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Welcome to Shinobi Rising, a free upcoming naruto inspired mmo where you can explore, fight bosses, partake in event and have intense pvp/pve. get trapped in the naruto universe. We are a fun community where you can talk about anime, find a group on shinobi strikers/recruit clan members and have fun. Connect with others! join to chill, grow, make friends. Super fun community where you can be yourself!
A fun and new discord server that has plenty of roleplay channels, interesting guilds, races, and people you can meet! We also have a nsfw channel and plenty of fun things to do. Always open to suggestions!

It's small as of now, but I've been trying my best to improve it and work on it more as it includes interesting characters and opportunities.
Welcome to the Sinners Hangout!
We have friendly staff and frequent applications for staff
A leveling up system
Multiple different roles that can give access to different channels
A growing number of custom emojis you can use
I'll see you there
Welcome to Marialena!! Here we offer rp to all who want to! We have a vast majority of clean stuff involved in our server and we offer NSFW stuff as well! This server is just starting out so I hope you can bare with it as we grow! You can grow with us too!
The Multiverse has fallen stale before Zeno. Within his time of boredom, the Grand Priest came up with the Idea of creating another set of universes, one with more freedom and unplanned timelines, only to throw millions of sentient beings into it before letting them run free.

The knowledge, like the other universes remain the same, yet many things were different. The mingling of races were more prominent, and space travel was available right off the bat. The question after all of this is what does Zeno expect to come out of this? And will he make any more changes, or will the story you build interest him enough to grant you favors?

This server is:

🔺 Roleplay Literate
🔺 Pretty New
🔺 Has Friendly Staff
🔺 A Growing community
🔺 Power Scaling Friendly
🔺 Player Event friendly
🔹 All around friendly

Why don't you stop by and check stuff out? 🌺 Maybe make a character or two?
Hello, all! This is Age of Shinobi

We are a brand new Naruto roleplay server with many opportunities for you!

You can be a Shinobi in the hidden mist or leaf!
In the Naruto world, you can do anything you want as long as it is within reason!
We offer earned unique things, so you don't have to worry about favoritism.
We have a very unique tier leveling system that allows you to spec into what type of shinobi you want to be. Last of all, your character will be in your hands. You can make all the choices and possibly be the next great God of Shinobi!
Hey! You there! Aerilon Clan needs a demigod like you! Join us and help Aerilon clan Thrive! Welcome to the strongest clan of demigods to ever exist!
This server is based on Egyptian gods/goddesses. You get to choose from 5 different residences. There are tons of open spots right now, just for you! Join now for some fun and exciting events!
Hi everyone!
We are a small country politics RP server about a fictional country called the Republic of Kamrov (RoK)
Take part in Political RP in the Country!
Join or create a party after you have joined
Get Elected as part of the senate
Initiate bills, reforms and initiatives to create Kamrov
Real users rp as the public in the country in a dynamically changing political and social landscape
Please join and we hope you have fun!
Furry paradise is the Furry sever you wanna join
it have :
100+ real members and is still growing
dont be fooled that it only show 2 members
Similar to the SCP Foundation, COSHAM [Containment of Special Humans and Monsters] Looks to contain humans and monsters that are considered to be a threat to society. COSHAM has most of the same staff as SCP, with scientists and soldiers, though they do not have Class-D's.

I dunno how this will work but come if you want
Hello and welcome to Battles of Ether! This is a roleplay server that takes place in the fictional planet of Ether. The roleplay is a mixture of Sci-fi and Fantasy, but mostly Fantasy, and this roleplay is only for literate and detailed roleplayers.

✨Adventure classes!
✨Strategic Battles, PVP, and PVE!
✨A Tier-List!
✨Leveling and Stats system!
✨Make friends and create your own party!
✨Join a guild or make one yourself!
✨Episodes and Seasons!
✨Plot quests and user made quests!
✨Upcoming story arcs and plot events!
✨A welcoming community!

