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13+ | LGBTQ+ | GAMING | EVENTS | GIVEAWAYS | TOURNAMENTS | ProudGamers. The LGBTQ+ Gaming Server. Join. Be who you are. Be Proud
This non-canon fan persona server takes place in a place called Siwang. There is a popular school, where all the students in the roleplay go to. Some students discover they have the power to awaken their own personas. They form a group called Acceptancy and try to stop a bandit who caused 132 people to die in a desert. Along the way, they meet a quirky fox and a quirky robot. Join us here, and you will be in an extremely active roleplay server with kind members.
Hello there. Pelican Country is a friendly(ish) server which has basically random conversations and whatever. We post memes or weird pictures whenever we feel like it. And, if you tell us your birthday, then we will announce you and give you the birthday role! Oh, and Steve Harvey is our lord and savior.
-Warning: many swears fly here and there, and, well, everywhere-
-Everything you post on all the channels levels you up on Pokecord, Coin master, and Mee6 bots.
-Chat Games including: Change a letter, Change one word, Corrupted wish, Song titles, Name game, Last post wins, Wrong answers and many more.
-Community Missions such as: Counting, Counting with Pictures, A is for __, Roman numerals, always giving you somewhere to post.
-Great for shy people who are never quite sure what to say.
-Amazing for people who like word game and puzzles.
-Fantastic for people who like to browse the web looking for pictures.
-Welcoming community, active mods, LGBTQ2+ friendly, mature members from across the age spectrum

Please come join and play with us today!

This is a server I made because of all of the hate I got from one specific person and it gave me the idea to make a platform free from hate and a place to just chill, we accept all walks of life and we promote the idea that everyone is equal no matter what
This server is a new community server for people from any background we don't care if you're a weeb we don't care if you're a furry, we are an accepting community to hang out with!
Just a server that you can hop into quickly and have some fun
A neat, friendly server filled with many bots to play around with. Introduce yourself and meet new people!
Hi, welcome to the Rainbow Clan!
We’re an lgbtqa+ server with lots of cool features! Straight allies welcome as well!

Server stuff:
•very active
•just starting up
•chill staff
•lots of self-assignable roles
•fun bots
•support and advice channels
•venting channels
•art channel
•nsfw channels
•level-up role system
•anti-raiding security measures

Have a nice day!
Chill server with awesome members. We are currently growing and are a good group for teenagers. We accept all new members! Hope you consider joining thanks.
Looking for a late night server with some cool people?
Need a new server to talk on with cool and weird emojis?

That'd be us boss.

Our server is a community-based fun server, ran by some friends from the middle of nowhere. We have weekly movies, hockey and sport discussions and occasionally game events and we also have a serious channel for when you need it, because all of us do.

We aren't anything too special but we are pretty fun, so come and join us.
We are a super friendly furry server just looking for new members, the whole community here is kind, caring and will never judge you. this is a safe space for all furries we hope to see you soon
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.
Literally just a feel-good teen discord server where the main topic is cupcakes and anyone is welcome.
Come check out Thicc ❤️
We have a growing community and are working hard to get active!
We have:
🎺Self Roles🎺
🤖Many Bots🤖
🤗An accepting community🤗
😏NSFW channels😏
and more!
I'd love to see you there!
The Bear Cave is a small community server with about 25+ active people in it.
☆ Safe and supportive community for people of all kinds (unless you break the rules!)
☆ Great place to practice being more social online without being entirely overwhelmed
☆ Introduction requirement to gain access to the main chat (just to avoid spammers)
☆ What originally started as something to promote my Youtube, now a nice little cave for people from all corners of the earth to speak without judgement or care
☆ Hibernates mostly during winter, way more active during summer :)
So have you ever felt different or weird? Well I guess this is a good server for you because most people in it can relate. We hope to be a fun and welcoming server who offers advice and support to people in need. We have our serious moments but also love messing around and just chilling with each other. We want this to be a server with all types of people so please do join and we will make sure you enjoy it here. <3
This is a small server at the moment, but we are accepting and this server was built to be a safe haven for LGBT+ members. ^_^
Welcome to Endless Dreams! We are a safe community where people are loved and accepted! Please make yourself at home!
Here's this little fun server filled with not a lot of people!! Let's make it a bigger server, shall we?
This is a very Nice and Chill server, with a active, welcoming and accepting staff team. We hope you can join and grow this community :3
This server is for making friends, talking about whatever you want, and gaming. Also we love to see any art and other creations you want to share. We also love to role play. If you are looking to meet friendly and nice people, hop in and I'm sure you'll find it. We are accepting of anyone :D. Can't wait to see you!
This is a server for people to hang out, have fun, vent, talk, get support, make friends, and so much more! This server is run by a team of good, friendly discord users. (This is not a mental health server)
“”Discord of Life”” brings a unique experience to the virtual chatting world. We thrive to give you the best bots and fun to use features so you can enhance your Discord experience. It's a laid back, real life discord meaning that we talk about real life events, sports, or just anything you'd guys be interested in talking about!

↬ We have a consistent and supportive staff that will help you with any issue related to the discord!

↬ We support people of all races, ethnicities, and sexuality!

↬ We are currently looking for Staff! (DM FOR MORE INFO)

✩ Invite Rewards

✩ Active Staff

✩ Understanding , Kind , Collective

✩ Giveaways