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Yes, it's a Roleplay server. This is a new server so don't judge (it's like 2 or 3 weeks old) here you can suggest own roles create as many characters as you want and roleplay with other nice people. pls join we're lonely.
The Lore so far:
B7884, a planet which is considered as a desert like planet. There are a few places built by humans that are capable of preserving life. There are many sectors on this planet but everything will be focused on SECTOR 574. SECTOR 574 welcomes all kinds of living things, ranging from non-sentient robots to sentient beasts.

SECTOR 574 is run by The Government or called “Sector Units”. They live and occupy Angel City and prevent anyone from escaping the sector. Everyone who lives inside the sector is called Civilian and gains protection from Sector Units without knowing the dark secret held by them.

Outside the sector, there are more factions. Iron-Wolf Legion or “Rebels” is a group who was formed to overthrow the government. They mainly live outside the sector but they still have their secret way inside the city. Aside from them, there are also Outlaws. Outlaws are those who were born outside the city thus having no protection from the sector units. They however still welcome to stay in the city. Outlaws are favored and protected by the Rebels. Outlaws live by travelling and living nomadly.

There’s also a roaming group called the Black Sun or Bounty Hunters. They don't belong to either Rebels nor Sectors. They live by hunting wild animals and bosses to gain favor tokens. They can be hired by sector or rebels to assassinate or capture wild beasts with a payment. The black sun is mainly composed of outlaws.

The Lawbringers, or simply called “The Mercenaries” is a group who lived in their own desert base. Similar to Black Sun, they live by hunting wild animals and bosses to gain favor tokens. Because of that, they formed a rivalry with each other. The Lawbringers is a neutral group that will work with “they who pay them better”.

Join Now! (We're lonely pls join. We need more people to start new events).
Come one come all for the Magnificent Circus of New York!
The circus boasts the latest freakshows, amazing artists, and much more! And not to mention the man behind the whole thing, Ringmaster Luis Howell. So, come on down to the Circus before the year of 1919 is out!
Welcome to the Cold War: Black Ops RP server. If you are a fan of Black Ops, and you want to make your own story, this server is the place for you. Just create an OC, loadout, and backstory and you are set. Oh, and remember to pick a black ops 1 and black ops 2 faction, so you know your team. We hope you have a great time in this server! 😄
Are you a fan of horror-themed RP?
Are you a fan of cryptids?
Do you wanna hunt these?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Operation Red Midnight might just be the thing for you!

OPRM Is an RP made by a couple of fans of horror and cryptids for people to enjoy interacting with and hunting down.

It takes place in the year 2022 in North America, the UN has been noticing a recent increase in deaths among the populous, most of which are mysterious in nature. After coming upon the development of Cryptids roaming the earth, the leading nations create a coalition to counteract the rising threat. "Operation Red Midnight". After being deployed in North America, they discovered that the entire continent was a hotbed for anomalous activity. And that's where we begin. There are several sites across the US. Capture. Examine. Execute.

What we offer:
- A staff that will try their best to attend
- Anomaly, Investigation, and Special Equipment creation
- Acceptance of any style of RP (One-Liners to Max word count+)
-Tupperbox for main characters or side characters
- A Semi-Serious environment
- Cryptids from different types of media (Creepypastas, SCPs, General Horror media)

So, why not check it out? I'll see you in the field!
This universe has been in a apociliptic state for as long as anyone can remember. The humans scavanged to survive untill the rise of the two main tribes. If you weren't killed by one you joined one. There's still some people who prefer to fend for themselves and their families. These small groups are hunted, never able to stay in one place for long. An allegiance between the two tribes was never made, and the warriors of each are trained to put any member of the other down on sight.

