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Come in and join us, taking a break from everything else.

In this Inn, We have:
- D&D.
- Games.
- Fun.
- Drinks.
- Nice Staff.
- A kind Community.
- People of all races, species and Sexualities.
- And More!

By the way we are just starting out, so I would love you to join and help start this server!
Ever want to meet new people and make new friends but all the servers are about a certain topic? Look no further, as Hang Out is a place where you can talk about anything! Join today!
Hello we are a nice group I will give u owner ship and I mean it I do nitro giveaways I love u guys ty bai
Very chill server. Almost every topic is allowed to talk about here. Join to meet our nice members and admins!
We are a server built around not specific subjects but people. We talk about a large variety of things, from our day to day lives, to whether or not we exist, to the importance of distinguishing soup from sauce. We got music. We got art. We got games. We got jokes. We got love. We got anime. We got movies. We got GNOME.
this is not a cult
We are a friendly server that utilizes friendship. We do not tolerate anything inappropriate. We love anime, manga, milk, friendship, etc.
꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷・₊˚⊹ ・˚ ꒷꒦︶꒷︶꒷꒦₊ ⊹˚₊・꒷꒦︶︶꒷꒦︶︶꒷

hey there! relatively new server here! come and join, help make this server a fun and enjoyable place! we are LGBTQ+ friendly and need more active members and extroverts lmfao.


╭・꒱┊ crack channels ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊ game and movie nights ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊self roles/colors ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊music/meme/nsfw/game bots ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊organized categories and channels ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊private text and voice channels according
to your roles (girls only, boys only and lgbtq only!) ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊a growing section of emojis
(we take your suggestions too!) ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊partnerships (both ways; so if we
put your link in ours you put ours in yours <3) ・༉‧₊
╭・꒱┊active moderation to prevent offensive behavior ・༉‧₊

In This Roleplay Server, You Can Roleplay As Anything! Piggy, Roblox, Slendytubbies, Minecraft, You Name It! We Need Members And We Are Hiring Admins! Come On! Hop In The Server And Get Roleplaying!
Children of BLAST is a server where anyone can join. BLAST is the motto. We try to make our guests have a heart felt spot in this server.
- A fun and safe place to fangirl all you want, no matter what it's about! All fandoms are welcome here!
- Meet friends that share similar interests as you and scree about stuff together (ノ´ヮ`)ノ
- We also have things such as special emojis and channels to suit your fangirling needs (◡ ω ◡)

Join today to let out your inner fangirl or fanboy with us huhu
Boring ass server run by 3 morons that know nothing about keeping a server healthy. join or don't, this is just a place for you to join if you want to meet some people i guess? dont expect anything major this bitch is empty AF as of right now though.. PLS RAID xd
This server has a bit for almost every person. We have tons of subreddits, nice members, lots of Moderators and Admins to supervise, language chats, etc. Our members are also as least toxic as possible and we have rules to make sure it stays that way. Join the server, enjoy your stay, you won’t regret it.
So, we discuss many different things on this server! We do giveaways events, and more! So stop and look at our amazing server! This server has been up and running since I joined discord! So clearly you can see we have been working on this for a long time. Thank you and goodbye!

-Sun and moon Owners
Only 2 permissions are disabled, so you can create/delete channels (except the main 2), manage emojis, manage messages, manage roles, manage nicknames, view audit log and more. The rules:
2 channels should be already there for you, 2 permissions are disabled on the first but the second has 7 and slowmode enabled.
literally just a chill server looking for people to join, pretty toxic so be careful if you get offended, just looking for a group and all that to play any games with and chill. anything really happens in here so join
The Lodge!!
Looking to for a fun new laid back environment to meet new friends.
Supporting others is strongly focused here at The Lodge!
Come sit back, grab a few and mingle amongst each other.
Content creators of all sorts welcome.
Opportunity for self promotion.
Let's all grow together in a positive atmosphere.
Meet new people to chat and game with from across the globe.
For anyone that would like to come on over and talk and build relationships to make friends while supporting each other.
A place where anyone can be anything they want to be.
Just a relaxing place each one of you can call home.