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`🔰🎮 LB7 🎮🔰`

*★*――――*★**★*――――*★* *★*――――*★**★*――――*★*

** **_SERVEUR DE LA TEAM LB7_** **

Les rôle à promouvoir:

🎮Membre Recruté
🎨Créateur Map
Tu connais la WarKinG ?
C’est un serveur discord sur le thème de Fortnite qui regroupe une communauté actif !
🚀-Une communauté ultra actif basé sur le GAMING
🛰️-Des salons departages,publicités,animation et encore plein d’autres !
💾-Échange de pub disponible !
Welcome To Thanos Super Market For Fortnite
Where You Can Buy, Trade or Sell With Trust worthy Staff
This server is about a YouTuber called CyberWolf 47.
You can have fun within the server, chat with friends and make new friends. At the moment cater for Fortnite, (BR/ STW)
This server was made for all the fellow Fortnite mobile players who are looking for other mobile players to play with!

Come and Join!
- self assignable roles
- level up roles
- news + updates for the game
- make new friends to play with


Do you want to improve on fortnite fast? But you have a hard time to find people to play with? Then this is the server for you! This is a easier way to find zone wars, boxfights, buildfights, new friends and more! JOIN NOW!

Server made, developed and managed by GLX | Network.

Hey guys we are a Greek clan. We love gaming and we are talking 24/7 about it so if you like gaming too you can join us and spend your time with us. Our main games are CSGO, LeagueOfLegends, Fortnite, Minecraft and Rocket League. We hope you like our server.
Du sucht ein Clan oder einfach nur Leute zum Zocken dann bist du hier genau richtig. Wir bitten hier Tuniere mit Preisgeld. Wir besitzen bereits Custom Games, eine eigene Website. Bei uns gibt es Spieler von Minecraft, Overwatch , League of Legends und natürlich Fortnite. Wir haben ein Pro und Esports Team und wollen später eine Orga werden .🤔

Welcome to our Xbox Community!
This is an Xbox Hub Server! 🚨🚨

Our Server features :
⚡️Server Hosted Activities for Community Favorite Games
⚡️Ranking System for Active Members
⚡️Music Bots/Channels
⚡️Occasional FREE Giveaways!
⚡️Organized Voice and Text Channels
⚡️Helpful Staff and Community
⚡️Suggestions Channel for New Games and Activities
⚡️NSFW Channel (18+)
⚡️2.1k+ Members and Counting!


Here is a list of games you’ll find members playing:

• Apex Legends
• Forza
• Dragon Ball FighterZ
• Fortnite (BR and STW)
• Battlefield
• Rocket League
• Rainbow Six Siege (stylized as Siege)
• CoD (umbrella rank for all CoD)
• Gears of War (stylized as Gears)
• Overwatch
• Destiny 2
• RuneScape (for the meme)
• Payday 2
• Warframe
• Minecraft
• (room for more games!)
~°Welcome to EoN squad a very chill discord server with a decent amount of people. We work very hard to make everyone happy and avoid toxic people of any kind. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day°~
This is the newest and best server for finding quick creative games. We have Zone Wars, box fights and loads more creative channels. Help us grow by joining the server. See you in creative!!!
----------𝗘𝗰𝗼𝗰𝗶𝗱𝗲 𝗧𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴----------
➽- Regular Giveaways
➽- Growing in members daily
➽- Helpful staff
➽- Always looking for skilled members to apply for staff
➽- Clean and easy to find your way around
➽- Links to other great servers
➽- Don't be afraid
➽- Reputation system to combat scammers
➽- Taxi, Weapon crafting and Events
➽- Rank Progression
➽- Events
➽- Any questions then Ask the owner: GlowZ
⭐Welcome to Core STW⭐
A Discord server for the players of Fortnite - Save the World.

⭐"Why should I join this server?"⭐

Safe Trading with verified trusted traders with bot controlled reputation feedback.
Active staff!
Self assignable roles!
Wide range of interactive bots!
Taxi services
Music Bots
Gamer friendly!
A suggestions area!
Partnerships • Affiliates
Different kinds of activities!
Battle Royale Section with Scrims
Gaming • Comp Teams • Events
Regular additions & Updates!
Voice Channels • Hidden Channels
Meet new friends in a non-toxic server!

Pings: [@everyone] [@here]

Don't believe us? Well join our server and check it out!
Welcome to Svinx, we are a BRAND NEW Fortnite Clan with good pro members, if you wish to join, we will trial you out and if you pass, you can join! If you are AMAZING, then you can be part of the Pro Team! (We are on EU servers)
Привет! Приглашаем тебя на аннаш сервер! У нас есть довольно редкая функция , которая позволит вам видеть категории только тех игр, которые вам интересны. Подробнее вы можете ознакомиться с этим на самом сервере!
Пока что мы поддерживаем малое количество игр, так как сервер только в стадии развития, однако мы постепенно добавляем новые игры
Welcome to Shoku Shit, A level 2 server where you can go far with anything that isn’t too crazy!

We have:

⤷ Choose Your Guild Have fun choosing a role in #role-yourself where you can chill with your guild (-:

⤷ Over 150 Emoji's & even a channel where you can suggest even cooler ones

⤷ Active Voicechat, every time of the day

⤷ Active Channels for expressing what you love and dislike! Our channels range from venting to posting your friend code to battling out with ppl on smash to suggesting something you’d like to see the server

⤷ Active Mainchat to make new friends, roast, say hello or say anything random that you’d like

⤷ Fun Perks For Boosting , Get your own custom role for boosting the server and helping everyone INCLUDING YOU get cool ass features! These include more emojis, HD voice chat, and clearer pics to upload for all!!

⤷ Bot Fun! Love jojo?? We have a bot for that! Love a certain anime character so much?? Try to catch him/her with the Waifubot! Wanted to screenshot what your friend deleted ?? We have a bot for that too (-;
Hello guys join our server and get free accounts, you can generate how much you want in few seconds only!
Je t'invite à rejoindre ce serveur. Mais pour quel raison ?

_Giveaways de soleillantes et autres très souvent
_Invite = soleillantes
_Regarder des pub sur uTip =soleillantes
_Booster le serveur avec un nitro boost = soleillantes

Il y a plein de façons d'en gagner. Alors rejoind le, et devient le plus riche de fortnite sauver le monde.
Danger Zone: Storm Wars is a Fortnite competitive scene that will include ranked seasons + prizing to contestants. You are free to find other players to play Storm Wars with, but be aware that The Danger Zone is ran by one LIT, ENTERTAINING Host. The host runs Storm Wars Mon-Thurs 4:30PM-1:00AM Mountain Time. With 16 man Lobbies throughout the day. We do not accept toxic players and will be immediately dealt with by MEETING THE BAN HAMMER.
a fortnite save the world server for giveaways, trading and buying godroll guns at a very cheep price!
Powergen is a community where you can trade , sell and buy different Acc.
Free generator account.