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The first ever grand discord server for Elle Fanning Fans. Yayyy!!!! Join as soon as possible to not loose Elle Fanning stuff
୨୧・A R I A N A T O R S・~
⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢ ⌢
₍ 🥺 ₎ Server⇣ ,,

Servidor de fans de Ariana grande.

Ariana Grande fan server.
This server is for every type of Metallica fan, no matter if you only know Enter Sandman and One, or if you've listened to every single song.
IPL 2020 DISCORD!!! Do you want a social space, where you can watch matches with other people and discuss with fellow cricket fans or even people who support your team, would you like playing fantasy IPL while learning about other players and teams, and last but not least would you like to have fun. Well now you can, we launched our discord community shortly before the IPL season started, and now since the tournament is in full swing we are encouraging you to join the party. You will be able to have watch parties, predict match results, discuss the outcomes and team decisions, play in our fantasy league, and so much more. We want many more people to join, so that together, as one fanbase we can make the best of our very own IPL tournament. We have various amazing bots, and it'll be a great experience for you!! Enjoy along with other fans, whose number is growing as every day goes by.
Salut à tous !

Nous vous présentons le serveur Discord UnOrdinary-Série Audio FR!

Ce serveur à pour but de créer une série audio basée sur le célèbre Webtoon UnOrdinary. Le but est qu'elle soit accessible principalement aux non-voyants ainsi qu'à tous ^^

Tout le monde est la bienvenue ^^
(Le serveur respecte les ToS de Discord, vous devez avoir au moins 12 ans pour venir)

We are a fan server of the amazing hit Netfix show: "Julie and the Phantoms". In our server you are able to RP with a lot of people, create your own characters. Talk, Play Games, Level Up, and more! You can create your characters how you want, do you want to be a ghost? A living person? Everything is possible!
We are just a group of fans who love the band Weezer! Come to discuss Weezer and other bands you love.

We have many bots to mess around with, including Chuu and

We are fairly active and easy going. We just want a fun time with our members! We are here to support and talk to you.

Come and have a look of you are interested!
Brand new server in construction! Join server for a chance to apply for mods, or to get a special role. Check out BirdGamer27!
Basically this is a place where you can come and talk about things that are scary horror fun to be around and we are very welcoming community as long as you read the rules so please come and join us and enjoy this little horror community
Bien le bonjour ami pirate, nous demandons un pour-parler !
Nous représentons la Gazette des Pirates, une petite gazette indépendante à but non lucratif que nous rédigeons par passion.

Cela fait bientôt 3 ans que nous publions une gazette chaque mois, centrée sur un lieu, un groupe ou un personnage phare, le tout sur un ton légèrement humoristique mais avec pour objectif d'apprendre des choses.

Nous avons déjà publiés une trentaine d'éditions et nous avons vocations à grandir.
It was deleted by no known cause, but now it’s BACK, better than ever!

Welcome to Club Classix, a server for classic rock fans all around the world! From the Beatles to Metallica, from U2 to Led Zeppelin, we love them all!

🎸 Looking for partnerships.

🎸 Choose your favorite bands and make friends with fellow fans.
🎸 Get the latest classic rock news from other fans.
🎸 Showcase your record collection, posters, fan art, and your very own songs or poems.
🎸 Discover amazing songs that you might have never heard before.
🎸 Compete in one of our Gamenight events (when we get enough members).
🎸 Music bots are ready to play for you anytime.
🎸 Just chat with people who actually know what you’re talking about.
And more!
And the only requirement to get in is to listen to classic rock!

We hope you enjoy your stay at Club Classix! Rock on!
Whoever likes dog will gonna like this server!
This server we got...

- Get your wished dog be like (roles)
- chat
- post puppy/dog album
- listen to music
- get dog event!
- get important announcements
- Voice chat
- needs to verify (just click the emojis!)
- spamming in the spam chat.
- self promo your discord server.
- Listening to music.
- giving away!
Dies ist der Community-Server von XEfnexX von YouTube. Wir bieten einen eigenen Bot, eine freundliche Community, einen aktiven Owner und vieles mehr! Schaut gerne Mal vorbei!
This a Server dedicated to Eminem and his Fans all abour Em you can find on our Server, join now!
The official server for Spongeyboi. Here you can chat, look at memes, rob people, have fun, etc.
This Server Is For Fans Of My Youtube Channel!

This Is A Place Where All Of My Fans Can Hang Out And Post Funny Memes etc.

The Champions server is a friendly and active football fans community. It provides a spam free chat experience, allowing you to meet new people from around the world and make new friends. In addition to that, we also have rp (roleplay)
We do
➡ Battles between clubs
➡ Auctions
➡ Competitions
➡ Player of the Month,Player of the Week,Golden Boot and Ballon d'or voting.
So join, pick and
Hi there!
RiceCake Is a Server where you can meet people with similar interests like
This is still a small server and Im still adding a few more things to perfect this server in hopes of users having a great time and I hope you enjoy hanging out here and make new friends.

We’ll see you soon!