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⭐۞♔**__Welcome to the Thousand Sunny__**♔۞⭐

👩‍👩‍👧‍👧Join the family because all your wounds, pains, depression, and boredom will be healed; we have the 💊medicine for it here!🏥 Our server isn't just ''another server'', it's 🏠**home**🏠 for all who need a place to belong. Our goal is to provide a place where you can interact and meet new people who share common interests.💕You'll enjoy your time! Feel free to join my brothers and sisters.💑💞

**👉Many Friends👈** A growing community which no matter the size you will get noticed quickly and make a lot of friends!

__⭐What do we have here?⭐__
(These are just a FRACTION of the things we offer!)

🕞Friendly and responsive staff who are always online🕞
🎊Giveaways (oh yeah we got that)🎊
💪Fighting(arguing) for fun💪
🔥Lots of talking, 24/7 active chat🔥
🍿Movie night🍿
🎎Anime and manga club🎎
💑Updates of the k-pop and k-drama world ( biggest fans here )🌐💑
🤖Many fun bots!!!🤖
🎲Games(pokemon & !work most popular to all), Karaoke and Various Events🎲
...And much more! ❤😉

DM our Partner Managers or any of the other staff members online for partnership we are happy to have you with us. 😉

Thank you for joining us, we hope you'll enjoy your time on our server!💕
7 minutes ago
[Looking for mods] [Looking for partners]

GAMERS WELCOME! If you love to play Games this is the server for you. We play Fortnite, League Of Legends, Minecraft, and More! Come and Join The Empire Today!
16 minutes ago
Welcome to Panda Diner! If you like to try to find a love one safely. You have stepped into the right doors. We have a friendly server that meant for people who are looking to make friends or possibly find a relationship. Hopefully you enjoy your stay with us!
22 minutes ago
Mayhem Network

450+ TOTAL Members
Active community
Looks Professional
New Custom Bots
Amazing YouTubers
Insane custom commands with Dyno
Amazing Website
Custom Domains

We hope to see you there!

Network Discord -
Forums -
Factions Discord -
Logo -
28 minutes ago
Justa buncha nerds in a server.
If you like games, music,movies n are in need of friends? We gotchu.
Though prepare for irritating memes n bot spams
39 minutes ago
This is NOT JUST a BTS server! It is available for ANYTHING you enjoy! Art, K-Pop, History or just chatting with everyone with YOUR interests. I would NOT like to consider my server JUST a K-Pop server just because it has a K-Pop icon but it is available for ANYONE for ANY interest. But we do NOT want any raids, vore, foot fetishes, etc. I am not shitting on anyone who likes it, I just won't accept it her. That's all. But everything else, feel free!
45 minutes ago
We're an active and welcoming community of chill people with over 5k members with a focus on socializing and having a good time. In our server, you'll find people with similar interests in things like gaming, anime, music and maybe even in-real-life activities. We like to chat about actual topics instead of spamming and memeing and if that's something you appreciate, there's a big chance you'll find some good friends in our community.

Some features that our server offers:
- Activity-based leveling system.
- Community events like Movie Nights, Gaming Nights and more to come.
- Hand-picked, mature staff members from around the world, online 24/7.
- Optional NSFW content achieved by assigning NSFW role to yourself.
- Assignable roles for color and your favorite games.
47 minutes ago
Welcome to the official Discord server!

This is a place for all things gaming & esports related. Discuss Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, Overwatch, Rainbow 6, League of Legends, Dota 2 or any other game you like.

We will also be hosting pro scrims, snipes, and tournaments for various games.

Hope to see you in the server :)
59 minutes ago
The official Discord server.

Here we will host pro scrims, snipes (solo/duo/squad), and tournaments for various games.

Games include but is not limited to:
- Fortnite Battle Royale
- PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
- Overwatch
- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

Regular gamers who are not interested in scrims and snipes are also more than welcome to join <3
59 minutes ago
a gaming/chill server filled with immature but enjoyable kids. join at your own disposure
1 hours ago
We play Fortnite and we are a EvE Online B8T Corporation server. We are an up-and-coming company looking to establish a foothold in New Eden. And we also play Differ games.
1 hours ago
A new server looking for members! This server is for Bea22chy youtube channel, but everyone is welcome! Some things we include are...

Advertisements channel
A growing community

And more coming soon!

So join and help us grow!
1 hours ago
Hey!! This is my server in Discord, were trying to create a new whole gaming community. The whole point of this server is to make new friends, play with people you don't know, try challenge your self with other people in the server whether their pro or noob at it. Start a squad in a game and challenge those who dare attack us. What are you waiting for!? GAME ON!!
1 hours ago
[PG Boss's Server]
Join to play with other Pubg,call of duty,CSGO or Minecraft players!Or Chat with other members and make new friends.I have a Minecraft server if you want access and want to play together.Only Active and respectful people please!

What we offer:
Art and Story channel
Fun, active members and a friendly environment!
Partnerships for growing your server! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
2 hours ago
A k-pop server where you can discuss anything k-pop, gaming or anime related, and promote your social media or twitch. Partnership friendly.
2 hours ago
Falls ihr Fortnite Rette die Welt spielt könnt ihr gerne joinen Blitz ist egal :)
2 hours ago
Fortnite clan, also looking for staff members. If you could join the clan would be great, and Say in the main xTMG Chatroom you’d like to speak to an owner about a staff role
3 hours ago
A mobile and PC gaming community! We support new games on Android and iOS. We are also a eSports team for PUBG Mobile and Creative Destruction. The server offers many things like partnerships, music, a community to play games with, and more! If you are interested feel free to join. The staff will always give a harm welcome besides the Discord bot :)
3 hours ago
Fun gaming server with voice channels so you can your games and talk to other server users. I am open to add more games to suit the groups needs
3 hours ago
Wir sind eine Fortnite Community und auf der Suche nach netten Spielern. Bei uns findet ihr immer wieder Leute zum Spielen, die auch freundlich und hilfsbereit miteinander umgehen. Schaue doch mal bei uns vorbei und mach dir selbst ein Bild von uns.

Unsere Richtlinie besteht aus:
- Mindestens 16+
- freundlich & hilfsbereit
4 hours ago
Welcome to BUNNYHOUSE, an 18+ NSFW server for you to fuck, talk and roleplay! We're rapidly growing and we want you to stay sexy, with free gifs of hentai and porn in the server! We are currently having a PS4 giveaway so please join our server today! ^_^
4 hours ago
Join our Fortnite community today for some fun! Chat with different players! play with different people! talk and listen to music! And so much more! Everyone is welcome here
4 hours ago
We're a friendly, active gaming community-based in the United States.

Don't worry we're just minor trolls, don't take what we say too cereal.

- NSFW * (must be 18 years of age or older.)
- Pokecord, Kawaii, Music Bot, Ranking System, etc.
- Activate Members and Moderators
4 hours ago