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Welcome to Gaming Temple!

This is a safe and friendly server for our Twitch team GamingbTemple to grow and support one an ther.
Our goal here is to host each other, support each other and help one another grow our twitch channels. We strive to help you get your viewership off the ground and guide you down the road to affiliate and higher.

Once you reach Level 5 here in our discord you will be able to post all your media links in the respective channels for us to come raid, watch, follow, join, and sub!
The main goal is to support everyone's dreams to become a twitch partner and bring together an active group of gamers under one banner for gaming squads.
So, like we'll do for you, help us out and stop by anyone on the "Live Now" list to the right side of the screen and show your support with the #TempleLove in the chat section of the stream.

Happy streaming!
We are a community of mostly gamers!
You want need people to play games with? Get in here already! We got many things including: GIVEAWAYS, D&D, SERVER GAMES, COLLAB STREAMS and more!!!

We prioritise our server and those within it.
You join us, you will find a community that stands out from the crowd which makes your gaming sessions 10x better. so? What are you waiting for?

We are a community that lives to help others. We help with everything that has to do with streaming, whether that is setting up your overlays, panels, social media, or the more technical stuff. Come make new friends, network with others, and have fun together playing games.
Dies ist ein Server fûr Gamer mit verschiedenen Spielen wie Fortnite,Minecraft etc. Zudem supportem wir kleine Streamer etc. Wir chatten talken und haben einfach spaß zusammen
A server for gamers and game masters of any and all tabletop rules systems to have a platform to easily share their games, look for players, or openly chat about their favorite games! We The Fable Table team will also provide tutorials for use of Roll20 application and how to create characters, rules for well known systems and direct players to the game that is just for them! On top of that, Fable Table Games will feature weekly streams of our own original campaigns. Join us and share your adventure and learn how to start streaming your campaign or if you just want a place to talk with like minded gamers seeking to get into the time old tradition of the RPG!

Currently seeking Mods!
The Discord is Kingdom theme'd but its not required, we are looking to grow this discord to gain a community where we can be ourselves without judgement.
Fun open community that likes to stick together and have some laughs online. We have bots, economy, voting and events among other things.

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Welcome to Chaos Corner. This server is a great place to chill with friends, play some games, or meet some people. We have active staff and a friendly user base, as well as channels for debating and venting in case you need somewhere to let those feelings out. Come check us out!
This is a server with alot of my viewers and followers of my stream. It's a adorable community with alot of great people (and not gonna lie alot of girls).
this server is made to bring people together. we offer giveaways gaming and airsoft talk. we do it all. Welcome to our server!!!!
︵‿︵‿︵\ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ/︵‿︵‿︵ 

    **Caked's Sea**
💮We are looking to partner💮
In our server we have:

✧༺🐳༻∞**Pink Bay**∞༺🐳༻✧

🌊6 text channels for general chatting🌊

✧༺🐙༻∞**Cozy Reef**∞༺🐙༻✧

🌸6 channels for media use🌸


🌟We also have bots for your use, over 50 self-assignable roles, level locked channels, 10 VCs and welcoming staff🌟




︵‿︵‿︵((ฅ) (ฅ))︵‿︵‿︵
Hi this is my server! This is mainly a gaming/chill server. I have many different roles, and i also have streamer roles where it shouts the streamer out every time they go live. This is a safe and friendly environment. Again, I just want to grow my server to a larger community.
i made this discord server to build a community and to help others make friends. streamers are welcome to advertise their streams(but don't spam it). there is a nsfw channel but don't post anything that is just straight up porn.
-----------------------------What we offer-----------------------------

- General  Talk
- Choose what CHATS you see with our Auto Role
- Active Social community
- Xbox Gamers (Xbox Group)
- PC Gamers (Stream Group)
- Playstation Gamers (Playstation Group)
- Nintendo Gamers
- Retro  Gamers
- Rank System
- Fun commands
- Self promotions (Twitch/Youtube/Mixer/Twitter)
- Game Talk/News
- Art share
- GFX Request
- Anime/Manga Talk
- Community Game days

The Perfect Place For Gamers, Streamers, Content Creators and for those who just want to chill and find some other gamers to chat with.

- Military Styled Ranking System (Unlock More Channels & Benefits As You Rank Up)
- Promotion Rooms (Promote Your Twitch & YouTube)
- Networking Rooms (Collab With Others, Giveaways & More)
- Designer Rooms
And Much Much More!
This server is for gamers to socialise and find sponsors, for streamers to grow their channels. For content creators to show other members their content.
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
This fantabulous server called Noob-to-Pro Gamers, popularly known as NTP GAMERS is a gaming and streaming server. It is mostly based on Fortnite and PUBG. In this amazing server, you will have noticed that there are many cool gamers and streamers in there, with whom you all can have a LOT of fun! This NTP clan evolves a Noob to a Pro! We all gamers are sure that this clan will be one of the best clans in Fortnite and PUBG. This Server hosts Scrims and you are able to post your Victory Royale Screenshots, post memes, watch YouTube Videos, Twitch Videos, you can do this, that and whatnot! Anyways, there's a LOT to describe but it's better for you to go and just join in and become a PRO! You're a PRO already? Very good! You can make the other noobs to turn into Pros! The more the Pro Players, the rivalry commences! The more rivalry commences, the merrier it becomes! We have a YouTube Channel called the NTP Gamers:, go to this site, and give a click on the subscribe button! Peace out!
Hello. We are a channel dedicated to the growth of the stream HandtrixGaming. We are a tight gaming community and we love new people. The chat's can be about anything you want, and we are a tolerant group. Come drop in and say hi and see for yourself! Please be sure to read the rules within the server when you join and use the correct reactions to be properly allowed into channels. They are hidden until you do so.
The Spookies Hallow is gaming discord environment for real vampires to game together and game with others as well. We promote a positive and constructive community for everyone to enjoy.
Partnered server for the Hobo Slayers community
- Streaming community
- Gaming community
- Streaming help
- Stream networking
- Official Twitch stream team

Come chat and make new friends to game and stream with! If interested, we have an official stream team on Twitch for those who want to put effort into being part of an active community.

Very organized so be sure to read the rules when joining!
A server for the community surrounding TravelingMan1999’s live-streams! Full of memes, as well as other funny stuff/conversation.