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This server is under constant construction to be better. There is
1. Gaming channels
2. Good Admins
3. An economy
4. Suggestions (I actually listen)
5. Bots
6. An NSFW channel (that i want nothing to do with it's just so I dont need to give out warnings and bans for people putting nsfw stuff in normal channels)
And much more
Hello, Welcome to Buyers Bay | 24/7
- We offers a marketplace for people to sell their goods
- We have trusted, verified, self-roles
- We also offers cryptocurrency exchange
- We also do giveaway!
We are a growing community! come & join us! :D
Politics and Chill is a new, active server dedicated to Political discussion and chillin' with friends! We are currently looking for active voice chatters, members willing to help with videos, and partners!
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════
══════════════ 【★】 ══════════════


In GrowYourDiscord Advertising you'll find:

❱❱❱ MANY channels for you to advertise in!
❱❱❱ 2,000+ members!
❱❱❱ Partnerships!
❱❱❱ FREE Advertising!
❱❱❱ Giveaways!
❱❱❱ Free Server Spotlights!
❱❱❱ Events!
❱❱❱ Friendly community and staff!
❱❱❱ And more!

What are you waiting for? Join now and start advertising!
We're a community built around gamers! We provide a place where you can find other players to play with on the most popular games! We also provide a platform for people to advertise their Twitch, Youtube and even other discord servers! Join today!

Some features of our server offer:
-Place to advertise your Twitch or Youtube or social media.
-Custom and advanced bots.
-Tournaments and events.
-Non-toxic and mature community of 800.
-Assignable roles of all sorts.

Join today!
A great server for making new friends and practice turtle wars or play pubs with your new friends!
Hello, and welcome to The Roleplayers' Hub!

At the RPH, we strive to keep an active and welcoming environment, encouraging roleplayers and writers alike to come together and gush about original characters, talk plot, find one another to roleplay with, and simply have fun! With our wide selection of organized channels, we offer many places for people to come in and chat even if they're not a roleplayer, or if they're trying to get into roleplay!

We have friendly staff, an active member base, and weekly events to engage with our members more personally! With fast acting staff, we keep the Hub running smoothly and handle sensitive topics that are brought into the Hub quickly to avoid user discomfort. Come stop by, have a chat with us-- you might find some long-term friends here at the RPH!
🌙 Global Advertising 🌙

🌺[We offer you ]🌺

💕 Partnerships
👍 Lots of Channels
👥 Friendly community
☎️ Tips and Tricks
👑 Loads of Emotes for you
🔉 Voice chats
💝 Self assignable Roles
🔞 NSFW Content

🌺See you there!🌺
Hey! If you're looking for a chill fun Community/Advertisement/Gaming server, you found it. We have:

-Tournaments (Coming Soon!)
-Game Bots (Coming Soon!)
-Swearing is allowed
-Self Assignable Roles
-Staff Applications Are Open
-Lots of Advertisement Channels For You to Advertise Your Servers, Social Media's, Streams, ect.

And soon to be more features.
Advertisement Digital - A server database

Here at advertisement digital we love to see what you have made, We have many advertising channels and sections to suite your needs, for example we have
‣ Looking for staff and looking to be staff servers
‣ Community, anime, entertainment, tv and music servers
‣ Discord related servers
‣ Bots
‣ Meme servers
‣ Educational servers
‣ Gaming servers

If you want to grow your server this is the right place to do it!
RolePlay RallyPoint (RP-RP) is a friendly social advanced advertisement server which is dedicated to partnering with rolplay servers from all around Discord!

☆ 500+ members ☆ Partners with over 100 rp servers ☆ 50+ self roles ☆ Constantly growing ☆
- Here, you can advertise for anything you want , such as your discord servers, snap , twitter, facebook accounts, youtube channels and many others etc...

- Here you can also win a lot of amazing giveaways with great prizes!

- And much more like becoming partners or even staff !

For more information you just have to join the server ! :)
Hello!we are a vastly growing discord server for self promotions.
our goal is to make it in to an advertising hub
You can promote yourself in things such as:
League of legends
rainbow six siege
community servers
we do not tolerate hate or toxicity,anyone who will do as such,will be banned.
Also,we are open to partner.You are just required to join this server
Welcome to Advertisement Café!


We are an advertising server and a pretty chill community! We have chats for you to advertise your discord server on as well as social media. We also have bots and a chill community to talk with!


We offer:


>Bots to mess around with

>Chill Owner

>Chill and Friendly community to all types of people


Besides all of that, follow the rules and we wont have any problems. Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to Flozzzzzzzz's (Flozqfy's) Discord server!
discord server:
This server is about paladins streamers gathering together, to form a big community for other twitch streamers to enjoy their time here!

IF you wish to advertise your twitch paladins channel here, DM me on discord (sw0shy#9312) and i will tell you what you need to do.
Valhalla is a community!
Become a Viking today and slay the modern society with us!
What does Valhalla has to offer?
- Anti-scammer system! Verified Seller
- Market place
- Games with prizes (Nitro, Money, etc...)
- Scam Report
- Trusted Middleman Services
- Advertisement
- Partnership
Welcome to Open Advertisement. Here you can advertise your discord server in more than 20 categories. You can also use our discord server just to talk with our members. With help from Self-Roles, you can customize your experience on our server. We have an own economy system, so you can grow up and become the richest person on the server. We hope to see you soon!
Welcome to Advertising Hub! We are a very new advertising community that is slowly growing. We hope you come join us!
Heyy! Here in dads dungeon, (Hyperjynx's dungeon) we are happy people who are just here to have fun with friends. Join us and get yourself some new friends right now!
❤McDonalds❤#1786 ResidentSchleeper#7200

▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ Advertisement Hub ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁
⋘-------- ⭐️ We have ⭐️ ---------⋙
-High Moderations 🛡️
-Awesome bots 🤖
-Ranking system 🥇
-Awesome giveaways 🎁
-Staff applications ⚔️
-NSFW channel 😏
-Awesome community 👪
And more coming soon! 🔥
The best part of this is you can advertise for free ANYTHING you want, ANYTHING! 😄
Come and join us! We are waiting for you 😉
Invite Link:
An awesome server made for APEX players / content creators. This was a brand new server idea of mine and I hope you guys would give me some love.
You can promote, look for parties and more!
We talk about games, random stuff and anime and also you can share your art!
A completely brand new server with friendly staff, over 40 servers to advertise in and tons of fun channels!