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We're a small community, but we really want to grow! We strive for a nontoxic community. I made this server for other introverts, such as myself, to be able to have the chance of making friends.

In my opinion, it's very hard to socialize in real life, so online is the best alternative. Come in, chill, and chat with us!
Welcome to Alpha’s Den, we are currently a small community consisting of mostly Furries and Scalies, we have many great channels and there are so many nice people. Please, come check us out!
Basically just Chatting and having fun. Start out as a member rise to being an Admin!
This server is for major gamers, good gamers, you can chat in different channels, with the different game genres. Most of the players here are major, world-class, legendary gamers. If you're not a good gamer, you're not welcome here.
Hi there! We’re the QT Gang! Come in, sit down, make yourself at home. We’re a friendly server where you can chat, chill, and most importantly feel safe. Come and join us in our cosy, cuddly corner of the interwebs owo.
A community server. Join if you want to have some fun!
new server, who is trying go be active as much as it can so pls join, also a spotify premium account giveaway soon!
We are just starting out and ready to meet new people. I’d love for you to join and have a good time!

•Small staff and friendly
•Not a lot of rules
•All ages
•All types of people
•Most chill server yet
This is a general chatting discord where you can find new friends and play with new people, we are about to hit 50 members so if we could get this dsicord to 50 members that would be lovely!!

// Founder. Wick
Welcome to Anime&Music!
This is a server with nice people and a server where you can make friends, here you can just be a weeb and meme around.
this is a discord server to make friends who also enjoy UNDERTALE or DELTARUNE.
this is a pretty chill server, its not too strict.
This is a server that primarily deals with pokemon and pokecord subjects, but this server also is a place for people to hang out and just chill with friends.
Hiya! The Boulder Family is a small but active, with an amazing and friendly community, server, here is what we offer! :

-NSFW Chats and Bots ;)))
-Small non-judgemental friendly community
-Self-assigned roles
-Small but simple list of rules
-Most importantly a cult about Boulder Men

So come join us in The Boulder Family, we can't wait to greet you with our warm welcoming hugs :)))
A fun and great server to just chat and chill. A fun Minecraft server!
Hello! I’m german so bare with my English, Welcome To Fate! Where you Csn make new friends or find The Love you always wanted! We are still a very small server (just started today) BUT We will grow super quick
This is a server which I made out of boredom...
Don't worry I use it a lot since my friends are on it, and I'm usually always updating things on it as well!
We have anything you want in chats, gaming, interests, help, and much more!
We have helpful bots which you can play with, we will add more once we find some.
Last thing, have fun, we are all about fun and hopefully you can join us!
We are aiming to make this server a nice place for everyone. We offer roles and color. We are also a growing community with nice staff!
Downtown Lounge is a social discord for you to make friends and learn new things! We have a custom bot, animated banner, and club feature for you to make your own club to fit every niche!
In this server we are known as animal lovers, we adore every type of animal but, the main part of this server is so that you can talk about your animal interests to other types of people, have fun, and play games with out bots! Enjoy!
[Looking for a nice server to chill out in? Join The Hub!]

•Nice people
•Blob emojis
•Unique design
•Fun bots

[So what are you waiting for? Join The Hub today!]
×,.·´¨'°÷·.. Welcome To Chibi Times..·÷°'¨`·.,×
We have
- anime
- cute-things
- memes
- mini-games
- karaoke
- active-staff
Join the family and have fun!
Just a little cute server to get'cha some new friends! We're also LGBTQ+ accepting <3
Welcome to the rubber ducky army! This place is filled with dank stuff and filled with memes and extremely nice people! If you want to have some fun, well this is the place just for you! Staff are online daily!