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~ 𝕿 𝖍 𝖊 𝕿 𝖗 𝖆 𝖕 𝖍 𝖔 𝖚 𝖘 𝖊 ~
We're a growing community so if you join and it's inactive, please be patient!
▬ New
▬ Self-Assigning Roles
▬ Friendly Community
▬ Looking For Staff
▬ Music Bots
▬ Memes/Shitpost
~Enjoy Your Stay!~
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✧・゚: ✧・゚: Over 700 Members :・゚✧:・゚✧

✧・゚: ✧・゚: Nitro Boost Level 1 :・゚✧:・゚✧
✧☽ Self Roles and colors!
✧☽ Introductions/Selfies channel
✧☽ Flirting channel!
✧☽ 1:1 Male to female ratio
✧☽ Memes of course
✧☽ Aesthetics!
✧☽ Music, memes, etc!
✧☽ Fun bots! (Waifubot, Tatsumaki, Pokecord, Manataro, Akinator, etc)
✧☽ Active voice channels almost 24/7
✧☽ Extremely active chat
✧☽ Fun events! (Some are NITRO GIVEAWAYS)
✧☽ :star2: NITRO GIVEAWAYS!! :star2:
✧☽ Cool emotes for you Nitro subs! (100 Emotes total!!)
✧☽ Active and fun community!
✧☽ Partnerships!
✧☽ Friendly Staff and Owners!

Hi there!!❤❤ This is a chill and fun peer support server focused on serious depression along with respectful and friendly interactions without any judgement! A place where you can smile behind the screen feeling good filled with joy and love. We have high moderation and a PG-13 main chat so you can feel safe.
Hey everyone! We are Overforced. Who are we? We are a server who's main goal is to pair up good, non-toxic players with each other across all the various Overwatch ranks and platforms while maintaining a level of freedom and flexibility to allow players to can't commit to a consistent schedule to group up with other people and play comp. We are also creating a on-discord database of learning articles and videos for people to learn from. We also have a couple GM coaches and are always looking to expand our pool of players.

We are a cross-platform, cross-continent group, this means we have people on PSN, XBL, and and players on both the EU, AUS, and NA servers."

All admin's, all coaches, and all captains are Volunteers who are here for the love of the game.

🍒 『RAT PACK』 🍒


Do you want to join a new rat-infested server!
Well you’ve come to the right place!


* .*・。゚We also partner with other servers!.*・。゚
(DM a @Mice Manager for a partnership)


🍑 ꧁ We can offer: ꧂ 🍑

♡ ⋆A ton of rats⋆
♡ ⋆A friendly community⋆
♡ ⋆(We’re LGBTQ+ friendly)⋆
♡ ⋆Fun events⋆
♡ ⋆Self assignable roles⋆
♡ ⋆Tons of fun bots⋆
♡ ⋆Catch pokémon ~~and waifus~~ with us!⋆
♡ ⋆Memes⋆


* .*・。゚Judge free zone. Every pest is welcome!.*・。゚

✩ Welcome to Astrum, a Discord community server - a place for all the people from around the world to communicate and most importantly, have fun!

✩ Leaderboard <3
✩ Looking for staff!
✩ LGBTQ+ friendly
✩ Currency system

And so much more...!
Our server is about Animal Jam The Forgotten Desert. We hold fun events, have group roles for your designated team, and we're accepting of all! We have reaction roles, and channels unrelated to AJ such as #other-games, #art (and other art related channels), and bot channels!
Our server allows swearing, so anyone who is 13+ and is not okay with that please be aware.
We also are completely accepting of LGBTQ members and our pronoun roles are set to "select multiple" for any non-binary folk.

Come and join for awesome Animal Jam fun!
Heyo! This is the Art community server!
We offer a fun, and loving community, and cover most of the art spectrum!

We offer many things, such as:
-Reaction Roles
-Summerly Revamps based on the suggestions YOU give!
-Promotion of youtube channels
-Level roles
-And more!

You can come to show off your skills, and receive or give feedback whenever!

The sky has no limits when it comes to your art. I hope you join us, because we will all have some FUN!


We have revamped many things, hopefully if you have joined before, you could give this another go?
We are a good community full of good people. We know that there are more delicate people out there in the world so we want to find people who are delicate to build up our server
Aetherverse RP needs YOU to continue growing as both a welcome community and awesome server! We have:

- Loyal and dedicated mod team with lots of experience
- Little regulations or rules on who you can RP (and not many character limits)
- Endless opportunities to make new friends and develop your characters and factions
- Much MUCH more!

