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Bienvenue sur le Serveur Multi-Gaming & Chill FR/ENG (Fortnite, H1Z1, PUBG, CS:GO, etc.....)
8 minutes ago
All Games 11
The Gem Box is an All-Game gaming community where we accept all ppl who want to play a game.
58 minutes ago
Bored? Looking for a place to chill, get high, and play games? Join Us! We do not tolerate trolls/spammers. Be atleast 16+ Yrs old, and Mature
1 hours ago
Wir sind ein kleiner Community server der sich auf das folgende Spiel bezieht.

Fortnite Battle Royale unteranderem auch auf den PvE Mode

Hier der Invitelink um ihn mit anderen Leuten zu teilen.



1. Beleidigungen sind nicht erwünscht.

2. Keine (Eigen-) Werbung!

3. Bei Problemen wended euch an die Teammitglieder!

Bei verstoß der Regeln ist mit einem Bann oder Kick zu rechnen!


Musik könnt ihr natürlich auch beim zocken höhren mithilfe des Bots "Rythm"

Dazu müsst ihr folgendes in den chat eingeben. Aber nur in #bot!

!play <song>

z. B. `!play river`



Erklärung dazu, wie man den Stats-Bot verwendet:

Es gibt zwei Befehle. Für PvP gibt es:

!fnstats <name> [solo|duos|squads] [last7]


!fnstats Kubax

!fnstats Fireclex duo

!fnstats L3ts solo last7

Befehl für PvE:

!fnpve <name>


!fnpve Nuntax


Unsere Partner

FreshFox | YouTube:

Nuntax | YouTube:

Und jetzt noch viel spaß und gönnt euch ein paar "Victory Royales"!!
2 hours ago
Das Motto lautet "Gaming and Chill"
Hier kannst du Zocken und Labern.
Hier kannst du mit netten leuten Spaß haben und auch neue leute zum Zocken oder nur Reden finden.

Viel spaß!
2 hours ago
Welcome to the Fortnite Community!

Our goal here is simple, to provide every member of our community with a fun and exciting experience.

- Fun community
- Find people to squad up with
- Staff team to keep everyone safe
- Roles that correspond with your Fortnite level
- Fortnite Tournaments
3 hours ago
We are a "small" Discord Gaming Community where we discuss upcoming games and even old/new games, we do regular events, have a steam group and possibly will get into the giveaway business! We have loads of active members and tons of nice and happy to help staff
6 hours ago
All Games 40
JOIN MY SERVER now to get a lot of things that you dont want to miss out. WE YOUTUBERS!
18 hours ago
Eine deutsche Fortnite Community.
Hier findet Ihr Leute zum spielen und die neuesten News zum Game. Wir freuen uns auf euch
1 days ago
Deutscher Discord Server für Ps4 Gamer.Spiele: Gta online, Rainbow Six Siege, WW2, Fortnite und mehr.
1 days ago
All Games 15
House Stark are a 21+ Gaming and social community that is very organized and with many bots.
6 days ago
FPS Games 6
Welcome To ErotiC! We Are A Server Welcome To All Players For Any Game. Our Main Two Games Are Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite Battle Royale! Join The Server And Be ErotiC!
6 days ago
Communauté détente & gaming (minecraft notamment) francophone en pleine expansion !
7 days ago
All Games 11
Kroma is an amazing community that plays all different types of games to fit all the different type of gamers
13 days ago
This is a awesome gaming community. We're very active and love to play with our members. Come and join as our great community continues to grow.
17 days ago
All Games 86
Looking for a discord gaming server? then come join the Rebel Empire we're a multi-gaming community that plays games like Overwatch, PUBG, Minecraft, Fortnite and more we also have active voice/text chats :D come stop by for a fun time!!.
27 days ago
All Games 3
This server is gamers to come and play togetger and have some fun. PUBG, CSGO, Fortnite and more.
29 days ago
Hi and welcome to Fortnite EU!
Here you can find players to play Fortnite with, Duo or Team!
Anyone is welcome and can join our Discord.
See you there!
30 days ago
All Games 13
We are a public server where you can come play games such as league, dota, csgo, gta, minecraft, and pubg or listen to music. We provide you with many channels you can play in so you are not disturbed by others who are not currently playing with you... We have a ranking system as to however long you have been part of the community the faster you will rank up.
35 days ago
A Place to make new friends, chat! We currently need more Staff members! There is gonna be Weekly Giveaways!
36 days ago
Hello there! Welcome! This is Henario's Hangout, a place where you can come, play, communicate and socialize with other people.
50 days ago
A nice Discord-Server for Gamers. If you join, you are a nice Gamer! :D
59 days ago
All Games 11
Deutscher Gaming Server mit vielen Channel und Rollen für bestimmte Channel.
Wir sind noch im Aufbau und suchen Teammitglieder,
darunter: 5Moderatoren und 11 Chat-Supporter
75 days ago
All Games 48
Hey :smile: I have a youtuber discord wheere you can promote your videos and I want your opinion thanks! ( Would love to know you more aswell! )
93 days ago