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⋆ Quickly Growing Server
⋆ Very Low Moderation
⋆ Mediocre Looking E-girls
⋆ Custom Roles and VCs
⋆ Looking for PMs/Staff
⋆ Nitro Giveaways
⋆ 15+
minimal rules
low cooldown bots
1mil join currency
chill community
experienced staff
early join roles/perms
hiring partnership managers
🌸 Anime Roomies 🌸

• A friendly community where everyone is welcome ! 👋

• Talk in chatrooms, share media such as food, memes, art, manga links and NSFW content .
* ( NSFW content can be shared only in the NSFW channel ) *

• Meet new friends and hang out in voice chats, listen to music, play games together and have fun !

• We will constantly try to improve and bring fun events where everyone can be a part of it.

• Any advice for the server is welcome and I'll do my best to review it .

• Join and become one of the roomies ! (IM NOT PAYING THE RENT THO !)
Hello! 💕
This is a newly made server by me, Haru!
Join in for some friends.
13-19 only! ⚠️⚠️
-- Welcome to the Anime and Manga Club --

- This server is for making friend and dating

- This is a 13+ server

- We have a decent amount of bots to use and have fun with

- We have gaming discussions as well

- We hope to see you there!
The Chill Den is a dating server, a fun place to hangout, + a way to meet new people and strike up conversations! Everyone is welcome here!

Unser Server trägt den Namen "Karafuru", was auf japanisch "bunt" heißt. Unser Ziel war es ein Server zu erschaffen, welcher vielseitig ist und in dem man einfach sich selbst sein kann. Weirdos sind also herzlich willkommen :D🌼

🌠Unser Server bietet:

- Mudae Bot
- Pokécord
- Rollen ab einem bestimmten Level
- Freundliche Admins, auf die ihr jederzeit zukommen könnt ^-^

... Und noch vieles mehr! Findet es doch selbst heraus ✨!

Wir haben viel Arbeit in den Server gesteckt und hoffen, dass er euch gefallen wird! Wir sind auch offen für Verbesserungsvorschläge, da wir ja noch ein recht kleiner Server sind, also nur zu! Her damit! 🌼

Unsere Gesprächsthemen umfassen Anime, Manga, bisschen Gaming, aber vor allem auch ganz viel normales Zeugs ^^ Wir sind jedem tolerant gegenüber 💐

Uff, jetzt hab ich aber sehr viel erzählt, kommt doch einfach auf eine Tasse Earl Grey Tee vorbei, und lasst uns zusammen Spaß haben 🍵!

Noch eine WICHTIGE Info zum Schluss!...
...Wenn ihr unserem Server joint, müsst ihr bei "role-assign" eine Rolle wählen, um bei Server Aktivitäten teilhaben zu können. Ich hoffe es ist was für euch dabei! ^^ Aber jetzt wirklich.. Sayōnara!🌷


🍵 ➢ Chill and non-toxic

🔨 ➢ Medium Moderated

🎰 ➢ Popular game bots

💜 ➢ Level 1 Boosted

🎉 ➢ Server events

📋 ➢ And many more features

Join us now!!
This is the official server for ItzMarcoNation! Whether you need to find teammates to play with, want to chill, advertise, or mess around with tons of bots, this has it all. With over 50 roles, 50 channels, 200 emotes, and a great group of friendly people, we would love for you to join us!
The Soundscape is a music server where musicians can connect and collaborate with each other! You can also use our server as an outlet to share your music and grow your fanbase! You can also hop on the server just to have a discussion about music! We are working on server competitions, where the winner will win a monetary prize! If you want to better connect with the music community hop on the server!
Trevor's Chill Out Zone is a server where people will have fun, communicate with each other, and more! We have memes, chats, music, and more!
Do you like chilling with the homies? 😳 Do you like talking about weird shit? 😳🌶️ Then we all must be soulmates because that's exactly what we offer. 😍🍞 We are a quality cursed community server looking to gain active members to come hangout with us and have a 😎 v e r y 😎 cool and good time. 😫 Come join us and chat about anything and everything. If you don't... 👺

Here is some of the stuff we offer:
∆~ High-tier premium cursed images in cursed dedicated channels (moderated to prevent cringe memes in the cursed channels 🤢🤮).
∆~ Active and chill staff and owners (we don't care what you do for the most part)
∆~ The B E S T homies to chat with any time of day or night (I literally never sleep pls 😳)
∆~ Open minded people, so come talk about whatever the hell you want (🦾👀)
∆~ Lots of custom emojis 🌶️🌶️🌶️
∆~ Hoes (i... Don't worry about it 🍤)
∆~ Movie nights with the homies 😎👀

We believe in tough love, but don't be fooled... 🤤 We will pet you ever so softly and adopt you like a herd of mother cats in a furniture outlet store. 🐅🛋️ We are here to have fun and hopefully you'll come have fun with us. Unless? Jk you wouldn't dare read this and then not join... unless.....? 😡
✦ ActivatePvP | Classic Factions ✦
Upcoming Classic Factions server in development!!

➥ Completely based on skill

➥ Bosses, envoys, masks & more!!

➥ Custom plugins (⇧) & Builds

➥ Grind 2 Win 💪

➥ No PvP ruining custom enchants

➥ Vanilla enchants

➥ Old-school trapping

Help us grow! (created 5/26/20)
Welcome to Luna Lake! With expansive scenery and welcoming residents, it sure is a great place to come and hang out! We offer lots of cute emotes, a supportive environment to hang out and have some fun and much much more! We'd love to have you! 💛

this server is very new and small, so why not join and help it grow? we have fun bots, self roles, color roles, emojis, and more! in this server you can talk about your hobbies, make friends, listen to music, or just chill!

im still setting some stuff up, so if you have any suggestions please tell me! also since this server is still new, i'm looking for admins!

My name is corrupt. This is a hangout and Nitro Giveaway server! We play many games like ROBLOX, Minecraft, Fortnite, Etc. I am also a YouTuber, my YouTube channel is ArticzCorrupt.
Junta-te à nossa comunidade sempre em crescimento para conversares sobre tudo o que faça parte do mundo geek (entre outros tópicos) e conseguires participar nos diversos e variados eventos que organizamos! Somos uma comunidade acolhedora que te fará sentir à vontade num instante, só pedimos que sigas as regras!
✨Hello future friends!!✨
❤️Why not take a moment to skip all these other boring servers and look at ours!❤️
🧡We have have plenty to offer in this server, such as:🧡
「—✩LGBT friendly people!✩—」
「—✩Different fandoms!✩—」
「—✩And much more!!✩—」
Welcome! This a One-Piece focused community but we also welcome all of anime in general! We are a relaxed community where you can meet people and make new friends. This is what we offer:
• Chill and relaxed community
• General discussions on regards to one piece and we provide on time leaks and news!
• Anime in general is welcome and western shows!
• Gaming, Memes and art channels to share your passion here!
• Come join us! We will have a blast! 😊.
Hey ho, wir sind LuSnow.

LuSnow war Ende 2019 ein relativ großer Server mit vielen Mitgliedern die auch aktiv waren, doch die Ownerin hatte kein Motivation mehr diesen Server zu führen und hat ihn gelöscht.

DOCH jetzt macht sie einen Neustart und hofft auf neue Mitglieder und natürlich auch auf alte Mitglieder.

Also falls du Interesse hast, oder sogar ein altes Mitglied bist, dann bist du hier bei uns herzlich willkommen!

Mach es dir bequem und trink einen Tee, du bekommst natürlich auch Kekse dazu!