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this is a dating server with active staff and nice people! if you don’t wanna date you should still join and make new friends. we don’t have very many people but would love to have you!! xoxo ~ the misfits staff <3
If you're looking for a small server with an accepting community, this is the place. Even if you aren't LGBTQIA+, you can still join as an ally. Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated, however, so please be as respectful as possible.

- Small server!
- No age requirement (SFW chats)
- Engaged and friendly community
- Active staff

We're looking forward to seeing you here!
International community. Join us, a friendly community welcoming everyone. Share with your friends we would be pleased to welcome them. NOTE: Joining to leave is bannable so if you just hop in to spam the welcomer you will be instantly banned.
We are inviting you to... LGBTea


What do we have? :3
ㅤ↳XP roles ♡
ㅤㅤ↳Fun bots ♡
ㅤㅤㅤ↳Caring staff♡
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↳Suggestions channel♡

About us: :3
ㅤ↳We are LGBT+ friendly! ♡
ㅤㅤ↳We do moderator applications! ♡
ㅤㅤㅤ↳We are a new friendly community! ♡
ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↳We have respectful people! ♡
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ↳Created on May 7th 2020. ♡

ㅤㅤㅤ♡┈┈┈┈﹤୨♡୧﹥ ┈┈┈┈♡

ㅤㅤㅤㅤThank you for reading this!
This is a chill discord server made by me and a few friends!
Come on down and join us in this server!
~ Lots of Fun and many Bots!
~ LGBTQIA+ Friendly and dedicated!
~Marriage! Start a family and grow to expand a family tree!
~Self-Assignable Roles!
~Mature Commands! ;)
~Super easy to use and good Music Bots!
~Anime, Ships, Webtoon and a lot more dweeb discussions! (The owner is a huge anime weeb)
~Active during the day and night (Most of the time)!
~Friendly Staff!
~Bits of rules, but lots of freedom! (Of speech, actions, etc)
~A Medium Paced Growing community!
~Lots of text and voice channels!
~Free vent and rant areas where rules can be slightly bent and you can be heard!
~More and more server upgrades are added almost everyday!
Join us now for a time you are (Hopefully, most likely) able to enjoy with new people and friends!

°•| We're open and willing to partner with other, similar servers! |•°
~Welcome to Walnut World~
❤️ LGBTQIA+ Friendly❤️
❤️ No Hate Zone, all are welcome❤️
❤️Anime lovers, Roblox Players, Artists, & Others❤️

💖This is a community for people to connect and make friends💖
⚠ This server has nothing to do with religion/santanism in any way ⚠

Hello, and Welcome to "DarkSide ✞ ツ" This is a new, dark hell themed server. We accept partnerships and accept everyone. Here is what we have to offer so far.

A leveling system! (11 rewarded roles, going up to max level 40)
Fun events and hosted VC's
Bots and Anime hell!(aka channels)
Nice staff
NSFW Channels
VC's and a music channel
Hosted music parties, all for different types of music genres!
Roles to choose from, as well as colors! (Colors are only in greyscale and reds to match our server theme.)
A vent channel <3 (Remember you are loved :D)
As well as many more to come!

Me and the staff at DarkSide hope you enjoy your stay! Feel free to join!
We are a server to celebrate pride and give support! If you break the rules, you get warned, refuse to listen? Banned.
This a community server for those who follow Motherbirdreal on twitch. We also invite anyone and everyone to come and hang out with us! We are very friendly and very inclusive.
Hey, welcome to joim our LGBTQIA+ server
In here you can meet new people, Roleplay and play Gacha Life or share anything you want!
Feel free to be yourself!
Hello and Welcome to UwU Nation!
UwU Nation is a server where anyone of any interest, passion, sexuality, gender, and race is welcome! I offer a few channels to pick from and plan on expanding it in the future! I hope we can all be friends here!