Join an open world experience like never before, and begin your journey in the grand Aether today!
Hello there! Welcome to the SURP Wiki, a roleplaying server dedicated to Steven Universe! We're a friendly, welcoming community, and we're always in search of new users!
☆━━━Welcome to ALilBitSmore!━━━★
This is a positive environment and we strive to be completely wholesome and be the most respectful place on Discord. "Thank you...for gracing my life with your lovely presence, for adding sweet measure of your soul to my existence."
-We Love You<3

☆▬▬▬☆𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐄 𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐔𝐒★▬▬▬★
💕 『Wholesome』Don't be a shy cutie, we all love each other. Hugs&Kisses
💕 『Self-assignable roles』We got cute and lovely roles for you
💕 『Leveled ranks』The more you type, the higher your rank will be!
💕 『Fun bots』We have bots like Rythm, Dank Memer and OwO!
💕 『Cute emojis』We have some very cute emojis for you to try out! Pft, you don't need discord nitro.
If you ever feel like your lonely or depressed, talk to us!

Staff is here to make sure you are safe and comfortable

Thank you for checking out our server!
Spread Your Smile!
P.S- we are looking for active members please

In this dating series that uses modern technology to help people find love, 18-plus single men and women try to find their perfect mates.

Anyone can go home with anyone. All genders and sexualities are accepted.

If all of the singles are able to match up with partners, they share 1 million dollars and walk away with a potential partner for life.

——— ✦ ———

__**Are You The One? is a matchmaking/dating rp based on the MTV show and the Bachelor.**__


⇛ literate roleplay that supports a well-developed story arcs and complex character development
⇛ supportive, helpful staff who are often around and eager to help out
⇛ a friendly, encouraging community
⇛ all species are allowed
⇛ activity checks
⇛ challenges and events
⇛ LGBT+ friendly, with options for a variety of gender identities, sexualities and romantic orientations
⇛ lurker roles for anyone just wanting to hang and talk :)

——— ✦ ———

**💕Come one, come all! Meet your match today!💕**

——— ✦ ———
Nice & Active Community ❤ 24/7 VC ✦ Relaxed Atmosphere ✦ NSFW ✦ Meet New People ✦ Custom Bots & AI ✦ And more!
This is a dating server, however it’s not limited to dating. This is a place to make friends, gain new experiences and meet people all over the world! There’s many things that set Smitten apart from other dating servers. Our main focus is the community and bringing everyone together regardless of race, gender, religion, sexuality, and culture. We have our own exclusive bots with fun commands, custom emotes, and much more!
welcome to our server! this is a diverse community and is welcome to all! it's a chill and social server and very welcome to talk to new people. we do not promote toxicity and keep the community friendly:)! this is a 15+ server*!

Here's what we offer
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Multiple channels to talk in and plenty of bots to have fun with.
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Helpful and nice staff.
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Events!
˚₊· ͟͟͞➳❥ Active voice and text chat!
A place to advertise your discord servers
Sections to advertise twitch stream, youtube twitter, instagram, professional services...and more!
Weekly Steam giveaways and other rewards!
Just a server to make some friends and chill out I guess
Growing community with a subreddit.
Hail Kermit and Fuck pepe.

Hello everyone!!
So without all the intro and stuff this server is basically for everything you want it to be like kpop, memes, singing, dating and chilling it's basically for everything we are very chill and cool join us!!
It's a 15+ server
We offer ::
- Nitro and games giveaways
- Many chats
- Many active ppl
- Assignable roles
- Color roles
- Alot of bots
I mean just join!! You won't regret it... <3
what the frick frack diddly dack pattywack snick snack crack pack slack mack quarterback crackerjack biofeedback backtrack thumbtack sidetrack

*descends down to you from the sky and pulls out a receipt* the universe owes you shrek juice, thirty bucks and a cheese danish

hey you
are you a loser?
you should join chips hq
(pls join we're lonely)

Chips HQ is a lgbtq+ friendly server // 24h moderation // **14 y/o and up // we only speak spangladesh (english bc we suck) // we're more rad than your dad
Epic Art is a small community art server with friendly and welcoming members! We allow any form of art from digital art up to even sculpting and writing! We encourage you to keep trying to improve your art and show us your latest art pieces <3 Non artists are welcomed too!

Currently we have:
♥ Several self assignable roles (more to come later!)~~
♥ Color roles to select from!~~
♥ Many art channels to fit your form of artwork~~
♥ This is a SFW server, so all art should be PG~~
♥ Custom emotes in the making! You can suggest an emote to add as well!~~
♥ Commission and adoptable channels are available for those who want to offer commissions or adopts!~~
♥ A friendly community! We just like to chill B)~~
♥ An exclusive bot for the server known as NexoBot!~~

Verification is needed at the start of the server, all you need to do is the read through the rules and it'll show how to be verified.

I hope you join us and come chill with us too <3

We are a community wishing to spend our time talking about languages and learning new ones along our path.

Founded by a group of people sharing a common passion, that is, the love for languages and linguistics, we shall be delighted to have you among us if this would be the case for you as well.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay with us and that you'll learn a few things in our company!