The tribes aren't the only problem here, as safe food and water are hard to come by. Hunting parties are sent out often but game is few. Rations are in high demand.
*Within the Universe Of Hexoria in a mirrored world to yours lays a world not much different than the one you reside in. Although unlike your world there aren’t such restraints as being bound by science, or a daily office job. We don’t have those vices you call reality. You can be anything you want, a Human, a catgirl, hell you can be a wizard for all we care. We might be stuck in a medieval fantasy world, but that’s up to you.*

Our game Mechanics aren’t that complex, we prefer a somewhat DnD style Dice system, but with less complicated parts. This is a Text Based Roleplay, which if you don’t know what that is you shouldn’t be here. We take place in a fantasy world if that wasn’t noticeable, and anything goes. You can be original characters, or characters from Anime, Tv Shows, Books, Movies, That’s up to you.

We Offer:

• A Medium Sized Rp Community
• Abilities Unique To You
• A Chance To Be More Than Human
• Interesting And Fun Roleplay
• Open World Roleplay
• A Dice System For You DnD Players
• A Wide Selection Of Jobs
• Little Caesars Pizza
This server was made for the pokemon rp community taking into consideration the key aspects that are essential for character development by the addition of special abilities.

We offer:
> • Active Staff
> • Family friendly roleplaying experience
> • Music and voice channels
> • Open discussion
> • Myuu
The year is 2010. All manner of monsters, from changelings to sirens, roam among humans. They are constantly hidden from the public eye, thanks to monster hunters themselves. Roundwater, Pennsylvania; such a large and lovely city...a place for any monster to lie low. However, just because a monster can lie low, that does not mean they are safe. They are always hunted, always watched for. Will you be a hunter, monster, somewhere in-between?

Going to say this right now; this is a literate RP server! That means no one-liners or anything! Hey, we also have helpful and knowledgeable staff and even help channels! So don't be afraid to ask questions!

NOTE: This server is indeed NSFW as it allows general nudity, sexual themes (though ERP is still to be taken to DMs), blood, gore, torture, etc. Children and the faint of heart should not enter. You have been warned.
A brand new magic academy RP server with loads of freedom and a very chill community! Join today if you like lots of detail, lots of lore, and a fun server to be in. Become a great mage, an instructor--just about anything you could think of!
After the events of both Steel Ball Run and Jojolions, reports of stand related incidents are becoming more and more frequent throughout the world. Some have attributed this to a cosmic event in which universes have collided, and characters such as the Joestars have appeared throughout the world. Numerous areas and countries have become wastelands due to these events.

- Weekly tourneys! This varies often, whether from a battle royal or a king of the "kill" type battle.
- Consistent giveaways!
- An economy system where one may purchase items for roleplay or out of roleplay!
- Canon users and stands
- Activity!
- Four locations, two of which are located in Japan, whilst the others are in Indonesia and Egypt.
- A friendly community and user-driven plot [Currently, we are doing a Steel Ball Run involving The Funniest Valentine from Jorge Joestar]

If those points mentioned beforehand weren't enough to convince you, this might. I encourage out-of-the-box thinking and that every idea is important in order to achieve success. We feature a suggestions and reports channel to allow you, the members, to share your thoughts. YOU can make major contributions. The immense potential this server has! Just imagine.
Corraelis and Karnione are two sides of the same coin: two planes split to keep the shadow demons separated from the witches, warlocks, and genies. Life flourishes in harmony in Corraelis, while in Karnione, the shadow demons struggle to make the best of a wasteland that they don’t think they deserve. As the summer solstice approaches, both sides prepare to celebrate, but more sinister plans may be afoot beneath the festivities…


Set in a fantasy world, The Hollow is a new interactive RP server based on original worldbuilding. We are a friendly and welcoming community with active, caring staff, and everyone is welcome no matter your experience with roleplaying! We are relaxed with writing styles, though we do expect a certain level of literacy (good grammar and spelling, and no replies shorter than 5 lines.)

We hope to see you there!
⊱ ──────────ஓ๑♡๑ஓ ────────── ⊰

Greetings and salutations fellow Mahou Shoujo fans!

Are you interested in Madoka Magica, specifically the mobile side story Magia Record, and roleplay? Then look no further! Although we may seem small, we are always active and your fellow coordinators are happy to help assist you in your journey in the Puella Magi Madoka Magica world. Fear not, we are a LGBTQ+ friendly, and sfw community and don’t tolerate slurs or the discomfort of our members.