The world of the Ether has taken a big turn in the year 2432, tons of new species are popping up all over the world, some varying in power, some not even human. There has been many battles throughout the once beautiful world Desu had created. The affect on the terrain due to these battles greatly upsetting them, so he spawned his own creations to fend off the ones causing such havoc. The “adventures” of the world only took these as “events” however and fought them for their skin and the rewards. Eventually true villains with ill intent started to spawn around the world. These villains possessing immense power so much so the adventures would be crazy to fight alone. The only ones who would would either come back incredibly wounded and put outta commission for a long time, or they wouldn’t come back only to be assumed dead. These foes are the ones more feared throughout the world. 

There are a few adventures or stand above the rest however, and those are the ones that stand before them today. Everyone in this world where everyone who exists there is their own main character with their own stories and adventures to live out. Will the villains break through, will Dues have their way? Who knows? Why not come and find out by creating your own story in this mysterious world?~
❈-------✧ ᗯisdom ᗯon ✧-------❈

With 21 Users and counting

ད≻━━༺≼ᄽ Includes ᄿ≽༻━━≺ཌ
❈ Fresh & Original Clans
❈ Literate Roleplay
❈ Available Highroles
❈ Great settings and plotlines
❈ A fun and active community
❈ Plenty of joyous aspects to the OOC, such as weekly events, Daily polls and more!
❈ A safe and enjoyable environment that any Warriors fan will flourish in.

ད≻━━༺≼ᄽ Story/Lore/Plot ᄿ≽༻━━≺ཌ
A small Clan was struck with War. There were 5 Elites, Chosen by the Shaman. ElmWood, RowanWood, MapleWood, BirchWood and SpruceWood. They were to be superiors - Leaders, You could say. Able to connect with StarClan with a specific Gem said to be one held by the founder of the Stars. It was very sacred to the Clan... However. It brought destruction amidst the small Clan. What I didn't tell you about the Stone is that it was believed to bring a single life back from the dead... Be it from StarClan or the Dark Forest.

The clan tore itself apart in a bitter battle. The 5 Elites were protected with their lives.. And the stone, Fleeing from the scene. The close group were unstable without one another... And without their Clan. The Gem wasn't safe - Not without protection. They decided that they were going to rebuild from the ground up. Each one built a Clan from their portion of the ashes from the previous. Thus, Our 5 Clans were introduced. They lived as allys, Growing together, Growing taller, Growing stronger.

The Jewel was placed in a place believed to be sacred, A gathering area shared by all 5 Clans which encircled it. The running river surrounded the small Island. That River ran through each of the Clan's territories, believed to carry news from one clan to another. The night before the Gathering, 5 Kittens went missing... One from each Clan. Upon making it to the Gathering, Their mangled corpses were found where the Stone was supposed to be sat. Everybody was frantic, Unsure of what had happened to their Kits... And the Jewel.

Once peaceful Clans turned against one another... They each shifted blame between each other. The missing Jewel sparked the Clans into brutal war and mistrust.

Which has been carried to this day.

Come join! <3

Starting date: 17/02/2019
Husk here

Hey, I see you are in our little corner of the internet.

I like to play videogames and make music, and I thought, why not share that with the world.
I would appreciate all of your support and thank you.

Thank you for being in my little corner of the internet.
And if you like music and gaming, why not join the server?

Take a link to invite your mates and stuff:

