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we do all types of games such as roblox, fortnite, Minecraft, etc. Please help this server out by joining. Thankyou :D
❏; L o a d i n g.
███████ 39%
████████ 49%
███████████ 89%
╚»A C C E S A C E E P T E D«╝



¡Hey! Que tal, te quiero preguntar algo...

¿Tienes arte que no sabes donde compartir, tu lista de amigos esta casi vacía, necesitas un poco de rol chill? ¡Tal vez aquí se solucionen todos esos problemas


➢¡Múltiples Bots para que no te aburras!

➢¡Gente no toxica!

➢¡Arte y mucho más de ese mundo...!

➢¡Una zona de rolplay!

➢¡Personas que siempre te apoyarán...!


¡La Agencia está intentando crear una comunidad, donde todos puedan convivir, compartir y divertirse!

Asi que... ¡¡Únete y diviértete!!
Discord server for Fortnite console scrims, pro scrims, snipes, and custom matchmaking. For Xbox and PlayStation players in NAE, NA, EU and OCE.
╔════ 【Team HydrX】════╗

We are a multi-platform Fortnite Clan, in any region!

What We Offer
• Good Staff Team
• Non Toxic And Active Staff
• Active Community

How To Join

• Do 1v1s against a clan recruiter.
• Or make an rc video using #Fear on YouTube or Instagram.

What We Are Looking For

• Good Fortnite Competitive Players
• Fortnite EU Players Or Other Region Players
• A lot Of Unique Partners
• People In the Community in General.

Requirements To Join HydrX

• Be good at Creative, Pubs, Or Arena
• Don't argue with the staff or clan members in any way possible.

Discord link :
The Empire - LFG and Social Community: Valorant, Fortnite, Fall Guys, Among Us, EFT, PoGO, Overwatch, CSGO, Apex, Warzone, Hyper Scape
Welcome to Fortnite Boxfights And Wagers.
Here we offer:
-Legit players that will not scam you.
-Scam-Free Report system
-Helpful Staff (Owner)
-Chat Mod Applications
-Regular Boxfight channels if you do not want to wager
-Non-Toxic community
If you want to find Fortnite Wagers, JOIN HERE!
Introducing Cosmic Scrims, one of the BIGGEST FORTNITE SCRIM SERVERS in ASIA

We provide STACKED FORTNITE SCRIMS games for players to PRACTICE and IMPROVE their skills!

In this server you can find:
• Fortnite Custom Scrims
• Many players to play with
• Fortnite Tournaments
• Active and friendly community


What are you waiting for? Join Today!
Welcome to Team Ryse!

We are an Upcoming Professional Fortnite team with very skilled members.
Team Ryse is currently recruiting!

What we offer:

☫ Non-toxic Community
☫ Clan Wars
☫ YouTube Montages
☫ Hard Working Staff members
☫ Partnerships

What we are Looking For
☫ Recruiters
☫ Creative Warriors
☫ Competitive Team
☫ Content Creators
☫ Editors
☫ Mods
This server is just a chill all around discord. We play games. Host movie nights. Host among us. Join us to have a great time!
✨Trusted Wagers
✨Vouching System
✨Wager Roles
✨Ticket System for Reports
We are a discord server that most of us are into anime and gaming so it is a gaming/anime server we got other types of topics too but mainly anime and gaming and tbh idk wtf to put in this shit hope yall join peace
We are kids that are going to do youtube please understand that we are not popular. we will start youtube when we get a capture card.
Here in Auraria, we are a gaming server which mainly focuses in the game Minecraft. We hold events like, bedwars tournaments, and possibly skywars tournaments. We also do free server rank giveaways from time to time
SkedgyChat is a multi-gaming community run by startup Twitch streamer SkedgyEdgy. We're still a pretty new server and are trying to get things started up, so we'd be more than happy if you checked us out. :3
‣ Self-Assignable Game & Platform Roles
‣ Friendly staff
‣ Channels for each supported game*
‣ Off-Topic, Meme, and Art channels
‣ Always open to any suggestions
‣ Go Live for regular users

*Current supported games include Minecraft, Terraria, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, Super Mario Maker, PUBG, Fortnite, Super Smash Bros., TF2, and Pokemon for now. This doesn't mean we won't add any more in the future.
Cool Community !
Rules :
➜ No spamming
➜ No trolling other users
➜ Do not bully or harm people
➜ No racism or sexism is permitted
➜ Do not advertise
➜ You must abide by Discord ToS
➜ No hacking
➜ No account selling or cracking
➜ No dark humour
➜ NSFW Images are not permitted

Have Fun !
Team Cryptic is recruiting!
What we are looking for:

▬ Casual players
▬ Content creators.
▬ Pro players
▬ Competitive players
▬ Creative warriors
▬ Video Editors
▬ People who have discord

What we offer:

▬ Custom games soon
▬ Not a toxic team
▬ Friends you can trust
▬ Channel promotion
▬ We can help you improve
▬Clan Wars

▬ Not toxic
▬ Must be friendly
▬ Must play Fortnite at least twice a week

▬ DM me for more information!!!
🎮 Eine gemütlichen und übersichtlichen kleinen Server zum zocken! 🎮

🔷 Mitspieler gesucht? wir zocken aktuell folgende Spiele:
🔶GTA 5 Online
🔶Rainbow Six siege
🔶 und ab und zu andere Games

✅ Kommt vorbei und lasst euch begeistern!
The sole purpose of ProseQ Esports being set up was for the development of a healthy gaming community. We try and provide
players with the Right environment to help them develop themselves. At present, our main focus is Fortnite, CSGO, Valorant, PUBG Mobile we are most active on the middle eastern servers. We’re an invite-only and RC clan and based on your performance you’ll be invited.
Team Khaos

What We Offer:
- Free GFX
- Free VFX
- Active members
- A non toxic team/community
- Features on team socials!

What We Are Looking For:
- Competitive Players
- Creative Warriors
- Content Creators
- Server managers/staff

Social Status:

Discord Link
Welcome to Game-Everything. Here, you can chat with people and play with them in Roblox, Minecraft, Terarria, Fortnite, CSGO, Team Fortress 2 and alot of advertising options. We have a growing community. I would love if you joined the server. If you do consider joining, maybe invite some friends to play games