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This discord server is a chill server to have fun and enjoy yourselves and we all can’t forget about the memes
Hello welcome to losers, We are accepting so don’t be afraid to be yourself . Invite your friends if you like . Enjoy your stay 💕
- Friendly Staff
- 100% SFW
- Everyone is welcome!
This is a furry server, we do our best to strive for a fun, cleaner, and safer Discord environment.
We have occasional events, but most of the time we just chill!
Shiawase is a new circle of people with a welcoming environment to inspire creativity through our events and forge new friendships through the exposure of different interests and hobbies.

❀═══════════════════════❀ • • ❀═══════════════════════❀
•Uniquely commissioned emotes
•Unlockable Channels and roles
•Anonymous venting
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We are prided mostly for being a cordial and chilled server designed towards helping people through our large variety of venting systems. There is no tolerance to bullying, toxicity and drama here. Shiawase has all the benefits and coziness of a family due to its teeny-weeny community.

❀═══════════════════════❀ • • ❀═══════════════════════❀
•Level up roles
•Weekly topics of discussion and challenges
•Verification system and raid protection!
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╰☆★ The Ethereal ★☆╮

What do we have to offer for you?
ミ★ Well moderated chats
ミ☆ Self-assignable roles
ミ★ Active, friendly members
ミ☆ Partnerships
ミ★ Events such Cards Against Humanity +
ミ☆ NSFW channels
ミ★ Levelled roles which unlock new channels and permissions
ミ☆ A beautiful collection of memes
ミ★ We also have some pretty sweet emotes

Whether you’re a weeb, a gamer or just want some fresh faces to talk to, come and pay our ever-growing and slightly dysfunctional family a visit! (∩^o^)⊃━☆゚.*・。゚
Tired of discomforting servers with insensitive people?
Tired of fake sounding uwu owo roleplaying?

Do you want to feel free, and for your voice to be heard?

This just another attempt of creating a place where you can build GENUINE internet friendships, and just have a fun time around people you can trust!!
Welcome home!
This server is a place for anyone with to come and rp to their hearts content, Normal rp or erp!
The server setting is set in an underground civilization due to an apocalyptic event hundreds of years ago, humanity is gearing up to explore the surface.

Do not Kinkshame, We welcome most fetishes.
And just dont be an ass.
18+ characters only for erp
Hiya welcome to peaceful plaza this is a chill friend group that allows anyone to join, just dont be a dick and then were cool. i am trying to see how far i can take it and if you join thank you for the help but if you leave then i hope you enjoyed your stay
Welcome to Sunrise, a Roblox-related server where you can

Take part in Roblox gaming and VIP Servers!
Take part in giveaways, where you can even win FREE ROBUX
Take part in polls!
Chat with a friendly and growing community!

This server is just a fun server for people to meet and talk to each other. It’s non-NSFW and non-toxic. Just a fun hangout spot basically :). There is still a lot work needed to be done, but if you join i hope you have a good time! -vic
A friendly animal crossing server for animal crossing fans, and also a community. Even if not a fan of the animal crossing series, there are things for you that can be found here.
Cosy Cabin is a sever dedicated to the comfort of our users!
We prioritize happiness, comfort, and safety of our users!
We have several areas for you to talk in, talk about gender, relationships, creativity and arts, media and games, and much more!
Come join us and become part of the family
This place is a calm and loving hang out place where you can chat, post art, and have fun here! Everyone is welcome here there are plenty of activities that are hosted in the server.
a very accepting server to just chill and talk about anime with. although we are small we enjoy talking to new people so please join! Our main goal is to let people have a safe space and let them talk about whatever.
Hello! Oddballs Unite is a server for all types of people to come together and converse, all are welcome, but this is specifically geared towards users 13-17~ This is supposed to just be your average community, supportive, talkative, and just a good time! Many servers like to keep the heavier stuff to adult sections, but us minors also sometimes have important things to say that may be in that realm~ So, we have specific optional chats for other minors to vent about that stuff! Self-assignable roles, several channels for different things, so come on down to our Odd Abode! Again, people of all types may join, embrace your uniqueness!

Another thing to note is that this server is still quite small~ Please bear with a but of quiet, as there aren't many members to talk to yet~ But by joining, you help us grow, and eventually we may be at the same active standards everyone likes~ Hope to see you!
We’re a place for anyone to come and hangout! We’re accepting of everyone and want to provide a safe space for people to make friends!
This is a server for people going through hard times or just wanting too feel accepted. I created this server too help people not feel alone and unloved. We have a support and venting channel, an anime channel, emotes, a chat too ask for custom roles, and much more.
This server is a big welcoming, safe place. You can vent, laugh, share memes, share your music and even your selfies!
Be respectful to everyone and have a great time! Make sure you follow the rules or it will be 3 warning before a kick. You may rejoin after a few days but if you break the rules again and got 3 warnings again, it will be a automatic ban.

This server is a welcoming place for just about everyone! Our internet fam here ranges from artists, content creators, musicians, gamers, furries, and more! We are a very lgbtq+ accepting server, the owner being a trans bisexual Male, and many of the members follow along as nonbinary and/or genderqueer, and bisexual. If you're looking to share art, laugh at some memes, need some help or need to share emotions, our server is helpful in all of those ways! Everyone here is friendly and accepting, and everyone here is a little weird. It's okay to be different♡ Our majority speaks English, however we host all around the world, from America to Canada to Spain to Hungary! Everyone is valid and welcome here♡☆

The only requirement; respect the simple rules in place in our rules tab! Read the rules, introduce yourself in the introductory tab, and stay and share in all of the other tabs!
Be you is a server I created for the ones who know what it's like not being able to be yourself. So here you can be yourself, no judgement should come to anyone because who you are is special.

This server is not intended for those looking to "Raid". I can assure you their are going to be people you do not like but you aren't really going to do anything if you do it. I will just ban you and clean up your mess like you never existed.

Even if you still don't know who you are feel free to join, I myself am trying to shape what I want to be into me. So don't be afraid to join, we would be happy to have you!
We are a community that is a safe space for all people (excluding people who are toxic), examples being anyone from the LGTBQ+ communities, Furry communities and anyone that doesn't feel as if they don't have a place to goto, and is also a place made in the hopes to bring people together and see new friendships blossom, we are accepting of all, this is also a SFW Community, and we try to mediate any drama.

Hope to see you there.