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L'établissement Beauxbâtons, Ecole de Sorcellerie et tout les membres de notre serveur avons le plaisir de vous informer que vous bénéficiez d’ores et déjà d’une inscription dans notre école. Vous trouverez-ci joint le lien pour rejoindre notre serveur discord nécessaire au bon déroulement de votre scolarité.

Nous attendons votre hibou avec impatience !

De nombreux postes de professeurs sont aussi à pourvoir, si certains d’entre-vous sont des experts en la matière, Beauxbâtons se fera un plaisir de les accueillir en son sein.
Are you looking for a nice server which welcomes everyone? Well, look no futher! We are Tokyo Night, a chill community server themed around anime. We want the server to be a hub for developing your interests and hobbies, sharing your creations, as well as finding new friends and over all having a good time! We also host weekly events which range from anime watch-alongs to gaming events. We hope to see you soon!

(We are also strong supporters of cute anime girls.)
This is a community server for everyone to socialize and chill. Our primary goal is to create a environment where you feel welcome and happy to interact with other people. We have a 24/7 Staff Team ready to assist you at anytime, we work hard, game hard & get shit done. I hope to see you stop by and become apart of our community!
Welcome to TheFactoryLounge!
Where you chill and chat with people
There's alot of activities that you all wanted!
- Anime-manga
- Self-promotions
- Lots of fun bots
- Assign Roles
- Amazing Events and Giveaways
- alot of Ranks to get
To Be Determined is a new general hangout server with no real purpose but to meet new people and make friends.

We have channels for all sorts of hobbies and creative endeavours, where you can chat with people about those interests. Or you can just hang out in general and chat with our community!

We're entirely apolitical, meaning no political discussion is allowed on the discord. We want our community to be a positive place where people can just relax and hang out, and in our experience politics only fosters negativity.

We wish our community to become a place that people can come to relax, away from the hassles of the world, with a group of people that's welcoming and pleasant to be around.

We hope to see you in chat! Though if you wish to simply lurk until your comfortable talking we won't mind, we understand that many people will want to do that. :3
A place for people with things on their mind
You may have found us searching for a help server. What are we?

We're a hangout place for people needing somewhere to talk about what's on their chest - whether that's loneliness, conditions, disorders, or just anything. Feel free to explore the channels and meet some people, and remember to be considerate of others. Please note that we are not professionals. We can talk and help each other.
We're an old server that has recently been revised and opened to the public, we accept all furries and non-furries, come join the nation and enjoy its multiple channels
Welcome to TheChillLounge! (NEW)
where you can chat with friends and have fun with all fun activities you wanted! Join now and invite your friends!

● Self-advertise
● Dating
● Role Assign
● Anime Manga
● Rank, Mantaro Credits, and Pacs giveaways!
● Gaming
● UnbelievaBoat, Pokecord, Mantaro and more fun bots!
Project U est un serveur SchoolRP classique. Vous êtes dans une université. Profs, élèves, adultes, tous les types sont permis.
En espérant vous voir bientôt ! ^^
One year after the events of Future Soldier, the world is finally peace and quiet until a week ago Bodark Forces raided a lab and stole a possible WMD and other bad news, we got a mercenary group codename the Company have been selling U.S Military Grade hardware and other things to terrorist groups we have no idea where it is or where their going to use we also have no idea who's leading them, but what we do know that the Group For Specialized Tactics Codenamed Ghosts and your one of the members and it's your to you and your allies to stop them.
Good luck Ghost.
We're Ready to partner with any server
A storm has struck the lands causing a fire in Timberclan that has burned their once group forest down to ash blowing in the wind. Streamclan are trapped in a string of murders and grief. From Quaildust to Tigerheart. Nightclan's past leader Hawkstar has left the young Skystar in command of the clan. A she-cat not even 20 moons yet. The clan is dived between accepting the young leader and questioning her skill in the role. Breezeclan exiled the young Hickorypaw who has now returned as Hickorystar with a clan at his back to worship the Dark Forest with each passing day they grow stronger. The Tribe of Warm Sunlight was just attacked by the deadly rogue group from the mountains, the Blood Tusks. Those lucky to have survived the battle are hidden deep in the cracks of the cave. Over in the Tribe of Broken Antler things are relatively peaceful as the cats creep into the shadows of the Antler Rocks to connect with the great cats from before. What secrets will they unlock?

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Clans similar to the original, 1 New very different clan, 2 new clans on the way. One modern tribe + one ancient tribe. 1 deadly rogue group. 2 Kittypet groups. Plus other animals too!
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Over 50 creative channels to roleplay in and explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- 50+ Basic & Animated Emojis!
- Fun and useful bots + a channel just for Pokecord!
- Two separate AU servers, Human Apocalypse and Canine!
Welcome to a chat-based CANON server chat! this is not for OCs! This takes place after s3 to be respectful of those who haven't read the manga! Come join and check us out!
NEW Canine RP server based off of the server Warriors: Forever Starlight. Join four re-envisioned packs of wolves and dogs struggling to survive in the ancient landscape of Europe.