↠We offer a canon roleplay set in the same starting circumstances that started Magia Record, but different outcomes as opposed to following the game-story word by word.
↠ Three canon character slots, and as many meguca ocs as you want!
↠ As well as a canon roleplay, we also have a casual roleplay that has nothing to do with the canon story, and no limit as to who you can use, even claimed characters. Feel free to use the area to joke roleplay, or just a roleplay that won’t affect the plot.
↠ A welcoming, active staff and community.

We all hope you can join us and help join us in the fight for or against the liberation of magical girls!
18+ Only
--New Server--

In a land blessed by the Goddess Orion and the Holy World Tree,
The 5 Kingdoms have lived at peace for countless ages.
~Ad Bellum: Home Of The Barbarians
~Vita Lux: Kingdom Of The Nephilim
~Aurora: Home Of The Agim
~Natura Regnum: Land Of The Elves
~Mar: The Island Nation Of Amazon-Like Warrior Women
These Kingdoms lived in peace that was until the ancient seal on the Demonic Realm began to crack and demons poured into the world once again seeking to revive their master and start another Blood War.
This Is Aurora, Land Of Untold Beauty & Mystery besieged by demons <3

Aurora offers:
~A Friendly RP Community

~a variety of RP/ERP Channels fashioned from fantasy locations <3

~A Wide Stretched Lore:
-Be Anything From A Angel, Guardians Of The World Tree or Dragons & Dragonkin, Fierce Warriors of the Skies above Aurora
~We Offer High Class Roles For Each Of The 5 Kingdoms, The World Tree and The Dark Realm <3
-New Kingdoms: Hidden & Ruined Kingdoms are being added. These Kingdoms are:
-Dundrasil, The Kingdom that fell in a single night
-Oblivule, The Land Of Myth hidden beneath Yggdrasil's Branches
-Atlantis, Home Of The Merfolk & The Queen Beneath The Waves
-Mysteria, The Realm Of Mystery & Home Of The Mysterious Helpers

-Want to be a Archdemon that ravages the countryside with his army? or A Phantom that haunts the Legendary Blizzard Born Forest of the Northern Lands? Anything is possible in Aurora

~Magic Weaponry Of All Kinds <3

~A Shopping Channel W/ Custom Pet & Housing templates

**Soon To Come:**
-Our First Event,
The Dragonfire Games
-This event will be opening soon with the *King & Queen's Ball*
Ladies, Grab your lover, crush or partner and let's ring in the Dragonfire Games with a night of dancing and food crafted by Aurora's most famous chefs.

Welcome To Sherman Oaks Academy! This is a very fun highschool! Well except for everyone has superpowers, and are werewolf's, vampires, demons, humans and MORE! You get to create your own character! Well welcome to highschool....
Please be aware that this server is still quite new and is willing to adapt as time continues forwards. Thank you.

A man's one-way ticket to a spiral of darkness. People did not care for what they had and cared not for anyone around them because they could always have more. They harmed the landscape and wildlife around them without remorse. Many had tried to cease the acts against nature that people were doing but all were in vain until there had been nothing left. People were consumed by their greed which had brought many people to their untimely ends until one day, a gift from the heavens was brought down as an act of redemption for the people and their wrongful acts.

