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The Royal Family ;

Come join this majestic family! Gamers unite, manga/anime fanatics, streamers, ((Roleplay)), Giveaways - We have it all! It doesn't hurt, come check us out!
Like Music? Like Gaming? Like Anime? PERFECT! That's what we like in the Groovy Kids server. We also have music creators and artists in the server! Come hang!
Welcome to Otaku Domain! We are a new server that's recently been made since early August of 2018, and the server is about done, so it's probably about time to invite some people to it!

We have. . .
- Self-assignable roles which give you access to more channels
- Level-up system
- Different channels for different games (more will be added depending on demand)
- Unique emotes made specifically for the server
- Channels to post your streams in

Thank you,
- Lunar, owner of the server
We're a community of pc/console gamers and friends! - we've got lots of amazing people around here so come join us to play some games, watch movies or participate in events (づ◕o◕)づ
ItsJustAserver welcomes all kind of gamers to our server. The server was made by an Instagram gamer and there will always be giveaways! Join to know more!
Welcome to Anime Tits and Pics! Here we can share lewd photos, discuss favorite animes, video games, mangas, shows, whatever. Our server is streamer friendly, so those who stream on a regular basis can have their name added to our Now Live bot so it's broadcasted that you're live, whether it's Twitch or Youtube. Keep in mind, this is an NSFW 18+ server!
This server is for gamers to socialise and find sponsors, for streamers to grow their channels. For content creators to show other members their content.
Welcome to your server, this server is for anyone wanna join a small community that is going to grow bigger. I am a streamer/Youtuber and this server is for people who just wanna talk about random shit and wanna know when I start to stream.
New Gaming/Stream/Music Community thats in the making. COME JOIN! EVERYONE IS NICE AND COOL. You can start to promote yourself and make friends.
向大象鞠躬。Granizo al elefante. Hail the elephant. हाथी के लिए धनुष। уважать слона.
A community server i created so anybody could make friends or date while having fun doing gamer stuff and sharing funny videos and all the social shenanigans we humans do. Join now and you wont regret it
Game Hub Philippines is a family-oriented server for everyone who wants to meet new comrades and gaming friends. Aside from offering friendship, we do have exciting giveaways given on a regular basis to our active members who love gifts and freebies. With our friendly moderators, we’ll make sure your Discord escapade with us is remarkable.
Basically this is the Discord I use to talk to my small streaming community... that's really it.
We uh... play games? And....
*Flips through script*
Shit that's all I got. Join us if you wanna just chill (Members that follow the twitch stream also can join the stream voicechat as long as they follow the profanity rule and are not annoying.)
This a streaming community for Ace_Gaming_LPs and gaming community for those interested in Diablo 2 and 3, and Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst Ultima. We also have many other fun things!
Hello, and welcome to Coffee Gone Wild General chat.

We're a specially brewed server dedicated to all your fantasies, meme, kinks and hentai needs.
We also provide other NSFW content, making the server friendly to all that wish to join our little steamy group.

Join us, we'd love to sit with you and talk over a of coffee or two~

We ask you keep trolling, spamming, shitposting and disrespectful behavior to a minimum, unless you wish to get punished~
Hello! I am a enzoroks, a streamer on Twitch.
I created a server for various streamers to use and collaborate with each other, a shared space of sorts.
This server is also for other gamers who would like to play with some of the streamers already in the server.
We have two main roles, Gamers and Streamers. Thats it! we have stream announcements, nicknames, and rules (boring but important!)

If you stream, you are welcome to join the server and use it, and if your a gamer looking for some friends, you can join to suggest games, and play with some of us!

I hope you consider joining the server!
Pick up your Crystal Hammer and step into the gates of Crystal Asgard. The Crystal Asgardians are a supportive streaming community. We not only support each other's streams but we game together and talk to one another. We even support each other after the streams end. We offer a variety of platforms to help each other grow. Twitch, YouTube, YouTube Gaming, and Mixer with more maybe in the works. We play a lot of games together including Pokécord. Our topics range from promotion to selfies and even anime. Would say we are more than a streaming community we are a family here. So come join us and become a part of the family.
Salut toi !
Je te souhaite la bienvenue dans WolfPedia :)
C'est un serveur Français détente.

Un serveur avec une bonne humeur constante dans le serveur, nous somme orienté dans le Streaming et le partage entre petit streamer =)

Tu trouvera un peux de tout sur ce serveur et des trucs originaux ^^ comme des salons pour les histoires, les voyages, les setups, de la musique et pleins d'autres ;)

Bref tu verra bien si tu viens ^^ en te souhaitant la bienvenue :)
Looking for a Gaming Buddy?

We offer a active server with many new users joining daily, 35+ roles, leveling system.
We also promote streamers and have a free advertising channel.
We have tons of gaming bots like Pokemon, Hangman, Trivia etc.
Welcome to Kowa's Kommunity. This is a community server for people who play any genre of video game. We have a friendly environment and are looking for active members who can play the key role of keeping the server alive.
Come chill on the server, we have auto private chats just for you and your friends, so no need for private message calls. Trying to grow the community so we can help each other out, whether it be in streaming or playing some games together.
Mystic Manor is a small, but growing, community of content creators and friends alike! We currently have a couple game servers for community members to join and have many more planned for the future. Bring yourself, some friends, and a snack!
🐱 Meowwwww 🐱
Join the Kitty Cat Condo!
This Community is for streaming on twitch but we decided to switch things up a little and add a category to the server well... For animals and mostly cats!!! So please join the Kitty Cat Condo
We have:

Fun bots 🤖
Friendly Community😄
Funny quotes 🤣
Awesome Roles ⚔️
Music all day 🎵

Learn more on the kitty cat condo server!!! Join nooowwwwwww.