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Hello!! We are an artists community that are accepting of others and their art!! We respect each other, have civil conversation, show our art, and try to help each other out when we need it!! We hope that you consider joining our server and have a fun time in the artist community!!
——To Join——
• You have to be ages 13-22, we do not accept any younger or older
• You must be an artist, including photographers, writers, and musicians.
We have the following:
-Color Roles
-Regular roles (gender/ping roles)
-Many Discussion and Art channels
-Art Events
Clubs host mini events and do art battles.
-Movie Nights
-Dungeon and Dragons
-Rythm Bot
A bot that plays music while in a certain audio channel.
-Pokecord Bot
A bot that allows you to catch pokemon via discord!
-IdleRPG Bot
A bot that allows you to go on adventures, gain money, and marry other players.
-Mee6 Bot
A bot that allows you to level up and notifies you of when YouTubers post.
👋 Hello, and welcome to Hagiwara School for Girls! 👋

🎫 Although the school is entitled to provide for the female sex, the school has, strangely enough, opened it's doors to males, also. This first school year is welcoming both males and females between the ages of 13 and 16. 🎫

⚾️ The Hagiwara School for Girls is incredibly competitive in their sporting sections. Currently, their primary sport is Baseball, a rather Western sport, but one that is found to be enjoyed by the students and prized internationally. Alternatively, there are plenty of clubs opening up as the school year starts! Swimming clubs, to Archery clubs, to Football clubs! ⚾️

⭐️ Transfer students are being accepted from other countries! Despite the Hagiwara School for Girls being positioned in a port town fairly close to Tokyo, the doors are wide open to international students who wish to study at this steady school. Teachers are certainly needed, as the server progresses. Be sure to join and ask an Admin if you'd like to apply as a Teacher.⭐️

🏆 Come now, don't be late for your first day! 🏆
das ist der offizielle Server der Chucky-Army:

Ein voller Discord über Gaming!!
-Clash Royale
-Dead by Daylight
-Rocket League
-und viele mehr.
Wir gehen auf die Mitglieder ein und Erfüllen bzgl Spiel Wünsche eure Begierden.
Wenn dich das Interesse geweckt hat, dann tritt uns doch bei ^^

Tritt doch der Chucky Army bei:

Euer Chucky
We’re a Roblox group that enjoys PvP, especially in the game Loomian Legacy. We do frequent events and can help you get better at whatever you want to do Pokémon related. We play the game Loomian Legacy primarily, but we also do Pokémon Showdown tournaments.
In this server, we take the place of the Boruto generation. We are here to have fun and just play as our own characters. Have fun and when you join please be friendly!
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Updated as of 06/23/19 *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Hello and welcome to the wonderful region of Kalos. Here, you'll begin your journey into the vast region, encountering many Pokemon and Trainers alike. Just as those before you, for many years now, your character will start their journey in Vaniville Town to meet with one of the four unique Professors you won't find anywhere else. Each lab is different, but will provide the same result, your trainer recieving their very first Pokemon. Unlike in the past, you can recieve just about any Pokemon as a starter, in their first stage of course, through a weekly updated list of all the different Types.

We may have died out for a bit here, but we're back and with more channels and things to do than before and we're ready to bring this place back to life!

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* What We Offer *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

❤Active and Friendly staff
❤Fun and unique Pokemon events
❤A wide selection of Pokemon to choose from for starters
❤A relaxing and self-paced roleplay experience
❤Level Rank Benefits
❤A new look, along with more channels to allow for more creativity
❤Showdown battles with NPCs and other Trainers
❤Monthly Tournaments
❤Literate Members

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Lore *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

A hundred years have passed, and the multi-regional land is thriving and bustling with as much style as ever. Team Flare has been disbanded completely, and during the aftermath of their ultimate weapon and news of other Teams throughout the neighboring regions, it's been decided that there'll be a registration period for any prospective Trainers: Fifteen years old to nineteen years old, after taking on five years of Trainer School. Once they gain that registration, they may head over to Vaniville Town, where they'll meet one of the four unique Professors that have chosen to set up their homey, yet stylish labs, exteriors befitting of the quaint settlement.
We're community that has a private source of botnet! We're hosting giveaway too [Premium Spotify accounts, Hulu, Netflix etc...].
You can ask us anything, and we'll response when we know it!
Join the best community!
An active, artist-based discord server with a close community of just a WHOLE lot of worms.
We hope you can gain lots of new friends here, and maybe even improve on your abilities as an artist!

We have:
- Self assignable roles
- Worms
- Daily prompts for each month
- Friendly and determined staff
- Worms
- A non-discriminatory and lgbt-accepting environment
- Critique and artist-specific channels
- Lotsa cat emojis
- Worms
And last but not least....
- More worms!!!!

Join us now!
Welcome To Trading Lounge We Are A Growing Discord Server, Our Server Consists Of Trading, Buying, Or Selling Fortnite Accounts I Hope To See You Soon :) -D3VIL
Hello there Im B-L-t-e-r remember that name cuz that name is the admin that will ban your ass if your scamming also a quick side note we do giveaways for some Og accounts None if that random account bullshit we show you what’s in store
Tu cherches à venir t'amuser et ne plus t'ennuyer ?
Rejoins, ce serveur il est fait pour toi, entre dans ce monde mystérieux qui n'attend plus que toi !
•Brand new community server for gamers.
•Looking for a group for a video game? Look no further.
•Make new friends
•Post memes etc!
I currently am looking for staff.
It's an old city, I can tell you that. The Palace of Kings is ancient. It's not the friendliest for outsiders. The Dark Elves were all forced to live in the slum called the Gray Quarter. The Argonians can't even live in the walls. They're all stuck out on the docks. Still, Candlehearth Hall's got decent food and cheap bunks. You could do worse
This is Derpy Dimensions and it includes many awesome things
This fantastic server includes:

- Splatoon, Smash Bros, and Pokemon Chat Rooms and News!
- Best Admins!
- Fun Tournaments!
- Cool Emotes!
- A Unique Ranking System!
- Waluigi!
- And Many More Awesome Things!

