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Join this server if you are looking for a group for any game, music also can be played on this server. Mods are always active. You can even flex your PC specs on this server! (Also there are memes if you're into that). is a server intended to house multiple broad discussion channels, all in one server. Chat about the latest season of your favorite show, and a comic book series you just picked up all in one place. We'll soon be hosting events such as movie nights and games.
Featuring: Friendly staff, 36+ custom emotes, and a channel for pretty much any topic.
All ages welcome, NSFW channel for those who want access.
We are A Brand Spanking New Server that is 16+
Come join us for chat Specific rooms, Level up Roles, a NSFW area and much much more

This server was made for people to have fun and share memes but turned out being much more than that, We're all friendly in here and we want to make the server grow into something big where everyone can enjoy and have fun.

We will provide you with the following:
✓a friendly community and amazing staff.
✓bots that you can have fun with.
✓level up roles.
✓self roles.
✓fun emotes.
✓nsfw channel.
✓50+ regular emotes.
✓50+ gif emotes.
✓art channel.
✓more females then male's (somehow lol)
✓other amazing channels to check out.

We all hope you have fun and enjoy the satanic fun dungeon.

YouTube channel:




Lp Gaming Server
All Gamers Wellcome
All Games
Meet New Gamers
Make Squads
Thanks For Reading
welcome everyone to the Luna's Cafe. We have a friendly community and a safe environment.

| All kinds of reaction roles and more are coming.
|Dating cafe area
| Events from time to time. | LGBTQ+ friendly people.
| Hidden NSFW channel.

ԅ( Ơ∀ Ơԅ✿sparkling_heart__
link Server:
💜 Hey there! We're a chill, friendly server where you can meet other people, make new friends, chill out, and much more. You can be yourself but please don't be disrespectful. Our main goal is to get as active as possible. 🌺 On the side note, this server is private but we definitely encourage newcomers.

⚠️ *Disclaimer: This server may or may not be quiet the first time you join.. that's why we encourage you to talk to anyone you see online. We really love and appreciate you for staying with us. 💛🌹
This server is for people to just hangout and have fun not to mention we take suggestions!
A server dedicated to the one and only Crystal Castles. New and old fans are all welcomed!
Hello, this server is a server that in going to try and allow everything or at least most things.
-Gaming Vc
-Dating is Allowed
-NSFW Channels
-Suggestions are welcome
By, SoullessReaper (Owner)
This is a server dedicated to help people of all ages meet new friends and have fun! Anyone is welcome, so don’t be afraid to join!
new server, who is trying go be active as much as it can so pls join, also a spotify premium account giveaway soon!
This is a sever for my asmr channel, where I make audios for ddlg doms.
Hello i am the owner of Gamers and i created this server so that us gamers can talk to one another and so others can join and feel at home
This is a new discord server that is looking staff members. This is server is looking for new games channels to add.
The S-Gene is a genetic mutation that causes ordinary humans to develop superpowers. Now almost all of humanity is born with a power of some kind. But where can people learn to control their powers and master them? Why at the Clark-Wilson Academy for Powered Individuals of course! Make friends and enemies as you learn to control your powers at this all ages roleplay discord!
Queerz, Beerz, and Tearz is for anyone age 13 and up who happens to fall under the LGBTQ+ spectrum and just wants to hang out in a place where LGBTQ people are welcomed and just chill and have fun. Allies of course are welcomed and events for games and movie events are weekly!
Here At Idiots United, We Aim To Make Sure That Our Members Enjoy Themselves. This Server Is Just About Chatting With People And We Also Have An Area In Our Server For Trading In Games Such As TF2, CS:GO And Fortnite Save The World. Feel Free To Join! You Might Even Make A Friend Or Two
"Barnyard" is a brand new server, with a small amount of people! Come join today and make some friends, and play with the bots we offer!
A fun place for furries of all ages!

- Fun species/gender/sexuality roles!
- Kind mods!
- Memes!

. No spam, do it once, you get a warning, twice, you're muted for a while, three times, banned.
2. Don't attack people. This server is accepting. Being an jerk to people is prohibited.
3. Keep arguing about politics, religion, etc. to a minimum.
4. Don't use racial slurs, please!
5. Respect your mods. They are @Kiwiobear, @Dagon. R. Olson , and myself.
6. No NSFW!!
7. Keep topics to their channels! Like seriously haha
8. Ask for roles! Do it now >:3
A calm, quiet moderated place for everyone to join and hang out in.
Extremely new server that accepts ALL ages, has NSFW areas, 18+ chat, porn/hentai and meme sharing, chaotic chat, taking suggestions, verified roles, selfie channels, RECRUITING STAFF!
need friends?
join this server if you wanna have friends, share art/interests etc!

this server used to be an old kpop server but now it has turned to a do whatever you want server where you can share art, make friends, etc! the creator of this server is me! @tiddyd#6346 made by care i try to make the server more active and i aswell try to be active too!

please take note that the server is in work in progress so it might be abit unprofessional but yeah its just a server where you an socialize so who cares.

join today! ♡