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For all Alissa White-Gluz fans to come together! Come and meet the members and staff! What are you waiting for? :)


Hi there peoples,

KingNetwork is a community to Share, Learn, and Help Each Others !
In here, you can ask about your problems, share skills & arts, suggest improvement to make the comunity better, and more !


Our Goals :
- To reach new Members
- To learn & share together
- To help each other & improve stuff for the good

Feautures :
- Custom made discord bot (KingNetwork#4863)
- Fun & Friendly Community
- Updates & Giveaways
- Support Team

Founders : KingLordXD#5807 & BossLordXD#1893
Developed By KingLordXD#5807 & BossLordXD#1893

Welcome to Fabled! An active community who you can talk with when you are bored or have time.
A Furry RP Server set in a modern city with the intention to appeal as many interests as possible. This server is designed to be fair to every One person. No one person or kind of person gets any more or less treatment based on such. We plan on making this server Very Large; so come help set the snowball in Motion!
Lounge&Chill is a new friendly community server, It has many entertainment bots and channels and we are growing fast. We are always looking for new members. We are chat based and we have channels of all sorts, from the main lounge to entertainment to a NSFW channel if you're old enough. Everyone here is chill, make new friends and have fun!
The Roleplay Server, Quandrilandia, is a crazy place! Join one of the four sides in the war for rights! Meet new friends and create multiple characters. Lots of bots for more additional features!
Ah, Quandrilandia, The place of prey and predator. The 4 H's. Healer, Helper, Hunter, and Human. Remember that. The humans were prey to the hunters for years and years, resulting in many gruesome deaths. Bodies mangled, blood flowing like rivers. This continued until the humans finally put their foot down, not wanting to be prey anymore but wanting to be equals. The hunters couldn't believe this, causing a war to happen, The healers siding with the brave but weak humans. Blood still flows but not because of hungry hunters, but because of the war that leads them to their future.
New Clan
-Consisted of two semi pro players
-Tryouts open
-Looking for console and pc players
It may be a small server, but it can definitely keep you interested as we all have a good time messing around with the bots and just have a ton of fun with eachother! Definitely join, I will make it worth your while!

New Forza Horizon 4 Car Club
-Join to meet car people
-Custom racing to win prizes
-Car shows
-Friendly Server
We play a lot of games, but mainly Rainbow six siege and fortnite.
Rebooted .ytkpop, previously over 27,000 users. A Kpop, Korean music, and cultural community where people with similar interests can hang out, talk, listen to music, join events, make friends, and more. There's something for everyone in this server.
12 year olds, music critics, Minecraft entrepreneurs, Hentai enthusiasts, intelligent atheists and renowned archaeologists ONLY.
Come to the EGIRL GAMING!
join our server friendly users, we have:
Here is my Discord Server! In this discord you can play many different games, make friends, win in giveaways and much more... If you would like to join I would appreciate it! Thank You. <3
Factionary is a start up server, with 4 different factions. Each faction is run by a player and the more members, the stronger the faction is. Once a week there is a competition to see which faction is the best. Join now, and you will get a large chance of becoming a faction leader!
~Introduction:Hi guys!^^,this is my server Roleplay kingdom it’s a place to have fun,chat and of course Roleplay

Bio:this server contains:
~Castle roleplay channels
~Outside channels
~Nsfw section for the adults;3
~Rules to keep the server happy
~and of course bots because why not

Enjoy your stay!^^~
Hello! Our server is all about Community and Gaming! You must be Mee6 level 8 to apply for staff or to request a role with your favorite game! Please remember to follow our detailed rules and even if staff is offline our bots are programmed/made for moderation so everyone will be respected! Have a VERY good day!!! (We also have a NSFW channel)
This server is for anybody who has an anime obsession and wants a community that supports that. We are a small community looking for people like you to join and make friends. This server will be full of people who enjoy anime and also want to make new friends.
This is a discord server where a bunch of people just have fun and hangout.