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This is a non-toxic discord server where you can make friends, talk about anime and so on. Please enjoy as I have a lot of confidence this server will grow and become big. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me or any of the admins. Thank You!!!
Bienvenue sur SUPERCIDE sac à merde !

Il y a tout plein de bonnes choses comme des rôles dédiés pour les [email protected], un système d'xp, des memes... je te laisse découvrir le reste !

On cherche des membres actifs pour le rendre putain de grand et beau.
We are a upcoming ROBLOX selling community, we are looking to gain a legitimacy for our platform. We sell cheap robux, stock daily, and have friendly staff. We also host free robux giveaways, and are linked to a roblox based server giving away free robux.
The Black Apples is a server dedicated to using Dank Memer. We have:

- Tips & Hints Channel
- Maxed Out Multipliers
- A Bankrobbing Team
- Earn Money Fast
- Rob and Heist Disabled
- Giveaways
- Other Bots, Including SlotBot
The Luna Spiral is for people who want a diverse, open community and safe spaces to hangout. It's fast-paced, friendly fun for all.
We are interested in server partners, let us know if you're interested!
The Village Hidden in the Hood is a place tolerant of all people. Gays, weebs, dickheads, roleplayers, except of course... furries.
Here’s our national anthem:
Welcome to the cum zone. Only cum inside anime girls. Quivering clit, double-jointed pussy, fresh balls, elegant ejaculation. First the kiss, and then the cum. My dick is in love with pain. Co-op cock torture. Shove my dick into a furnace. Stitch my cock shut. Cum blast me, and make it snappy. Cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum cum.
Greetings fellow humans, this is the Pope Of Hentai speaking...

While writing the Bible Of Hentai, I realized that I should create a palace for weebs and gamers to gather up and have fun in. So I created the Vatican Of Hentai. This is a server where people chill, have fun socializing, aquire hentai images through the various different channels suited to their liking, discuss anime and video games and most importantly I post small paragraphs from the Hentai Bible in its own category with channels so people will know the philosophy of this sacred anime pornography.

What are you waiting for then? Come and join us!

- The Hentai Pope
Thank you for your interest in The Grove! The Grove is a brand new community server which brings together people who have shared hobbies such as gaming, anime, fashion, etc. We have
- Specific game channels for League of Legends, Minecraft, etc.
- A very welcoming community! We'll make sure you don't feel left out.
- Bots such as pokecord and idlerpg
- Tatsumaki level up roles, and special perks with leveling up!
- A separate pg18 chat which you can send nsfw pics in and much more.

We try to accompany everyone who joins! The server is still going through many more changes such as newly added game channels, new events. etc. Come check us out today!
A server for the fans of the meme-lord Youtuber, The Meme Sheep (found at: ) This is his official server! This server is for those of you who enjoy memes, gaming, making friends, meeting new people and having overall fun! Anyone is welcome to join the server. With special roles, events, and the ability to apply for staff, I'm sure that you will love it (: Come check out the server and say 'hello!' It's a safe community for everyone, and we're sure you'll love it <3
RWMS is a right-wing hangout server originally based on the eponymous Google+ community.

We discuss everything from politics and religion to weightlifting and literature with the goal of bettering ourselves and ensuring a better tomorrow for our people while having fun. Hundreds of ranks, roles, emojis, questionable PDFs, power-hungry mods and shitposters screaming into the void await!
we got memes we got vcs we got a dead chat we got an egotistical power hungry owner we got clinical depression we got ethots we got it all just join and u won't regret it unless you do then sucks to be you tbh damn
A server for playing gaming games, talking about random things, sending memes and just hanging out. We also watch or have watched anime so weebs are welcome!
have fun, post memes, laugh, do whatever you want
try not to be too annoying though
❤️❤️This is a chill server, where you can meet new friends and play video games, we would love if you would join, we count ourself as a family do not be rude to any members if you have a problem with it dont talk to them there is always a mute button on discord!❤️❤️
Welcome to The Cloud House
Chilled and fun community filled with gamers and streamers!

-Pick your roles
Custom roles
Color roles
chat roles
social roles
+so much more!!

-Looking for partners, dm Nicore for details (:

-We hope to see you join, a new fast growing server where all are welcome, hope you drop by
Сервер EGAMING ищет настоящих геймеров которые никогда не сдаются! EGAMING Но и на этом сервере не только Геймеры но и опытные люди, Много чего интересного можете завести общение с любым из нашего отряда EGAMING Наш сервер Не даст заскучать этот сервер оснащен всем чем только можно куча классных ролей хороший Актив а также прикольные боты таких как MEE6,Mashiro,GiveAway и т.д! Заходи не скучай ;) Недавно было Глобальное обновление подробности в Новостях Сервера! Так могу сказать что добавили роли сбалансировали привилегии и добавили возможность узнать Ютубер ты или нет тоесть YouTube/Proof и YouTube/no Proof Заходи и все узнаешь сам )
HI and welcome to Degenerates !

- On this server we are a gaming Community with Rainbow Six 6 and Fortnite being our two most played games, We feature a weekly event called Top Contributor.
- Some of our channels consist of NSFW (18+ warning) , Fortnite dedicated and Rainbow Six dedicated, with memes, general and more! We are always looking for suggestions and ways of improvement! :heartbunny~1:

We hope you come join us today!
👑 We are the Hentai Gods 👑

What We Offer:
✅Nice Community
✅Great Owner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
✅15+ Hentai Categories
✅10+ IRL NSFW categories.
✅10 NSFW Bots
✅300+ members

Looking for active members!
⬇️ Join us here: ⬇️
A new baby server, welcome to everybody and all types of humor.
Send memes, have questionable conversations, and play around with our bots and emotes!
Voice chat server --- 18+ only! Anyone welcome. No illegal activity and follow discords rules and you'll be okay! This server is for meeting new people and building lasting online friendships.
We are a positive upbeat community. We are looking for new members. Our server has a variety of features.
★ Self-roles such as sports, interests.
★ Open server suggestions channel
★ Friendly community
★ Events: karaoke night, or movie night.
★ Fun music bots
★ Partnerships always open
★ Constant server updates
★ A memes channel
★ Vc channels
★ 40+ self roles to choose
★ YouTube and twitch advertising
★ A lot of cool server bots
Come join us. We hope to see you see you. 😁

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this discord is owned by a YouTuber named 'Grqy' primarily making Minecraft Videos. This discord is also a community for people to hangout and play games/meet people etc. !