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Welcome to Baki's Dark Place an immensely appealing and enjoyable place for people who are into socializing and having some fun!
Once you enter the server, make sure to select your roles and discover the rules.
We offer an enormous range of things in the server including:

+ Many active and friendly people
+ Anti-Raid Protected
+ Multiple bots
+ Self-assignable roles
+ Experienced and active staff
+ Memes
+ Lots of games
+ Roleplay
+ Art
+ Pokecord
+ Anime
+ Pictures
+ Polls
+ Quotes
+ Stories
+ Music
+ Voice chat

Join this wonderful server right now and have a nice stay!
Hey! We are an art server.

I’m an amateur artist myself so I’m hoping we can build a community where we can all learn from each other’s talent. The server is just starting out so I will be seeking staff soon as well as new bots to make the place more comfy. :)
This is a chill server to hangout in and make new friends. We allow all types of people. If you like video games, music, and anime you have to join us.
Hello, I am the owner of NP. I and the staff encourage you to join as we are a growing community, open to debates and civil, casual discussions about society such as politics, religion, news, world events, current crises, you name it!
We'd love to have you in the server. Enjoy!
-| Weed Know |- İkinci kere açılan sunucudur.
İlk sunucu sohbet ve +18 idi.Bazı sebeplerden dolayı kapandı.
Öncelikle biz çoluk çocuk istemiyoruz.Burası bir sohbet,eğlence,aile sunucusudur.Hem oyun oynayacağız,hem dertleşeceğiz hem de sohbet edeceğiz. SUNUCU YAŞ SINIRI +17
Welcome to Modding Zone!
The cheapest recovery you can get for your money.

We are a Professional Discord Server which sells GTA 5 online modded accounts and money drops. We offer a full-fledge recovery with modded outfits modded guns modded money and RP for 6$. We one of the cheapest if not the cheapest legit sellers you can find.

What do we have to offer?
➣ Free Money Drops
➣ Fast Support
➣ Very Cheap Modded Accounts
➣ Many Text Channels And Voice Channels
➣ Giveaways
➣ Voice Chats
➣ Custom Emojis
➣ Unlocks
➣ 600m Cash (7$)
➣ Safe Stats
➣ Modded Cars
➣ Modded Guns
➣ Modded Outfits
➣ Levels 1 - 600
➣ And tons more for just 7$ paypal.
If you want to join and get a cheap modded account for 7$ respond to this already just say, "no thanks".
We hope to see you in our community!
♡ A server themed on an anime and vocaloid series:
Mekakucity Actors/Kagerou Project.
♡ We often chat about life and hobbies,
everyone is welcome!
♡ This is also a server to make friends, meet artists/music lovers.
Anime, KPOP, pets, and music is included.
We have a lot of emojis too!
Also, we may even try doing singing collabs/covers (:
We provide many more, come hang out with us!! 🐍
♡ Want to suggest a common bot we should add? Tell us in the server!
The desire of this Destiny 2 community is to have a Discord server that will bring an enjoyable experience to the community as a whole and a place to welcome all new lights, making it a place for everyone to find the guides they need and to team up with other guardians.
The discord server includes:
Guides to almost everything related to the game
LFG for PC players
This is a server I created because I have no friends, but what I do have is autism. Yes it was created for technically selfish purposes, but I hope some of you that join can have a good time in this hell anyway. This is really just a kinda chill server where you don't have to worry too much about what you say. As long as you're not starting drama, of course. Racial slurs are allowed, however only ironically. You're good as long as you're not harassing the shit out of someome with them. We accept people from the LGBQT community, but we are also accepting of people who like to make fun of that community, and people who have genuine criticisms about it. Just don't start any shit as I've said too many times. That's all I have to say about this shitty server. Please feel free to DM me, I need friends I'm a fucking loser. Also, tell me if you live in Michigan, you will get a Michigang role. The server will be very inactive right now, but how's it gonna get any more active if nobody joins?
This server is an RP server, and we are gathering participants for an Original Character Tournament, themed after Fire Emblem and other RPG games.
We have an expansive class system with lots of depth being added, and loads of customization for your character.
Our mods are friendly, ranking up is easy, and submitting a character is simple and streamlined.
Join our ranks and become a part of the tournament!
╚» latency ☽ • «╝

✦-—•Features •—-✦

εїз ☽ | - 1:1 ratio!

εїз ☽ | - Emotes for nitro users!

εїз ☽ | - Few rules and low moderation!

εїз ☽ | - Socializing!

