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somos un server de pokemon ven entrenate aqui para ser el mejor maestro pokemon de toda la historia no solo tnemos eso sabes tambien hay mas cosas ven y descubrelas por ti mismo
JoJo's Bizarre Roleplay: The Lonely Island takes place in a world inspired by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a manga series illustrated and written by Hirohiko Araki. The setting is present day Earth (Year 2020) and is mostly identical to our current world, but an incredible event occurred during the year 2000, one that changed the face of the Earth forever and revealed the existence of Stand, Hamon and Spin users to the world. Since then, a gigantic man made island had been created near the edge of the Bermuda Triangle. An island known as The Lonely Island, where users trained in the arts of Stands and obscure martial arts compete with each other in a highly competitive environment where your Ranking on the ladder is your lifeline to remain on the island. It is a land of competition and fame as people compete with one other in tournaments, challenges and games as they strive to climb the food chain of the place and become kings of The Lonely Island.
we are a multi fandom server including heavily fandomed games and animes
We love fnaf, anime, and anything related to creativity!
We got a pokecord, and many people to communicate with :)

Join if you enjoy communication, fun, and never ending pokemon Joy!! :D
HVM(Hunters Of The Violet Moon)


Welcome to The World of Caztiin

This is an RPG/RP Server with tons of Development potential for your Character as well as glorious in-game Rewards!

Take part in Role-plays throughout the many Lore Rich Cities and Locations!

Join a Guild! Or even Submit your own! You can discover new dangers as well as become the strongest in those factions!

If that isn't your thing! Then take up a Job as a Store Owner, Blacksmith, or even run for Mayor for a Town!

Discuss, ask Questions, and interact with the HVM Community! We would love to add you to our Ranks!


~Staff Heavily Needed~

Server Managers~ Less Needed!

Dungeon Masters/Game Masters~ Extremely Needed!

Somos una comunidad activa de habla hispana, nos dedicamos a jugar juegos varios, en los que hablamos y conocemos a gente nueva. Aquí hay gente de todas las edades. Unete!
Discord Anime Community from Indonesia , The Best Anime Community & Entertainment Media for an Otaku People. Discussion of Anime, Manga & Games! Almost Every Day, 10.000+ Members Already Joined !

1.▹ English - Bahasa - Malay Chat/Voice Speaking.
2.▹ Events & Contest Every Week - Month.
3.▹ AMV , Fanart from Professional Artists.
4.▹ Live Podcast , Music , Radio on Stage for Talented People.
5.▹ Sharing & Discussion of Anime :
- Anime
- Manga
- Lightnovel
- Picture & Video
- Latests Episodes

Professional Artist , Content Creator , Talented People , dan 10.000+ Member bermacam2 Profesi telah bergabung. Komunitas Discord Server ini untuk Hiburan & Kreatifitas , dan menciptakan Lingkungan Pertemanan , Keluarga yang sehat, menjauhi dari noda Buruk Negatif yang sangat sering terjadi di seluruh Komunitas Discord.

Ayo kita mencari Teman dan saling membagi pengetahuan ilmu & koneksi dengan satu sama lain.
Welcome to New Orian!

New Orian is a vast and beautiful city located on the eastern coast of the Imperial States of North America (ISNA). New Orian is not only the most populous city within the Imperial States of North America; it's the most technologically advanced and developed in the world. This city is the epicenter of the ISNA's infamous feats abroad, during the Syndicalist menace back in 1982, and all three world wars.

Despite this city's extensive, and blood-filled history, it's now some of the most peaceful, prosperous cities that many people flock too all over the world. Here in this city, there are plenty of opportunities- whether you aspire to become a beautiful model, being apart of a blockbuster film, or maybe create a business empire; Maybe you're a little more modest, and you're all but a mere university student, still youthful and naive, or a hardened veteran of the dark, unforgiving world. Whatever your goals and past may be, just know New Orian will be the city to jumpstart your fortitude!

I speak on behalf of the other owners of this server.
Thank you very much for considering this server. As a brand new server, we appreciate you joining and staying with us on our journey.
When you join, expect to have a great experience!