Hewwo!! Wewcome to the server :3
My name is Kale and I wanted to make a safe server for furries, weebs, kpop stans, and anyone in the LGBTQIA+ community. If your a meanie please dont come here >.>
This is a SFW server, for all ages! come here if u wanna hang with some cool peeps >:3
A group for fellow weebs who love playing videogames and being occasionally toxic. This can't be a majority Dead by Daylight server and not be occasionally toxic. We also get around to playing other games such as League of Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone, The Sims 4, and Apex to name a few. So if you wanna make new weeb friends and play videogames then this is the server for you.
Você quer se divertir e se juntar a uma comunidade descontraída e amigável onde a diversão, as aventuras e as possibilidades estão sempre ao virar da esquina? Então é o lugar ideal para você! Venha se juntar à nossa comunidade e experimentar infinitas atividades e diversão. Qualquer um é bem-vindo aqui, não apenas o LGBT, qualquer um que seja gentil e solidário estará em voz alta aqui!
🏳️‍🌈 Lgbtqia+ Server!
👦 Ages 13 - 20
💯 Revive Of the old 1,200+ member server
💬 Active chats & lots of channels
Dm @ Espero#7501 if link is not
This server is a server for everyone! we welcome everyone with open arms! HauntedGhost53 and Antler are the main streamers however there is a stream channel for you to share your streams too! Everyone can join, artists, furries, even people that aren't furries that simply wanna join! We hope you enjoy your stay ^^
Welcome to the Moonshine Cove the official discord of Lunasulpix and SquiddlesInk!

We offer a lgbtqia+ friendly and (usually) calm environment with lighthearted fun~!

- Be notified when Luna or Squidd livestream and upload videos.
- Join in on polls regarding games, and other shenanigans

For Lunasulpix' subscribers
- Access to Sub only chat, announcements and giveaways
- Access to each Sub-Tier emote to be used all across discord

Hop in and become a part of the Moonshine Cove!

Lunasulpix -
SquiddlesInk -
Fun little server for fanders, (sanderssides fans) if you like the series, or want to get into it, this is the place! Lgbt+ accepting!! Nsfw channels also! open for requests for channels!
Welcome to The LGBTQ+ Rats! Our server is designed as a safe place for members! We opened on March 13 2020.

Here in the server, you can:
❤Chat with members of the community
💛Get advice about various topics
💚Feel secure with a team of wonderful moderators
💙Vent about your problems and the stress of life
💜Chill in the music/voice chats
🖤Have fun!

What are you waiting for? Jump right in!
Hello! let's get right down to business. This server has...
1. Active Owner
2. Not gonna lie, we have a 2:1 male:female ratio and 3:1 m+f:enby ratio
3. LGBTQQIAAPP2S+ friendly server
4. Mainly members in between ages 14-19
5. support.
6. Sexuality, romanticism, and gender identity role menus that cover most of the community
7.Simple yet elegant design
8. our own DnD category for all your dice rolling needs
9. chill staff
10. oh yeah we have our own e-court for everything from who gets what role to if someone should get banned
:boom: Not many ENFORCED rules
:boom: conspiracy theorist finally stopped ranting
:boom: Movie Streams
:boom:Custom emojiis in a format where only 4% of users can see them, let alone use them
:boom:a nice warm virtual bed with virtual hot cocoa for you
:boom: find love?
:boom: find friends
:boom: Now without Face ID verification (get right into the action)
:boom: Trap free
:boom: Gift a month of classic nitro to the owner, who trades it for MONEY via our schnazzy custom nitro sharing program and donates that money to charities
:boom: Find reputable twitch streamers (20+ people following)
:boom:Affiliated with Daddy
So what are you waiting for? JOIN NOW. or don't. Im only suggesting.
This is an 18+ server for LGBTQIA+ fans of Harry Potter. We have self-assignable roles and Plural Kit for systems. See you soon!
This is a SFW server mainly for LGBTQ+ related topics! Chat, rant, vent, and find friends here! Talk about your day, have fun! There are also channels for roleplaying as well! If you're an ally towards the LGBTQIA+ community, you're free to come as well!

This is a NEW server that is looking for staff and people to join! So come on' in and join the party!

Most importantly, have fun and stay gay!