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Welcome to Under The Stars!!
everyone we are hoping to get this to become very active as the server grows. There is something for everyone so don’t be scared to join! This is an amazing server for socialising, self-promotion, nsfw and much more!! Above all else we hope you enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Discord Advertising!
In this server we have 50+ channels where you can ADVERTISE your discord server and/or social media! JOIN NOW and advertise and get up to 100 members a day!!
Welcome to **Loud Advertising Server** in this server you can **advertise your discord server** in a lot of sections (community,entairtnment,music,gaming servers...) that means Self Promotion, and communicate with others members.

🔷Advertise, your server in more than 10 types 📢

🔶Active & helpful Staff 👮

🔷More than 30 channels available in our server 💬

🔶Gifts,Events,Rewards every week 🎁

🔷Premium Advertising Zones for gaining members faster 💎

🔶Funny memes & comics 🤣

🔷Awesome Bots & commands to try 🤖

🔶Get Notified about Games on Sales or new games ❗

🔷Server cash is used to pay Premium ads or others things 💸

Here at Vortex Advertising, There's so much you can do!
Want to find out what?
You can Advertise your Server or Socials!
You can chill and talk to friends!
Play and Mess around with some fun Bots!
Partner with us!
and So much more! Join and find out.
Hotel Wittie is looking for new members! We are a growing community and would like you to come along and check us out!

Come Join and promote your Discord and YouTube. Patchbot Mudae and Waifubot and Pokecord And promote your Twitch
Ideal Invite is a server constantly adapting to what you want to advertise. You can advertise Social media here, and of course; discord servers.
I'm not going to lie, but this server is just like every other discord server out there. It doesn't have much and, it's pretty laidback.

This server is pretty kid friendly, you're allowed to swear but keep it minimum and, you're allowed to use caps just don't do it frequently. Obviously, please don't be rude or, unkind and, all that jazz. Anyway, if you would like to come say hi, then come say hi! We love seeing new faces ^^
- Promote whatever your boat can float! -

-- x -- + What is this? + -- x --
This is a platform where you can freely promote whatever your boat floats! :purple_heart:
With things to promote such as;

- Video Games
- Discord Servers
- Twitter
- Facebook
- YouTube
- Snapchat
- and more!
Not just promotions, but also;

- Text Channels
- Voice Channels
- Partner Ships
- Announcements
- Giveaways! (1 month discord nitro at 400 members!)
- and more to come!
Welcome to Micaiah's community!
This is an age appropriate server where you can socialize,have fun and meet new people!_
You are probably asking why should I join or what do you have?
We have the following ⤵
👉 High moderation
👉 Friendly staff
👉 Active and friendly chats
👉 Economy
👉 Memes
👉 Advertisements and self promotion
👉 Invite rewards!
So don't wait forever and join now!
✉Server Invitation:
Server-Board is an advertisement server with many channels to sort your server into! 🧿

🧿FREE Advertising right off the bat

🧿Free partnerships with servers with 70+ members

🧿Over 10 Channels To Advertise in!

🧿Advertise Your Youtube Channel And Videos

🧿Get started the moment you join!

Welcome to Oni. If you’re looking for people who will actually recognize you and appreciate your presence, Welcome to Oni. Tired of incompetent teammates? Welcome to Oni. Looking for funny people who don’t get butt hurt over the slightest things? Welcome to Oni. Looking to kick ass and put your name into the mouth of your obliterated foe, and be feared around the land? Welcome to Monty python ( jk welcome to Oni )
Here at PlanetIX2564, we support all fields of hobbies and interests. Thanks to the flair system, anyone of any affiliation can join and talk to others who share like interests! Are you an aspiring artist, looking to improve your craft? We have a community for it! Maybe instead you enjoy developing music? We support that as well! Maybe you just want to talk about your favorite anime or manga and recommend it to others? Well surprise surprise we got that too! Or maybe... youre a game developer who enjoys roleplay and you started a skit channel on YouTube that you want to promote? Well... we have places for all of those, and you can join EACH ONE.

The community is constantly growing because of the mass diversity and the way PlanetIX2564 manages to bring people of different talents and skills together! Not only that, but as a motivator, the server even hosts competitions as a way to test your assets and progress within your affiliation! Which of course are optional. Rewards for these competitions can earn you status symbols in the server and become even more acknowledged by the community!

What are you waiting for?? Join now!
Dad Bod, is a new meme server. Dad Bod comes with plenty of channels such as, meme, cursed images and self promotion.
Advertise your servers!

-open to anyone


-minimal rules

-nsfw channel

Thanks for stopping by.

We're a big server with lots of stuff to do, and lots of freedom. We've got gaming, art, music, self-promotion, and lots more. I also have a YouTube channel where I shitpost stuff!
Hello @everyone and Welcome to Salma's Nude Kingdom, here we have a great community that we would like you to be a part of with us. Everyone in the server is friendly, active, always willing to talk and have fun together! What we offer to you is:
An active community
Active and friendly Staff
NSFW (Verified 18+)
SFW channels
Games such as Truth or Dare, 20 Questions and more
Self Promotion for you to show your creative side, be it music, writing or something else
A place for you to make friends
Staff spots are available
Come and join us today, we look forward to seeing you
We are a very nice and welcoming community that is multi - purpose. We have multiple bots, pokemon gyms/auctions, dating, and more! We have had successful relationships here. Along with a lot of really nice, fun people. When you join, you need to get verified using (!verify) to see the rest of the server. We have a lot of channels!
We offer NSFW server as well as gaming tips and advice we do not allow pricks 16+
This is a nsfw server looking for people to join and share some fuck up thing and other nsfw content. A small server right now but hope to grow. please join :c
Welcome to my server! It's still a work in progress, but it would be nice to see new faces. If you aren't here to socialize, that's okay! There is a place to advertise your server or anything else! You can also show off your artwork if you want. Leave any suggestions if you have any ok? If you want the admin role, either DM me or go to the admin application.