What our Sever Offers:
- A realistic real-world experience, involving both national, international, and
local events!
- Weather forecasts!
- A interesting lore in an alternate world.
- Color roles!
- Semi-Literate/Literate roleplaying, 3+ lines
- Well Organized Channels.
- Great, flexible, and easy-going staff! Please don't be so stiff around us, be
who you are~
- Organized Events!
One More Toast is a Bungou Stray Dogs based OC roleplay!

-Welcoming Community
-Friendly Staff
-LGBTQ+ Friendly
-Fun Bots
-Self Assigned Roles

and more!
Sürekli aktif büyümekte olan bir kitleye sahip sohbet muhabbet maksatlı içinde düzenli interaktif oyunlar oynanan bir discord sunucusudur kurallar sunucumuzda mevcuttur tamamen saygılı ve her bağlamda bilgi paylaşımı yapılan bir platformdur.
Welcome to the Golden Hangout! Here you can make friends, mess around with bots, and talk about almost anything!
In this club we try to give you the best vibes and the chillest lounge you could find on discord, we try (and think we do a good job at it) to make the chat seem like a welcoming place where you dont need to be afraid to say Hi!
~What we have~
-A comfortable and nice chat loung :3
-Places to share your interests with others
-A pretty good vibe :>
-A wonderful and active group of members
-And finally a dedicated and nice Owner

If you do join now i hope you get all the things listed above and enjoy your time
⇆✯Welcome to Bed Sheets!✯⇄
✧ Here you can come hang out in, find your love, or just vibe.
We have:
⌲ Friendly Staff!
⌲ Dating
⌲ Amazing community
⌲ LGBT friendly
We hope you join~ <3 (We are reviving the server!)
Welcome to yet another school year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
Amongst you are your yearmates Lily Evans, Severus Snape, James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, Marlene Mckinnon and many more.
We have a well structured server with lots of love and a safe place everyone is welcome here!
Welcome to Teen Hangouts!
We're a fun chill SFW teen hangout/dating server aged 13-17 only.
╔═════ ════╗
What we offer:
‣ Self roles
‣ Dating
‣ 13-17 Teen community
‣ Hangout
‣ Anime
‣ Active members
‣ Server Partnering
‣ Bot raid protection
‣ Chatting
‣ Gaming
And more!
╚═════ ══ ══ ══ ════╝
This server is not for larpers, or role players, this is for people who want to further their psychic abilities
𝒫𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒸𝑒𝓉𝑜𝓃 𝒜𝒸𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓂𝓎

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

Hello, and welcome to Princeton Academy!

Princeton Academy was first established in the 1990s by a rich family who wanted to make a change. The founder of the Academy, Christopher Princeton, had a vision for the making of the Academy. He wanted it to be special for people across the welcoming community. Soon enough, the Academy was a hit and everybody loved it! But, as all lives begin, all lives end. Sadly, Princeton passed away. Some say due to his old age he peacefully passed away in his sleep but no one was for certain that was the actual cause.

It is now 2020 and the Academy is still quite popular. Known for the welcoming community which allows all cultures, sexualities, identities, and economic finances. People all across the country have transferred to Princeton Academy because of the academics they provide. It is one of the top-paying universities in the world, being the most recommended academy for students.

Princeton Academy is truly like a home away from home.

。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆  。・::・゚★,。・::・゚☆

Please note that we are a brand new server and are still working out the fine lines. If you join now, you will help us increase the growth of the server! <3

We do not accept one liners! We try to have this server semi-literate so the reply options are endless. If you're a one liner and don't think you're capable of writing 4-5 rp lines, this server isn't for you!

Things we offer;

· Simple lore that's easy to follow along.
· LGBT+ friendly.
· Fun bots.
· Voice chat.
· Easy rules to follow.
· Semi-literature rp lines.
· Many different rp channels to choose from.
· Partnerships! (DM the owner if interested).
· An active, friendly staff team that will answer any questions you may have.

