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- Friendly Staff
- 100% SFW
- Everyone is welcome!
This is a furry server, we do our best to strive for a fun, cleaner, and safer Discord environment.
We have occasional events, but most of the time we just chill!
Welcome to Beamz's Music Fortress!
- We are an accepting community of users!
- We are 100% sfw!
- We pride in making users feel welcome and at home!
Don't forget to tell us where you found us!
This place is a calm and loving hang out place where you can chat, post art, and have fun here! Everyone is welcome here there are plenty of activities that are hosted in the server.
This is a new, fun, musical, server that you can find friends in, talk about life, problems, and anything really. We will try to help you out!
We have a variety of people in the server! We have musicians, artists, and more! We have events, giveaways, polls, leveling system, and we even have a few special ranks you can get for inviting, they will give you other permissions in the server!
Anime/Manga server where everyone is welcome!

☆ Ai to Yume ☆ (Love and Dreams)

Welcome to Ai to Yume!
We're a friendly community that is rather active and likes to make friends with anyone, we're all just a bunch of weebs having fun. I hope you want to join, it's worth it, trust me.

We have:
- Many bots
- Activity
- Events!
- A good staff team
- A well organized server

We'll be waiting for you there!
- The owner, Rin.
hi welcome to cherries
i dont really have time to write this so ill finish it when i can but yeah. join us and have fun!
This is our discord server for the Crimson Forest faction but is also just a place to hangout with people. We pride ourselves on acceptance and respect. We also are in the process of making a Minecraft server, which will involve Survival & Creative Areas and multiple competitions.
Hello! I am Diamond and I welcome you to my server! I am just starting out but here you can talk to others, send memes, and vent all you want. I also have some bots you can use too. Enjoy your stay!
This is a server for singing, rapping, music and other talented artists to express their talents and make friends!

We're accepting of the lgbtq+ community and have a strong staff base!

Here are some rules:

1. No child Pornography if you send graphic images you will get banned immediately
2. If you don't spam or flood the chat with messages you're getting banned.
3. No text walls or large paragraphs of text. If you are venting we have a channel for that.
4. No hate comments. Just respect everyone else, friendly arguments are ok.
5. No adult (18+), explicit, graphic content including but not limited to images, text, nicknames, etc.
6. No advertising other sites/discord servers (Permission must be requested from a Staff member and must be shown upon request).Inviting unofficial bots is NOT ALLOWED without administrative approval.
7. Do not mention everyone without permission from a staff member.
8. Do not perform or promote the intentional use of glitches, hacks, or bugs.
9. Do not cause a nuisance in the community, repeated complaints from several members will lead to administrative action.
10. Do not argue with the staff. If you feel you have been wrongly treated, politely DM a staff member and ask for help.
11. If a staff member is mistreating you or abusing their powers pm the owner
Hello! This server is mainly about just hanging out and inviting others to games. Here at Area Aurora we have a kind accepting community to talk with or play games with. So I'd like to stretch my hand out to you as an invitation to Area Aurora, for the true gamer.
💖What we are about and what we have to offer💖

-We have various bots to make the server more fun!
-We have friendly and inclusive mods.
-Venting channel, art channel, positivity channels, roleplay channel, and many more!

We are an accepting discord for all LGBT people. of all genders, races, sexualities, and more!
We will not accept any hate.
were an accepting group of friends who just want to start a community of 'birds' the best type of animal.
Welcome to BruhTopia, home of the Garf.
We are a chill community server that’s lots of fun and isn’t too strict on rules. We also have a Clash clan and a minecraft server if you're into that stuff
LGBTQ+ Land is a server where everyone of any gender or sexual orientation may come!

Isn’t it great hopping on a server, where you won’t be judged, and where you can meet wonderful guests and staff members?

Our server is fast growing, seeing as it was just created a few days ago, and already 100+ active members!

About: We offer each individual user a unique, accepting, and relaxing experience. Join us for great service, great people, and an overall friendly time

What we offer:
- A friendly environment
-Ranks to earn as you level up
-Custom server emoji's/reactions
-Self assigned roles
-1 week custom roles
-Nickname changing
-Custom user events
-Special events like karaoke nights, movie nights, gaming tournaments etc.
-An overall great time!

Q & A

Why our server?

Well, how about a list to help?

~Wonderful guests and potential friends
~One on one treatment
~Safe, friendly environment
~Amazing staff members
~When matters are serious, we deal with them maturely
~It’s a blast!

What if I don’t like anime and roleplay?

There’s something for everyone. Gamers, memers, aspired musical talents, everything
╰☆★ The Ethereal ★☆╮

What do we have to offer for you?
ミ★ Well moderated chats
ミ☆ Self-assignable roles
ミ★ Active, friendly members
ミ☆ Partnerships
ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity +
ミ☆ NSFW channels
ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions
ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes
ミ★ We also have some pretty sweet emotes

Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
The Garden is a cute server with a cute theme of a flower shop! We don't accept toxicity here, so trolls beware. I see you. I see you. We have self assignable roles, voice channels, shitposting channels and more! LGBTQ+ friendly and friendly staff! We don't care what background you came from, you're accepted here no matter what.
This server is a welcoming place for just about everyone! Our internet fam here ranges from artists, content creators, musicians, gamers, furries, and more! We are a very lgbtq+ accepting server, the owner being a trans bisexual Male, and many of the members follow along as nonbinary and/or genderqueer, and bisexual. If you're looking to share art, laugh at some memes, need some help or need to share emotions, our server is helpful in all of those ways! Everyone here is friendly and accepting, and everyone here is a little weird. It's okay to be different♡ Our majority speaks English, however we host all around the world, from America to Canada to Spain to Hungary! Everyone is valid and welcome here♡☆

The only requirement; respect the simple rules in place in our rules tab! Read the rules, introduce yourself in the introductory tab, and stay and share in all of the other tabs!
In this server we are very LGBTQ+ supportive we will help you with all your gay needs we have very lovely staff we have chats for almost everything!!

:rainbow:-LGBTQ+ friendly
:rainbow:-good staff
:rainbow:-no haters
:rainbow:-no NSFW
:rainbow:-whole lot of fun
This server is just a fun server for people to meet and talk to each other. It’s non-NSFW and non-toxic. Just a fun hangout spot basically :). There is still a lot work needed to be done, but if you join i hope you have a good time! -vic
Welcome to Chill & Hang! A small server that I plan on growing with your help! I have no clue how to set up bots so I’ll need help with that, but other than that have fun and be nice!
A place to calm your nerves and just chill/vibe out. Were accepting of you no matter who you are and what you believe in.

🌈 Welcome to the Happy Hotel! 🌈
We have some perks to joining our server!

-bots to fulfill your needs


-suggestion box

-mod applications!

-good people

-we keep tab on birthdays.

-we allow you to be hazbin hotel characters!

-and most importantly, we want to make our guests happy and see the good in the world !!

so come on, join our server and you'll (hopefully) not regret it or get killed in the process!