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A cult for predatory lovers, appreciatative prey, and passive onlookers! Join and be yandere with us!
NOTE: Looking for e-girls to balance the ratio.

Hey 👋

This is Teen Match, an experimental Discord server based on connecting users alike. When you join the server, you will select roles & be redirected to private text & voice channels with users who picked similar roles (after verification), pretty cool right? There is also a global chat while this server grows so you won't have to be alone.

You can e-date, chat, chill, listen to music, whatever you want. Just join the server and you'll be good to go, we hope to see you there 😉
Hello and welcome to Region! We are a teen based server that you can hang out and make friends. We have an active Owner and friendly mods. Everyone is welcome here. Enjoy your stay with us!
Welcome the Naruto Village crash!
Here you can do all shorts of things!
-Custom Jutsus
-Custom Clans
-Custom Kekkei Genkai
-and more Custom items!
-Explore and meet new people
-Friendly Community
-Friendly Staff
-Active Staff
-Come and Hang if u want
-Voice chats
-And so much more! Just come and join!

Become a shinobi that conquers the world with fear and hatred or save the world from the evils beyond imaginary! Become a sage and teaches children your way of peace or power. Be a Jin and be feared by all members of the village but use that chakra to define your future! All the possibilities you can do! It’s infinity possibilities come on down and try all of them out! 🥳
Henlo Poopoos. You look lovely today.
Tis server is a community that's meant to be tight and fun. Come join us for cute things and hugs.

:sparkles: - Anime and Meme Chats

:sparkles: - Mobile Legends and Other Games

:sparkles: - Bots, Pokecord, and Music

:sparkles: - Self Assignable Roles and Ranking System

:sparkles: - Friendly Staff and Community

:sparkles: - Giveaways and Tournaments

:confetti_ball: Everyone is welcome :confetti_ball:

Permanent Server Invite:

We created this discord group to get people from around to world to meet new people & have a good time. Join us, on our journey to create an empire.
[[Four Factions, Four Wishes, One End Goal, Every Gundam and Mobile Suit in a new world, the world of Novum Saeculum]]

A Gundam RP seperate from the canon series, bringing each one together in a new world known as Novum Saeculum

A war of four factions all seeking for the Architect's Key to change the fate of the galaxy each with their own motives

Galactic Union: Seeking the Key as a means to protect their world as is
Legion of Dominus: Wishing to obtain the Key to unlock the past of Anno Domini
Argus: Aiming to obtain the Key to put an end to the war that ravaged their lives
and The Artemis: The ones hunting down the Key to reset the calendar to stop the war

Four end goals, with a long road ahead of them. Who'll obtain the Architects' Key, and who are the Gods Lost to Time?

There is only one way for them to obtain what they so wish;

Chill Family is a place where you can come and hang out with us! We treat each other like family, and welcome you in our beautiful arms!

We are looking for anime/gaming fans to help us create a friendly family community!

We have channels for gaming, anime, music, voice chats, bots and we host giveaways! We are ready to start the journey with you guys <3 (13+)
We love to meet you soon,

Chill Family Team ~

We are a small community, with a cute animal aesthetic, focused on helping others open up and feel like part of our family. We strive to keep our server a positive, family friendly, and welcoming environment. Come make friends and relish the love!

🐾Cute and positive atmosphere
🐾Color and expressive roles
🐾LGBT and furry friendly
🐾Daily hugs and head pats
🐾13+ and SFW
Wanna have your own personal sex slave to tend to your needs?
Or better yet have an owner who will treat you like a princess or the dirty little whore you really are, well you have found the right place.
This is for fantasy inspired roleplay.
Enjoy features like:
► A high fem:male ratio
► Ladies, wanna be mod? Just be active and it's all yours
► ACTIVE VC's and chats
► NSFW Channels and bots
► Self-assignable roles
► The ONLY server that has both, hot-or-not AND smash-or-pass (must be 18 years or older to play), custom casino bot, custom profile and rp bots and more
► A developer-friendly atmosphere that allows for bot testing
► 12k + members
► Offer partnership for other servers to grow with us!
► Memes, memes, and more fucking annoying ass memes
► No fucking rules (obey laws though, idiots)
Hi! We are a literate Roleplay server, with an active mod team and lots of other stuff!
STEP OUT! This is my one and only Stray Kids Fandom Discord Server!

A place where you can:
-> chat,
-> have fun events,
-> listen to music,
-> customize your nickname with Stray Kids' recent and previous concept colours,
-> learn more about Stray Kids' members along with their ships,
-> and get updates on what our boys have been up to.

What makes this server a little different from others, is that we STAY care for each other very much in this server, as a family.

We look forward to you joining this community a.k.a family, and we guarantee that you will have fun here.
Small new server. Mainly for those with mental illness. You can still join if you don't have.
This is a safe place, no judgement
- LGBTQ+ Supportive
- Self-assignable roles & colors
- Music bot
- Bots to play with
- Vent channel
Welcome to the best experience of your life. this server will be filled with epic NON COMPOS MENTIS gamers. This server is relatively new, so help support the gamers and rise up. Liberals welcome.
Welcome to The Losers' Cafe! We have a very friendly server with self-assignable roles and fun people! We're LGBTQ+ friendly!
Welcome to internet rage, a small community striving to be a chill discord were you can come and chat with others and rage. Very small could become bigger.

Lunaris is an Elite high school for the smartest students in Tokyo, Japan! Though, they aren't permitted to leave the school, which is why it has mall, and its own money, which is kept track of on a tablet given to each student. The school is quite strict, and deliquents are quite rare at the school.

We offer:
*A friendly staff
*Humorous community
*Custom roles

I hope you'll enjoy here at our server!
This server is open to Monbebes who are looking for a Monsta X based server! We are also open to all fandoms!
Laid back server for the most part. A server for teens to hang out and meet each other. Pretty chill.
Welcome to The ThrillZone! a place to release your dirty self in and trade Memes! Bad People will be banned! Every gender allowed you can also chill and talk here and just let your emotions go wild <3 ;)