𝒾𝓃𝓋𝒾𝓉𝑒 𝓁𝒾𝓃𝓀:

˚꒰ Created 2/14/2020 ˚ˑ ͎·˚
🌐*** fαłłeи Community ***🌐

fαłłeи is a Gaming Community for finding new Friends, have fun with Bots or Chill and hear Music.

💠 485 Emotes for you to use.
💠 Invite Rewards
💠 Alot of Different Giveaways (Spotify , Discord Nitro and more)
💠 Reaction Roles
💠 Tons of different Ranks to reach.
💠 Custom Roles / Private Channels
💠 Economy System / Mining Bot / Pokemon Bot

***Join now:***


Discord Vape is the premier discord server for all things vape related. Just getting started? Not sure which device best suits you? Need advice on setting up your RTA/RDA? All vapers are welcome from pods to pros. Drop the cancer sticks and get yourself a healthier nic fix. Must be at least 18+ years of age to join.


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Server quality
It's a good server, very friendly and all together a great server. 👌👌👌 The mafia roles are a great way, very choosable
hace 65 días
Elcatman Elcatman
A lovely, safe place
This place is wonderful to explore the kinkier side of your life, safely and with a guiding hand. I jumped into this server looking for emojis and found several new friends and a side of me I didn't know existed. It's a good way to spend your time on Discord and learn new things. 1200/10 would join again, if I could!
hace 66 días
『Koleko』 『Koleko』
A great place for fans of Trigun, or even fans anime and manga as a whole, to chat about all sorts of things.
A little less than half a year ago, I finished trigun's anime adaptation. Usually, after finishing a series I just tell my friends about it, watch a few youtube videos and then forget about it after a while. Trigun was different. Very different. I wanted to talk about it with other people. My first thought was that there had to be a discord that focuses on trigun, so I went on this site, and I looked up trigun. The first result was a server called “TriCord”. I joined it, and I was met with warm welcomes. Ever since then, I’ve enjoyed TriCord and all the people on it. They’ve given me a safe place to talk about not only trigun, but pretty much any anime, manga or franchise I wanted to. It’s also been a safe place to talk about personal struggles, and issues I’ve had in my life. TriCord isn’t just a place to talk about trigun. If I said that, I’d be a liar. It’s a place to talk with people about the things you care about. But you know, mainly trigun.
hace 100 días
Andyyy Andyyy
Friendly, all welcome!
Friendly, non judgemental server, owners make everyone feel welcome! "I've never seen so many hot young femboys doing all sorts of naughty things in one place before 😳"
hace 125 días
3 3
MayDay MayDay
Yo wolf did a clean job with what I wanted! Defiantly will come back for more, didn’t take long at all. Give them a shot won’t regret it!
hace 129 días
BoozerSwine BoozerSwine
An Epic Reveiw
I May own the server
but I think it's good so 5 stars
so basically join an I will become happy
hace 167 días
GB.. GB..
Lovely community
It’s perfect a little semi active but very active for an shinobi origin server/village
hace 187 días
3 4
Sexually Frustrated Lady Marian Sexually Frustrated Lady Marian
Great Server, Even For Those Not Affiliated With Beastars
The server is great and well put together. It's small currently, but the owner works hard to keep it nice!
hace 189 días
1 16
spookyWallace spookyWallace
People are always saying this server is bad it's not true!
When I first joined this server I had the intention of annoying as many people as possible but once I actually met the friendly staff and the community of members who actually cared about the server that idea of being annoying disappeared! I've seen reviews saying that the staff "abuse power" and stupid things like that and that is not true, I have only seen the staff punishing players as fit to thier behavior. So ignore all the false reviews and just join the server for yourself! 🙂
hace 228 días
Joshshocked Joshshocked
Very nice server with nice bots and nice channels! love it! happy to see it growing!
hace 286 días
atm atm
Great Community
I love Discord Critters because I am always kept up to date with new things happening with Box Critters. I enjoy watching this new game and community grow!
hace 408 días
Float Float
Good community and admins.
Good channels titles.
hace 567 días