Permanent Invite:

⭐💜Multi-purpose Server💙⭐
✨Age 16+ Members Only🌙

✨Self-assign roles/Nickname role colors🌙

✨Gaming discussions of all kind🌙

✨Friendly members🌙

✨100 emotes (level 1 nitro boosted)🌙

✨Final Fantasy🌙

✨Kingdom Hearts🌙

✨Music sharing. (General Music Genres/Kpop/BTS)🌙

✨Fanfiction/Fanart sharing🌙

✨Anime Fans🌙

✨Philosophy/Dream sharing🌙
⭐💙Hope you join us💜⭐
Chill & Active Community ❤ Anime ⭐ Social ⭐ 24/7 VC ⭐ Gaming ⭐ Relaxed Atmosphere ⭐ Meet New People ⭐ Custom Bots ⭐ 500 emoji's ⭐ And more!
Hello!! My gf and I have recently got back into homestuck so we wanted to make a *16+ LGBTQ+ only* community server!! We just wanna make friends and talk about / roleplay this ugly comic we all love, that’s all! so come on in and join us!
Welcome to Zanovia 拉麵

We are a small community that strives to be a safe, positive, comfortable place for everyone! We want to give nothing but happiness to everyone who join, even if you're here for a short time. This server was made to bring a comfortable, positive-vibe, to all, or if you're in need of a place to feel welcome!

This server forbids any kind of negativity, drama, or toxicity, so you don't have anything to worry about.
476 years ago the five kingdoms lived in peace, trading and working to build up strong. Though soon, a dispute between the Elves and Dwarfs caused a war between the factions, The Humans sided with the Elves as the Orcs Sided with the Dwarfs and all hell broke loose between them and eventually they broke into 5 kingdoms. Ravenbourg, the Kingdom of the Elves. Zorstov, the Kingdom of the Dwarfs. Yurstun, The Kingdom of the Humans. Baronscork, The Kingdom of the Orcs. Sirikus, The Kingdom Of All.

They clashed for centuries with trillions of casualties on all sides. The temporary peace came 10 years ago, now it seems war will break out again.

The ERP is allowed but is for the Brothel rooms. But there is an NSFW room for most to enjoy


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73,426 reseñas en total

Vallithia Vallithia
Great family for littles and caregivers
I love this server! I am a lil/pet/switch.....and they accepted me with open arms! I can be who I am with out being judged. They have a great mix of little stuff... petplay.... and bdsm for all the spectrums.... I really do enjoy this server alot... especially movie nights!!! ill bring more coloring books next time!!
trickstxr trickstxr
fantastically open server
This server is a blast to talk in, people are open and super friendly and staff have a good hand on the server
Tylerrr Tylerrr
Good server
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
good server and hella custom plugins.
Vanished Vanished
Best Balkans server on Discord.
It's just the best one. Join and see for yourself. It has amazing members, staff, the owner is kind, respectful and sexy.
8 4
Rika Rika
Friendly and helpful community
It's the best server I have ever been in. I could write an entire paragraph to try and explain why, or you could join and see for yourself.
6 5
spooky spooky
I love the server :)
Tots7 Tots7
Could be better
So, I was looking for a smash server and found this. Despite all of the bad reviews, I decided to join. I know I've only been in for like about 10 minutes, but I feel like it shouldn't have all of these negative 1 or 2 star reviews. It does loose a couple of stars though because of the amount of slurs there are. They say it freedom of speech, but that doesn't really excuse slurs, even if they aren't used in a bad intention. Other then that, it's a decent server and I the mods aren't as rude as other people have mentioned. I personally am not offended by slurs as much as some other people, but I still feel like it was necessary to mention it. The general chat happened to be listed as NSFW, and I feel like there should be one where people under 18 can casually talk without being bombarded with slurs and controversial topics.

(This is also my first review, so please excuse me if it's a little bad)
кσzισłєк ツ кσzισłєк ツ
Bardzo Fajny serwer Comunity
Szczerze można powiedzieć ze serwer ma potencjał. Ktos na pewno sie znajdzie do rozmowy. Prawie 24/7 sa jakies chetne osoby aktywne
Pozdrawiam Bettera i calą administracje
Anonoymas100101101 Anonoymas100101101
It is a great server and i am happy to be a part of the staff. We are working on it though, there are a few things to do with the server but other than that it is a great place to be.
Angel Baby Angel Baby
So Sweet
I've never seen a more ddlg/ddlc etc accepting server ever. The staff are very nice and very sweet people. I'd recommend this server ❤️
Felis Shirimasen Felis Shirimasen
I may be biased, but...
Hello. As the owner and operator of this server I would like to be the first review. I put lots of hard work and dedication into my server to make the people that are a part of it happy. That is my goal. To make people happy. We do not discriminate or anything like that. I make sure of it. Thank you for your time. And good day
1 1
BrOkEnStAr BrOkEnStAr
everyone here is chill as fuck and we love to be funny peenies