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We are a friendly social, community, gaming and art server.
With SFW and NSFW sections.
❖Level Up system that unlocks certain perks in the server.
❖Gain exp, rep and level up with Tatsumaki.
❖Tons of fun bots to play with.
❖Talk to AI.
❖NSFW channels || Sellers welcome.
❖Friendly and welcoming to new members.
❖Listen to Music and FM Radio.
❖Share your art and literature.
❖Livestream your gaming and art creating sessions in the server thru screensharing. YES! you heard that right.
❖Open to having partnerships and partnership managers.
Welcome to my Pub! Join and start communicating today you're fine not many rules. Nobody will judge you!
This server is meant to be a we’re looking for members we don’t care
how good you are at a game we’re here to have fun and chat. (We are not a clan for a certain game we do all games)
Just a server where you can come and talk about games, therapy, and more.
Just starting so please join and be active.
A discord server that you can play save the world or battle royale and have fun in the server
This is a Gaming Server
***___🔥All kinds of games
🔥PUBG,Da2,RoS,Fortnite Etc
🔥Lots of Active Memebers
🔥Very Friendly People
🔥Daily Giveaways
🔥 Legendary Pokémon Spawn and Giveawayas Daily
🔥And Many More___***

What Your Looking For
Join Fast

This is our Permanent Server Invite Link
Welcome to The Game Central
The Game Central brings you the best of all games, with an active community and critiques by gamers alike. We have things like:

• Live Streams
• Game Critiques
• Giveaways
• Custom Roles
• Other Events!

Join The Game Central today!
Gaming Club is a fun Gaming server that is suitable for everyone! We have amazing staff, incredible bots, lots of fun games and lots of fun things to do and also an NSFW channel.

Come join our server today and see what all the hype is about!
Everything Gaming....

Everything Gaming is a server all about gaming! You can chat about any type of game.

We use good bots to make sure our server is secure.

We have different channels for different types of games!

Some bots we have,
1. Pokecord, some of you may like pokemon. If not that fine.
2. Unbelivaboat, this is a econemy bot.
3. Rythm, this bot allows you to play music.
4. Dyno, this bot is a moderation bot.

Also, yes you can trade with other people if they play the same game as you and there’s trading in that game. (There’s a specific channel for that.)

We have polls to ensure if people want something.

Somethings we may add and are finishing. (They might be added by the time you join or they are finished.)

1. Added the rest of the channels.
2. Organize the channels
3. Make specific roles for games (maybe)
These are somethings we may add or are currently finishing.

There’s also more! Come join and have a wonderful time!
Warriors is a fun discord server to meet gamers. We have tons of fun on here. We do tournaments on it so you can place your skills against people to see how good you are. We have bots like Dyno, Rythm, and many more. I will enjoy seeing you there if you join. If you do join Thank you!

Hello there!
As you clicked this post, I must have caught your interest, so let me explain a little about our gaming community called, “Pusheen”.
The server has been around for over a year now, and focuses on building social connections and friendships.
We don’t care if you are a top tier player or new, it’s all about being nice to each other and gaining some friends in the process.
We have lots of fun on the discord and from time to time we even host movie nights, tournaments or even casual games.
We wish to create a community where everyone can bond and create friendships, so we usually have around a few hundred active members, rather than thousands.

We are a community open for all games, but our major games right now is; League of Legends, Overwatch, Dead by Daylight and Rocket League. Everyone is welcome to join and we got rooms for all the different game genres!

When you join the server, you have to fill out a very short application. You will be guided on how to do it once you join.You don’t have to share any personal information, it's simply because we wanna bond with our new members too!

We prefer that you are 18+, and you need to be respectful and friendly!
hey this is my server, i welcome everyone here! Here you can make friends game with strangers and become friends! if you would like to come and watch. You are always welcome!
Big Man server for big lads, so much autism that you won’t be able to find more anywhere! Also, we do giveaways. Members are chosen on random. Yet, this is the epicenter of gamers and gaming including some offensive humor XD Come on in!
Hi, feel free to join our server CACTUS_JACK.

Based in Malaysia. We welcome people from all around the world. We play all kind of games, talk and goof around. Let's be friends and share our interests.

Olá! Bem vindo aos gamers! Nós somos uma comunidade gamer brasileira que aceita todo tipo de game, undertale, ark, Minecraft e etc!
We are a server for having fun and meeting new people and making new friendships. Our rules are focused on making people feel comfortable, no matter sex, colour , believe everyone respects eachother and we threat eachother equally and racisme, discrimination is always punished heavily. We are trying to create a server for everyone pretty much. So come and join us in our big family!!
In this server you can meet new people to play with on your favourite games.
Join our server to apply for staff, or just to have a chat. ;)
Ladies. Gentlemen. The time, has come. The time for a new server! Welcome to the Pokey Bandits!

We're a server for all people who play video games, regardless of console and platform, and genre. Here, we have a fun ranking up system with coloured roles and unique names, along with a friendly assortment of staff that'll be around to help you with anything!

Feel free to use our lore channels and LFG categories for any game you'd like, and a general talky talky place. We really hope you can join, and we'd love to have you with us!
Just a server where you can come chill and chat about games. You can play games with other people or hype up new games. Please no spamming.
We don't have many members do be one of the first.
A server that has released recently! (but we know it's not very active) But are looking for active members. We got pretty basic rules. We got Pokecord and Money/Economy/Currency Bot. We would love some feedback on what to improve upon! Either leave a review on this website or review it in chat :)
This server is newly fresh created ☺ pls join anime fans😍 Love anime/games
This is a discord server for something called AFKommunity. We do podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and Twitch streams all about and for different video games. We have announcements for when someone is streaming or when a new episode is released. This is just so people/fans can talk to us or each other.