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Come and join this amazing fun discord server
😊super fun and friendly
👍active staff
🤣memes and much more
❤active text channels and gaming vcs
you wont regret joining it ; we are trying to grow and id appreciate if youd join
This is a server where you can interact with other users and chill, this is mainly a gaming server with friendly people
Sian after your final exams?

Come on into [email protected], a place for Singaporean youth and the youth-at-heart to gather, bond and make new friends!

With a variety of bots (like Dank Memer and Mudae) and events (including weekly movie livestreams) for the benefit of members, its aim is to foster close-knit group(s) of friends from varying backgrounds and circumstances.
┊┊┊┊ ➶ 🍄。˚ ✧    *    ·𑁦
┊┊┊✧ ⁺    ⁺  °⚬
┊┊ . ° 🍃 ͎. 。˚ °   𐄁 *
┊┊ 🧸.                           。𐄙
┊ ➶ 。˚   °
*.🌻          *    ·

┌ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─ ─:
˙˖‧꒷꒦˚₊‧ ୨୧ ;welcome to paradise~

🌿🧺✧₊˚. what we offer༄

・an aesthetic, cottagecore theme
・a wide range of bots
・many self and color roles
・completely sfw
・games and giveaways
・safe, non toxic community
︶꒷꒦˚ഒ ⊹ ‧₊†‧˚ ꒷꒦˚︶︶꒦꒷︶꒷꒦꒷˚₊†‧₊˚

:(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭ ⋅₊˚・;notes~

・always hiring pms!
・discrimination will not be tolerated
・mod apps opening at 200 members!
・movie nights every saturday at 9pm GMT!
╰ ꒷꒦ ✦ ୧ ⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂⠂୨୧ ╯
Sup :p 0nE is a server for making friends. It's minimum age is 14 and the maximum is 17! We are LGBT friendly and we do not condone pedophilia in any way shape or form, racism, homophobic bullying is not tolerated here. This server is for the depressos who are just lookin for some friends.
Ples Feel free to join and enjoy your stay! :ppp
We are Team Alpha

We are recruiting skilled Apex players across the globe including you! We are also looking to grow on YouTube. We are a small server at the moment but hope to get bigger everyday!
At the moment we can offer fun bots, sponsors and coupon codes.

We are looking for:
-Competitive & Casual Players
-Streamers & Content Creators

Requirements For Comp
-800+ Lifetime Kills
-50+ Lifetime Wins
Casual players have no requirements.

Please be 14+ years old, English is preferred and be both an active member and be kind & respectful. Feel free to DM Yuri#3060 for more info or to partner as a clan, or if you wish to do clan wars.
Dm for more info!
Welcome to the Secret Society BLANKET

We are a relaxed environment where everyone is welcome

We have channels which include but are not limited to;
- Music channels
- General chat
- Roleplay
- Promotion
- Anime group watch rooms

Come and join us for lovely people and forge new friendships

We look forward to meeting you
We want people to play, do homework, chill and make friends with us. WERE NEW AT THIS!
- To find common interests <3
- To keep the server alive.
- Make friends
- Play Games
- Napping with friends :P
- We will be open minded to any of your suggestions, to make the server grow along with you :3
HEY! If you play or want to play literally anything, this is the server to call home. Here, you can find other gamers to play with or learn new tips and tricks. You can play w/ co-op partners, discover new games, or just lay back and enjoy the chao- I mean fun 😁. Come check it out!
Welcome to Deemo! A friendly hang out place with active memebers! There's tons of bots to play with, and people to talk/game with as well. We're always accepting server partners!
Hey guys!!
Whats up? Getting bored in your house with your everyday life? Wanna read something amazing? Here is a chance for you. WeComics server is an official comic server. We also have an app known us WeComics on Play Store. In our app we have thousands of cool comics and amazing novels. Everyone is this server is super cool and chilled. What genre do you like? Vampire, Historical, Urban, One-shot; we have a chat room for every genres. Discuss your favourite comics with other like minded people and have fun with our super cools bots. Please remember this we are very strict with our rules and you have to respect others. This is totally an English Server and can have loads of fun with other guys.

