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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! 📣

★·.·´¯·.·★ I Invite you to ♪♫ 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓞𝓷𝓮𝓼 ♫♪ ★·.·´¯·.·★
A community server for everyone to chill , hangout and make friends!
Active and friendly people! Introduce yourself and blend in or be different :P

The chat is kept clean and is always moderated!!!
This server has the following channels:
- Selfie
- Pets
- Food
- Music
- Gaming
And much much more!

Server includes:
🎇 Events regularly
😍 100 Emotes , nitro users Heaven
🔴 Leveling system
📣 Active members and Voice chats
🔷Partnership is offered out
Struggling to find a close-knit community to settle into?

Pleb Society is a well-rounded, growing community server. Simply put. It's a place for everybody, especially if you're struggling with fitting yourself into a cosy place to call your own. A key aspect of our server is that there is no specific theme! You can chat about anything, anytime, as we have a wide range of text channels. Our members & staff are exceptionally approachable and friendly, so you shouldn't have any trouble feeling like you're a part of something great.

If you're interested, give us a shot! New friendships are made here every single day.
This is a warm and open server to wind down with your friend and just have fun!
Well Hello there you are probably curious as to what this place is. well we are the TR and we are a peaceful democratic server on discord we have lots of elections, our own currency, and much much more so please come join us today. (keep in mind we are NOT a rp server we just have elections as a feature)
Mobile friendly ad!

💜**Welcome to my Hideout!💜**
*We're a friendly, chill furry server looking for more furs to chat it up with!*

What do we offer?
📝 -Self assignable roles including colors,gender,sexuality,and species!
🖌-Creativity channels featuring art, music, writing, and more!
🎭 - A RPing category for all your role-playing needs, including DND styled RP for experienced RPers!
🏫-A study hall for any fur who is having trouble with maths and things.
🤖-Fun bots you can interact with in our bot channel! If you like trivia and want to play a trivia game with friends, we have a trivia bot!
🌐-A tech category to discuss techy stuff!
❤-Friendly community of furs!
👌-Chill community that won't flood you with messages!
😝-Our own mascot emojis!
🤝 -Very helpful staff!
🦊-We have our own bot that's currently in development!
🔒-High security to keep raiders out and the good furs/people in!
⬆ -A level up bot for those who love a competition!
☑-We provide partnerships, except you have to level up in the server to become one!
History Talks is a server were people can talk about history and relax to grab a cup of coffee, Relax and chat about why you think Greek gods are better then Romans. What do we talk about? we have a section from the bronze age up to modern day. Cold war is not add YET because we have a big plan for the cold war era section. We hope to see you there :)
Tired of constantly being dragged into the action? This server is just the place for you! It was originally made so the owner had a place to relax and express her creativity without the constant stress of being in a battle of some sort. Everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter if you're gay, against a certain president or political party, transgender, etc. NO NSFW.
Moderated Dank Memes.
Games to play when bored. (Roleplay, Count to idk)
A community in which everyone is belonged to.
Hiring Staff Members.
50+ Dank Emojis
18+ server for people to hang out/play games and generally just be less anti social in. If we find out you're a minor you'll be banned though ;)
A server for the discussion of Animal Crossing 2019 for the Nintendo switch and related topics.
Want a server that lets you be chill and talk with others? Well this server is one for you. My server, currently not so active, is need of members.
- Has Music, Games, and Other Bots
- A place to talk to others
A small chat with a little community; relaxing chill, listen to music meet new people and much more!
Welcome to CHILL HANGOUT! We are probably one of the most chill servers around and probably one of the only servers without weird kinky shit.
We have an NSFW channel (and only one) if you really need to satisfy your needs. We have plenty of interesting features which are still growing FAST and over 40+ channels anyone can access about your favorite cartoons, anime, and games! This includes the Simpsons (old and new), Kill la Kill, Call of Duty, and more!
Partnering is always open and for servers of any member count so if you just started your server then we can always help out with a little boost! All of our partner channels are categorized between member amount, so in case you wanna help out a small server or a large one then it should be easier to choose!
We have over 18 bots as of writing this, which includes:
- MEE6
- Dyno
- Tatsumaki
and still growing!
Hope you enjoy your stay!
Mythica Woodland, a place of nature and beauty, welcomes you. Our white magic will protect you and makes even the worst of enemies respect each other within public. We hope to welcome you home.

What we offier:

+ Calm, friendly server.

What we need:

+ Moderators who are active.
+ Moderators from all timezones.

What we don't accept:

- Intolerance.
- Bigotry.
This is kutsurogi, a relaxing server for all kinds of people. It's a cutesy themed place, and I hope you enjoy your stay here. Thanks for joining!
Share your problems to eachother
make friends
nsfw available
Here at The Sunset Resort, we have everything you need to relax and if we don't we will get/add it for you! We have open staff role positions and channels for you to hang out with friends/talk to them or maybe just chill by listening to music!
This is a server I made because of all of the hate I got from one specific person and it gave me the idea to make a platform free from hate and a place to just chill, we accept all walks of life and we promote the idea that everyone is equal no matter what
community of epic gamers who have nothing to do with their lives besides code discord bots /shrug
Just a server for relaxing! We have chill staff, friendly people, and a pun maker (now that's punny). We have more roles coming soon. If you join this server and drop a hello, you're officially cool. 😎
TheEndGame is a fun place for people to hang out and be themselves!
Join this server if you would like to meet new people! we like memes, friendly conversations. Friendly and helpful staff.
Make friends or maybe try out some gaming with different people, the possibility's are infinite!
Join today!
Looking for a server that's chill, and that you can come in and vent or even just have a freindly conversation?

Look no further! Here in Shoshone Cafe, you can get a few things including, Friendly Members! Chill Text Channels! Board Games, Karaoke and other great things. We also got a big NSFW section and more! So why don't you make the righr decision and head on over to Shoshone Cafe!! You won't regret it! I promise!!!
This server is basically about whatever you dream of. You can talk here and do whatever you want. You can talk about anything here. Chill staff. Bots. Level up roles. Clean Server