Instead of making up to their wrongful acts, they had gone into a feral frenzy to secure this gift for themselves, once again being consumed by Greed and Jealousy. The heavens had started losing their patience on Mankind before sending one last gift down for them to have one last chance and in the end, history only repeated itself. The Heavens became furious to Mankind and had spoken back to them with

"You have made us very furious. You kill each other for your gain and have no remorse for anyone besides yourselves. You have done nothing but fuel your flames and will now pay the price. You will know what it feels like to be a man yet animal..."
Thus began the screams heard 'round the world. Mankind's bone structure had started snapping and shifting as millennia of evolution was put to waste. Theories became stories and stories become. No one knows truly how this happened to this day but all of it can be accounted for on Mankind's mistake. Greed is the follicle of all of Mankind's downfall to where we are now...
- Unlimited Character Slots: ❗ So many Styles ❗
- Semi-Literate / Literate RP
- Player driven lore & events
- Friendly Staff
- 🔞 NSFW 🔞
- and so much more!
An rp server that is about roleplay in the primal carnage themed world as theropods and other carnivores work together to get rid of humans from an island
In 2010, Superheroes all over the world banded together with The Justice League to face against the threat of a Brainiac Invasion. The League permanently welcomed it’s new recruits and launched The Watchtower - a home base in Earth’s orbit that would act as the League’s headquarters as they watched over the world.

You were there, when it all happened. And now that the tower is launching, you’ve been invited up. You are now a member of the Justice League.

What will you accomplish?


We are an interaction-focused DC Universe RP centered around the members of The Justice League and it’s affiliated superhero teams. We are a brand new server with plenty of available characters (including several members of the Original Seven) and a high muse maximum so you can play all your favorites.

Join us if you're looking for:
+ A friendly, welcoming community!
+ Helpful staff members and regular activity checks!
+ An OC friendly place to roleplay!
+ A discrimination free zone!
+ Options for low-key AND involved writing for you to involve yourself at a pace right for you!

->transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, anti-semitism, islamophobia, and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated under any circumstances!<-
✿ーFrom Gods to Demons, Stand users to Gifted Humans, this amazing and magical school has it all!ー✿
In the fall of 1999, Morioh, Japan. The school named Morioh Private Academy opened for the school year, the current year is 2020 in the everlasting spring blossom! Supernatural beings like Demons, Angels, Gods and Goddesses, Aliens, and Stand Users live in peace and harmony. People from Rich, Royal, Poor, Working Class backgrounds learn and coexist without any problems!
Welcome to the Supernatural Private School of Morioh, where mostly everyone has a power of their own! We let all roleplayers in no matter their experience! We allow all types of ocs and canon characters in this server!

What we have to offer:
❐ Many roleplay channels!
❐ Understanding Mods!
❐ Small but nice community!
❐ Lots of (unnecessary) bots!

We're a new server made on 4/20, it would help if you would like to be a partner!
Well, come on be our student newest student!
Fivem GTA Roleplay server based around economics and owning the lavish things in life.
Earn money in our economy based server to buy cars, properties, guns, and more in Los Santos.
We have many custom cars and scripts for a unique gaming experience. You can mug civilians, gamble, move up the ladder in your job, and play with many cars and car mods!
Friendly owner and staff always looking to help and fix problems!
Recruiting for Mechanic/Car Dealer, EMS and Police!
There's a land called Arlivara. It's a mysterious place, merging many cultures and races. Long time ago, a wise man of the name of Axel Drach has united 4 regions of these lands; Nataris, Shavrun, Snomor and his own home - Pelana. They all had never liked each other, it resoulted in many pointless battles. However after becoming the ruler of Pelana, the man came out with an offer. With his charisma he managed to convince all Patrons to end it. All 4 regions joined into an union, granting peace and cooperation. It greately helped all nations and Axel Drach became known as the "First King of Four".
Today, a new traveller has arrived at the coast. As he left the boat, he stared into the distance, admiring the beautyfull landscape of Pelana and lands far away in the horizon. He heard that this place offers a lot, one can trully relax and feel free. The traveller stepped onto the land, beginning his new adventure. This traveller is you. After arriving in Arlivara the choice is yours. No matter if you're looking for fame, money or love, you will find it here.
After arriving every traveller can go wherever they want. You can buy a house or maybe get a shop. Feel free to relax and enjoy your nice vatacion. Every kink is welcome. It only becomes more fun when you buy yourself a slave, just be carefull who you play with~!
━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 01.

Hello there! Welcome to The Inky Depths! An unofficial BATIM server with roleplay, game discussion, and more!

