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Hello! we play music and have fun talking to each other!

20+ channels!

If you want to advertise please put your server invite in #server-invites.

-Keep spam in #spam
-Don't ask for roles
-Only put music commands in #the-dance-floor
-Only put reports of other users in #reports
-Do not be racist

Disclaimer: all infractions will reset every 3 days but it will be on your record forever on the server.
You get 2 warnings before anything happens.
If you have 3 warnings you will be temp-muted for 24 hours.
If you still continue to cause problems you will be banned
Meet a lot of friendly people in a server with lots of different types of text channels to have fun and socialize in! Also there are events!
1.Epic events such as talent shows, music shows AND EVEN TEXT-BASED SHOOTERS!!!!
2.A lot of friendly people to friend. 3.A lot of different types of text channels to socialize and share your likings, thoughts and opinions. 4.Always get welcomed by everyone! 5.Don't forget to say hi! People will read your message and start chatting with you!
6.Cool roles to have!
7.A lot of cool and useful bots to play with and use!
And more! Join to be an awesome person.
Indian food is basically a server to hang out with friends and to meet new people. We talk about everything if we can and we want everyone from all around the world so pls come and enjoy our server.
Hey! Are you looking to become part of a nice chill server? Then you've found the right one. We got memes, bots, and empty slots cause I just started. We are pretty chill and looking for mods and new people in general. You just might make a new friend.
Welcome To Peach's World
This is a new server and we are looking for staff and users!
Lol this server is really dead so join if you want.

NSFW ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
General chat
Support of all kinds
An some much more boring things but you can find that out if you join ;)
Plz read before you join this place (and I know you don't want to..) At first sight this may seem like a furry server, but I can assure, you this place is meant for anyone and everyone... So please don't discriminate.., and with the recent changes revealing the nsfw channels to the public, there will be more and rules added sooner or later. This place will grow, very very soon, so please share this place with someone on either Amino, Discord itself, and/or ect.
If you actually do so.. then Thanks ^w^ I'll really appreciate it.
I'll gladly take any request to make this place better if you don't currently like it.. but don't go crazy... Anywho.. that's all.. hope you have a great time and stay.
Hello! Welcome to Carz! The Discord Server that lets anyone and everyone join in and share their love for cars! We have games we play like Forza, Need for Speed, etc. We also have certain channels and roles that are dedicated to sharing your love of automobiles!!! [THIS SERVER IS BASICALLY COMPLETED JUST A FEW MORE THINGS TO DO HERE AND THERE] Have Fun!
Everyone is welcome on this server, and everything, except for NSFW. We do not have an NSFW channel, you can go somewhere else for that. We have very nice people on this server too so I definitely recommend joining.
Hey! If your looking for a server based around gaming where you can make friends talk about the games, and look for others. We also have our own clan, so you could try out if you would like! We are always open for different games as well!
We are a friendly, community based server. Everyone is welcome! Events every week, self assignable roles, friendly staff. What are you waiting for? :D We have plenty of room to grown and would love for you to be a part of it!
Hello! Welcome to the Ultimatem Roleplay Server! I am the owner, Toby. THIS SERVER IS A WORK IN PROGRESS AND WAS MADE ON DECEMBER 15, 2018. The description will be updated as time goes on. Welcome to your playground! You can basically do whatever you want. Use ocs, characters from franchises, etc. NO OVER POWERED CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED HERE. You can rp at any time if someone is willing to. Thanks for joining!
This is a western Server with plenty of rules. It is extremely new and everything is still being set in place. This server is mainly incorporation of text role play within text tabs. This RP is based off of the new Rockstar game Red Dead Redemption 2, however it is not a hard copy. It is set in 1893, and the Western days are numbered. The pinkerton agency has formed to track down the criminals of the wild west to allow civilization to spread. There are many major gangs that currently control the areas around America, (New Austin, West Elizabeth, New Hannover, Lemoyne)causing chaos wherever they go. It will be your choice whether to keep the wild west alive, or to help the Federals destroy it. The Roleplay can work in many different ways depending on how you want to go about it. Everyone's hard actions matter, and can change the course of history. Keep in mind this is not fully 100% historically accurate. (meaning if you don't allow things to be rewritten, this is not your cup of tea). Join on in, and find out everything else.
Whether you are a fan of my youtube channel or not, this server has personal chats for a variety of games, including Halo 5, Battlefield, Forza, War Thunder, Destiny and more! The more people we get in here, the easier it will be to find a game in the server, and the more fun it will be!
This is The Pack. We are a small community looking to increase in size, and become a known gaming discord. Will you help?