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Tired of roleplays that combine realistic military roleplay with fantasy, maybe even going as furries? Tired of an Owner that doesn't care for the server's people, or take any suggestions? Tired of servers that are extremely unrealistic, and have no clue what they're doing?

Hello! Our Community proudly presents our WW3 RP Server, which we have experience in administrating for over a year now (Unfortunately in another server, because someone decided to ruin it), and successfully GMed many campaigns for lots of roleplayers.

We provide all of the following:
-Text roleplay with custom lore on World War Three.
-Serious Military RP, trying to follow as many military rules as possible, but not too much to the point where it's not fun
-Admins active 24/7, that know what they're doing
-Military rank system, including promotions and demotions
-No training required, but extra knowledge is recommended
-No bots used for RP (D&D)
-A Different theater of war every few months or so
-Air and ground RP, with Naval RP restricted to Administrators and GMs to ensure fairness
-New server! Looking for admins and experienced players.
-Open to suggestions!

No NSFW and or gore, except in NSFW Channels.

To all former SAVA WW3 members, this is a backup server with all the same lore, characters and experiences from the original server which had been going strong for a year and a half now. We urge you to join the new server which has flourishing activity and no tyrannical owners who will ban you for the slightest offense
Welcome to Buranku Academy!

Our academy started 50 years ago in the hopes of fostering relationships between those gifted with powers, and those who aren't.

We hope to provide a space for those with powers to grow their magic, learn combat skills and make lifelong connections with others like them.

Come and enroll, and start your journey with our prestigious academy.
◪ This is a semi-literate RP server. The setting is set in a high school with magical powers/non magical powers. We can offer combat, classes and social interactions between students.

◪ We also have dorm channels, and dorm allocations for all your rping needs, and a dedicated and attentive staff!

◪ A very much free-form roleplay, where you can be and roleplay anything you want to be!

Bots we have currently;
✔ Tatsumaki.
✔ Miki.
✔ FredBoat♪♪
✖ This is not an erp server.

This is a WWE roleplay server up and coming. Join right now and get drafted!

Read the rules and have fun!
Network is an in-depth server, with loads of features. Though, it is mostly focused on roleplay and character creation.
RFA is open to the public, and you're our newest member! This server is mainly for roleplaying, but we're down for just talking, too. It's chill. We're chill.
This is a brand new one piece server. We do not have many people yet but it is full of things and games. the Straw Hats did never exist on this server. This rp starts on the same year luffy started his adventure. There are all of the villains of one piece for you to fight with your crew or solo. You can be a marine, bounty hunter, pirate, etc. If you join I hope you have fun! Everyone is welcome
A server for literate Marvel roleplaying!
~ We have a welcoming community with friendly members
~All ages are welcome!
~Focuses on the MCU, not the comics
~Come here to discuss marvel theories, chat, rp, and have fun!

We are a small but friendly server and we have many spots available right now, including Tony, Steve, and many of the other Avengers!

♱ — 𝑰𝑻'’𝑺 𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑭𝑳𝒀𝑰𝑵𝑮 𝑭𝑶𝑹𝑻𝑰𝑬𝑺 in the USA. The Second Great War is over, communism lurks within the streets, & the Cold War is just warming up. The dazzling allure of stardom is blinding in the midst of hardship, and anybody who's anybody is living in 𝑃𝐴𝑅𝐴𝐷𝐼𝑆𝐸 𝐹𝐴𝐿𝐿𝑆, the hottest celebrity city on the west coast.

♱ — Within the midst of it all thrives an organization only advertised by word of mouth, speculated by conspiracy theorists and affirmed by only the richest of clientele. Welcome to 𝐍𝐄𝐕𝐄𝐑 ∞ 𝐃𝐈𝐄 , a hush company capable of allowing mere mortals a taste of immortality. Bored to death of your old life? Why not start a new one! Become a god with the fountain of youth at your fingertips, cycling through an endless supply new lives at your disposal. That is, for a pretty price.

