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Welcome to The Deathless! A dark and mysterious world of vampires and witches amongst Victorian society. Whether you choose to infiltrate high society as an immortal figure of wealth, or hunt for humans in the dark forests of the land, this server will be the place to explore your creativity and writing skills in the world of The Deathless.
Vampires are far more common than you’d think. In some places, they make up almost half of the population, whilst in others they are hunted for sport. The world changed after Count Dracula bit his first victim, and from that day forward the sirelines of dracula have spread far and wide throughout the land.
With the rise of the vampires, came the fear from their human prey. The elite of the humans gathered, desperate to seek a solution to the rampages of this new pest, and thus the witches arose. Enemies to the immortal bloodsuckers, witches today are few and far between, and are hunted by vampires once discovered.
Humans in the current day have two paths to choose from. To attempt to forget and ignore the existence of vampires, or to join the hunt and attempt to rid them from the world as a whole.
In the world of The Deathless, you must choose where and how you will stand.
In the darkness, amongst the hungry, or in the light, amongst the hateful.
We are a new server, and we are looking to expand! You may join us if you enjoy NSFW content, or if you dont! We strive to make everyone feel welcomed, and safe!

Join for friends, newdie lewdies, and much, much more.
Olá jovem furry (ou não furry) que está lendo isso, gostaria de te convidar a esse servidor, somos um pequeno e ainda em crescimento server furry dentre varios servers furrys, com uma staff organizada e pessoas de todos os tipos para conhecer e fazer novas amizades, seja você furry ou não você é muito mais que bem vindo aqui, sobre os canais nos temos:
-canais para brincar com os bots
-canais nsfw (+18)
-canal para roleplay
Dentre outros, se você procura um cantinho para conhecer pessoas novas ou para relaxar, aqui é o lugar, não importa quem você é ou como você é nós sempre tratamos todos com respeito e amor como uma familia gigante hehe, por favor de uma chance a nós e faça parte dessa família
your feet are heavy from walking up the mountain. how high up were you? you can't go back now, you're so close. finally, you hear voices up ahead. as you approach, the dark-haired elves at the gate look up at you mid-conversation and smile.

"Welcome." the short-haired one greets. he looks at his sister, who smiles back at him. "You're.. here for the trials?" he asks. you nod in response.

scarred and bruised, you finally finish the trial. the longer-haired one walks up to you with an amulet, the attached charm purple with a crescent moon engraved. "Here. It'll let you in," she says.

you nod and walk up to the tall gates. they were quite beautiful, with swirls carved into the stone. you hold out the amulet and the gates slowly open.

"Welcome to Cedarfall."


hi sorry, that's not even important to the server, uhh
anyway, cedarfall is a modern fantasy roleplay with eldritch gods, angels, and honestly we just have fun.

we might open staff applications at some point!

we offer:
[❆] an LGBTQ+ safe space
[❆] LGBTQ+ characters
[❆] friendly staff
[❆] interesting plot
[❆] au roleplay
[❆] events
[❆] and a separate DnD campaign!
we plan on adding so much more to the server, so why not stick around to see it happen?

welcome to cedarfall, friend.
Servidor creado hace relativamente poco
Intentamos tener una comunidad no toxica
Pasate por aqui!
Welcome to the #1 Discord Server about the swedish singer, songwriter and producer Tove Lo to discuss about her music career, tour, updates and more about the swedish singer.

Come and join our community with chill staff, premium bots like Dyno, MEE6, Groovy, LastFM Bots, over +190 emojis, Nitro Giveaways and my more.
╔═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╗
❥ 𝐁𝐞𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐢𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐖𝐨𝐫𝐝𝐬
╚═════ °• ♔ •° ═════╝
↳ Welcome to my Discord Lounge! A place where you can get comfy, bond, and make friends!
↳ We Are a New Community Looking To grow
a non-toxic community and we want the server
to be a place for everyone!
↳ • (14-17) SFW community
• Hangout areas
• Friends
• Chatting and gaming (text and voice)
• Self-roles
• Color roles
• Memes
• Partnerships
• Bots
Uhhh, du liest anscheinend unsere Serverbeschreibung, dann bist du bei uns genau richtig. Wir sind eine deutschsprachige Community gebildet, um die Menschen zusammenzubringen, die nach neuen Freundschaften und einem guten Zusammenhalt suchen. Wenn du uns beitreten möchtest, dann schau gerne vorbei. Wir sind sehr aufgeschlossen gegenüber neuen Nutzern. Wir freuen uns mega über jedes neue Mitglied :3

(Wenn du unsere Regeln akzeptiert hast, musst du dich unserem Moderationsteam nur noch kurz vorstellen. Dies ist eine Sicherheitsmaßnahme, die zum Schutz unserer Community gebildet wurde, wir bitten aus diesem Grund für Verständnis, dass wir keine unechten Nutzer auf unserem Server akzeptieren werden. Eine Zuwiderhandlung wird unwiederbringlich zu einem permanenten Ausschluss führen.)
Hi! I'm recruiting random cool people such as yourself to find more friends for our intersectional gaming community. Our goal is to get tons of gamers together and create new connections and teams, as well as share some laughs and discussions.
No pressure, feel free to join if you would like. All are welcome :)
this is a fun anime/gaming server~

-we have mods that will help you with mental health, fun bots to play with, vcs to talk to fellow members in, and even an anime chat to socialize in.