So, make it a bit more amazing with your presence.
Your presence will surely make the server more better for sure.
✮》We have our server boosted
✮》With many gaming and music bots
✮》Many chilled people from all over the world
✮》And many rooms for you guys to talk with other people

this a chill hangout server ig play games a lot obvi and do fun shit like . Yeah. come join !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blossom Countryside ❤

(\ (\
(„• ֊ •„)
╭━━O━O━━━━━━━━━━━ ╮
│ Welcome to... │
│ Blossom CountrySide │

🌼 · 🌼 · 🌼 · 🌼 · 🌼 · 🌼 · 🌼

❝ Welcome to Blossom Countryside, where all your dreams will come true ❞

What we offer࿔₊•

✎ Official Blossom Countryside Bots .˚ › ♡

✎ Kind and Welcoming Staff .˚ › ♡

✎ Personal Moderator Training from Admins .˚ › ♡

✎ Weekly Questions .˚ › ♡

✎ SFW Community .˚ › ♡

✎ Accepting any and all fandoms .˚ › ♡

✎ Venting/Ranting Channels to blow off steam .˚ › ♡

✎ Everyone here is 100% valid, no matter how you act .˚ › ♡

╭┈─────── ೄྀ࿐ ˊˎ-
╰┈─➤ ❝ Server Goals❞
❀┊100+ Members
❀┊Activate Level 3
❀┊A fun loving and peaceful community
Don't be shy, join us!
꒰🌿💐 ꒱ؘ ࿐ ࿔*:・゚
∘ ──────♡༉────── ∘
Vibez Hangout is a server accepting of everyone, regardless of your situation we welcome you. We are a chill server and we talk about everything. (Please keep in mind we just opened up the server)
.. 魂 ៸៸ comfi!<3

🎀a non-toxic, wholesome, free space server!
⨯ cute community!, friendly members & staff<3

🌺 chats & channel for everyone!
⨯ anime, non english, debates & more<3

💕 minimalistic, anime-aesthetic server!
⨯ clean layout!, cute emotes<3
- - - - - - - ୨୧ - - - - - - -
this is a place to hang out, we are just short of 45 members and we are looking to grow, enjoy :)
⊹₊ ⋆— Rawr's Bizarre Discord Server ꜜ

♡ᵎ﹕ fun channels

♡ᵎ﹕ friendly community

♡ᵎ﹕ partnerships

♡ᵎ﹕ seasonal server themes

♡ᵎ﹕ and much more...

꒰⋆⑅˚₊・come and join our wonderful community

Toi la ! oui toi , tu a entre 0 et 200 ans ce serveur et donc fait pour toi !
Nous t'accueillons dans notre serveur .
Ici tu trouveras diverses choses :

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Des jeux , des évènement , des anime ( pour les intéresser ) !
- Une communauté gentille , respectueuse !
- Diverses salon ( tu peut toujours proposer de rajouter des salon ! )
- Un staff a l'écoute ! qui t'aidera toujours !
- Des salon de jeux-vidéo si sa intéresse certains ou certaines
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
- Le serveur a pour buts de s'amuser et que tout le monde puisse bien ce sentir donc , les idée viennent pas que des staff mes de tout le serveur même des membre !
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Le serveur est tout nouveaux venez nous aider a l'améliorer !
Donc voila c'est quelque point sur notre serveur qui se compose de 3 fondateur qui sont meilleur amie !
nous t'attendons avec impatience !

"communauté super accueillante pas comme dans les autre serveur ;-;"
This is Vibe Zone, there is music, anime/manga disscussion, we play all types of games and there's nsfw for all the hornys out there, we also have a chess server where we host chess tournaments for roles
Welcome to‧₊˚༉ ⊂꒰꒱๑ The Owl House ‧₊˚ , this is the rebirth of the old owl house server people came to know and love! After the previous disappearance of the owl house server, this server was born with some familiar faces for staff! Within this we offer you:

- An open, safe space to talk on all SFW topics
- An LGBTQ+ friendly community that is also tailored to ToH.
- A place where you can share your art and interests as well as thoughts on ToH.
- Milestone Giveaways, community competitions (In the near future).
- A working Coven system!
- A ToH based roleplaying area, where you can create your own OC to roam the boiling isles.
- Active staff that will listen if there are ever issues.

Feel free to join now and we look forward to having you!