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16+ server filled with chill people. We some weebs too so yall can run with that. LoL and Overwatch are the primary games we play but we play other ones too (we flexible ;) ). Drop by we so Miki bot can throw it back on you.
49 minutes ago
We are an anxiety free, mature well organized server that wants to make a social place that's comfy for all! Hope for ya to join us and see where this can go x
58 minutes ago
Join to play with other Pubg,call of duty,CSGO or Minecraft players!Or just hangout with friends or chill on your own and listen to music.I have a MC server join if you want access and want to play together!!! Also theres a art and story channel and Advertising!and roleplaying too!Only Active and respectful people please!
1 hours ago
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GAMERS WELCOME! If you love to play Games this is the server for you. We play Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, and More! Come and Join The Empire Today!
1 hours ago
Community 205
1000+ Members! Fresh Server, if it ain't xo then it gotta go! ;)
1 hours ago
Community 24
A bunch of lonely kids looking for love.
be edgy be whatever doesnt really matter.'
2 hours ago
Community 72
We're a laid-back community with tons of fun, loving and vibrant people! Talk about gaming, media, music, or anything at all!

Our goal is to provide a place where people can hang out after a long day of work or school, a place where people can interact with each other and meet new people who share common interests, and enjoy their time.

We offers many cool and fun attractions like unique bots, wolf emojis, giveaways, 100+ self assignable roles, and much more!

So come on over, and check us out!
2 hours ago
Newly starting gaming community seeking active players! All games are welcome, not just the ones tagged. Come join in on the fun! We would love to have you!
2 hours ago
All Games 23
ShockWave is a community of gamers wanting you to join yes you we are starting esports teams csgo, fortnite, pubg, etc. Or you can be a community member that is active and makes the organization flourish. We will be starting a YouTube and twitch streamers if that is something you are interested in. JOIN NOW! TO MEET NEW FRIENDS AND HAVE A GOOD TIME.
2 hours ago
Hey, welcome to The Fortnite Mob or TFM! In this discord, our focus is to provide fun and exciting events and opportunities to meet new players to play with in Fortnite. We have CUSTOM gaming rooms that you can make and invite your friends too, challenges/events hosted every week on Fortnite, etc!
2 hours ago
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The Other Guys is a multi-gaming group founded on the basis of drama-free, casual fun. We are a very tight-knit community, and we take everyone's opinions very seriously. We currently have over 300+ members, most of which are quite active, playing all types of games; from Rocket League, to Escape From Tarkov. We have begun hosting weekly casual game nights, most often with free games being played by large groups of members. We aim to offer a mature, helpful, and friendly environment to all members.

We are pretty lax about age requirements here at OG. We have a few members under the age of 18, and all we ask is that you act in a mature, respectful manner, regardless of your age. We vehemently avoid discussing topics such as religious or political affiliation, among other controversial topics, when in large groups to subdue any meaningless arguments before they can occur. We don't ask much, just be a cool person! And tell 'em Highnoon sent ya!
2 hours ago
Community 42
This is a server with many great people, friendly staff, friendly people and such Make sure to join.
3 hours ago
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This server is pretty much for gamers who want to meet up and chat with other fellow gamers! Here you can find people to play games such as Fortnite and MC with.
3 hours ago
Fortnite: Xbox Edition is a brand new Fortnite Discord Server that brings all of the Fortnite Xbox players together, you should join and become apart of it!
7 hours ago
It's always better tasting with a little bit of SALT. ;)
14 hours ago
* New but active server
* Anyone is welcome; gamers, regular chatters, ETC.
* Have multiple bots such as: Economy, Pokemon, Music, Kawaii.
* As we're new, suggestions are completely open.
* Come meet new people or be part of a new community!
14 hours ago
We are a very safe, family-friendly discord! We take safety VERY seriously! We have many bots for fun and moderation. Be sure to join and check us out!
We have:
Game nights!
Music chats!
YouTuber ranks!
Great staff!
And much more!
16 hours ago
FPS Games 6
In this server, you play games with people as we have a few group chats for people to chat in. I highly doubt you won't find someone online, looking to play.
17 hours ago
This is the Official Community Discord Server of Fuse!
17 hours ago
Community 1281
Highly active Voice Channels with 1:1 male to female ratio / chill rules almost 14k Members movie/karaoke events Self-assignable roles 30+

This is a multi-purpose discord server for everyone to socialize, chill with other new members, and make new friends. This is mainly a server to hang out, play games, talk to new people everyday plus, we host events. Everyone is welcome in our fast-growing community as long as you're following the rules. Everyone within staff will try their best to keep everything under control, solve problems and make sure you, as a member, are comfortable.
Hope you enjoy being apart of our highly active community!
17 hours ago
▁ ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ Vault 404 █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ▁ 24/7 Fallout Radio | Nintendo | Chill Gaming | Fallout XP & Ranks| No Bulls**t | VC + Gaming EVERY NIGHT!
20 hours ago
FPS Games 296
Welcome to Royale Gaming!

Our goal here is simple, to provide every member of our community with a fun and exciting experience.

- Fun community
- Find people to squad up with
- Staff team to keep everyone safe
- Roles that correspond with your Fortnite level
- Fortnite Tournaments
21 hours ago
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Hang out, share memes, play games, and just have fun at Dank Nation!

Home of Status Bot and Dank Bot(Unreleased). (Public Discord Bots)
22 hours ago