-this server has few rules, they are easy to follow, and little @everyone pings.

-have fun and stay a while <3
Degenerates is a house of debauchery led by the mad. Truly, if there were an apocalyptic, Mad Max community of debased creatures that give in to their every carnal desire and fantasy, it would be found in this server. Bound together by memes and tits, the members appreciate free discourse and civil discussion alongside total filth and tasteless humor relating to subjects that should probably be whispered about, and never mentioned in public. LGBT Friendly, drug friendly, kink friendly, and the best emojis you've ever seen. We get high and split thighs.
Nitro Boost level 3, Hundreds of emotes, 18+ only no minors.
This is a 13+ server. We have a chill community. We accept everyone.
What we have to offer:
-Cool staff ♡
- Assignable roles ♡
-Fun bots (if any bots you would like to add feel free to suggest it)
-Cute emotes ♡
- Cool members ♡
-Fun channels ♡
-Nsfw channel (optional)
And if there is something you would like to add to the server, we will make sure to take a look at your suggestions.
Please enjoy your stay (if you join)
So join us maybe ♡
*not a role play server*
Wholesome High is full of friendly people who love cute animal pics wholesome memes and fun conversations.
Literally becoming an LGBT+ server at this point, also if you're non binary PLEASE JOIN, SPREAD THE NON BINARY AGENDA!!
If you know anything about 3D printers, please join! Our 3D printer nerd is lonely.

bruv we're lonely too
Welcome to the vibe hive.

Here you can vibe and chill with other loser- cool people like yourself. As long as you treat everyone with respect and are nice your more than welcome to come chill out with us. In the vibe hive.
♡ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♡ Welcome to The Mountain Top! ♡ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♡
We’re a new LGBT-Based community Discord server!
~staff wanted~
Here, we offer:
♡ Partnerships! ♡
♡ New people to meet! ♡
♡ Games to play! ♡
♡ Polls & Questions of The Day! ♡
♡ LGBT+ support! ♡
♡ Our very own discord bot!(WIP) ♡
♡ A wide selection of color roles ♡
♡ Active VC's! ♡
♡ Games to play! ♡
♡ Rewards for boosters ♡
♡ Owner: robin#1784 ♡
♡ Co-Owner: cam the milk man#1227 ♡
♡ Admin: pasghetti#1829 ♡
♡ ♡
With over 700 members and counting, this server boasts active members, partnerships, weekly events and discussions, and so much more. We're looking to expand and become a bigger supportive network of fans and creators. All genders &
sexualities are welcome. Come join our family!
We offer-
- weekly discussion about the show
- weekly game night
- a bunch of smokin' hot moderators
- Mudae & Mafiabot
- a ton of fun!
Recreational Night Club community offering a safe and chill place to discuss substances, hang out, game & enjoy the aesthetic scene. From weed to psilocybin and nootropics, we feature a diverse set of topics to discuss for both beginners and experienced users, while remaining aware of harm reduction practices and responsible drug use.

The Neon Underground is welcoming to members of any ethnicity, nationality and beliefs, including people associated with LGBTQ. We also tend to be open about our sexuality, while keeping creeps and other unsolicited attention out of sight. From game nights to community events, we host a variety of other activities to keep you engaged.

So look no further and come on in! Wind down, hang out, drink, game, trip, vent, smoke, relax, and engage in a host of other activities free from prying eyes. Your underground paradise is right here.
Hello! This Discord server is to make friends, play games, and have a fun time. We are a growing server, that is pretty active. We often VC and play games, or just talk.

The Videogames we play are:
- Animal Crossing
- Terraria
- Roblox
- Minecraft
- Overwatch
- Scribbl
- And more

We connect over hobbies and interests like
- Anime
- Skateboarding/Longboarding
- Art
- Music
- Gaming
- Theatre
- Kpop
- Sports
- And many more things!

(I am always open to suggestions)
A chill server where everyone is welcome. Come on in and talk about hobbies, make some friends, and hangout! We have bots and are open to any suggestions ❤
✰ Tamale ✰
Owner: Mo!#1311

♡ Welcome! ♡
➪ Tamale is a community where anyone can enjoy themselves and make friends. We give our members a lot of freedom and put them as top priority. Our goal is to provide you with a server that you’ll love.

✰ We offer ✰
✔A pleasant community where you can socialize freely and meet others.
♡ Friendly chill staff and members.
✔ Entertaining bots such as:
mudae, dank memer, yggdrasil, etc.
♡ A venting channel.
✔ An art channel.
♡ A memes and shitposting channel.
✔ A nsfw channel (no amateur content is to be sent or received).
♡ Partnerships.
✔ Reaction roles.
It's for all supporters! 13+! We are not toxic!
We are here for you and you'll enjoy it!