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Welcome to Sweet Sanrio cutie pie! ♡
Sweet Sanrio is a brand new server that has an adorable theme! ♡
Our community is welcoming and sweet and is super comfy!
Our theme is based off the company sanrio and we focus all around that theme!
We devote all our time, love, and happy spirit to our members and everyone is accepted and welcomed here! ♡
♡ - Super cute theme
♡ - Adorable community
♡ - 100 cute emotes
♡ - New server
♡ - Tons of colors and roles
♡ - Partnerships!
♡ - Level roles!
♡ - Love and wholesomeness!
♡ - Custom Bot
♡ - Shop and currency
Please join for an amazing and accepting cutesy lil family and server! ♡
🏳️‍🌈 In this server you can hang out with other people just like you, share memes and have fun.
You can request roles and get the roles that best suit your part of the LGBTQIA+ Community You can even just be a straight ally and chill out. 🏳️‍🌈

🏳️‍🌈 We support: 🏳️‍🌈
~Minors and people below 18
~Active members

❌We do not support:❌
-Homophobic comments
-Transphobic comments
-People who don't support LGBT
-Racism or sexism
-Harassment of server members

If you're going through a hard time or are questioning anything, we're happy to lend a helping hand
This is our discord server for the Crimson Forest faction but is also just a place to hangout with people. We pride ourselves on acceptance and respect. We also are in the process of making a Minecraft server, which will involve Survival & Creative Areas and multiple competitions.
13+ | LGBTQ+ | GAMING | EVENTS | GIVEAWAYS | TOURNAMENTS | ProudGamers. The LGBTQ+ Gaming Server. Join. Be who you are. Be Proud
This is a new server, we're trying to get this started by having you joining us! We offer all kinds of stuff like: anime chats, gaming channels, self-assignable roles, selfies-chat, and music channels. Our server is well moderated by our staff and is pretty active!
Welcome to l o v e l y 👅!
We are a community server which is welcoming to everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, etc. We try to keep this server a comfortable place for everyone, and always aim for positive people and positive energy. This server was created by Inuyasha#0001 on May 9th, 2019. This server will have updates either weekly or monthly, and will be carefully moderated by our staff team. We are open to suggestions, and will have a support team aid you if you have questions or complaints! Thank you for joining l o v e l y 👅, we hope you enjoy your stay!
We are a (currently) small community and we would be happy to have you join us! This place has nothing to do with sharks with legs in tights, just a hook. Come hang out.
Anime/Manga server where everyone is welcome!

☆ Ai to Yume ☆ (Love and Dreams)

Hey there! Visit the wonderful place that is Ai to Yume! What was meant as a dating server resulted in a neat, friendly and supportive community that we manage with lots of love. Here we have a good amount of roles and channels, we're a nice and accepting union of weebs and other people!

Perks to be had at Ai to Yume!:

☆ Roles to express yourself with!
☆ A lot of exciting bot channels to have fun with!
☆ An active community of kind people, with great staff and owners!
☆ We focus on making people feel welcomed :3

So come around! We'd love to see you there!
- Rin and Javi, owners ☆
Hello there. Pelican Country is a friendly(ish) server which has basically random conversations and whatever. We post memes or weird pictures whenever we feel like it. And, if you tell us your birthday, then we will announce you and give you the birthday role! Oh, and Steve Harvey is our lord and savior.
-Warning: many swears fly here and there, and, well, everywhere-
Looking To Talk is a server that is accepting to everyone. No matter gender, age, sexuality etc. We are a family friendly community looking to grow.We have friendly, experienced staff.
Beware, for this server holds the scariest of people. Masochists, weebs, and rocks. There are sexual references everywhere, and you can't hide. Otherwise this server is pretty chill, have fun!
An accepting community of generally friendly people. We are currently looking for staff! ^^ <3
Commonly asked questions -
1. What is the Buggo race?
Humanoid, or pretty much almost entirely human people with bug-like features.
2. Do Buggo's share needs with actual bugs?
Yes, but for example- for mosquitoes, they p r e f e r blood, but because of how they are so closely related to humans as a Buggo- they can eat other things.
3. How active is this server?
Will not be super active at around -5 members, but the staff will try their best to make things more fun for other players.
When there will be 6+ members, the server will likely be moderately active.
Note that our community will grow more active as the community itself grows.
In the world of Buggos, also known as Myru- a horrible event has gone on, its effect spreading through both the dim, and the bright parts of this odd world.

