙛 •°”˜.•°”˜

Come one, come all! Join Set it Off! It's a safe community where you can talk about Set It Off and about other rock bands!
This server is:
⧖ LGBTQ+ Supportive!!
⧖ It is SFW!
⧖ It open to everyone who may want to join, even if they don't know the band!
⧖ Might be fun, it all depends it you join~

We offer:
⟠ Over 30 different color roles!
⟠ Other Band Roles!
⟠Album channels!
⟠A place to talk about different band and music genres!
⟠A Vent/Rant channel
⟠ A Suggestion Channel
⟠ And Friendly Staff Members!!

Warning: This server is still in it's baby phase, so yeah...

We hope you come and join us!

🆂🆈🅽🅲🅷🆁🅾🅽🅸🅲🅸🆃🆈 🅸🅸🅸 is finally out... and it's a Discord server! Feel free to join our little community if you're a 🅿🅾🅻🅸🅲🅴 fan, or not. Also a place for Sting fans!

Since 19th November, 2019!
Welcome to Hangout! A discord server for musicians, producers or even just music listeners and lovers.
Our server has monthly themes based on music genres, and even though this month's theme is punk rock, we will welcome everyone no matter their musical taste :D
We have:
- an active and growing community
- cool music recommendations
- weekly events
- film and game discussion channels
- support for and rateyourmusic
- no censorship or ~dumb~ rules
Feel free to join! :)