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Welcome to our wonderful server! We may be small but we are a welcoming community always willing to chill and chat with new members!

• We have a cool level up system that gives you a new role with cool perms the more you chat

• Alot of cool artists that you can ask for advice and even trade art with!

• Custom roles depending on what species you are, even an nsfw channel for anyone 18+ (don't worry we check before we give anyone the role)
>>> Our goal here at the friends server is to bring in friendship and create strong bonds with people on our server. We try doing this by making sure you both have the freedom you desire/need, but it we won't allow your freedom leak onto other in a negative way. So we have come up with ratherly “Strict” rules on most channels to prevent your anger from splashing onto other people’s business and keep things organized and where they need to be. Many people here do not like the rules, so we have created a non-moderated channel so you can let out your anger/insults there.
We're a small community, but we really want to grow! We strive for a nontoxic community. I made this server for other introverts, such as myself, to be able to have the chance of making friends.

In my opinion, it's very hard to socialize in real life, so online is the best alternative. Come in, chill, and chat with us!
Our Server description
you have been invited to: notesmusical_notemusical_scoreMusic PaLacenotesmusical_notemusical_score
please join our server, we are looking for lots of new people and for real artist!!
(If you are a real artist you will get a role and you'll have the perm to advertise your stuff isnt that awesome?)
we are very friendly towards others,
We always have new things coming,
✧・゚: ✧・゚: 𝕥𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘𝕤 𝕨𝕖 𝕙𝕒𝕧𝕖 :・゚✧:・゚✧

----Nice people----'
---- not very strict rules----
------ We are Open for suggestion so if you want something, we will do it, we will do what people want to stay (not giving admin role for sure :)----
----- make loads of good friends-----
---- it's active
----we have lots of music bots, of music channel and and specific music Categorie!!----
---- very friendly!!-----
----Really open for Partner!!----
looking for partner manager and mod
♥️Welcome to our beautiful sanctuary♥️
We are an server meant to meet friends and enjoy each other’s company! A place where you can vent, laugh, speak and relax together and have fun. We primarily speak English and only recommend that you speak English for this place. If you don’t, no punishment will be taken but I can’t say we’ll be happy.

We have a few things!!!
▫️Bots meant for fun!
▫️Custom Roles ~ Hobbies, Age, Gender, Colors!
▫️Very friendly and kind people!
▫️A growing server!

We hope you join! We’re looking for more people to talk to always and it’s a little lonely in here! Hope this place can be better with you! ~ ♥️
We are a gaming community with currently (20.02.19) 14 player and 5 bots.We would really appreciate if you could join!
Have a good day!
We are aiming to make this server a nice place for everyone. We offer roles and color. We are also a growing community with nice staff!
A fun server where you can make friends and just be yourself. we have bots and you can even advertise your servers in are advertise channel. Are bottom role is customer but if your active and nice i can make you a maid or butler. were also a safe space for those who just need to talk. so please join us and make some memories together
All Fetishes Welcome 📢🐛
Hentai • Porn • Ecchi • Nsfw • Anime • Manga • Art • Figures • Fashion • Video Games • Memes • Music • TV • Films • Movies • Bdsm • Bondage • Rough • Sex • Bimbo • Doujin • Futanari • Nudes • Dick • Penis • Pussy • Tits • Breasts • Ass • Milfs • Monster Girls • Roleplay • Traps • Trans • Femboy • Gay • Yaoi • Yuri • Bisexual • Ero Guro • Voice Chat • Etc.
A fun and chill discord server. We need members and accept all people.
Our group is called plastic Barbies! We are a group who just started and can't wait to grow! Here we talk about mostly everything about gossip and drama.
Are you looking for a place where you can chat with people? Join the server and you may make some friends! x3
an active, small server which has only recently started to get active so we have quite a lot of new people so feel free to join and make some new friends!

>looking for staff currently!
>little/no-rules so you won't be banned/kicked!
Just chatting about anything really just as long as you somewhat respect the rules. Just nice chatting. You can also mess around with the bots here as well.
A server where you can chill and hangout! If you are looking to have fun, this is the server for you.
Serdecznie zapraszamy Cię na serwer Strefa Luźnych Rozmów!
● Miłą atmosferę!
● Pomocną administracje!
● Wiele ciekawych botów!
● Codzienne giveaway'e! (that's a lieeee XD)
● Jesteśmy otwarci na sugestie!
A community full of nice weebs, artists, gamers, writers and more. Looking for more members to increase activity and make more friends.
Hello! Welcome to Heaven Fall! This is a fun server that you might enjoy! Join if you'd like!
A diverse community. Friendly chats. Events. Club Feature. Blobs. Economy. Simply put? Something for Everybody, the community for you.
A new server looking for new ppl and friends.
Feel free to join. 2.11.19
This is a general chatting discord where you can find new friends and play with new people, we are about to hit 50 members so if we could get this dsicord to 50 members that would be lovely!!

// Founder. Wick
Welcome to the Rift.

The Crimson Rift is a newly developed server which revolves around the colors black and red/crimson. As it is new, please don't expect too much. We plan on making the server rather large. Come join the community and be one of the first members!

We offer a few goodies.
- Bots to keep you entertained while the server is asleep
- Fun events for our members to participate in
- NSFW channels
- A very friendly community
- Chilled staff team
- Leveling system
- Special roles you get after leveling up
- The ability to meet some cool people who share your interests

There's going to be a whole lot more coming soon. We hope to see you there!
This is a very Nice and Chill server, with a active, welcoming and accepting staff team. We hope you can join and grow this community :3