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Welcome to Mono Airlines! An airline destined for escape from the outside world and into a city of your hopes and dreams!

Zzzt. airline destined to your very doom. C’mon in and Buckle up! You’re in for quite a ride.

Hahahahaha. Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHAHA. Zzzt.


Danganronpa : Pioneer’s Truth is a fan Danganronpa project that involves the protagonist Ayoishi Sugimoto and his journey throughout a killing game hosted by Monocidea- A Robotic Elephant in a luxury airplane. Ayoishi and 15-17 other Ultimates have no idea how they got here nor why, besides the agreed on basic knowledge of thar they were on a tour to introduce others to the world of Hope’s Peak and its accomplishments. But it turns oh so wrong, as Monocidea hijacked the systems and locked them in for a game of their lifetime, traveling throughout the world.

We are currently looking for
- Artists - Sprite, Graphic, Splash, CG, etc.
- Animators - To animate art by ^
- Composers
- Script Writers
- Editors, & more!

Currently, voice actors aren’t needed but we’ll need them in the future so feel free to come in. Join my server and ask me or DM me if you want to help! (If you don’t want to help or can’t , that’s fine too! Just join the server and have fun with our moderators...if we get any of course.

So come in and have some fun! Helping out would be great as well of course!

《 Towa Central 》

Towa Central is a non-despair AU Danganronpa server, allowing OC’s and canon characters from the first three games, anime, manga, and several fanganronpa series.

So, what do we include/how are we here?

🌺 A roleplay spot for canons, fanons and OC's.
🌺 Bots such as Mudae, Unbelievaboat, Rhythm, etc for messing around or.. any other use that can be thought of, really.
🌺 A LGBTQ+, kin, and mental health friendly place.
🌺 Tons of social and roleplay channels.
🌺 A spectator role for anyone who doesn't want to partake in the roleplay, and instead wishes to talk to people OOC.
🌺 Tons of available canon characters from the anime, games, and manga.
🌺 Additional available characters from fanon games; currently Danganronpa Another, Super Danganronpa Another 2, and Danganronpa Re:Birth - though more may be added in the future!

..What don’t we include here, though?

❌ Killing games, though this'll likely change soon.
❌ Haji Towa. He stank.

If you want to join, feel free to do so! I hope to see you there.
`` Want a cash prize? Maybe some new friends? Screen time on TV? Well look no further! Here at the hotel of solitude, we look for the best of the best! Give such a luxury suite for ultimate after ultimate on one condition! Drum roll please!

Hotel of █████!

A reality show for the worlds ultimates to interact! Play puzzles! Tricks and talent based tests! Last one standing gets a award! Cash prize!

Are you up for the challenge! ``



A five seasoned killing game currently on it's first!

We are looking for new members but please be weary! This is a 16 player RPG! We hope you enjoy yourselves!
//𝘋𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘢𝘯𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘱𝘢: 𝘝𝘦𝘭𝘰𝘤𝘪𝘵𝘺 𝘰𝘧 𝘋𝘦𝘴𝘱𝘢𝘪𝘳\\
So I see you've come across our server. Hi! I'm Mar, and this is a Discord for a project I'm working on with my friend Hat. However we need more members to help us with this game. If you're interested, feel free to join! Anyone is allowed.
Puhuhu~! Why hello there and welcome to the Danganverse: Eternal Hope of Despair production server! This game is a Fanganronpa in need of helpers. It's still in it's Beta stage as of now and is not airing on YouTube yet.

Voluntary Help Wanted with:

-Character creation
-Script Writing
-Channel Art
-Background Art
-Sprite Making
-Voice Acting (Soon)
-Trial Grounds
-Video Editing
-Server Editing

Please do not enter this sever if you wish to avoid future spoilers about Danganverse, thank you. :3
This fangan is the first in a series of six, and it introduces the world the characters live in, as well as the class of 101, which the game focuses on. In a world ruled by magic and talent, 19 young, promising Hope's Peak students are trapped inside of a killing game. Who will make it out alive, and who will die? No one knows...

This game will hopefully be available first as a video series and then perhaps as a playable game depending on what I can do. I plan on making the game in RPGmaker.

