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This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize,talk to new people and make new friends.
This is mainly a socializing server, but we also play games.
Its mostly a community server.
Everyone is Welcomed!
Staff will make sure you are comfortable and you will enjoy your stay here.
Have fun!
Brand New community server!
— You need to be at least 16 to stay on this server.
—All about socializing and meeting new people. (once we have people oops)
— Self assignable roles
—We have Channels to plug all of you social media accounts.
—NSFW channels (need to be verified). Selfie Channel, Music bot and eventually more.
•Looking for some cool people to just come and hang out!

(Oh and PAHLEASE I need someone I learn to trust to staff idk what the shit I’m doing)

But hey we all have to start out somewhere right? <3
Do you enjoy talking to people and making new friends? Do you like playing games? Do you like anime? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should join our community! And it doesn't have to stop there, we are a community open to many different kinds of people! We try to keep things active with events and polls so that everyone can have a chance to engage with the community. Join 3AM today!
Welcome to Stargazing!

This server contains:
•Active Staff
•Fairly New Server
- Vc Rooms
- Selfies
- Verified
- Userphones
A great new place to meet people that just wanna chat and have fun!
Simplex Gamers is a community for any and all gamers to come down and enjoy themselves.
Wow, a server named Oreo's? that's pretty cool right? Well, this server is made purely for having fun and socializing. Not too strict on the rules but as long as you keep in line, we good.

Hope to see you become one of my OREOS AND HOPE YOU ENJOY THE SERVER!
Hey!! Welcome to HangZone Community!! It is a new server created by [Owner] BoltMicFlash! We allow any kind of person! Brony, Furry, Loli, etc! (No limits! ~~Hopefully~~) We provide every channel you’ll need to talk and such!
-auto-signs roles! (Without mods)
-Raiders not a problem!
-Balanced mods and admins!
—*much more!*
Hope you have a blast! As well, lets see this server grow threw out 2019!!
A new discord community for socializing and meeting new people!
Chill Staff!
Self Assignable Roles!
Fun Channels!
Multiple Fun Bots!
Awesome Leveling System!
Welcome to HAVEN ™

Haven is a discord community for socializing, self promotion, dating much more!
The is a D&D 5e and socializing server. Come here too meet new people, and talk D&D. We don't discriminate. Anyone Can join!


-Self Assigned Roles
-Various channels for talking, memes, homebrew, group hunting, and more
-Some bots to make everything more fun
-A channel category specifically for playing D&D
Skeletøn Clique is a multifandom server for you to meet people who enjoy the same bands as you. It is mainly focused on tøp, though we do have chats for other bands as well :)
Yo boiis and girls, welcome to KNIFE .This is a place where you can chill ,have fun and make new friends in the process. But be sure to mind the #deleted-channel and be respectful of others
We got:
•The general where we usually hang out
•An advice section
•NSFW section for the pervswink
•An art channel and a food Channel and many more coming.
Feel free to speak up if you got suggestions.
We welcome y’all to the sever and hope you guys have fun.<3
What makes us special from others? Not a lot tbh, however, we do have our own bot, "quality" emotes, our server is *fairly* accepting, since we have a connection to a fetish server, but don't let that scare you off, most of us are nice and probably won't bite. But no promises. You can share a bunch of stuff or meet some new people, I try my best to ignore no one. But like I said, we're not that much special from other servers. So, feel free to join or not, I'm not forcing you.
We were raided on 12/22/2018 we are looking to rebuild make friends and grow as a community.

Please help us get back to what we where, a massive thriving community.
ShreksSwamp is a server where you can socialize and meet new people.
Hello! We are just a small little server trying to grow big and strong! We love to do anything! We even love to take suggestions to make us better for your enjoyment! Our main goal is to be an active server with lots of members by our side! Could you be by our side? ^w^
A server for people of all ages to chill and relax or as we like to call it chillax. If you love editing YouTube videos there is a chance to be my editor!!
------------------- A n x i e t y-----------------

Scratch here ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒ to unveil the secret description.

where just a small server with a few friends trying to get some more. We do role play and love meeting new people, so come join!
Are you looking for an amazing discord server?
I have just the place for you!

What we offer-
.Active Members
.Many Channels
.A Place To Socialize

What are you waiting for???
well hello everyone to tell you the truth i started this server as a joke and somewhere along the line i became serious about this and what is this you want to know?:
well for me it is a place to chill and have fun with all the users i love since this place is full of the ppl i am friends with on discord ...
enough about me what is it for you?:
- well it's a place to relax and enjoy yourself
- or you can meet other people here everyone is nice after all you all accepted taking to me
- and you can build a lasting relationships
- and since everyone here can do anything you can all help me to improve this place by telling me what do you find interesting and what do you think is a bad idea
and finally because this became important to me i ask you all to invite your friends here to make our place even better
Just a community server set up through my general boredom and loneliness. Our other server decided to give up on us so here we are trying again! Come join and see what we withhold. Maybe you'll find that special someone? wHo KNows?
We are currently looking for new members and staff to join our family!
We are looking for new trial and maybe eventually full moderators!
Try your hand at our staff system and maybe you will get power over the rest of the incels...
Hey!! Welcome to QT Cafe~

What it entails...

> We're a safe space so feel free to make yourself comfortable (LGBT+ friendly)
> If you're here to make new friends and socialize then you've came to the right place!
> This is a newly made server and is still going under construction so please bare with us
> Make sure to invite your own friends if you'd like!
> Admins are very nice and friendly, don't be shy
> All people are accepted and seen as equal

So... What are you waiting for? Join us now!