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Hello! If just you want some time out, join here! Enjoy chilling out, relaxing, hanging out, making new friends or even do some gaming! (:
Only music here
So, if you like music, join here.
Open Now! Rain’s Coffee Shop is an imitate, cozy and elegant cafe with a unique and comfortable vibe. Come and relax~💜
this server welcomes all people, you can feel free to express yourself and enjoy the company of your fellow discord members.
Devi's Club | Community🌹 is a relaxing, fun, open to social media, Our community brings people together, to enjoy their stay and have a great time in our Club. We have many varieties of different activities. But the best dont forget to miss out on Movie Night, every Friday night we let the Public (server) choose what to watch. And many more to find out if you join our Community today.
This is a discord that's just meant for chillin and talking

Find friends to play games with here
This is a server where you can talk about everything. Pretty simple. We have an amazing staff team so if any problems ever happen just say something. We do like people to talk and do encourage voice chat use. We openly accept any new members and here you have a place to complain about when life's got you down, to talk about your favorite things with people who can relate, roleplay, or just relax.
This server is for you to have a nice time and to make some friends. And maybe just maybe you might find someone more then a friend ;)
This is just a little server for you to relax with calm and friendly people. The server has a Japanese folklore theme which is to help with the relaxing vibe we want the server to advocate!
Effervescence is a new community (16+) that is a safe haven from drama and bullshit - as the name suggests, we want to make you feel as light and nice as possible!
Welcome, to the clan, where we hide nothing. The only thing we do hide is loud obnoxious kids.
You should totally join my server. It's a fan server for myself, as it's become evident how amazing I am. Crazy people encouraged, fanfiction encouraged, sarcasm evident, this is basically a hole for all your needs, only I control them. So join! You'll have a great time
This server is just gonna be a small community based one. All ages acceptable but preferably 15+, I'm Australian so if any of you peeps that join also are let me know I favour Aussies. Anyways the server will be whatever you guys want it to be I'm not fussed.
Hope is a place dedicated to helping others and “creating a safe place for people to open up about the various issues. The connotation of the phrase “safe space” can be understood as an area of help, where someone feeling “safe” is understood as the feeling of comfort with the area and people around themselves, yet the connotation of “safe space” is an area of mental warmth where the feelings of being wanted and trusted are present.
Looking for a place too just chat and relax with friends, then join me with “The Chill-Zone”. This server is a stress free place where you can jut hangout with friends, we are a new server with 30+ people already in the server, so just us to go to the top of chillness

-General Chat!

-Meet New People!

-Chill and Hang out with friends!

-Partner servers!

-Great People!

-Safe server!

-A nsfw channel coming soon!
And many more great things to come as also, so join us to become a big server and meet new and fantastic people
Come join anyone is allowed basically it takes place in new York and there's a secret war between mages and bounty hunters really cool if you join and invite friends also we are not a hardcore rp so pls just relax
The Spiritspring Bath House is a place of relaxation for the spirits of the dearly departed who didn't manage to pass onto the other side. Run by a motherly fox deity, the Bath House offers respite to the lost and a home to the found. Come join the fun and explore the world of spirits. We offer numerous locations ripe for exploration as well as some fun Bath House hijinx!
Another server to make friends and relax with some memes. We frown upon fights and are looking for mods/support. That doesn’t mean we’re just handing it out. Come join this small community.
This is a peaceful, positive server. Here you customize what channels you see based on your liking. Self-improvement, mental health, meditation, memes, music, and support are all things that you can find here.
A nice little server for people to make friends, chill, chat and communicate with each other as a community!

Don't be rude, be respectful and no offensive jokes.
Greetings and welcome to my server, **The Five Elements**. Here you can meet new people, plus getting new updates throughout months/years. If you need help with something please contact the administrator, moderator or an admin. We hope that'll you like everything here and besides by that **adios amigos**!
If players or you are active in this server, you will get greater roles and even more permissions. As **Level 1+** you will be able to react with the emojis theme in the most channels. If you are a higher than**level 5+**, you'll be able to upload pictures. Everyone who is at **Level 10+** can apply for moderator and as not too many have this role, it's easy to get accepted if you write a good application as of right now. If you're likely to want to strive to become the next level, be active if you want to gain experience.
`1)` Do not spam in chat sections. (Ban)

`2)` Do not reject/disrespect anybody. (Mute)

`3)` Do not text with racist texts. (Ban)

`4)` Do not randomly ping. (Ban)

`5)` Do not break Discord ToS rules (Ban)

`6)` Do not self-promote (Ban)

`7)` Do not ask for any roles (Mute)

Other rules may not appear in this section, however, if we detect negative words that relate to the text, **Rule 3** the consequences for this that you'll be banned rather than being kicked. Although, you're still able to return to this, however, once we have seen your text with an inappropriate language you'll be permanently banned from this and won't be able to strive to return to this server.