- A humble, kind and active community with often conversation, always looking for new members to join them!
- 4 Different Packs + Good & Evil realms
- Literate to Semi-Literate roleplay
- Lots of incredible interesting territory to explore!
- A kind staff community that makes sure all things stay balanced
- Developing, action-filled plot & sub plots!
- Troll Proof setup
- Based on a Warrior Cat's Server + Very own Human Apocalypse AU Server
Du bist interessiert in die große Welt der Musik ?
Dann bist du auf Musicord richtig.
Zu den viele Genres gibt es eigene Channel und es gibt jede Woche das Event "Song der Woche", wo man sein Lied reinschicken und andere hochvoten kann.
Welcome to TheForeverLounge
Where you chat, make friends.
We host alot of events and making Updates and monthly rewards for active members.
- Chatting
- Leveling
- Economy Bot
- Amazing Events & Giveaways
- And more!
Welcome! We are a pokemon related server offering many things to new users, here are some of the many things we offer in this server!

-Staff online almost all the time to help
-Pokecord and Pokeverse bots (Many more than those two)
-Spam rooms for users to access
-Easy rules to follow
-Trading and dueling rooms
-And much, much more!

So feel free to join us but be ready to have fun!
Wir sind das erste & größte deutsche Themennetzwerk auf Discord.
Von Multicord kommt man auf unsere verschiedenen Themenserver.
Doch Multicord ist kein einfacher Hub. Dort findet man auch Themen, Events wie Werwolf & Forenspiele.

Themen die Multicord abdeckt:
- Gaming/Spiele
- Cosplays
- Politische Diskussionen
- Animes & Mangas
- Technik
- Pcbau
- Coding
- (Essen)
- (Fotografie)
- (Film & Serien)
- (eSport)
- (Sport)
- (Socialmedia)
- Misc

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clag clag
Wonderful Community
A space where I feel welcomed, listened to, and where I can learn a lot about my journey in druidism. A space where I have made some friends.
ThatOneGuy ThatOneGuy
This server is pretty epic. Not only does it have multiple roles but they are constantly adding new emotes and features too. Not to mention that they're going to be having a tournament as soon as they reach 100 members
The Mauve Mage The Mauve Mage
A great little community
McElchat is full of happy, welcoming people that I would not dare to live without. The people I've met here are those I will love and cherish for all the kindness they've shown. This is a community I love to grow everyday. I'm so glad I get the chance to moderate it.
3 8
Jacob Jacob
Do not join this server.
This server is extremely bias and they will ban you for no apparent reason at all. Their arguments to your case for being banned is as follows: "We can revoke your right to this server", "You agreed we can remove anyone from this server".

When appealing, they are extremely bias and will/do not listen to what you have to say.
You will be banned for:
- Not having your real name or preferred real name as your username
- Disagreeing with someone in any shape or form
- Making a light hearted joke (talk about sensitive)
What I'm saying is that they are not very consistent and will not listen to what you have to say at all and will just ban because they can.

chip. chip.
Helpful/Astonishing Community
First and foremost, this server has helped me throughout thick and thin when I requested help of whatever problem I was encountering regarding IS/IT. Every question is always answered with ingenuity. Some professionals and teachers give out private lessons towards the community who need extra help. They give out accommodating resources (IT/IS) that most people would desire. Overall, this server is tremendously organized and ethical which gives users a staggering experience whilst entering this server. Frankly, I would recommend this server 110%.
Snowflake~Alpha_Female Snowflake~Alpha_Female
Great Server
There are so many people! They are all pretty easy to get along with! I love how many channels there are, for roleplay and normal social stuff. Definitely a server that deserves 5 stars.
SpaceSharkies SpaceSharkies
Shining Hotel is great!
Have you ever had fun with JobsBot before? This takes a simple bot to a whole new level! You can chat, roleplay, and have fun!
Unicron Unicron
It has the big gays
Pretty welcoming community, hella lgbt+ accepting. Fun and decently active most of the time.
Bolt Bolt
Great Furry and Scalie server
Has great and fun staff, channels for RP, Games, art, tech, memes, and (if you're old enough) NSFW stuffs!
Just remember to follow the bot.
DrαgοnWαrrιοr DrαgοnWαrrιοr
Amazing story
Nice staff, lots of channels, great lore.
ReinDaNub07 ReinDaNub07
I already made new friends in this server that i just recently joined here, they are very friendly, kind and funny. I liked this pokemon server also because it is well organized 😄❤️
5 6
Dragon Dragon
I would like to be fair and constructive but this a bad server
This server has bad moderation every mod has a hidden agenda and they mute and ban people even when they are doing nothing wrong they use unfair tactics to steal members from other servers and also try to sabotage other servers with slander. I am surprised discord as not shut them down for unfair conduct and some of the things that are conversed about here which are against discords TOS to continue the server probably could of been so much better maybe its bad leadership I do not recommend this server it could have had so much more potential I suggest checking other servers out and avoid this one.