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We are an evergrowing channel with friendly staff here to help you have fun!! We take suggestions and have a variety of different channels. Some of our servers include memes, NSFW, games, music, anime, and fandom chats!! Hope you enjoy :))
◤A 13+ server made for all sorts of fandoms, fan-fiction writers, etc◢

here we offer~

➺self-assignable roles
➺channels for any tv shows, bands, etc with a fandom and if we don't have yours just say and it'll be made in an instant!
➺binge watching events
➺channels for advertising your social media, edits, stories, etc.
➺channels for support, memes, etc.
➺bots to play with
➺places to promote your social media, servers, and writing.

˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥we hope you join!
A server where literally anyone can join to talk about fandoms, post their art, shitpost some memes or just hang out and have fun. *13+ only
Cherries™ is a server created in early 2019. We focus on providing our uses with a strong active community.

We do weekly events, have something going on, and we are just cool!
Welcome to ♡whatever♡!!!

We are a server with:
♡Auto assigning roles with over 38 different roles
♡50 emotes and 10 Nitro emotes
♡Movie nights
♡Voice calls
♡Level up
♡Get verified
♡Many other things

We are a safe server! Very chill and laid back! Friendly people here! Channels for advertising! Lots of bots! NSFW channel! Anime chats! All kinds of chats! Tuns of fun here!! And so much more! We have ♡whatever♡ you want here! So come and join!!!
Are you someone who would like to chat with others? Do you want to discuss some of the amazing animes that you watch with other anime fans? If so, this chat is for you! Some amazing things you can do are use funny bot commands, chat with others, use awesome emojis to express your feelings, gain cool roles, and so much more! Join now today!
Come enter the Kingdom of Fandoms! A fun server where you get to interact and hangout with people of your favorite fandoms, such as movies, tv, and video games. We also have gaming channels and lfgs, and a fun interactive experience with bots. You can also suggest some stuff or ask questions about the server because this is about YOU, and we want you to have the best experience possible! So come join the Kingdom of Fandoms, a fun experience for all (and the greatest kingdom in the world)!
This is a rp about a apocalyptic city that has been almost wiped out due to a necromancer.
Welcome to Literal Hell! This is our main server! We do have another one just in case! we hope you enjoy and make loads of new friends!! - Skye
Welcome to KID! KPOP International Discord welcomes you warmly! This server is currently underway!p, still building up as it’s newly been built! Please support the server and enjoy!
hey, this is a server that's for anyone who'd like to socialize! everyone's really friendly here and it's a nice community. please join to make new friends, new memories, and more! also, once you join this, please remember to be active! have fun! :)
Hi! This is the perfect server if you love any type of music. We are really supportive,fun,welcoming and will cheer you up on a bad day. So C'mon in the waters not too cold! <3
Hello! Welcome to Artists' Haven, a server centered around art, animation, constructive criticism, your original characters and much more.
A Discord for talking about Steven Universe and hanging out together!

Hope to see you there! ✨
We're currently a rather small community-leaning server, with a friendly userbase that comes to quickly know eachother over time, many of which are friends. We have a simple approval process in place to prevent raiders, though admins are usually on roughly 20 hours a day to approve users.

Lore is a bit complicated to explain on-site, however, your character will be taking part in various missions as a part of a mercenary-type space group that could be compared to a very disorganized SCP organization. It comes to be rather fun, seeing as all the missions are created by the users, and any character can participate. Of course, your character can do other things should they wish.
A fun community for those involved in any fandom to come together get along and have a great awesome time!
What are you missing out on?
Come see, in my brand new server.
Here your free to do as you please.
Come visit our coffee shops and tea rooms, meet new people, join fandoms, role play and more in Coffee and friends.

It’s time to make money and become top of the leaderboard in our job centre. I bet you can’t become no.1! Come and prove us wrong in Coffee and friends, because everything’s better with coffee and friends.
The Hangout is a friendly server of weirdos alike and we are open to everyone, it's a place to have fun, play games and just enjoy being social.
It isn’t really what the title of the server says. Sure it says ‘tribe of weebs’ But that’s really only because of a joke someone once taunted me and my friends with. It’s really a place where people who love certain fandoms can come and go and enjoy their time. So please, come and see if you enjoy it here!

This is a server where you can come to relax, chat, and even roleplay if you're up to it! You can share your beloved memes or art, or maybe share some of your favorite songs and video games. If you have something bothering you that you want support on, you can help yourself to the vent room and someone will try and give you some advice. If you want to start a friendly argument with someone, you can head on over to the drama room, where you can complain about how offended you are.
Welcome to the server! Step right in to a place that thrives with budding authors and amazing betas straight from the website. This server is not only to connect readers, betas, and authors alike but it is also a place where new writers can learn how to better develop their craft with the help of others who are more experienced when it comes to writing. Need help with making good summaries? We got that. Need help with new plotline ideas? We can help ya. Trying to find out a way to avoid that stereotypical character trope? We gotcha covered. This is a place for everyone from any fandom alive to come together to read and nerd out over the things that we love the most so please come and join us for a lovely time! Write on!
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Description : Amii-Chan is a public, fun roleplay discord server. We accept all ages of users.

What we have :
• An Active Community
• An Active Staff Team
• SFW And NSFW RolePlay Channels
• Special-Made Custom Roles
• An Amazing Economy With PRIZES!
• A Harry Potter Category / Section
• Weekly Events Such As Karaoke And Our Talk-Show, Amii-Talk!
• Assignable Roles!
• Custom-Made Commands!

*There is a simple verification system to gain access to our channels, you must do !verify in #verify

Invite :
hello! i'm alexa and i'm trying to build a gang to jump this one guy because he hit me up and asked me if i had any fetishes.

c r e e p

anyway, in this server you can talk freely, because everyone is accepted here. just don't pay any attention to the co-co-leader because he's a weirdo- you can talk about fandoms or likes of yours, like anime, video games, youtube channels, and more!!

we hope you enjoy it here in my server that i don't know how to use!