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♡ Welcome to CHIRUKŌNĀ ♡

We're a welcoming community that is just looking for nice people to have a good time with

We have:

-Self assignable roles;

-A custom bot for whatever color you want to have;

-Active staff members;

-A lot of bots so you can have fun with everyone
Hey you! We’re a new server looking for new members and staff come take a look! Ily
Just trying to be a central hub for all things Anime to Manga and everything in between! Join if you feel like it, new comers are always welcome!
The interests here are memes, gaming, vibing, and coffee! We've got radio VCs, gaming rooms, vibing chats, and the Anime Soul Card game!
PCMC is a casually political compass themed community centered around our state of the art Minecraft server. A fair dose of genuine ideological discussion can be found amidst our generally more laid back meme and Minecraft based ecosystem.

Discord features:
-regular movie streams
-community game nights
-suggestion and feedback polls
-politically diverse community
-standardized moderation

Minecraft features:
-well optimized Java 1.16.3
-Towny Advanced with improved wars
-well developed server economy
-PvP arena and working casino
-our own community run server host
⚡ ┃ Voi’s Cord┃⚡

💬・Multiple Text & Voice Channels.
🤖・Amazing Bot Commands.
✨・Friendly Staff and Members.
👀・Over 150+ emotes to use
💎・Perks for Nitro Boosters.
🤝・And 24/7 Partnerships.

we have unique emotes and server commands open to everyone!
we also have a self promo channels and self roles to pick up!
additional server booster perks have been added too, we’re level 2 boosted!!!

we are a fun sfw server thats very active !! we have different bots, game nights, vcs, and other things <3
come join is !!
Multiverse is an amazing Discord Community, we're currently aiming further to be one of the biggest communities with; Giveaways, Events and a fun community.

...einer der größten Community-Server im deutschsprachigen Raum!

Wir sind eine lustige und durchgeknallte Community. Wenn du gerne neue Leute kennenlernst bist du bei uns richtig! Egal ob du jemanden zum Zocken suchst oder einfach nur quatschen willst. Komm doch einfach vorbei!

- Einer der größten deutschen Discord-Server
- Eigens entwickelter Bot um neue Leute kennenzulernen
- Eigener großer Minecraft-Server
- Regelmäßige Giveaways und Gewinnspiele
- Lerne neue Leute kennen und finde Freunde!
- Viele selbst erstellte coole Emojis
- Viele Selfroles
- Musik Bot und XP-Level-System
- 16+
play like hell
free to join
huge server with free rewards and co-operation
join our trusted and a friendly gaming server
And u can literally do anything
Hello everyone! Welcome to Among The Gamers! We are a 15+ discord server that is focused on gaming and making friends. When joining the server we have an introduce yourself tab to get to know everyone, suggestions to make the server better, custom emojis, and custom roles for games and Among Us. The following games we play are:
-Among us
-Dead by Daylight
-Fall Guys
We look forward to you joining our awesome community!!!
Catering for every type of Discord member that exist, anything from casual to competitive gaming, chatrooms for different topics and even music and meme channels. So what are you waiting for, hop in and join the fun!
Welcome to ARKoholics Anonymous!

Our cluster settings start with 5x base rates (However, there are in-game XP/Harvest Rate Increase Kits available in the #📝ark-shop that can give you 15x or 30x). We have also included many popular mods. However, many of the mod items and structures are only accessible via the in-game #📝ark-shop.

In this way, a player will need to collect and spend shop points wisely, and each players base will most likely have some #📝ark-shop items other players did not purchase.

Currently, resources and dinos will not be offered in the in-game #📝ark-shop .
Players will need to hunt for their breed lines and search for their resources, staying true to the fundamentals of playing Ark.

Shop Rewards & Stats
Automated Ark 3
Dino Storage v2
Naj's Speedy Flyers
Solo Farm
Structures Plus
Super Spyglass
Tek Armory Cabinet
Offline Guard System (36 hours protection)
New Player Protection (72 hours or level 100)

6 player tribes - No alliances
5x XP/Farming base
20x Taming
15x Breeding, Egg Hatch and Mature Speed
2 day Tribute timer
We are an esports rocket league team seeking players that are Diamond II - Grand Champ. Join Now!
Welcome to our Discord Server. This is a gaming community, if you're looking for new people to play with then be sure to join us!
💜 Hi Welcome to The Vibez for On this server we have a good
welcomeing community and we're friendly ✋ for and a few other things! ⚡This Server is mainly for gaming and good Vibes🌍 Come and join us and become part of The VibeZ❤
Come Mello out with us at The Mello Corner
~We have many things to do!
Like the Gaming Basement, we play, discuss, and explore games!
~We have Weeb School! We discuss manga/anime, fan theories, and we watch anime!
~We also have the Art Studio! You can post art, and have discussion about art, and give out art tutorials, you can also become a verified commissioner if you want to make arts for others!
~We are lgbt friendly!
~We have many emojis!
~Friendly and understanding staff!
And much more to come!
╔═══ ..·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.. ═══╗
𝘑𝘰𝘪𝘯 𝘊𝘰𝘻𝘺 𝘊𝘰𝘴𝘮𝘰𝘴!
If you're looking for a chill Among Us gaming group, want to chat, send memes, or find a gaming community with the interests of your choosing, you're welcome here!

✧・゚: ✧・゚: We have :・゚✧:・゚✧

☆ A custom bot
☆ A bot to host and ping for Among Us and games
☆ Customize your nickname color
☆ Pronoun role customization
☆ Voice chats (Also specific Among Us lobbies!)
☆ A party games channel for games like, Town of Salem, or Jackbox
☆ A custom survival Minecraft server
☆ Welcoming and kind staff
☆ LGBTQ+ friendly
☆ Custom Emotes
☆ Space puns
╚═══ ..·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.. ═══╝
🍫 - Hershey's Official Discord Server - 🍫

Hello gamers! Are you bored, got nothing to do? Looking for a server to communicate with and hangout with other members? Then we got you covered! Because in here we offer 🔽
• 🌐 500+ Amazing Members
• 💬 Semi-Active and Friendly Community!
• 👷 Friendly Staff
• 📜 Tons of fun channels to explore
• 📈 Lots of Level Roles
• 🎉 Occasionally Giveaways
• 💎 Level one boosting!
• 📅 Weekly Events with Special Prizes
• 🎥 I do contents such as YouTube & Twitch!
• 📋 Application Openings & More!
• ⚔️ Monthly Challenges to compete for mystery prizes!
What are you waiting for? Come join and be a part of this nation today!!
New server that needs people we have a bunch of text channels for different things and VC's 16-18+ only (: