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Are you a fan of the Bioware video game series Dragon Age? Maybe just want to try something new? Come Join The Inquisition and help stop the end of the world! The setting? Thedas, 9:41 Dragon of course! Never played the games? That's fine! We're more than happy to assist you in learning about the lore and navigating the world.
The roleplay takes place in the year 2078 within an alternate universe.
It has been four years since World War three took place, though most referred to it as ‘World’s end’. Prior to the war, people were actually excited for it. They thought it was an opportunity to start anew. Little did they know they would lose everything because of it.
Countries turned on one another, none were safe. Missiles, bombs, explosions never ceased to stop during the war and by the end of it, Earth was in ruins. Very few people remained and those who did were filled with regret.
The government had already taken precautions before the war for such an event and had prepared thoroughly for it. In 2061, they had built a town completely unknown to the rest of civilization, called ‘Eden’. It’s sole purpose was to be used as a sanctuary for those who survived the war. It was also made mandatory that any of the survivors whom were not government have their memories erased once entering the town.
The present
Your character has just gained entry into the town and has had their memories wiped (In time, the characters will have brief glimpses of their memories). The town is led by a mysterious council, however the only known member of the council provides no reason as to why your memories have been removed. He merely states that you have been one of the few chosen to enter the town.

Welcome to Poképolis

Play through your pokémon adventure with pokécord, while battling elite trainers and gym leaders. It's basically the discord version of the video games! We have other popular and cool bots as well, and we do cool giveaways, and events! don't miss out!

We have
➼ Gym Leaders
➼ Elite trainers
➼ Daily Giveaways and events
- Active Chat
„Waffen Hoch!“ CAMP HALF-BLOOD RPG; FSK15!!!
Die Sommerferien haben wieder angefangen und es wird Zeit für alle Kinder der Götter ihren Weg zurück in das Camp Half-Blood zu finden. Es gibt Abenteuer zu bestreiten und neue Freundschaften oder auch Feindschaften zu schließen. Es gilt Flaggen zu erobern, Streitwagen zu fahren und auch mal die eine oder andere Prophezeiung zu erfüllen. Begegne den Wesen der griechischen Geschichten und erkunde geheimnisvolle Orte. Werde auch du Teil des Camps und der großen Prophezeiung, schreibe Geschichte als ein Kind der griechischen Götter
Wir sind eine Gruppe von Percy Jackson Fans, die ihre eigenen Charaktere durch die lustige, dramatische und teils vollkommen verrückte Welt von Rick Riordans griechischen Helden rennen lassen. Und da es sich besser mit vielen Leuten rumrennen lässt, als alleine, wollen wir euch in unser gemütliches Camp einladen.
P.S. Kommt zu uns ins Camp, wir haben Kekse!
In this world, a number of islands float above a land of nothingness called the void. The islands are kept suspended by the almost infinite amount of spiritual energy being emitted by suudoria, the life tree. Spiritual energy is what preservers all life, both magic and non-magic, and is contained in all living beings. Some, however train to control there own inner spiritual energy and how they use it dictates a number of different elements, techniques and fighting styles. Some anyone can learn, some require a certain element and some are only passed down through a specific group of people. What path will you choose?
Bienvenidos a Parseim! Somos un servidor de Roleplay de Fantasía Medieval para hispanohablantes con una comunidad activa donde podrás vivir excepcionales aventuras como un elfo, enano, vampiro, demonio, hombre lobo y hasta un gigante! Empieza tu aventura en Parseim y tráete a tus amigos, te esperan jugosas recompensas a aquellos que inviten.
Do you like Earthbound?
Come on over! We can discuss all kinds of things, such as Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3!
A dystopian roleplay server, based in an eastern city in which many street gangs fight for power. Come check it out! Everyone is welcome, the community is made by friendly people and many artists!
Der Server ist da um eine Community aufzubauen und um eine größere Reichweite zu erhalten. Dazu gibt es noch Links zu anderen Servern falls man an Roleplay oder ähnliches interessiert ist. Näheres ist im Server erklärt. Habt Teil an der Community :D
An ongoing roleplay set on an Airship, in a fantasy world. You can create characters and write your own stories!
Leonhart has:
- Open Character Creation
- Graphic Profiles and Ranks
- Money, Sales, and Trading
- Items, Gear, and Upgrades
- Simple Stats and Leveling
- Crafting
- Magic
...and much more! Jump into the game and meet friends in an open world, feel free to write your own Quests and Campaigns.
A Taverna é um servidor amigável com foco em RPG de mesa para todos. Com vários eventos e desafios semanais de diversos tipos, games, leitura, cinema, etc. Organizamos sessões de RPG de Mesa Online principalmente para iniciantes. Mestres são livres para criarem suas sessões.
A community focused Tabletop RPG server! DnD! Genesys! Star Wars! And much more general geekery! All are welcome! Join today!
a multifandom server with a lot of fun shit, honestly.
come in and check it out~

a medieval server for Game of Thrones fans and writers.
in and out of character chats.

Ein deutscher Metro RPG-Server.
Das allgemeine Thema:
Es ist das Jahr 2033. Moskau ist eine Geisterstadt, bevölkert von Mutanten und Ungeheuern. Die wenigen verbliebenen Menschen haben sich in das weit verzweigte U-Bahn-Netz der Hauptstadt zurückgezogen und dort die skurrilsten Gesellschaftsformen entwickelt. Sie leben unter ständiger Bedrohung der monströsen Wesen, die versuchen, von oben in die Metro einzudringen ...
A great place for fans of adventure games, anime, and literally everything else that's great about this world!
- Servidor de Roleplay por texto focado em relacionamentos entre dois (ou mais) homens. Yaoi, Slash, BoysLove ou qualquer que seja a terminologia que lhe agradar mais. Conteúdo 18+.

- Usamos Personagens Originais.

Blestemat é uma cidade sombria em algum lugar da Europa onde seres sobrenaturais espreitam e humanos são vistos como comida. Desvende esses mistérios e tente sobreviver ou renda-se à escuridão cultuando uma divindade sombria.

Das ist die Deutsche Undertale Community!

Hier kannst du dich mit anderen über Undertale und Deltarune unterhalten. Du kannst auch mit anderen RPen und sehr viel Spaß haben.

Und ich wünsche euch auch weiterhin viel Spaß!
Liebe Grüße D0ctorS1lver!
1 developer creating a single player RPG game! Stay up to date by checking the patch notes and be 1 of the first ones to try out the game!
Mysterious Voice: "Welcome to the realm of Charna, a realm where all know their exact place in the world, and are self aware - in more ways than one. Here are a few of the things this server offers.

》Pure Avrae integration, where almost everything character-wise is handled by the bot.
》Homebrew, which must be approved by the owner to be allowed in the server. (No dandwiki, obviously, because its broken.)
》An open world (document still in the making), which can be explored at will.
》Knowledge of roleplay aspects (everyone in the world knows class levels etc. but it doesn't break the game).
This is a new server, so many aspects of this may be changed. I hope that this server can see success, and that it grows to be as fun and kind as possible!
Here you will explore the world of Xel; an advanced universe where magic, science, and advanced technology live along side one another. Step into a life and live your story; be a wage slave for one of the massive MegaCorps who rule the world, join a organization, live a life of crime, become someone, or die forgotten. Here your choices are your own…or at least that’s what they tell you. Dive in because this life is only what your masters make it.
Dungeon Frontiers is a discord hub based on playing dnd. If you're looking for a group of friends to join in either a homebrew or other campaign we have them going on. If you are looking to host a campaign then we got you there too. Simply post that you would like to start a campaign and get a few people on board and we can get you started.
Genovia, This world was once a calm and peaceful place, free from the worries of war or of poverty. Animals roamed freely and the grass stayed green and the water fresh. Life went on this way for many, many years...until they arrived...

...The first race to step foot onto the great lands were the notorious humans. They landed on the shores, eager to settle into their new home. And for many years, they had managed to stabilize and survive as their population began to spread. It wasn't until then that the other races discovered this land; The Short, yet Strong Dwarves, the Wise and Noble Elves, The Sneaky and Cunning Kajiits, and the Fearless Tribe of Kitsunes. With them arriving, sharing the land was not going to easy, especially for the humans.

Ever since their little encounter, the races had always been at odds, going at each other's throats when they least expected it. They eventually found a temporary peace that would soon break to greed and corruption as well as just pure hatred. 4 years later, they came to an agreement to have Holds that they each owned for themselves. Each hold was separated by different portions of land. This would appease each one of the races, at least for now... a world that has been divided into Five holds. Holds that Fight for The Holy Grail which gives them supremacy over the others. Join one of these Holds and start a new journey in this Rpg style Rp server.
A Nation-RP server set in the modern world. The number of nation states allowed is limited, so players are encouraged to join the dynamic governments of existing countries.

Unlike other nation-rp systems, this server is unique in keeping governing systems real by preserving hierarchy. The Nations RPG boasts of a dynamic and real economy, populace and military!

New members will be asked to join a nation, and then apply for a position in the Government. After that, they can lead a revolution or become the new leader; whatever they like.
Alternatively, new member may have the choice to create a new nation instead (LIMITED).

Join now, the Nation's RPG.