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Advertise your server to get new members on your server and grow your community. We support server advertising of nearly all server types and also offer Social Media advertisements. We offer advanced services like our bump bot Open Bump that you can use for free to get even more member on your server and grow even faster.
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, media, music, or anything at all!

Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school, a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.

We offers many cool and fun attractions like unique bots, 100+ entertaining emojis, giveaways, events, 50+ self assignable roles, and much more!

So come on over, and check us out!
DriveTribe is an automotive online community which features tribes you can join and show off your knowledge about cars and your love for it! Our Discord Server will open up a whole new world filled with tribes and car heads who are not scared to put their foot down. Want the rush? Join Us.

Here’s A List Of Things We Offer:-
🔸 Premium Bots and A Custom DriveTribe Bot.
🔹 Channels where you can showoff your carspots or your sexy ride.
🔸 Discord Nitro Boosted Perks.
🔹 A friendly and active community.
🔸 Advertising which includes partnerships, affiliates and even more!
🔹 You can join tribes based on the best trio from The Grand Tour!

Can’t wait to see you inside the server!
Are you a Minecraft Server owner looking to advertise or a Player looking for a Minecraft server to join?
Then come and join the Top MineCraft Advertising Discord, where we aim to provide a place where a server owner can advertise their server or servers in a community that specialises in Minecraft Server Advertising.

We have places to advertise any mod-pack / Spigot / Vanilla / Bedrock and pocket Versions, For you to find or post an ad in.

This server is packed full of game content for, Garry's mod, Terraria and Minecraft

There is talk, text, chat, voice chat, self promotions and allot of other fun stuff to do with your friends.

I'am also accepting commissions for PAC3 :)
Do you think Sans is hot?
Uh, yeah, I guess...
What about Carl Wheezer?
He’s pretty cool.
Do you not care about any of that and just want free server advertising?
Then you’ll love the Sans and Carl Wheezer Fan Club!
That sounds stupid.
We offer:

💀 A probably inactive main chat!

😹 Unfunny memes about minorities!

🕋 Daily worship of both Sans and Carl Wheezer!

🔥 A community of 15 year old white males!

👑 Abusive staff!

🏳️‍🌈 Free server advertisement!

That actually sounds pretty cool.
No, it’s fucking terrible!
Disappoint your parents and join today! You’ll make the server even worse!

Can’t wait to see you!
Hey you! This is the Thicc Mario Hub. We post funny memes, we are thicc bois, and we aren't serious at all!


Here is what we offer:

* Level 1! (finally)
* Hit 1,000 members! (woot)
* Make friends! (you loner)
* Advertising!
* Every so often we have contests that are pretty epic!
* 50+ Emotes!
* About everyday, we put up a question for you to answer!
* You can make a life!
* 69 bots!
* Lots of free roles because who doesnt like free roles?
* Much to explore!


We can offer partners so dm a pm manager for a partner!
Like 50% of the time we are inactive even though we have a lot of members so we want people like you to join and talk with us so we can grow to become the ultimate server!
Come and game, discuss stuff, an meme. Voice chat is usually active every night with my friends, due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak. spend your time in quarantine with us!
♥ Come all to Echo's Cloudy World a cute and friendly furry server with lots of channels, bots, occasional giveaways, and activities! We love art, videogames, music, and making friends. ECW has gaming channels, art channels, NSFW channels, literature channels, venting and caring channels, Minecraft server channels, bot channels, and more as we keep on growing. ♥
●❯────────────• ✾ •────────────❮●
📢 𝓓𝓲𝓿𝓾𝓵𝓰𝓾𝓮 𝓣𝓾𝓭𝓸 📢
●❯────────────• ✾ •────────────❮●
😊 Hey, venha conhecer o Divulgue Tudo! Somos uma comunidade de divulgação onde nosso foco obviamente é divulgar. Aqui você poderá divulgar servidores, vídeos, lives, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Além disso, você pode procurar por diversas coisas, como; staffs para seu servidor, parcerias, j4j, designers, e até mesmo procurar servidores. Gostou?

Veja o que te espera.

📢 19 Canais de Divulgação.
🌟 Sistema de Review de Servidores.
📣 Mega rede de 6 servidores.
🔍 Canais para procurar staffs, emprego, parcerias, servidores, j4j e designers.
💎 5 Cargos VIP's.
⚖️ Sistema de Leilão (NOVO).
🤝 Parcerias com servidores e criadores de conteúdo (50 membros para parcerias!!!).
🚦 Eventos semanais (Top Semanal e Sabatina), além de outros eventos todo sábado.
🎟️ Sistema de emblemas para decorar seu perfil.
🎮 Alguns jogos com bots, para você ficar entretido o dia todo.
😉 Entre outras coisas.

👋 Está esperando o que para entrar?
Welcome to hell we welcome everyone here. We are mostly nice people and you can advertise whatever you want. Not may or any rules and we have many fun bots for games!!!

