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✩❀ - Feel Special Welcome to TWICE GLOBAL COMMUNITY ♡ !

~ A Place Where You Can:
✧ Chat with respectful individuals,
✧ Have fun events and get CHEER UP,
✧ Listen to music which makes you DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY,
✧ Get updates/news of TWICE (BREAKTHROUGH),
✧ Receive Free Content of TWICE individually + together,
✧ LGBT+ Friendly (Is Sana Gay?)✧
✧ We also hold Nitro giveaway for Twice member's birthday event.

:・✧Whether or not you know TWICE, you are always welcome to join. Our server's aim is to make evryone FEEL SPECIAL✧・:

☆.+ We look forward to you joining this fanbase, and we guarantee that you will Fancy YOU in our server. ☆.+✩❀ - Feel Special Welcome to TWICE GLOBAL COMMUNITY ♡ !

Discord Listings is an upcoming discord list that is in beta. It's currently hosting a nitro giveaway so join QUICK!!!!!!!
welcome to -ˋˏ 𝐩𝐬𝐲𝐜𝐡𝐞 ˎˊ- !

n. 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘩𝘶𝘮𝘢𝘯 𝘴𝘰𝘶𝘭, 𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘥, 𝘰𝘳 𝘴𝘱𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘵


what we offer..

🌿・simple, clean, and aesthetic layout.
🌱・chill, laid back, and friendly!
🍃・no toxicity, racism, or homophobia.
🌿・fun events and giveaways!
🌱・looking for partners, AMs, and PMs!

this server is pretty new, so please know that it might not be completely active.


permanent invite :
Welcome to the Official ClashStats Discord Support Server:

ClashStats is a Discord assistant that helps you stay in touch with your most favourite game Clash of Clans. Our mission is to foster a community that brings people together to do great and fun things and that all feel comfortable with expressing their passions. That's what we feel that matters at the end of the day and what we want to bring to the table. We're here as a community to make a positive and lasting impact on those who join.
[ may-rah-kee ] - greek
(n.) To do something with soul, creativity, or love.
-13+ & -18
-Low moderation/kind staff
-Vc’s / music Vc’s
-No raids
-Nitro Giveaways
-Dank memer giveaways
-Roblox giveaways
-Hundreds of emojis/emotes
-Reaction Roles
-Girl only chat
-Boys only chat
🙃(Active)Please join!
Do you like free stuff? Well who doesn't! This server is for giving away Nitro and boosts on servers. I'm not made of money, so if you're seeing this, come quickly!
♡Nitro giveaways on american holidays

♡Admins and mod protection

♡Verification system

♡Nsfw channel only for 18+

♡Pinged roles so @everyone isn’t used 24/7

♡Partnerships accepted please dm the owner do not promote without permission or else you would get kicked and your ad would be taken down

♡100+ Emotes
♡100+ Roles
♡100+ Members

~The owner would be happy to say hi to you

~Please do not ask about the giveaways in general there is a chat about that information, asking seems like you only joined for nitro

Hope you have a great time!
Hello there everyone ^^
So I'm an admin in this server and let me assure you it is by far one of the most fun, enjoyable and amazing community I have ever been a part of. We got plenty of good folks, bots for all sorts of applications ranging from administration to plain dumbassery lol. Besides the server isn't that old, we're still growing so if you'd like to be a part of our journey and maybe lend a hand you're more than welcome to do so! I'd suggest you give this server a try and see how you like the place, stay safe and have a lovely day <3
Join for free nitro now and a fun community. Lots of giveaways and people have won in the past. Join now!
Hello, the Doritos of Club Penguin are a fun community that has been around for over 10 years and have fun events on Club Penguin Private Servers, these events include hide and seek, minigame tournaments, stamp events, igloo raids and many more, we also host nitro and robux giveaways for members after events, we are a fun caring community that is welcoming to all, so come and join us today!
ミ★ We are just a nice lil community that just likes to chill, vibe, and have fun. In this server we:
ミ★ Just hang out, talk about life, anime, games, and other things.
ミ★ We have daily quizzes and occasional competitions with prizes for the winners.
ミ★ Have selfie sunday where we all post selfies and hype each other up!
ミ★ Have nice watch parties.
ミ★ Meme and have an occasional game night!
ミ★ And So Much More! So come join and have a good time!
Nors Discord sunucusuna hoş geldiniz.


Bu sunucu birbirinden farklı insanları kucaklıyor.
- Her türlü miim gönderebilirsiniz.
- Gerçek hayattaki şeylerden bahsedin.
- Oyunlar hakkında tartışabilirsin.
- Animeler ve filmler hakkında tartışabilirsin.
Ve diğer şeyler...

Lütfen kuralları okuyunuz ve sunucuya gelip harika zamanlar geçirin.

NOT : Lütfen ellerinizi yıkayın.
Creators United is a discord community that helps creators get known within the industry. All shops are welcome even if it’s not ROBLOX related, but it does have to be a legitimate business.
🞛 New Server
🞛 Weekly Nitro | Nitro for Invites | Chat Nitro Drops
🞛 Chill Community
🞛 Make Friends
🞛 Active Staff
🞛 Hangout | Gaming | Anime | Art | NSFW and MORE!
🞛 Self Promo
🞛 Minecraft Server
🞛 Permanent Ad Spaces
🞛 English and Non-English
We offers the best giveaways and rewards!!



Currently 5 Nitro Giveaways And A Combined 15,000+ Robux
Daily Nitro Giveaways + Proof

Best Rewards On Discord With Fast Response/Claim Times
This is a fun server just to meet people in and chill in most of the time but sometimes people argue and it’s funny and sometimes people pack in VC and we freestyle and rap in vc it’s a fun server, we have cool people and you can make new friends in it we also have nsfw and we do cool activities.

- nitro drops
- game nights
- smash or pass
- selfies channel with cute people
- funny people
- some dark humor
- cool admins and owners
- sometimes packing
- gamers
- we support lgbtq
_Puschi_s Server's is an Discord what hast much other discords for other games where we have an server. This discord is just four fun. We can offer you:
-with money
I will be really happy if someone join.
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
𝐋𝐨𝐥𝐥𝐢𝐩𝐨𝐩 : ロリポップ

❥ : We're a small but growing server with chill people and a cute, somewhat aesthetic theme. You can find new friends here really easily and you're very welcome to join us!

Here's what you'll find in Lollipop:

[➽] I know, you've heard of this a lot and oftentimes it's a lie, but we actually have a friendly staff team! You can hang with them as much as everyone else.

[➽] Plenty of cute emotes to use.

[➽] We got discord games like Mudae and Pokemeow, if you know one that's fun, you should tell someone from the staff team. They don't bite.

[➽] Support. If you're feeling down, let us know.

[➽] It really only is a place where you can express yourself without needing to hide behind a mask. You can talk about your interests and thoughts without judgement from anyone. <3

🌸 Come join us!


We are giving away free Nitro and the requirements are easy! You just need to join, start chatting and rank up to level 5 in order to be eligible to join the giveaway! ♡