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A social server with everything you could want. We have so much to offer!! Come by and see what we are about!!
Welcome to Gaming Advertising Central!

This is a place where you can advertise your gaming/other Discord servers, your social media's, and other miscellaneous things.

We Offer:
-An Amazing Staff Team :necktie:
-Various Bots :robot:
-Fun Bots! 🤪
-Multiple Channels to Advertise in :cyclone:
-Partners :handshake:

And much more!

So come and join us, it's an incredibly fast way to going members, followers, and just a place to make friends!
At Open Advertisements you can advertise any discord server or find cool servers for you.
Using our Selfroles-Feature, you can enable and disable access to most of our channels. This helps you to get the best experience out of our server. If you want to partner with us, feel free to DM our Support bot. Partnered servers get special advantages and can advertise in higher channels.
We hope to see you soon!
We Have The Following:
J4J Users ! | As You Would Expect
Awesome Bots !
Active Staff !
Server Partnerships !
Server Promotion Channel !
Active Members !
This is a server we are trying to grow and become big. We host giveaways at every checkpoint
Golden Advertising (Formerly Discord Advertiser) is an advertisement server that is always suited to your needs! We have fun bots, loads of categories to advertise in and much more!
A community for artistic, creative and imaginative peeps!

***Looking for active artistic/writer staff.***

For anyone who loves to create art and appreciate art in it's various forms--
Traditional - painting, drawing, doodles, etc
Digital - same as above but with digital tools
Writing - word
And much more!

Aspiring and experienced artists and writers, let's support and grow together. ^_^ b
Hello everyone! Do you like pranks?
If yes this is the server for you!
➥We have easy rules!
➥We have 20+ bots!
➥We have staff apps open for a day
➥You can make some friends!
➥Prank People using the --userphone command
➥You can ask for roles!
➥We create self-assignable-roles every month/week
➥You can advertise your server!
➥We have memes!
Join Ultimate Advertisment
A new server just made and I need your help to grow

•You Can Advertise Whatever You Like

•Lots Of Giveaways

•Helpful Staff

•A place To Chat To People

•So What Are You Waiting For Join Now
Join our Community to share, enhance, promote and discuss about your Beats, Music, Artwork and more. Share your Social Media and ensure you get the right audience you seek. First 100 members will receive the 'BETA' badge.

What is WSTMN Music?
WSTMN is a management group which offers Artists and Producers the resources needed for high-quality music. We offer Album Covers, Beats, Promotions, Mix & Mastering and more all for the most competing prices on the market. :musical_score:

What does this Server consist of?
- Social Media Promotion Channels (Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Instagram & more...)
- Discord Promotion Channels must partnership
- Rank / Role Reward System
- Moderated & Secure Chats to ensure peace through the Server
- An engaging Community with the whole purpose of Improvement & Business (Introduce Customers to your Business)
- Potential Customers
- Rewards, Giveaways, Nitro Giveaways & Challenges
- Voice & Music Channels
- Bots (Add your Custom Bots by requesting it)
- NSFW Channel
- 24/7 Customer Support
... more ...

Server Link:

Welcome to the very best 𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 4 𝙅𝙤𝙞𝙣 server!

We have,

{ - } Active Members!
{ - } Cool Bots!
{ - } Invite Rewards!
{ - } Active Staff!
{ - } Partnerships!
{ - } Staff Applications!
{ - } Giveaways!
{ - } Join 4 Join (Obviously!)
{ - } Self Promotion!
… and lots more!

Active on socials for easy communication! Message [adam#0053] , [Jayy#2864] , [Nathaniel#4335] , [ShyGuy#9711] for a quick response to any further questions or requests!
>>> :sunglasses: **Divine Advertisement** :sunglasses:

Hey you, you want new member huh?
Well, then Divine Advertisement is THE place for you!

__**What we offer**__

- 6 types of Partnerships :handshake:
- 19 channels to advertise (or find) an amazing server :mag:
- 9 special channels for those who would like to advertise their socials :link:
- A VIP area
- 7 chats for you to chill :dark_sunglasses:, and 7 channels where you can have some fun with your friends (or make some)
- Some music channels to listen to your favorite songs, and discover some new ones
- Relaxing staff that won't be looking after you 24/7, and which are glad to assist you anytime and anywhere

Why not joining us today and becoming a part of the most amazing, fastly growing community?

