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Sharingan - 写輪眼 is a server for discussing anime, gaming and other topics. There are Naruto emotes and quality looking voice chats. Although, it is considered an anime server, there are discussions about various games such as league of legends and player unknown battlegrounds.
Friendly lewd server with end to end encryption for the privacy conscious lewder. It takes a little more effort to get in than other servers, but we're well worth the investment. Ask for help getting into to the lewd channels if you need it.
We host a wide selection of channels tailored to a variety of tastes. Whether you're into tentacles or traps, furry or futa, loli or shota, it has a home here. We even have sections for full doujins and SFW/NSFW roleplay.
Outright illegal content will get you reported to the lolice, so be good!
Welcome to Shinobi Rising, a free upcoming naruto inspired mmo where you can explore, fight bosses, partake in event and have intense pvp/pve. get trapped in the naruto universe. We are a fun community where you can talk about anime, find a group on shinobi strikers/recruit clan members and have fun. Connect with others! join to chill, grow, make friends. Super fun community where you can be yourself!
The Cozy Vault is Ukrainian gaming and pixel-art community with rich history and a lot of memes. Our promo :
Hey there!

We are a small, friendly server who is about gaming and hanging out!

Not actually a dating server, the tag was just taking the piss out of most of the servers here

We’re trying to get the server a bit bigger, so try to stay a while and give it a chance
🔥Приглашаем Вас на русскоязычный сервер Darkness, полный игровой тематики и не только!🔥
У нас есть отборный прон, хентай, годное музло и тащеры. Все токсики будут или уже в бане :)
Розыгрыши на деньги, шмот, скины и подпольное казино.
Только у нас ты узнаешь как открыть в 12 лет свою наркосеть или основать новый бизнес.
In unserer Gruppe ist jeder herzlichst Willkommen, der Spaß am zocken hat und sich gerne mit anderen darüber austauscht. Werde Teil unserer verrückten Community und diskutiere mit uns. :D
[German Discord Server | Deutscher Discord Server].

ihr sucht nach einer offenen und lustigen Community? Dann seid ihr hier genau richtig.

Kommt einfach rauf und macht euch selbst ein Bild von uns :D

Wir hören uns im Channel
⊱✿ Deutsche Anime und Gaming Community (1400+ Member).

Was wir dir bei uns bieten:

⊱✿ Einen aktiven Support und eine freundliche Community.
⊱✿ Server-Events (Movie Nights, Pen & Paper und mehr!)
⊱✿ Regelmäßige Gewinnspiele.
⊱✿ Rollen- und Levelsystem.
⊱✿ Musik- und Funbots.
⊱✿ Süße Emotes.

Wir freuen uns auf dich! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚
Welcome to the Sinners Hangout!
We have friendly staff and frequent applications for staff
A leveling up system
Multiple different roles that can give access to different channels
A growing number of custom emojis you can use
I'll see you there
Welcome to the 13-18 Club! All members in the age of 13-18 welcome! If you are +18 and you have good behaviour, you are also allowed to join.

No pedophiles tolerated. If found, banned permanent.
Welcome to Little Garden,

This server is meant for everyone to talk to each other about common interests, play games together and most importantly to have fun together. Don't forget to read the rules. Enjoy your stay while you are in our server and feel free to ask anything to a staff member if you have questions.
Wir sind ein Deutschsprachiger Gamingserver. Wir haben eine nette Community, welche viele Spiele spielt. Wir freuen uns über jedes neue Mitglied.
Hey everyone welcome to our server. This server is for anything you want and if you need help contact and admin we hope you enjoy and remember you can do anything the rules let you in are server
Se volete condividere le vostre passioni e hobby, siete nel posto giusto, anche se siete degli sfigati e emarginati della società! Qui non avrete paura di essere voi stessi !
Welcome to Frosty Meadows!

We are a chill and friendly server aiming to create a community which everyone is comfortable to participate in. No need to add a big description and brag about our server, you are more than welcome to pop by for yourself and check us out as we are looking for more new members to join us!

We’re also not too strict on rules so if you're looking for a flexible server, this is the right place for you! We also are looking to grow to be a more active server since it gets a bit quiet around here, so feel free!
welcome to DOWNTOWN! a friendly server to make friends, meet future lovers and to hang out with people of the same interests!
here, we offer an lgbt+ friendly community, anime lovers and gamers! here's what he have to offer!

☼ friendly owner and staff, always there to answer questions to fulfill your requests!

☼ users 15 and above, meaning you are going to be accepted if you are below the age of 15!

☼ giveaways and contests! from artwork to poems to even random drawings! prizes may vary!

☼ organized channels to fulfill your every need!
Hello, to who ever is reading this. This is a tiny community with friendly people, Some of them are horny and some are just flat out weird. Friendly and fun staff we also provide you with
░▒▓█►─═ self roles
░▒▓█►─═ Movie nights
░▒▓█►─═ 2:1 male to female ratio
░▒▓█►─═ Giveaways
░▒▓█►─═ Fun bots
One more thing, We're looking for staff
Just some chill shit, come smoke wit us and like idk do some shit lmao
Welcome to the bonk community!
We are a new community!
friendly, active server!
looking for new bonk players!
no NSFW.
voice channels!
New growing server trying to expand. Everyone in the server is pretty chill so if you need a new hangout spot this might just be the place for you. We have a bit of bots to entertain members. All we ask is you to read the rules and follow them. Otherwise enjoy!!!!! -Look forward to seeing you there.
✨Things we provide for the community!
🌺Hentai & Nudes/Porn what people really want Adult Content
🌺New friends to interact and talk & Bots for fun conversations
🌺Serious Conversations & Fun Humor
🌺Sharing things you have in common with others
🌺Own Server Currency, by doing server activities
🌺Interact with people from all Ages & Countries
🌺Silly activities to keep you occupied

⭐What to Expect from this server!

🌹Friendly Environment with a Active Community
🌹Event Calendar organized for Monthly Events
🌹Anti Spam methods to keep conversations healthy
🌹Content Creators are supported and Partnership
This is a hell hole where you can meet new people and chat and make friends or even date (✿ ♥‿♥) We have a wonderful community of people to talk to. You can hangout and talk about whatever you want. We don’t judge hope you join and stay in this server! 💕
G’day mate THIS IS A SMEXY ASS SERVER. Join this nice ass server full of great people. We love memes,anime, gaming and more cool stuff. We will be having events and other cool stuff. Hangout and make new friends here. Hope ya join.