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Hello, Something aesthetic is a discord server that is made for everyone. In this server we have quite a few games, roleplaying, anime and so much more. If you are looking for a server to meet new people and date look no more come and join something aesthetic and find your special someone<3
-Friendly Staff
-A Roblox Group for people to join!
-Open suggestions
-A faq to help get your questions answered!
-Self roles!
A community for anyone 13+, if you are below 13 you will be banned because you are against TOS. We will host gamenights, movie nights and more.
Welcome To 🍁H£ R€[email protected]¡[email protected]£🍂
We are a sister server to the Lounge! And we are also a multipurpose server made for gaming, socializing, and good the things
We are a small server and hope we can expand it thank you for your member ship and have a wonderful time!⭐🌟⭐🌟
we are a very friendly server open to all ages . Meet different people with different personalities and make convo. We are mostly all asians but we welcome non-asians too.
Join and meet new friends, game with each other, we host events and enjoy having fun with each other. Join for e-girls and the e-world, we on that wild gang type beat.
A warm and welcoming community for music lovers of all ages to socialize and share and enjoy music that they like with each other! It doesn't matter what type of music you like, as long as you enjoy music and want to socialize, this server is the right place for you!
The Baehive is a place where you can unleash inner dirty self in, exchange pictures and memes, and just chill and talk with others <3
In this server you can basically do whatever you want, we're open to all genders and orientations, bad people will be banned.
Join now and let your imagination run wild ;)
Hello, we ask that you consider joining our server as you read on. We support and are all about meeting new people and making friends while your at it. We have a very active coding community in our server too. We specialize in all sorts of coding languages, lua, c#, php, and much more. We also don't have that many rules and want our members to act as freely as possible. If you are worried about the lack of rules and how much control we have over the server, don't be afraid! We have a very good staff and support team that were hand picked under very picky requirements. Oh, and in case if that isn't enough for you, we have some very fun to use bots with interactive commands that you might be familiar with. If you plan to join, we hope you enjoy your time!
We are random, funny, and social. We are a very chill and fun community that respect everyone unless you're cool with being made fun of. Have fun cause wherever you go there's always something fun to do!
Large Multi-purpose server designed for a variety of different interests such as Gamers, Artists, Streamers, Shitposters, etc. The server does contain a locked optional Kinkster section for those who are 18+ and can only be accessed after being verified by the server staff.
We got a variety of cultures.
Kabina is an average discord server that was just created. We have friendly staff and members and love meeting new people. Shy? No worries, we are all friendly and love chatting with new people. Please consider and join us~
This is my server, Keizer's House, here we are a chill and fun community that just loves to mess around and create as much fun as we possibly can, come and see what we're all about! :D
Join us and chat about your interests, or whatever you want really. We have active staff, and are looking for new members and staff! We are open to any groups of communities.
Wanna talk? Or do you like developng games? Then this is perfect for you! So join this server for fun and very nice community!
Hangouts is a growing server with an amazing community of people, this place is a good place to make friends, chat, etc! we hope you have a GREAT time! -Arcane/Hangouts bot.
About Us
We are a welcoming community where anyone and everyone can join to meet people, make friends and roleplay! Our goal is to create a nice and comfy environment for all of our members~ 🎀

🐉 What We Offer
ᵒ Roleplay
ᵒ Friendly Community
ᵒ Self and colored roles
ᵒ Friendly staff
ᵒ Role-locked NSFW channels

Chihiya Academy is an offshore Japanese high school for misfits and outcasts, but its students believe it is for the prestigious. C.A. was founded by a rich man named Haru Chihiya during World War II. In 1947, it was built for the survivors of the two cities that have been demolished, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The building was not at first a school, but a retreat center for those survivors, aptly named Chihiya’s Retreat. It was later repurposed into an Academy in honor for Chihiya for taking in many survivors. As years past, many students stop enrolling themselves into C.A. due it being such lengths away from their home country. The school was disbanded and abandoned for many years. Until a distant relative of Chihiya, who worked with many countries and put C.A. back on its’ feet. Though, this was not a school for regular students. It was for misfits and outcasts, who were sent forcefully by their home country’s government. Few students know that they were sent for that exact reason; however, many students believe that they were sent for easy graduation.

RDB is a fun server where you can make friends and socialize with others.
This server is made to worship Dubstep, but you can do other things like dating, gaming chat, socialising and other cool stuff! and to talk you have to react to the emoji in the "check in" channel, most dont get it :/
First of all ty for reading this message.
Our server is jsut to make new friends and to socialize.
Just beware that there is NSFW in this server. If u don't want to see it don't look at it.
Anyways, ty for ur time.
We're the knockoff of The Nutshack and is ruled by Queen Ghiaccio.
Here's everything that's included in our shack:
-Free speech and positivity
-A safe environment for all
-LGBT* support and pride
-Bots like Pokecord, Rhythm and Tatsumaki
-Dutch and English speaking channels
-Ur mom jokes
-And much more!