Be fast, because this server is :soon: :on: :top:


Well, let's get started :smile:
-We are currently hiring Partner Managers (PM)-
Do you like memes and advertising your own discord servers? Well look no further. We provide:
-Protection against raids and spammers
-Advertise your own discord server in the dedicated channel for promotions
-Open for partnerships of servers with at least 70+ human members
-We also got pokecord and akinator bot and NotSoBot

NOTE: This server is NOT for people that get easily offended. So if you're a butthurt kid, please refrain from joining this server. We don't need your drama and your cries in there.
Welcome to Earning and Advertisement
In this server, I will be showing you methods to EARN MONEY online for FREE
These methods include both passive as well as active ways.
This server also offers FREE ADVERTISEMENT.
So get in here and start earning and advertising right now!!
looking for a place to gush over your favorite ships? you've come to the right server! post crumbs of your favorite otps, make edits, roleplay, and so much more in our community! <3
Oneixla Adverts has ways for you to advertise everything!! We also offer partnerships for a wide variety of social medias!
Don't need to advertise?? That's fine! We have a welcoming community and staff team as well!
Legendary Advertisements

Are you looking for a great place to advertise your servers?
Well you have found the right place! Our staff here are very friendly and we want to do our best to grow your server! What makes us different from all the others? Well we try to help each person on a personal level and give them tips and tricks to grow their server into something huge!

So what are you waiting for? Oh you want partnerships and social media advertising to?


Join Today because, well why wouldn't you?
A fun environment to advertise YOUR OWN projects for cheap prices. You can purchase ranks to participate in special giveaways for the chance to win REAL MONEY, GIFTCARDS, & MORE....
First 10 Joins win Free "VIP" (30% discount on all future purchases)
Hello, want to advertise your discord servers and etc? Well, you pick the right spot. We're a newly made advertising server looking for members!
What we have in our server:

**[:busts_in_silhouette:] Great people to interact with.
[:circus_tent:] Events for people to participant
[:video_game:] Game bots to play games within the server
[:computer:] Over 20+ channels to advertise!
[:cop:] Protective Staff Members!
[:microphone:] Voice Channels for you to communicate with others.
[:movie_camera:] Gaming & Movie Channels for you to discuss.
[:headphones:] Music VC for you to play music.**
Why should you join us?

:small_orange_diamond: We want more people to join us so our community can grow. We want to see more interaction/communication within our community. We're also giving new people the opportunity to meet other new people and help their own discord server grow. We also care about our fellow members here, and do whatever is needed to keep our community a safe and enjoyable place to be in. We also host events to keep the fun going within our community. It wouldn't really be a community if it didn't had any events, am I right? Anyway, there's much more in our community and I don't really want to make this very long. So, I hope that convinced you to join us, we're are excited to see new members join our community!

We're currently looking for staff
:small_orange_diamond: Must have a mic
:small_orange_diamond: Must fill out a application
:small_orange_diamond: Maintain maturity
:small_orange_diamond: Must be active
:small_orange_diamond: Must have zero warnings

We're also looking for partnership.
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

Discord Server:
Have a roleplay that you would like to advertise? Look no further! We welcome all to this server and welcome all types of genres. Also doesn’t matter what type of Roleplay style you are use too because we want all to have a good time! We welcome those of ALL ages to join!

► Want to partner? You can ask one of the recruiters!
► We offer a helpful support team of staff.
► In-House Roleplay during those dreading wait times for people to post.
► Many bots to play with!
► An adult content section for those over 18+
► Anti-Bullying and No Toxicity.

Need help to design a Roleplay or share ideas? Perhaps you are stuck and need someone to help give you suggests. We have discussion boards of all types to help aid in creation of roleplays and characters! We may even have a adopted character dump for unfinished or even WIP characters that are created at random by those who are bored! You can work around them and adopt them for your own use.
Pixel Hub Network

(。>ωω<。)What We Have;(。>ωω<。)


║Roles!║ Choose Range Of Our Custom Roles!

║Chat║ Friendly Chat So Come And Talk About Anything!

║Active Staff║ Our Staff Are On 24/7 Stanby!

║Ranks!║ We Have Our Own Ranking System Which Gives You Perks!

║Bots!║ Our Bots Are Fully interactive And Fun!

║Radio║ Listen To Your Fav Songs Any Time!

║Partneships & Advertisment║ Your Welcome To Advertise And Partner Any Time!

║Staff║ New Staff Members Are Welcome!