We offer;
- Friendly members and staff!
- Eight roleplay channels (including joke roleplay!)
- Seven BATIM-themed channels.
- A collection of fun bots.
- Exclusive BATIM emojis.
- Rewards for being an active server member!
- A (mostly) drama-free environment.
- An LGBT+ and POC friendly server!

Our rules;
- No slurs, NSFW, or any other form of inappropriate material. Swearing is permitted.
- Be respectful, please!
- Refrain from going off-topic in channels!
- Stolen content is not accepted here. (Characters, art, etc.)
- You must get roles to be approved. Users without roles may be kicked.
- No spam! (Mass mention, emoji spam, etc.)
- No content that may trigger someone without a warning!
- Listen to the staff. If an issue arises with the staff, ping @/the lord or @/managers.
- Four strikes, you're out.

Seeing as you made it this far, I'll give you a tip. When you join the server, read the rules, get roles, and use the !approve command in any of the four bot channels. Getting approved unlocks the rest of the channels. Thanks for reading! Keep dreaming, folks ;)

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ presented in sillyvision
“Some people are not meant for greatness. Some people .. are simply meant for nothing at all.”

And unfortunately, for you, it seems that you are one of these people. Most kids at a young age have dreams fueled by a vivid imagination and a yearning for danger; a dream of becoming a hero! It was all anybody could ever talk about. The coolest hero name .. the flashiest quirk .. and most importantly, the most popular hero. More and more the newest school destined to be the best, destined to raise the next All-Might! would pop up. Governments poured a vast quantity of fundings into these heroic schools in hopes of decreasing crime and increasing the amount of good-hearted and upstanding individuals. If you didn’t want to be a hero when you were a kid, then what would you be? No one wanted to be something lame like a police officer who unfortunately didn’t have a quirk strong enough for heroism, or a lawyer defending sad civilians who would go down in history as forgotten; unimportant. Of course the youth would naturally be drawn toward the profession, seeing as it was the only constant society imposed on them. Not the notion that everybody equally matters .. not the idea that we should treat everybody as we would want to be treated … no, nothing like that. Only heroism. All would go well and everyone would grow up fighting crime in memorable costumes until they passed away, lending the torch of heroism onto the next generation …

But as you know, this was nothing but a child’s dream. Nothing but a lie. There is no U.A. highschool waiting to train you into the next number one hero. There is no All-Might waiting to mentor you and bring you along exciting, emotional, and memorable adventures. And there is no fantasy where you get to live the life as one should, attending an academy that will lead to a bright and successful future. No, none of that. The only thing waiting for you is Cadillac Academy! Located in the awful, crime infested city of Detroit, Michigan lies an even worse academy filled with crooks, scumbags, and those with simply nowhere else to go. Of course the board for Cadillac Academy does not care about heroism. They do not care about being the catalyst that shapes and molds students into great heroes of the future. What do they care about? The benefits provided by being under the government’s wings and protection. It seems that for Abner Brown, the principal of Cadillac Academy, this was a perfect idea that would carry him through the rest of his life.

Well .. not so much. Because for Abner Brown the government had caught on to the lack of hero production his school has provided and the laughably low standards they possess. They realized that all the funding towards Cadillac Academy was an absolute waste and they had much better things to fund. Thus an ultimatum was presented to Abner - get this school back in shape and produce good, quality, and strong heroes, or the school will be shut down to build a care center for the elderly. Reluctantly forced to accept this offer, the principal now has this year to prove that the students in his school will become fine heroes that are capable of standing up to villains.

This is where you come in - not a student at a prestigious school like U.A., but a student at a Cadillac Academy! Home of the brave and curators of the strong. Now accepted at what is possibly one of the worst schools in America, it is entirely up to you what you make of your time here.
Like Watamote and roleplaying? Then I got a channel for you. You can roleplay as any character you want, including Tomoko. There is also plenty of other stuff to do besides roleplaying including discussing the show or just having fun. You can even buy your own roleplay channel room.