Welcome To Charizard's Flame!

**We Are A Friendly Unique Server Of People Who Loves Playing Pokecord! We Have Fun Special Features That No Other Server Has! We Have Tourneys, Clan Events, Gyms and more!**

**Join Us Right Now And Get The Following!**

★ Friendly and active staff, ready to help you with any of your Pokémon or server inquiries!
★ Fun and helpful bots, not only to help you on your Pokémon quest, but also to pass the time!
★ Tournaments that are competitive and gives big prizes to the winners!
★ Powerful clans that rival against each other in competitive clan events!
★ A unique gym system where you have to unlock gym after gym until you become the pokemon master!
★ Constant Daily Giveaways!
★ Unique trading/exchange system that no other server has!
★ Our Daycare Services are always available, both spam daycare and duel daycare!
★ A custom economy bot where you can gain cash by activity and exchange them for pokecord credits/pokemons!
★ Sponsorships available!
💥We offer you a place to advertise all your social medias for absolutely free! You can collaborate with other social influencers and grow together.💥


This server is good for advertising your discord server and your social media. The community is really safe, friendly and welcome to all. We do not allowed NSFW, Dating and gambling servers on this discord server. Join now what are you waiting for. join today :)

NOTE: if you leave the server your link for your server which you are advertising will be removed! Don’t leave just to post a link because they be straight deleted!
Welcome to Modern Advertisements. This server is here to help you! You will be able to advertise a lot of stuff here and grow you're services. We offer tons of things. Including:
+ Server Advertising 🔥
+ Social Media Advertising 📱
+ Website Advertising 💻
+ Bot Advertisements 🤖
+ Account Selling channel 📚
+ Partnerships 🤝
+ An Active Staff Team 🔨
Also looking for Partnership Managers
Hope you enjoy your stay here, Have a good day
Invite: https://discord.gg/dGjpDe2
Looking to Advertise your Discord server, shop, or website? Maybe you want to raid opposing servers? Come to Discord Services to help boost your server and take advantage of our many services for discord including but not limited to :

online member boosting
Discord server creation

All of these services are High Quality and Affordable! Come see what we have for you!
✨🎉 Cyber Studios 🎉✨

😎 ⇾ Friendly, active, and non-toxic community.
🏆 ⇾ Level goals and self-assignable roles.
🤖 ⇾ Variety of fun and interactive bots.
🎉 ⇾ Giveaways and events hosted on a regular basis.
👍 ⇾ Super friendly and helpful staff.
🐸 ⇾ Plenty of custom and unique emotes.
💬 ⇾ Active text and voice channels, and an advertising channel.
💰 ⇾ Active and relaxing server economy, with prizes!
🤝 ⇾ Always accepting partnerships, and actively recruiting staff.
📢 ⇾ Regularly being updated and refreshed so you won't get bored!

We strive for the satisfaction of all our members!
So give it a try and join us, we hope that you'll enjoy it here! 💖
Giveaway Vault
Do you want to win free stuff? Well Giveaway Vault hosts active giveaways for nitro and more!

We offer:
🎁 Giveaways!
💼 Friendly staff!
🤝 Partners!
💸 Affordable paid giveaways!
📈 A growing community!
🤖 Our own custom bots!
📜 A self promotion channel!

Looking for PMs and Mods
Advertising Portal For Amazing Things

Want to grow your server? no? Perhaps a facebook page? something else?
Then we're here for you!
NO annoyances, straight to the advertising!

We Offer :
Permanent ads - No they won't disappear if you leave.
No post limit! - You're only limited by the slow-mode. But you can post your ad wherever you see fit within the server!
Multiple users can post the same ad!
NSFW Servers are OK
No annoying verifications when entering / posting!
Loads of different channels to post your ad in!
We won't delete your ad! - Only if you post NSFW outside NSFW channels But if you post your sfw ad in the wrong category that's fine, your loss if someone is searching for a specific server and won't find yours!
Partner roles! - With partner specific ad channels where you can post your ad freely!
Activity roles - Unlock more special ad channels being active in the server!

Well? What are you waiting for!?
Star Advertising
An advertising server build for community. We welcome all to join us!
What can I advertise here?
☆ Your Server
☆ Your Services
☆ Your YouTube
☆ Your Twitch
☆ Your Patreon
☆ Your Instagram
☆ Your Business
What can I look for here?
☆ Server builders
☆ Graphic Designers
☆ Advertisement Builders
☆ Staff members
☆ Paying & Nonpaying Jobs
☆ Nitro Donators/Boosters
What makes this a community server?
☆ Introductions Channel
☆ Reactable Self Roles
☆ Chat and Music Rooms
☆ Mini Games and Memes
☆ Events and Giveaways
☆ A place to Show Your Talents
☆And SO Much More!