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Vex's Gravestone is a growing general socialization and gaming server, with weekly events, like Storynight. a Saturday night event where people read Fanfiction.
Vex's Gravestone is a general socialization and gaming server, with weekly events, like Storynight. a Saturday night event where people read Fanfiction,
We are a new, starting community that is growing fast. It is ofcourse still on the small side, but yet it’s more active then many big servers. We are still looking for members ofcourse, and are always open for suggestions. Looking for some coochie? Well why don’t you give us a visit!
✨Welcome to Catto Gang!✨

An awesome server for making friends, anime, co-op gaming and others! We are a striving catto community looking to be the best server there is!

Here we offer a lotta things for you like...

😺 A butt ton of bots that you can play with like Cards Against Humanity and UNO!

😺 An awesome, cool group of people that you can easily chat with! No problerino!

😺 No leveling system and roles so that you don't need to feel forced when chatting!

😺 A lotta events also that it's almost everyday! No announcements are needed.

😺 An awesome owner! No exceptions here.

😺 I forgot the most important thing, but CATS are awesome. And we have a lot em'!
Just a community server set up through my general boredom and loneliness. Our other server decided to give up on us so here we are trying again! Come join and see what we withhold. Maybe you'll find that special someone? wHo KNows?
Welcome to The Cave!

A bunch of lads and ladies socializing and making friends while socializing or gaming! Come and join! We have leaderboards bots and giveaways for our release!
-=- Buying items for cheap prices or want to see the most deals for the item you are looking for?

-=- Are you a business owner but you need a place where you will get a higher chance of selling?

-=- Are you looking for a place to earn free rewards from **giveaways** or gaining free rewards for just **inviting members** or with our points system? **Aka the :avocado: points system!**

-=-Or do you just want to hangout?

**If so, join the AvoMarket!** So get **selling,** **buying,** and have **fun**!

-+- We are active and hiring! And, stay tuned during **every** upcoming Januarys/Decembers/Aprils cause we will be giving away higher level items.

-+- And we are not just a ROBLOX community, we support every sale, from accounts, to GFX makers, we accept **all**!

-+- And we do have **trusted seller roles and permitted PayPal/Cash accepter roles** to ensure the safety of your purchases. But we do advise you to be careful when buying from a seller **without** these roles. :smile:


Do you enjoy talking to people and making new friends? We have lots of social people here. Do you like playing games like? We play a lot of games. Do you like anime? We have lots of weebs here, so if you want to talk about anime, we gotchu. There are many things you can do on this server.
A new discord community for socializing, dating, and meeting new people!
Buy and sell accounts for any game come chat and make new friends or just come to sell or buy
What makes us special from others? Not a lot tbh, however, we do have our own bot, "quality" emotes, our server is *fairly* accepting, since we have a connection to a fetish server, but don't let that scare you off, most of us are nice and probably won't bite. But no promises. You can share a bunch of stuff or meet some new people, I try my best to ignore no one. But like I said, we're not that much special from other servers. So, feel free to join or not, I'm not forcing you.
Howdy! Welcome to Voice chat! A brand new server built just for those who seek to cure boredom. Join one of our chats and get to talking! We're a very simple server dedicated to socializing in real time.(Aka calling)
Welcome to a better rendition of OMNIS! We're back in action and revamped with a whole new server.

Looking to chatter about games? We got you covered.
Looking to just kick back and socialize? All right here!
Looking for a server that welcomes all community members? OMNIS 2.0 is what you're looking for!

What's New?:
More interactive Bots!
Level up system!
New categories! (simplified and easier to navigate)
Availability to advertise yourself! (must level up first)
NSFW channel! (for all you lewd-lusting people)

A welcoming server for all! Join OMNIS 2.0 today!
A fun music server with different channels and bots to play music in, including NSFW music channels :D
yall my server that i made for no reason, if ya like videogames and talkin to very *very* few people pls join, so this grows a little bigger and uhhh yeah
tambien tenemos chat en español :D
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ┊
┊ ┊ ┊ ┊ ˚ ⋆ ✁˚ ✁ ˚
┊ ┊ ┊ ✫
┊ ┊ ︎✁
┊ ┊ ✯
┊ . ˚ ˚✁
. ✫   . ˚ ♰
. ✁ · ·. ✫
✹ ✁
♰. ♰
✫  . +

✫ ------------------------ ✫

✫  ✫  ✫  ✫  ✫ 
~ W e l c o m e ~

.. ᏆᎾ ᏆhᎬ ᏢuᏒᎶᎬ.. ..



♰ fuN ᎬᏉᎬᏁᏆs



ᎪᏁᎠ mᎾᏒᎬ.. jᎾᎥᏁ ᏁᎾᎳ ᏆᎾ sᎬE... may god be with you all.
A 55+ person server with active staff, easy to get used to members, level ups from talking in chat, game nights, very easy to get in contact with a HR
if you want to socialize meet new people and play fun games and voice chat this is the discord for you, its the all around hub for everybody.
· Welcome to Bepsi. ·

This is a server made for socializing.
We have. v
· Meme Channels
· NSFW Channels ( 18+ )
· Voice Chats
· Numerous Bots
· Poll Channels
And there's more to come!
Just know before you click "Join This Server" that this is a server in the making. If you have a disliking for it and want to leave we completely understand. We are growing it as much as we can just before players come and we hope you'll be one of them. Goodbye!

Owner : Kleiny.#6202
Co-Owner : Lanvyyy#6312
Welcome to Bepsi! This is a server for anybody and everybody to join and socialize! We have: v
· Numerous Channels
· VC & Music
· Polls
Please, just join :)

P.S Brand new server so kinda shitty right now
This Server is meant for
1. Socializing
2. Gaming (in the Gaming VoiceCall)
3. Dating (If you want)
4. NSFW (ONLY in the NSFW channel)
5. And to hopefully have fun with everyone
This server is for all ages
We’re looking for people who enjoy each other sexually from ages 13-20 who are willing to build up a horny, lewd community.

Channels include:

- Nudes for males
- Nudes for females
- Sexting
- Main chat
- Memes
This server is about making some friends and stuff to play games with
We're just ya' average, chillin' out discord group. We're not the largest community, but we're constantly changing the server for our community's benefits.
-------[Tony's The Social Network📷]-----

Welcome to Tony's Social Network! A place we can hang out and talk to friends like sharing your thoughts and having discussions.. In this server you can chat, play music and post stuff that anything that you would love to share!

1# 💯Partnering💯

2# 🔊Music with Music channels🔊

3# ☺friendly Community😉

4# 🔧Bots thats can always go with your commands🔧

5# 📈There are also Ranks📈

6# 🔄Awsome staff🔄

7# 📷 social media posting📷

8# 💯there are 50+ waiting for you to become their friend!💯

So Check it out today and come hangout with us and play online with us☺😉🎉

Permanent invite:

---------[Tony's Social Network]--------