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Willkommen auf dem offiziellen Community Server. Ihr seid alle herzlich eingeladen mir beizutreten wir sind ein Gaming und Talkserver. Wir freuen uns über jedes Mitglied und über jede Bewertung. Hoffe ihr habt Spaß auf dem Server!
Wir unterstützen Youtuber und Streamer. Ihr könnt auch im Casino spielen, mit den Bots spielen/reden
Und einfach den Server genießen
Wir haben eine sehr nette, freundliche und hilfsbereite Community!
Welcome To Central Community!

Community Services!
【🎉】Daily Giveaways!
【🎀】Booster Perks!
【❤️】Safe Environment!
【👍】Helpful Staff!
【🔥】Cool Emojis!
【🤖】Fun Commands!
【📋】Role Applications!
【🗳️】Suggestions Channel!
【🏆】Active Partnerships!

Gaming Services!
【💎】Fortnite STW & BR Chats!
【💞】More Coming Soon!
【🤝】Come Join Us Today!*

We have a lot more to offer and we want everyone to be a chill community here at Central Community!
Sind ein aktiver Clan dem es wichtig ist, dass jeder aktiv ist und sich ordentlich benimmt. Falls du eSports Member werden möchtest join uns.
We are the biggest European Scrim server there is.
We offer global emotes.
A chill chat room.
And much more!
Welcome to the Youtuber GoldWing’s sever. In this server you can:
Talk and chat with the YouTuber Goldwing Herself
Find a wide range of people and to play with on online games
Get notifications for her newest videos
Catch and trade pokemon
And much more!
Welcome to hypers market where you can trade fortnite accounts or save the world accounts we do nitro and Netflix and Hulu drops daily so don’t miss out
Hyper Clan is trying to become a clan of skill and competition. We do compete on GameBattles and UMG for Tournaments and Ladder matches. do you want to join the Squad? Join our discord and fill out a application. "it's as easy as that." We are really looking forward to growing our clan, getting competitive gaming squads and having fun.
: 15 Years Or Older (Unless Given Permission From The Board)
: Must Have A Working Mic
: Must Be Mature
: Must Have Played The Game Your Apply For For Minimum 2 Months
: Cannot Be In Any Other Clans

:9961_Pin332: Stay At Home Gaming Clan:9961_Pin332:


~ BrySty
~ Myst
Hyper MystToday at 3:38 AM
Verify In #【⚖】community-rules
Bonjour à tous !

─═• Le thème du serveur Discord est centré autour des jeux, mais c'est aussi un serveur chill, tu peux parler de tout et n'importe quoi, une communauté active et à l'écoute !
Donc n'hésite pas à nous rejoindre, nous t'accueillerons comme il se doit, nous ne rejetons personne !

- Des jeux/évents seront à votre disposition

- Une équipe de modération réactif .

- Les jeux : Fortnite, Minecraft, Call Of Duty, League of Legend, Brawlhalla, Rainbow Six Siege, etc.
EL BRONX Comunity, un servidor para poder hablar con tus amigos, encontrar gente con quien jugar y platicar.
1 - No insultar al staff.

2 - No molestar a Moderadores y Admins (staff) etiquetando

3 - Respetar a los que estén en una sala, no entres a molestar, acoplate a la conversación.

4 - No hacer spam, ni flood.

5 - Prohibido pasar porno, pajero. (Exépto en los canales nsfw)

6 - No buscar peleas, si hay alguna discusión, arréglenlo por MD

7 - Nada de pasar invitaciones de otros grupos panflin
Do you want to join a sever were everyone plays the same games as you well you can to the right place
Our sever has
Friendly admins and mods
Live chats
Stw trading
Ssd help
Mission help
And much much more
Join Now
Heya there welcome to this Fortnite ERP server you’ll have a warm welcome as soon as you join. Have fun!
Kyrona is growing every day recruiting atleast 3 members a day. We currently have:

• 3 regional leaders (Nae, Oce and Eu) while on the look out for other wanted regional leaders for the Naw teams)
• 3 regional teams
• 40 discord members
• 23 clan members and
• 3 clan partnerships

Join Kyrona today and become Kyrona tomorrow
Welcome to 10 Invites = Creator Code.
We have over 50 proofs of giving creator codes from the old server

Es un servidor dedicado a un YOUTUBER

Es completamente sociable, puedes conocer gente de todos lugares, hay gente muy amigable que de seguro te agrade mas de uno; hay variedad en roles, canales para distintos gustos, en donde puedes tener conversaciones de todo tipo como videojuegos y anime.
También se realizan sorteos.
Hay canales de voz, música, +18, historias, spam youtube y twitch.
En el servidor puedes encontrar de todo, así que ven y únete de seguro te guste; siempre serás BIENVENIDO
Welcome to LFG Kings:

We also do tournaments for prizes!

We are a server who thrive to make an engaging place for you are the community.

What is the server about?:

Can you not find someone to play with? Do you need a new duo? Would you like to have a laugh in creative?

We have the server for you! A simple, easy to use LFG System

Join Today!
Reasons To Join
➳ ♡Nice People
➳ ♡Good Staff/Mods
➳ ♡Frequent GIVEAWAYS!
➳ ♡Scammer Prevention
➳ ♡Youtuber!
➳ ♡Verified Fortnite accounts
➳ ♡Trusted Middlemen
➳ ♡Lots of members to trade with
➳ ♡Reputation system!
➳ ♡Many Helpful Bots

This server is to help grow peoples channels such as YouTube and Twitch. It is a s4s discord with loyal people that sub and dont unsub
A server for all fortnite fans trading
Friendly bots
Friendly people
Also lots more join to see
Hello, we are Team Astral! We are a pro Fornite/Warface team that is not only active, but non-toxic. Be sure to read the rules, and please enjoy your time in Astral! #AboveTheStars :)
Salut jeune joueur !

Tu es intéressé par une communauté Fortnite avec des parties personnalisées et des défilés de modes ? C’est le bon chemin !
Je suis xSkyvid, YouTubeur 1,02K d’abonnés sur YouTube, je veux que tu rejoigne sans problèmes !