If you want to help with any of the following categories, please DM me:

Writing - we need script writers, including myself, to help write the story.
Planners - we need planners to help plan out murders and trials.
Artists - we need artists for just about everything! You don't have to perfectly mimic DR's style to apply!
Musicians - we need help with the music!
Team Nostalic; a small team of six and growing with the goal of producing content for anyone who may enjoy it. We are currently working on a danganronpa fangame, malaise mountain! we have a great community full of friendly people and we hope that we get to meet some more peeps!
Have you ever want to be in an organized killing game where creativity is made there? The current killing game is closed but we are welcoming newcomers! This server has been made a few days ago and it has been really active! Make sure to invite your friends

The year is 1984. Japan is grieving the loss of 16 of its brightest souls, all lost in bizarre, freak accidents.

Little does the world know that the ghosts of these 16 students have awoken yet again in Hope's Peak church, travelling the line of being both alive and dead within the spiritual bonds of the formerly abandoned church.

Why have their souls been reawakened?

As it turns out, Japan's one-of-a-kind class have been harboring deadly secrets- Terrible enough that they have been pulled from their heavenly destinations to enter a murder game set up by the angels themselves.

A game that will differentiate between sinners and saints- A game of heaven and hell.

Welcome to Danganronpa: Ascension.
As an owner, this is my first time actually owning a server. I do hope we will have fun together!

The roleplay is based on the concept of the Danganronpa Killing Game:
16 Ultimates in a School forced to kill eachother.

It may take a while until it starts up, we're still at the begining.
You and the other 15 students recieved a call. A tired and deep male voice told you that you won a trip to a Yamomoto's castle! The one, the legendary, the one that existed so many years! But something's wrong... When you and others finally arrive, everyone wakes up in the dungeons. A weird looking gray fox, tells you that you're in a killing game. Will our cast survive it and find out who the mastermind?
[FR] Un forum de rp DR en développement mais en recherche active de futurs participants !

N'hésitez pas à nous rejoindre !
Danganronpa: Hell's Gate is a fanmade Danganronpa visual novel. Set in St. Jude's Basilica for the Desperate and Needy, 16 students are forced to kill their peers in order to escape. With multiple twists and turns, overarching themes, and diverse characters, this fangame has what you're looking for!

We're looking for artists, musicians, and animators, as well as voice actors and writers! If you're interested in working on a fangan, please check us out!
Hello! Welcome to Danganronpa:Fallen Hope! A Danganronpa fan game thing. We are excepting new people into our killing game and there are currently 12 spots left. We hope that you can join the fun!
This is a fangame for the danganronpa series of games. You follow the protagonist, Kim Davis, Ultimate Mountaineer, as her and 15 other Ultimate students try to survive a brutal killing game.

In this server, I provide updates to the game daily, so join if you're interested.
Danganronpa Z: Endless Despair is a fangame project set in universe of Danganronpa series. Join us if you want to know more!
After The 53rd season of Danganronpa, Tsumugi rises back from the dead. Seeing that there are people still addicted to Danganronpa, it was time for her to make a new season, but skipped Season 54, making the 55th season. She got Danganronpa fans in the game, not knowing it was the 55th season. Tsumugi, later on, is now ready to take them to Hope’s Peak Academy and let them experience killing game fun.
Welcome my beloved patients, to the hospital! I’ve collected each and every one of you, because you all have a disorder. Physical, mental, or phycological. However, you’re now here, safe and sound, we’ll fix you, by making sure your tainted disorders don’t taint the outside worlds beauty. Want to get out? Kill someone, it’ll purify your disorders, letting you go to the outsides beauty, however, there’s always execution. There will be a few main sections here, the Dentistry, Infirmary, and the Asylum. More areas will open up when our patients decide to kill one another... Goodbye everyone! We hope you enjoy the Infirmary of Insanity!
Welcome! This is the anniversary of despair Akikikiki!!! Don’t mind the mess,

Here, we have rules set in place to allow you to have the best time. I hope you enjoy your stay~
A danganronpa rp server that is based in a large city with multiple different themed locations. Non canon and Canon characters are accepted with all varying skill levels welcome! 17 spots available but more people can join in throughout the killing game and will go eventually so be prepared for an intense game of Death, Despair and Hope! Hope to see you all soon!