♱ — In this noir thriller balance fame and notoriety as you live out your wildest fantasies under the spolight of the public eye. Become an actor, director, politician, or even a mob boss as you seize the reigns of the unforgiving passage of time. But 𝗕𝗘𝗪𝗔𝗥𝗘 — not everyone is pleased that you've managed to cheat death. Fight to keep your new life from the Reaper's hitmen sent to collect souls that are rightfully theirs, or perhaps even become one of them. Balance the power that fame grants you under the watchful eye of a controlling government and obsessed fans, less your head becomes another trophy to mount on the wall.


▾ urban fantasy: different species + powersetS
▾ literate freeform rp
▾ google docs + google forms
▾ economy bot $$$
~ Hello!! Welcome to Freddy's Pizzaria! A grand opening is happening!
Here, you can do way more than just Eating Pizza!
Have you ever desired to have something with the animatronics? If yes, then, you're very welcome!
Here, animatronics have some certain... Interactions, with guests.
+16 ONLY!!!
Hej und Willkommen auf unserem Server. Wir sind eine freundliche kleine Community die gerne RPs schreibt. Die RP Themen sind sehr unterschiedlich und jedes Thema ist wählbar. Falls du nur neue Bekanntschaften suchst bist du hier ebenfalls willkommen.

Wir bieten:
🌹 RPs zum mitmachen
🌹 eine nette Gemeinschaft
🌹 einige Sprachkanäle
🌹 Events
🌹 verschiedene Spiele zur

Wenn du schon hier bist komm doch einfach mal rein! :3

Welcome to Valor High! Were a new role-play server focused on fun and story building. We have plans for multiple arcs, background characters, and branching and adaptive story. We offer an original story based in the world of BNHA where you can create up to 3 oc’s (No cannon quirks or characters allowed).


A 14 year old Student auditioning for the greatest Hero Academy in the World.

A Pro Hero protecting the face of society and its people from crime and evil.

Or a Villain with goals of liberating or overthrowing the streets of New York, and tearing the eyes of people away from what they know and hold dear.


If you're looking for a growing server focused on characters, action, intricate story building, comedy, and fun, then were the Server for you!

For anyone and everyone interested in Zelda! We're steadily growing server that's always excited to meet new faces. We sport a robust character creation RP, heavily story driven and set in the Zelda universe! Create a character from almost any Zelda race, and take part in this wild ride with several other talented RPers. May Hylia smile upon you, adventurers!

RP DISCLAIMER: This isn't a run of the mill wish fulfillment RP. It's extremely character death enabled, item centric, story oriented, and consequence driven. If you aren't ok with any of those, chances are you might not enjoy our systems!
Many people imagine the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse starting through war, scientific testing, or something along with those dangerous examples. But… this wasn’t the case of any of those happenings. Instead, the virus simply just manifested from the wild. Maybe it was mad cow disease? Something else? No one was able to pinpoint it, no not yet. The virus traveled through the occasional foods as if someone was carrying it on their hands during productions. Over time, it hit the screens that people were turning. Victims become brutal and savage, hungry and ferocious… Lives got tossed upside down, people were rioting to escape or get supplies to survive, others were taking this chance to become savage killers. Five months later, humanity is having to learn the new ways of the lively hoods. Now they have to fight for their very existence amidst a world where everything is against them.
➛ Semi-Literate to Literate RP
➛ Relaxed Community
➛ Openworld Experience.
➛ Day, Night & Weather cycles.
➛ NPC Interactions.
➛ Hidden areas.
➛ Roleplay Drama Encouraged
➛ Relaxed Community
➛ Ever Changing Plots
Fulfil your desires here at Alespias' Isle, an 18+ ERP server with an active, welcoming community and attentive staff members.

