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Server-Board is an advertisement server with many channels to sort your server into!

🧿ALL advertising is 100% FREE

🧿Over 13 Channels To Advertise in!

🧿Advertise Youtube Channels And Videos

🧿Start as soon as you join!

Thanks for stopping by.

We're a big server with lots of stuff to do, and lots of freedom. We've got gaming, art, music, self-promotion, and lots more. I also have a YouTube channel where I shitpost stuff!
If you’re looking for people to hang out with and grow with, this is where to do it. We’re small enough that we don’t overwhelm people but large enough to participate in things like competitions, tournaments, and competitive/ranked. We also allow self promotion for anything you please EXCEPT discord servers. As long as you post your promotions I’m the self promotion chat you’re good to go.

We are in need of members and we are in need of staff. Game on, game strong.
Welcome to Under The Stars!!
everyone we are hoping to get this to become very active as the server grows. There is something for everyone so don’t be scared to join! This is an amazing server for socialising, self-promotion, nsfw and much more!! Above all else we hope you enjoy your stay!
Hotel Wittie is looking for new members! We are a growing community and would like you to come along and check us out!

Want to find a place and post your music and more? Come join us in Cloudiie's Music Lounge. We will let you post your music channel in here, or the music you make.

We also have the following:

-Advertise your Music
-Game chats

Come join us! We'll give you feedback on the music you've let us hear!

We also have music voice chats if you want to check those out!
Want to come advertise without much restrictions? Come join us in YouTuber World!

-Self Promotion

We're just a small community. Come advertise any YouTube videos you post or just live streams!
'm not going to lie, but this server is just like every other discord server out there. It doesn't have much and, it's pretty laidback.

This server is pretty kid friendly, you're allowed to swear but keep it minimum and, you're allowed to use caps just don't do it frequently. Obviously, please don't be rude or, unkind and, all that jazz. Anyway, if you would like to come say hi, then come say hi! We love seeing new faces ^^
BuildersHut is a fun community, with few members. We game all the time, and we also have some fun roles you can find on our shop.
You can also promote you YouTube channel, and your Twitch.
Greetings from Machines and Memes! (Now looking for mods!)
What we Provide
• A chill, non-toxic environment for all
• Active, helpful and friendly staff
• Quality memes
What else is included in this server?
► Self-promotion channels (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer etc)
► A neat little levelling system
► Open voice channels for gaming
► Networking Channels and more to come!
► NEW - 50 new emotes for your enjoyment.
► NEW - Suggestions channel to improve the server!

Our unique invite link:
***~!Welcome To Apple Nation!~***

__Short Description of this server:__
Apple Nation provides a respectful, enjoyable. chill environment for everyone. We __**do not**__ judge you based upon who you are, but push you to __**embrace it.**__ We have many different channels and are a world acceptance server, meaning, no matter what your language, sexuality, gender, religion, or you are, we have a place for you here in Apple Nation!~ Everyone is invited and anything is possible!~

__What can you gain or expect when joining Apple Nation:__

:headphones: Music Channels For Everyone!~ (2 bots; double da tunes) :headphones:
:iphone: Self-Promote yourself!~ :iphone:
:art: :camera_with_flash: Share your artwork and photography!~ :camera_with_flash: :art:
:upside_down: Multi-Language Chatrooms!~ :upside_down:
:sparkles: Assign and Suggest your own roles!~ :sparkles:
:video_game: Gaming Activities and Groups!~ :video_game:
:handshake: Partnerships available anytime!~ :handshake:
:underage: NSFW Category!~ :underage:
:white_flower: Giveaways!~ :white_flower:
:film_frames: Movie Nights!~ :film_frames:
:gay_pride_flag: Acceptive Community :gay_pride_flag:

We hope you guys like our idea and come join us!~ :D
A server for promoting your Twitch, Youtube, getting commissions, raiding others, and bettering the community as a whole. Very new server.
Just 2 bros making an anti-furry server, so we can hope to eradicate furries for good, come join if you too, hate furries