Back before the event, Myru was known for being oddly earthlike, yet... not exactly being Earth, as you often encounter odd things around this planet.

Myru was also known for its bug people, unknown as of where they came or evolved from. They just somehow ended up in this place, and call it home.

In Myru, just about every day- a portal or two would open, almost always being in Grey's forest. All kinds of odd people would come out of these portals.
Whether they were good or bad, they'd be accepted by the Buggos, being the name of the bug peoples' race.

Then, one day.. Someone new came out of a portal in greys forest.

They were ill, and unstable. They had the desire to follow the path to the painted village, and managed to get there before they would die.

As soon as it got a hold of anyone in the town, the sickness had begun to spread. Slowly, then quickly, this illness destroyed this town.

All those left, are the ones completely unable to get the disease, and those who have not yet caught it.. both in which, being extremely uncommon.

From then on, people all over Myru had decided to work together in order to rid of the disease.

They decided to strictly keep all ill Buggos in hospitals, and make sure that they were unable to spread the disease for the time that they'd get the cure.

Buggo's would decide to slowly go against those who slipped out of portals in greys forest from then on, as they saw the consequences of yet another ill person coming by- and spreading the disease they had.

Besides, they could be dangerous in other ways, right?
// That is the Lore of 'Buggos'. This is where we are currently at. //
We got all you would ever want. Channels for anything porn and friendly people!
A place where furries can get together and have fun
New Discord server, still working on/ improving it. Also looking for suitable mods. The server will strive to be a friendly non toxic community where people can just sit back, make friends and have fun. 15+ Please.
Welcome to BruhTopia!

We're all friends here, we have an active community! Where we all communicate as friends! Please come on come all we have plenty of space so come join us!
looking for staff, and to grow the server, has nsfw channels for artistic reference, feel free to suggest new channels, owner is almost always active
Just a server that you can hop into quickly and have some fun
Hi, welcome to the Rainbow Clan!
We’re an lgbtqa+ server with lots of cool features! Straight allies welcome as well!

Server stuff:
•very active
•just starting up
•chill staff
•lots of self-assignable roles
•fun bots
•support and advice channels
•venting channels
•art channel
•nsfw channels
•level-up role system
•anti-raiding security measures

Have a nice day!
A little server for all countryhuman/ball fans to hang out!
~~Welcome to LGBT Love!~~
We are a small LGBT safe space server, here to support anyone from the community. We hope to grow a large community of friendly people to make LGBT Love one of the best safe places on discord.
~~Our server includes...~~
- Bots!
- Customizable roles!
- Pride flag emojis!
- Friendly staff!
~~And much more awesomeness~~

~~We hope to see you there!~~
Welcome to our Depression Support Group, we are space themed and we accept all ages.
ωєƖ¢σмє тσ >☕️🌙C O F F E E S O C I E T Y🌙☕️
ιи Coffee society you can..

☕️Meet new and interesting people!

🌙Roleplay In our cafe! (Hey that ryhmes)

☕️Listen to all sorts of music! 🎶

🌙cooperate with other groups!

☕️Be aesthetically pleasing!

🌙listen to music! || There’s a lot of options! ||

☕️Have breakfast,lunch and dinner!🌟

🌙WAtcH movies!

☕️And Listen to Events!👑

I hope you enjoy the coffee society ☕️ It’s in [beta] we’ll be improving soon!! Note: NSFW will not be permitted in the group, we need it to be as chill as possible, introverts extrovert and ambiverts will all be welcomed here!✨☕️
This server is a hangout for LGBT+ members! Heterosexual people and Allies are also allowed! (Just mostly for LGBT members ;w;) feel free to join! Support would be appreciated! <3