Husk out

Hello, and welcome to Elysian Fields
[13+] open to partnerships (not a dating server) 😠
Being a creep results in immediate ban
In this server, you will meet and chat with people who seek what you seek!
° Friendly: A warm server to chat with people and establish connections.
° Genuine: An active honest community server.
° Security: The terms of service are a solid document that ensures no catfishing, spam, derogatory language or posts, and liers.
° Staff: Friendly and always around to help and fix issues present in the server. There is always one online to chat and to remove toxic users if need be.
° Acceptance: We don't discriminate against sexuality or different gender members.
° Fun: Games to be played such as truth or dare, gambling, families and more.
° Selection: A specialized role selection catering to your hobbies, age, gender, sexuality, location, searches, astronomical sign and statuses.
° Community: We are a wide growing community allowing anyone of age to chat and post anyway they please. Just don't be toxic. Thank you!
The year is 6ABY. The Empire has fallen. Battles have come and gone. The Battle of Scarif. The Battle of Yavin. The Battle of Endor. The Empire still managed to fight, but now, after the Battle of Jakku, the Alliance, now known as the New Republic, has dealt the final blow. But war is very much not at its end. Many Imperial generals and admirals and Moffs have decided not to conform to the Galactic Concordance, these so called warlords have decided to defend what they still have left. But the New Republic continues to eliminate them one by one. The Empire is no longer an Empire, just a collection of scattered groups. Meanwhile, whilst these Imperial rebels are struggling, an Imperial Remnant led by Admiral Rae Sloane has fled to the Unknown Regions.

Will the scattered warlords rejoin together to create a new strong Empire, or will the New Republic continue to hunt them down? And will this mysterious Imperial Remnant ever return from the Unknown Regions? Only time will tell what will happen to a broken, and volatile galaxy.
Come and be part of a new diamond authority! Whether you're an entertainer for the secretive Lemon Diamond, a warrior for the strict Purple diamond, a researcher for the elusive Black diamond, or perhaps even a pearl for Champange diamond! The choice of court is yours, even to be part of the rebellion forming on Earth.
Venture forth to a prosperius seaside town in the majestic land of Nordania! Explore every nook and cranny, join quests and battle monsters bravely!

We recently had a renovation, but now we're up and running thanks to the Dungeon Masters working 24/7! We're back to square one, and would like for you to witness the growth of an empire.
We are a small community for now, but we have BIG plans for the future. we are mostly a furry gaming/yiff oriented server with a couple extra features. come check us out!!!
Welcome to the world of Splatoon!

“War for Inkopolis” is an immersive, OC centric, literate RP server that lets you customize your experience almost however you please!

-choose whether to be an Inkling and defend your home Inkopolis, or an Octoling fighting your way out of Octo Valley (and many stories in between)
-go on missions
-experience the Turf Wars
-maintain a fully SFW experience unless you choose otherwise
-plenty of locked NSFW channels for ERP and all your other questionable activities ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
-easy to navigate
-100% mobile friendly

Which team are you joining?
Мы есть Multiverse-РП Сервер.Наше правило- минимум правил, максимум сюжета и фантазии.Здесь вы можете быть кем угодно, делать что угодно, и создавать собственную историю, ваша фантазия- ваше оружие. Присоединяйтесь! (А еще у нас можно немного руинить:D)
Alpha Vortex is a semi-literate/literate/heavy literate group, focusing on many different anime and Japanese media in general. We strive for quality, while not being overbearing with our post limits. However please come into the server aware we don't support one-lining/short posting.

As stated above, we focus on anime and Japanese media. We mainly focus on 'Shonen' or combat focused type of series. We support many series and are constantly adding! Here are a few examples of what series we support; Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Persona, Castlevania, and many more!

We have the very unique Kore System, allowing for your usually normal characters, to absorb a canon character's soul, and absorb their abilities, act like them, and become extremely powerful. In the lore; this has created a racist divide between the normal 'Koreless' people, and the new super-powered ones, dubbed 'Calamities'.

If any of that has interested you, please consider dropping by!
We're a small, friendly server based around MLP. We host both SFW and NSFW channels for our members. We have channels for Music, Gaming, and Roleplay. Come down and help us become a larger server!
Однажды, в чате одного стримера по АрмСталкеру зародилось РП которое потом переросло в целый сервер Дискорда. Если ты любишь сеттинг Сталкер и текстовый ролплей,то тебе к нам. Тебя тут ждёт хороший отыгрыш,приятная атмосфера и локальные мемы