So what are you doing here?
You should have Derpy Dimensions on your server list!
Including great Members, Staff, and People!
United Furry Fandom.
~Another server where furries can make new friends.
~Mainly always active even though we've jufst recently started it.
~Small but hoping to grow slowly.
~Just be yourself and we'll be happy to have you
~Rp allowed
~Furry supporters are welcome too

So please come join us. We welcome you with open arms
Welcome To Kills All Day We Are A Pubg Mobile Clan And We Alwas Win Read The Rules And Have Fun
We're an older server looking for new people after a very long time of not accepting any.
We have
-Great people-
-Enough staff-
-Near nightly music-
-Free Bugattis-
Please come join us as and keep us thriving!

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Star ⭐ Star ⭐
it’s pretty chill
The place is pretty chill, we do our best to keep the place the as friendly as possible to all fandoms while maintaining harmony throughout the kingdom. I highly recommend the experience.
KnoxKat KnoxKat
It's good, but
I joined Validation Station (better known as VS) on February 4th 2019, a lot has changed since I did arrive but all in all it's still a good server. It needs some improvement, if you're looking for a server in which you can talk about anything, this might not be the place for you. There's a whole trigger list which in and of it self isn't bad, but few things that are on there are a bit weird. (You can look at it yourself

What they can do to improve the server:
1, Get triggers from their list like the trigger "pink hair" or names.
2, Less choice is sometimes more, maybe get rid of channels not being used.
3, wait a little before redirecting people to different channels.

FYI: they also use the PluralKit bot for people with MPD.

But overall a good server, has fun people, good community, a bad member here and there but you can expect that with 450+ people on a server tbh.
A pretty darn great server, there is an excessive amount of detail poured into every location and the players work with it perfectly. Couldn't recommend more, especially to those who enjoy a welcoming community and a diverse range of characters.
TechBlaze TechBlaze
Best discord server of all time.
I'm the owner of Disciples of Christ and I'm reviewing my own server just to get a higher rating. I've officially hit rock bottom. I should probably do this with my alts too....but anyway I hope you enjoy the server if you decide to join! (also yes I'm actually this sarcastic sorry if I drive you insane)
Esix Esix
Fun and Dank af
DANK MEMES is home to tons of diversity in members and the content posted in it. DANK MEMES has greatly improved in terms of moderation and our members are actually respectable now. I'm an admin myself, and I try my best to make being a member enjoyable.
なおみ なおみ
They give me a leason and that so fun
I like this server <3
Dont forget to join this server

Pd: im Indonesia ppl, btw
I cant speak English
I cant speak japan
But i can speak Indonesia :v
3 1
CitrusPie CitrusPie
Don't. Even. Join. This. Server.
Look, I know, this server looks cool, but you can't guess what happened there. The community is full of toxic people. I once chatted in this server to get some video ideas for my YouTube channel, and the people were really disrespectful to me! Did you know what happened to 2 of their allies; Seikatsu and Divinity? Seikatsu got raided and while the server had thousands of people, the member count dropped to 500-400s. When it comes to Divinity, someone literally named it "Jake is Autistic"(Jake is the owner of Divinity) and raided it! There was once a giveaway in Finesse, this server, and you needed to rate this server 5 stars to enter! Now, I know why they did that. They wanted us to cover the reality to make no one learn it. The didn't listen to the community. In 2 words, they were: greedy dirtbags. Don't let them pull you out to just not make you learn this server's secret. Don't let them manipulate your opinions just to make their server look "awesome" and "cool". Don't let them gain more power and reputation. And to do these, don't. Ever. Join. This. Server.
sonsoflucis sonsoflucis
amazingly inclusive.
i never feel judged here. always protected and safe. tons of emotes too and channels for everything imaginable.
Kenedi Kenedi
Really nice community!!
Lara_Muffin Lara_Muffin
Die Königen spricht
Der Server hat viele komische Menschen drauf aber wenn du die erst mal kennenlernst merkst du das sie alle ziemlich freundlich sind. Wir alle behandeln uns wie eine große Familie und freuen uns wenn wir ein neues Familienmitglied bekommen. ^^
Tranquilise Tranquilise
Inclusive, loving and friendly
At Her Majesty's Pleasure is a place where you can have relaxing conversation, a bit of fun and share your love for female dominance. It's very inclusive and people are very willing to talk with you about anything. I would highly recommend this server, if you're at all interested in female dominance, cute lewds and a whole heap of fun.
Bringing back the camaraderie
Stumbled upon this awesome group of guys and gals who were primarily on PS4 and we convinced them to broaden their horizons to the much better XBOX platform. Have been helping found this division of SMi for a little bit now and I couldn't be happier! The group of people we have are just amazing! We are trying to bring back the camaraderie and family to the gaming community. Come see what we are all about!