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Welcome to MineCord, the unofficial Minecraft Discord Server!

Here, we strive to make it the best user experience. We want social, active members that love Minecraft, just like you!

We are an SFW Minecraft community that welcomes *all* religions and races. English is preferred but not required as a language. We even have our own Minecraft Java Server and Server Bot we are working on!

What We Offer

🤖 - Fun Bots

🎉 - Giveaways

👥 - Social, SFW (Safe For Work), & Growing Community

❤️ - Loving Staff

‼️ - and more!

We are also looking for partners! I hope you will join! Have a fun time in MineCord!
Welcome to Ethereal!

A brand new server with an enthusiastic owner and open staff positions. As it grows, it will hopefully gain activity and become a welcoming, active server.

So far, some features include:

♡ Open staff applications
♡ Aesthetic layout
♡ Leveling rewards
♡ And so much more!

Join Ethereal to help us grow!

NOT a place to buy/sell cannabis.

18+ Cannabis server dedicated to cultivators. From first-timer to commercial growers. A large and constantly growing community with 1600+ members. Emphasis on science-based growing; sorry no bro-science here. Fully boosted server for larger uploads.

Heya, we are a small (but fast growing) social community. We would like to meet new people, who are willing to chit chat. our features expands every week/month. Cya in a min ;)
Welcome to the Sustainable Living Hub. This server was created recently to gather people all around the globe that believe in, and are acting on, a more sustainable future for us and the next generations.

The world has never needed green innovation and alternative ways of living more than it does now. We cannot afford to let apathy rule while our ecosystem collapse, but it can feel like a monumental task with the current order of the world.

We believe that the most powerful thing you can do is to seek out new ways and lead by example. So join us and let's share our ideas, show our progress and inspire others to create a greener, more just and sustainable world for all of us. We need to act so we can hope.
Welcome to Riverside high! Where lots of magical things happen here! Riverside high is a very popular school, this is where most magical teenagers go to learn more about spells, different powers, and learning how to control them. In this school you shall discover many things and many secrets about the school and the weird principle. As you learn and grow you will graduate to become a very powerful being especially against enemies, baddies, and other monsters that roam the lands. But be careful not to stay out after dark.. cause many people go missing after dust never to be seen again. So! Enjoy your stay at Riverside high!!
We are a server built from scratch, here to establish new friendships and have fun. Looking for staff as well, as we are just starting out. Movies are streamed fairly frequently as well.
This is a growing server and i would appreciate it if you join,this server include:
A growing community.
Memes channel.
A place to rage/spam/use r/copypasta.
And more...
Hey this is a mainly dank Memer based server with a general chat if you don't want to use dank memer! We have a general chat. Rob disabled so you're safe here!
The 5th J4J server in existence. Straight from the very beginning.
No inactive users or bots were ever used to increase the member count.
Over 500 members online daily to help you gain the members you need.
Why is my server different from the other thousands?
Made for the right reason. With the right methods. Promising a right experience.
I've been where you're at right now, no server, probably on your own without enough money for nitro and j4j-ing for rewards finding most of the servers fake. I get your struggle, we weren't born rich either. Come to my DM's for any reason, even if you have a mental battle, I can help you.
Hello, we are the Plant Keeping Discord Server! We are a bundle of people who love to talk about our plants and learn about others. Feel free to join one of the most active and friendly Plant Keeping Servers on Discord!
Welcome to Relax Room!! A place for those searching for chill out and meet new people!

What do we have to offer:
× Nice Members
× Active and vigilant staff
× Memes
× Awesome Bots
× Vent/Emotional Help channel
Music makers friendly!!
We accept anyone no matter what. Any discrimination is taken seriously and is not tolerated.

So What are you waiting for?? Paradise awaits…
▬▬▬▬ Weeb cove ▬▬▬▬

⊱────────────ஓ ♡ ஓ ────────────⊰
Weeb cove is a server mostly based on anime, but we provide many other fun things do to for everyone!
⊱────────────ஓ ♡ ஓ ────────────⊰
Why should you join Weeb cove?
╭┈꒰୨୧ - An lgbtq+ friendly community
┊꒰୨୧ - Nitro giveaways
┊꒰୨୧ - Friendly and welcoming community
┊꒰୨୧ - A whole bunch of cute, wholesome emotes!
┊꒰୨୧ - Self- assignable roles!
┊꒰୨୧ - Enjoyable server events (CHANCES TO WIN NITRO)
┊꒰୨୧ - A variety of fun bots to enjoy!
┊꒰୨୧ - Hard working and kind staff
┊꒰୨୧ - looking for pms and staff
⊱────────────ஓ ♡ ஓ ────────────⊰
There is way much more too enjoy, so what are you waiting to join for?
⊱────────────ஓ ♡ ஓ ────────────⊰
A new HvH community server for people who play hvh and just enjoy cheating in general join now and meet new friends get invites win giveaways and more!
♡「 𝐋𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐋𝐨𝐯𝐞 」♡

Hey you! Yeah you! Are you interested in finding love? That dating app not working out? Did they leave you on seen again? Worry no more! We welcome you to Lost Love! A discord dating server. Meet new people and possibly find that special someone!

NOTE: Our server does require you to go through a verification process. It’s really simple though. There’s more information about it once you join :)

= Ages 13-17
= LGBTQ+ Friendly
= Dating Friendly
= Community
= Self-Assignable Roles
= Events
= Verification
We're a family-like community with lots of our close friends in, but were looking for new members! This server is aimed at everyone from casual to competitive gamers and even people who just want to hang out. You can also self advertise anything you want in our advertisements channel, from YouTube channels to other servers. We also love gaming! Playing games ranging from rainbow six siege to minecraft, csgo and were always looking for new games to play. Hop in and take a look at our server, and if you like it feel free to stay.
This server might not be to the faint of heart but join if you wan trust me its fun. This server is filled with so much excitement and everything you would like just join follow the rules and have fun.
The True Story Of RP is a series consisting of multiple servers, it has friendly staff and we try to keep it nontoxic here.
We are a small server meant for older audiences that is trying to grow.
We need more admin.
Server is a chill and place to hangout and have a good time. We have focus on Star Wars discussions but also talk about many other things.
TC3 is accepting everyone, and is building a strong bond with every member, we want to make it easy to find people with similar interest and make a place where everyone can have fun
🍥 ᤷ ៶ ៸ ᤳ ◛ ʸᵒᵘ’ᵛᵉ ໃꪆ
ᵍᵒᵗ ᵐᵃⁱˡ! ❞

🌸; welcome to! A accepting place to meet new friends and to chat.

· · · · · · ·
· ≻ 🍥 **|** active chats
· ≻ 🌸 **|** anime channels
· ≻🍥 **|** level 1 boosted
. ≻🌸 **|** nice staff and members
. ≻🍥 **|** game nights, movie nights, and karaoke nights!

☁️,' hope to see you there!

note;; if you boost the server twice <@!552669737268543491> will make you your own personal server along with other perks! <:screaming_cat:724147105538768926>
TBH is a simple server with a simple goal; to put a smile on your face and help you forget about the world around you. We play games together, host events, and all around just have a good time. If you're looking for a place to wind down with music, gaming, competing against friends and foe, or even just chatting, TBH is the place for you. Along with that, we are PROUD to announce 3 BRAND NEW Pokemon related Championship roles! Join and compete against friendly faces, and hone your skills. (NOT exclusively male, to clear that up.)
Hello Do You Like WW2 ?

Then you will LOVE this Server

We provide the following

Self Roles