We cater for a large variety of people through multiple points of interest:

• Plenty of NSFW content ranging from ERP to porn and hentai, to sate your lewdest fantasies.
• Over 60 roleplay channels with different settings on the island, following well-written and always improving lore that provides a good starting base for characters of all sorts.
• SFW topics to extensively bond over - hobbies, debates, animals, cooking, movies, music, art and so much more!
• Self-assignable roles to make partner choosing for roleplay quicker and easier with your personal preferences on display.
• A currency system to provide active members with special rewards.

There is something here for everyone - different skill levels, all sorts of kinks, unique personalities, and the most alluring, sinful temptations. Alespias' Isle is most definitely a thrilling experience!
welcome to cat kugyay, a warriors roleplay since 2007! we are back in 2019 for a reunion and are accepting new members. CK is a forums-based rp with a well-maintained site, but we have an active discord community that is looking to grow! we have all four traditional clans, plus skyclan, and the tribe! ranks currently available. feel free to join us whether as a new member or as someone looking to be nostalgic about past times on old kugs.
Neko Palace is an 18+ Role-play Community of catgirls and catgirl lovers. With Erotic Role-play, non-erotic role-play, and plenty of channels and bots for chatting, hentai and gaming.

✅We have a custom role system✅
🤖Bots 🤖
🔞NSFW channels🔞
💖Chill People and Moderators💖

So come check us out ! 😘
This server is meant for gamers of all kinds with all levels of gaming knowledge. We are a friendly server and can be used to promote, recruit, learn, discuss, strategize, have fun and just chill and meet new people. We also do giveaways and have Pokecord and other bots to interact and have fun with other members.
Extremely wild server. No rules. and you dont know what to expect from that. Server is made of 100% of nsfw with +10 bots as it fulfills you with any kind of nude you like. Good luck man. Learn how to get clout and not to be a virgin.
Welcome to Countryhumans Roleplay!
In this server you can hangout or rp with friends!

- supportive friends

- 130+ members

- quality bots to use

- quality emojis to use

- active and helpful staffs

- extroverted community

- partner shipping other servers

- LGBT friendly

Come and meet us, we always love new members! (っ・ω・)っ
War was coming. Everyone knew that the peace between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire wouldn't last, and they were right. The Republic had the Senate, Jedi Order and Republic army against the Empire who had the Sith Order, Imperial Intelligence and their army as they both fought the war against each other. It is up for you to decide which side you would be on, and will you change the galaxy forever.
- We have a very active staff
- About all the major planets from the Old Republic game
- Choose a side between Republic or Empire or don't pick any and just go your own path.
Hello! The Vigilant League is a roleplay server that focuses on a superhero theme, everything is explained through simple lore with many different plots to fit your style. You can make either a hero, villain or anything in between.
We are a no pressure based server with an active community. There is always someone to RP with. The host of characters is diverse and creative and we frequently do spontaneous events. We have been running strong for over a year now and are proud to say it.
'E cineribus, ad astra.' From the ashes, to the stars. That is what the newly-commissioned U.S.S Phoenix aims to embody. Set in the year 2476, the Phoenix is a Yorktown-class ship, whose mission is to explore the stars and chart the unknown. Fancy a trip into the unknown, boldly going where no man has gone before, with limitless opportunity ahead? This is the ship for you.


Welcome aboard the USS Phoenix! We're an active Star Trek roleplay server with members from numerous different time zones. With regular roleplay 24/7 and general out of character chat, we strive to provide a friendly community for all. We have plot-lines running frequently and if you have any suggestions you have the ability to join the team and bring your ideas to life. We're looking forward to meeting your character... See you on board!
Skyrim: A Legend Reborn is a roleplay server with you as roleplay as a character through the realm of skyrim. You can be either a canon or oc! The dragonborns need to come together to stop Alduin once and for all before he grows too powerful and destroys skyrim once and for all.

What we offer:
- A friendly staff team that is accepting!
- Open choices to roleplay with.
- Literate roleplay, but all roleplayer levels are welcome! (Stray from one-liners)
- Plenty of channels to roleplay in!
- A unique plot to strike the interest of roleplayers.

We hope to see you there! May Talos guide you, young one.