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In this server you can hang out with other people just like you! Share memes and have fun! You can request roles and get the roles that best suit your part of the LGBTQIA+ You can even just be a straight ally!
A very very friendly server, practicing acceptance and warm welcoming. Our server is snow themed, with a Kingdom RP meant for anybody to join in! <3

Plot Description:
Solstice Kingdom: A kingdom that exists within the sky, hidden by the clouds, reached through the highest peak in the world. Anyone may enter this world if they simply believe and climb high enough, because of this there are an infinite variety of people and species as well as items and objects from numerous decades. Those who enter the realm will be greeted by the icy winds surrounding the peak, the beautiful snow will fall upon their shoulders with each moment that passes by as they stand. It has been only 2 years since the former king has inexplicably ‘passed’ away. His son Cicero II has taken over, at only the age of 20, now 22. A small lingering force lurks within the peaceful city of Aurora, waiting to strike and cripple the Kingdom by dethroning it once again. Refusing to be lead by such an 'inexperienced' figure.
Welcome to LGBT Babes! We are an accepting group of people, you can meet new people whether they're in the LGBT community or not!! We would love to see you here!!
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.
We welcome everyone and anyone that is great! You probably are great but still.
We love making friends anyone is welcome.... except trolls
Ever wondered what its like to be on a strawberry farm? NO?! Well join and find out with a community that accepts everyone for who they are and what they want to be. We all love you and hope you enjoy your stay!
This server is for making friends, talking about whatever you want, and gaming. Also we love to see any art and other creations you want to share. We also love to role play. If you are looking to meet friendly and nice people, hop in and I'm sure you'll find it. We are accepting of anyone :D. Can't wait to see you!
A brand new server, we're looking to expand our community. Come here for some new friends and welcoming community. Nice staff, bots, and lots of channels to offer.
We are a super friendly furry server just looking for new members, the whole community here is kind, caring and will never judge you. this is a safe space for all furries we hope to see you soon
Chill server with awesome members. We are currently growing and are a good group for teenagers. We accept all new members! Hope you consider joining thanks.
This is a very Nice and Chill server, with a active, welcoming and accepting staff team. We hope you can join and grow this community :3
This server is a quite server that is meant to be a safe and open place for all, so everyone can be true to themselves, we have fandom, art and music chats, even a place for artists to show off there work. (we do not tolerate spammers, homophobic,trans-phobic, or racist people)
Welcome to Endless Dreams! We are a safe community where people are loved and accepted! Please make yourself at home!
»»—————[ TT ]—————««
»» Community Based Around Finding Friends ««
»» Recently made community ««
»» This is not the place for those easily offended ««
»» Sometimes you just have to spill the tea ««
»»—————[ Important ! ]—————««
»» Self-assignable roles ««
»» Toxic free zone ««
»» A place of dead memes ««
»» Welcoming environment ««
»»—————[ Invite Link! ]—————««
Hello! Transgender Safe Space is a place for all people lgbtq+ can hang out and make friends. We are an accepting server with no age boundaries. Here in Transgender Safe Space, we want to make friends, so join and bring along your friends!
This is a small server at the moment, but we are accepting and this server was built to be a safe haven for LGBT+ members. ^_^
this is a server where everyone is nice and everyone is welcome! there is also some weird shit!
This is a server for chatting and meeting new people. We have mild NSFW channels aswell but its mostly wholesome. We accept everyone as long as they follow the rules. This server is very WIP so we will be adding new stuff. We also offer Roleplay channels and voice channels. We hope that you enjoy this server and meet lots of new people.
: : : : : : : : : Warrior Cats | Revival : : : : : : : : :

Plan your wars.
Survive leafbare.
Grow your family.
Help your clan.

All today, at Revival. You can choose from our 5 clans,


Choose wisely, as this will be your home as you're on the cats territories. Now you can live out your dream as a warrior cat, no matter if you're just a newborn kit, or the wisest elder, you're welcome here at Warrior Cats | Revival.
Our server is owned by the founder of the server known as Alternative Culture, Our server was created to help those in need or struggling through life. we're here to talk, listen or whatever you need.
Welcome to blanket squad! We are a friendly community-based server with channels for games such as rocket league, osu and any others if you suggest them! We accept anyone and everyone so join today and make some great friends and unforgettable memories :O
We are a close knit group of people who met on Xbox and in real life. We like to debate politics and other such things quite often. most of our members are quite friendly, and will do their best to help you feel welcome.
We accept people from anywhere, (of course), and we play games and share news often as well. Join, stay awhile, get to know some members, maybe you will be interested!
We are a small community discord.
Game-wise we are overall for free-to-play games, and a large percentage of us play Smite.
But if you're not a game person, you can join just to chat with us. We're completely accepting and chill. As long as you are too, then we'd be glad to have you.

We're all friends here, and if you're here to be chill, then we'd be happy to have you here <3